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Ragnos in Sunnydale

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Summary: Wonder what happens when two dead women find Sunnydale fun? Hope you like it! Might add romance later.

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HappyWonKinobiFR18414,1340184,22031 Mar 1326 Jan 14No

Notes and disappearing Snyders

Before we begin this chapter, I'd like to thank Wormbait and deathgeonous for their reviews. They put a smile on my face the second I read them.

Also, I'd like to directly quote deathgeonous about this story: "Your right, this has way too little reviews for how good this is. And it is that, good. So, thanks for writing this, and good bye for now." I'd love to hear more reviews like that, so if you have comments, good, bad, or neutral, I'd like to hear them. Though, commenting just to give me a diatribe without any sense behind it won't be appreciated.

On with the story!

As soon as the lunch bell rang, they parted company, going to their respective classes. They may not need them anymore, but they had friends here that they needed to keep an eye on, as well as the hellmouth. Buffy paid less attention in class than usual, which she allowed herself because of what Erica knew (the end of her elementary school education was approximately equal to what is currently three Ph.D's from 20-30 years in the future, absolute minimum) and answered every question asked perfectly, outside of history, which didn't really matter to her. She could take some time to study the material before the tests and such and pass the class, easily.

In Biology, something different happened. A wad of paper slammed into the back of her head with the force of a hornet (a stapled piece of paper sent flying with a rubber band). She looked around, slightly irately to intimidate whoever had hit her, but no one was snickering, and the only person who looked even slightly overly innocent was Cordelia. Buffy "Hmph"ed and turned to the piece of paper, unfolding it to see what it is.

It was a note written to her in the flowing symbols of Basic, detailing a problem of Cordy's. So she wrote on the back in green pen, also in Basic (which came partly from her own memories and partly from the stolen ones from Cordy), what her choices were, and that it was completely her own decision. She then folded it back up and threw it hard as she could back at Cordelia. And then she got yelled at by the teacher.

"No throwing things at the other classmates." He admonished her. "Now pick up that piece of trash and throw it away correctly."

"I wasn't throwing trash at her, I was throwing some of her notes at her. She'd forgotten them on my desk at some point." She responded, picture of innocence with her bullshitting, using the half-lies to her advantage. She wouldn't be called a liar, not if she could help it.

Besides, it was a note that technically belonged to the socialite, it wasn't trash, and it was on her desk, so...

You can see where this is going.

The teacher "Hmph"ed at her and went right back to talking about the hummingbird. At least, Buffy thought he was talking about the hummingbird. She could be wrong, since she was pretty sure that the hummingbird is not the size of a VW bug or bigger. A Roc maybe? Research on her own time might end up well.

Or it could end terribly with an apocalypse. Who knows? It's never been done before, after all.

Then she noticed Dawn in front of her and the fact that her body was telling her about the call of nature. She scribbled a directive down in Tamaranian, something she'd pulled from her memories of Starfire, which had come from Dawn's head in the first place, so she would be able to understand it. Then she raised her hand and waited, trying to keep from showing the reason why she was raising her hand in the first place. When he didn't turn around to look at them and she was squirming in her seat, she called out.

"Yes, Miss Summers?"

"Um, can I go to the bathroom?"

He gave an aggrieved sigh, like he was physically in pain because of her. "Yes, you may go."

"Thank you!" She dropped her note to Dawn on her desk as she zoomed by, making a beeline straight for the bathroom.

On the way back, she was ambushed by Snyder.

Then, Buffy became confused. One second, Snyder was calling after her, getting ready to rip into her with his acid tongue, the next he was scurrying away from her like a rat from fire. It made no sense at all. Though, there was a sense of supreme satisfaction that she couldn't quite quantify. It was nice, though.

Then the bell rang for the end of class, and she was surrounded by other students, unable to think on the matter further, which she soon forgot. Right about then, a plan began to form.

Step 1: buy several guns and find a good gun range.
Step 2: buy out the local Radio Shack.
Step 3: Ummm... Still working on that.

Gwen Ditchik looked at the science teacher dispassionately. He was droning on about something, but she couldn't really care less.

Idly, she wondered if he'd look good on fire, but almost immediately dismissed the thought. She may be a bit of a firebug after Halloween, but she wasn't really sadistic.

You haven't thanked her yet. A voice in her head mentioned.

'Which "her" are you talking about?' She thought to it in response.

Both of them, Buffy and your sister.

'Oh, I'll get around to it.' A slight smirk settled on her face. 'Wasn't the look on Harm's face just priceless?'

That wasn't a nice thing to do. the voice intoned with disapproval in his voice. Not that she could tell that the smile was there or anything.

'Ah, it was harmless.' Her smirk grew a little at both the unintended pun and the way that the event in question happened.

Still, you need to be more careful. If this happens more often-

'I know. And besides, with the uninterested way she was treating Harm, Cordy's probably not going to be staying in the group for very long anymore.'

Why not?

'Simple. Did you notice just how bored she was as Harmony tore into her?'

I thought that was just Cordelia's natural state when dealing with the blonde.

'Well, it is, technically, but she was extra bored. I recognize that look.'

And what look is that?

'It says "Why am I even doing this? Why do I even bother? Nothing is interesting anymore."'

From the way you put it, I have to ask how you know.

'Various boyfriends and both my parents. Usually when they're depressed, often because of their jobs.'


And so the day continued in it's depressing way. Teachers tried to teach subjects that bored them, and students ignored the boring stuff they weren't going to end up using anyway. Class after boring class, they just floated through the day, dealing with their angst and, for a number of them, the aftereffects of the latest line of "Gas Leaks", which was much more interesting than the lessons anyway.

