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Excalibur: A journey

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Summary: A story about a thief in the world after the world after the Phoenix King. It's a story I began on I wonder if you'll like it? Non-Buffy, just to warn you.

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HappyWonKinobiFR1523,9060252831 Mar 137 Apr 13No

The beginning of a new legacy

The warrior said nothing, for his mouth was full.

Then he swallowed.

Then he took another bite.

He was, of course, aware of the glares and stares he was attracting. It was a natural occurence. He made sure his hat still covered his face. It was an earthbender's hat, left on the ground looking like a wok. The shirt was red and black, emblazoned with a green flame he'd sewn on out of the tattered remains of the shirt that obviously went with the hat.

"You think he's a runaway?" One man at another table asked his companion.

"Obviously. Probably stole that staff from his father."

He tilted his head at them. Odd, isn't it? They mistook him for a young man of the strong, silent type, who would steal his father's weapon in a final act of rebellion as he ran away. It was a magnificent weapon, but it wasn't his. He knew that as he knew he could never make friends, never stop being a loner, never truly run away from the truth.

His hand whipped up and grabbed a bony wrist and flung it across the room before taking another bite. He smiled at his limp form. Definitely alive, but obviously not unhurt. He stopped smiling when the men at the table stood and came over. They were tall.

"Why'd you hit him?"

He chuckled. "I didn't hit him. He broke the fall with his face. I just kept him away from me." His voice was deep and gruff. But it also seemed a little forced. "He has no right to be tryin' to steal anything from me. Didn't even sneak up on me properly." He just had to smile at the facts.

"He weren't trying to steal from you." One man said. "He was just passin' by."

"Yeah? I'm amazed you actually believe it when he tells you he wasn't stealing."

"I tol' you he weren't tryin' t' steal nothin'!"

He studied his posture, as it was too dangerous to study his face, and saw he actually believed his words. "My gosh, you're right! He wasn't trying to steal something that has kept me alive a few times." He chuckled. "What do you think, bigfoot? Is he an idiot, or are the rest of you idiots?"

"Who you callin' 'Bigfoot'?" He came up real close so that she could smell his reeking odor.

"You." Struck a nerve with that one. "I'm tired. Can I just call it a day and hit the sack?"

"No. You insulted our friend, then you insulted us."

Probably didn't understand the phrase, just the fact the request was there. He tilted his head and he began to chuckle, then stopped for a split second as a glint of gold came into view. 'Oh, shit. I need to get out of here.'

"Well sorry boys, but I have an important place to be soon and I'd hate to be late." He stood and tried to leave, but they pushed him back.

He sighed. "Oh darn. I was hoping to avoid this." His fist lashed out and destroyed their faces in quick succession. "Now that was a punch." He told the unconscious bodies. He left, deciding that town was not a good place to be.

When he was outside, someone called out to him. "Hey!"

'What now?' He thought, turning. It was a kid. "Yeah?"

"Come over here!"

He shifted, looking left and right nervously, then came over to kneel beside her. "Yes?"

"Can you help me? My kite landed in that tree and I can't get it down." She was pitiful-looking and- Wha- She's using the puppy dog pout!

Must. Not. Get. Distracted. Must. Resist. Resist! RESIST!


"Sure, I'll get it down for you."

He stood and sighed, looking at the tree. It was very tall and the kite was near the top. Damn again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the rusted metal claws he'd found somewhere and began to climb the tree. At the branches, he put them away again and looked down.

20 feet down was the ground. He's done 30 feet easily without getting hurt, but the rules of the game are different here. And 20 feet is breakneck for normal people. He shivered and looked up, aiming, then jumping for the next branch. He chose his next branch as he got up, got ready to jump, and jumped. It became a cycle. Aim, tense, jump, scramble. Aim, tense, jump, scramble. When he was almost there, he looked down.

BIG MISTAKE! He hugged the tree for a moment, getting up the courage to jump to the kite as he got over his vertigo.

'Stop thinking about the fact that it's a hundred feet to splat from if you miss. Stop thinking and just do it!'

He focused on the kite, jumped, and scramblingly grabbed at the branch. He panted. 'This must be sort of like extreme rock climbing. How the hell does she do this shit so often?' He reached up and grabbed the kite.

'Finally! Now to get down... Hey, why not use that trick?' He tucked the kite into his shirt for the seconds it would take to begin the trick. Then he pulled out one of the claws and pushed off of the branch towards the main body of the tree. With his now free hand he grabbed the kite and tried his best to hold on to both as the claw tried to come out of his hand while slowing his descent. He finally stopped on the last branch and pulled the claw from the tree. "Can I just fly the kite to you?" He asked her.

"Yes!" She yelled back.

He threw it lightly, like he was throwing a paper airplane, but also firmly and with purpose. He smiled when she caught it.

"Thank you!"

"You are most welcome! Try not to get it caught in a tree again!" He smiled and turned around. This branch was a lot thicker than most. "Definitely a good spot." He went up to the main body of the tree and sat against it, waiting for sleep to claim him.

His eyes shot open and he heard a small sound. He rolled forward and felt the heat wave as the fire missed him. He grabbed the metal claws, if only for an extra weapon, and peeked over the edge.

It was those guys from the bar and the other one. The one with the glint of gold. He needed to get out of here. He looked around and saw a rooftop nearby. He ran a little and jumped to it, rolling when he landed so that he could run that much sooner. Aware that the bright green flame on his back made him an easy target, he tried his best to put speed into his run, but was still caught flat-footed by a ball of flying flame. He slammed against the wall of the next building and landed on a crate in the alley. He groaned. This night was not turning out well. He got up and grunted at the pain. The whole world tilted on its axis as he ran in what ever direction made some sense.

He heard, and ignored, the angry catcalls from his persuers and just kept running. He bumped into someone in a metal mask and the world righted just long enough. He tried his best to not fall as he said dizzily, almost drunkenly, "I know you. You're The Blue Spirit. All I gotta say is IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!"

Then a ball of flame claimed his consciousness. It didn't claim it completely, however, as he felt it when the ground slammed into him, when his hat fell off, and when someone picked him up some minutes later.


The Blue Spirit surveyed the unconscious bodies in the street. He saw a small child in an alley and took off his mask before coming up to her. "Did you see what happened?"

"Yes sir." She pointed as the subject came up