Then school let out and the kids did homework or went to one of the only places that had any sort of fun for them (The mall or The Bronze), or went to their jobs.

With one exception.

A certain bubbly brown-haired girl was walking along, trailing another resident in plain sight.

And nobody thinks that's strange, why again?

Dawn whistled a little as she walked down the street rather harmlessly. Or, at least tried to. Her tongue wasn't used to whistling yet, so the notes didn't come out right, but she was rather harmless-looking.

The fact that Billy Fordham didn't notice her as she walked along a few feet behind him might be somewhat strange, but this is the Hellmouth. Nobody notices anything.

Not. A. Thing.

The oh-so-interesting (and few, darnit) things she found out that night, only gave her more questions. What was the pill that Ford had taken, since there was no way she was buying that crap line about it being Speed. What went good, and what plan is it that's going to happen soon? Why did he specifically say "Die young and stay pretty"?

The one thing that didn't really surprise her, upon reflection, was that a movie playing on the club's TV was a vampire movie with Jack Palance in it, where he was obviously the villainous vampire, given the decor of the place and what everyone was wearing: Stereotypical vampire garb.

At least Brother Blood had better fashion sense, if worse in the other direction.

Before she could think any further on fashion, the situation, and how much Buffy might've influenced her over the years, she reached her bed and instantly succumbed to the sweet embrace of sleep.

A truck sat abandoned in a parking lot. The driver had been killed in an accident that had to do with a vampire.

A man looked at the truck. He'd killed the vampire in question. A newbie, and the driver's former traveling companion. He looked inside the back and stared confusedly. Then he shrugged and decided to bring it to the original destination. He was a good sport, and he needed a bit of a change in scenery anyway.

So, he closed the door, made sure it was locked tight, and climbed in to drive the load of Egyptian artifacts on over to a small art gallery in a small town known as Sunnydale.

When Buffy got home after the night's patrol, she immediately went straight to bed, dead to the world and dead on her feet. Today had been especially trying because of all the new information that she was still dealing with obtaining. Though, oddly enough, she never once saw Angel on her patrol. While she may not exactly like him at the moment because of how she now saw him, through the eyes of the original Marka Ragnos, she still liked and cared about him, so his lack of appearance was disturbing.

Well, she was too tired to actually think about it any more than what she already had, so the second that her head hit the pillow, she was going to go to sleep.

But she was not sleepy enough to not notice the small uncomfortableness that followed the crinkly sound when she'd slammed her head onto the soft down of the pillow.

She pulled the object from under her head, a new wave of adrenaline keeping her awake as she examined it. It was a thin envelope made of rather thick paper. In highly ornate lettering, her name was written. With a little trepidation, she opened the envelope and pulled out the thick piece of paper inside. It was a letter with the same handwriting as the envelope.

"Dearest Elizabeth,

I do hope that I am not intruding upon your privacy, as mummy always did say it was improper to intrude upon a woman's only secrets, but I felt as if I should let you know.

I simply cannot wait for the coming day. I will be teaching you a lesson, and it will be beautiful. After all, you killed my grandsire, so it is the least I can do.

~Childe of Angelus, Sire of William the Bloody

I have a post-script: The stars tell me that you yearn for them. Perhaps your family does as well?

Also, tell your Watcher that it is improper to use an Orb of Thesulah as a mere paperweight without at least a cushion underneath! If he does not rectify this situation, then I will do so myself."

After reading the letter, she had trouble breathing, adrenaline pulsing through her as her heart tried to beat its way out of her chest.

Eventually though, exhaustion overcame both fear and adrenaline, and sleep came to her.

As night fell, a certain detective watched the town.

She was silent as she began her vigil. She was silent as she moved through the town.

She was silent when she reached the police department and the Mayor's office, though her sense of justice wished for her to cry out to the world about the injustice present in the corruption of the system, the lack of protection the idiots gave to the residents of the poor town.

She was silent as she read through the archives though she wanted to weep for the souls of the lost.

She was silent when she watched as a woman with brown hair delivered a note to a young woman's bed in 1630 Revello Drive and they silently acknowledged each other as they watched over the other inhabitants of the building.

She was silent as she watched the games and goings on in Willy's Alibi Room, trying to keep from brooding, if only to keep her face clear from the turmoil going on inside.

She was silent as she watched a young girl, a blonde with hazel eyes far older than their 16 years would suggest, silently left, and later returned to, her room in a small house. 1630 Revello Drive.

She was silent when she emulated that same blonde's actions in destroying the bloodthirsty animals that rose from the dirt when those bodies should be at peace.

She was silent while she watched as a man of English persuasion pored through his dusty old tomes with reverence and enthusiasm, searching for answers of some sort.

And she was silent as she fell asleep in her own bed, tears finally appearing as she gave in to the beckoning arms of Morpheus.

She would not be silent much longer. She would not let mere children be the only defense for the world against annihilation. She would not let her previous indiscretions and her willingness to live in denial for so long to hinder her from helping those in need any longer.

She would fight. For survival, for the greater good, for anything she felt necessary.

It all stops here!

A/N: What do you think? I mean, I like it, but what about you?

Sorry about taking so long to get this out. I didn't want to simply skip over the scene in the Sunset Club, since I really wanted to write the scene when Ford says the really good line with the movie behind him, but I wanted to get some actual work done today and it was almost completely done anyway, so I just used the cop-out in that section.

But, to not leave you guys completely in the cold there, here's the line, copied from the unofficial transcript found in

"So... You play your wits against mine. Me, who commanded armies hundreds of years before you were born. Fools!"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ragnos in Sunnydale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jan 14.

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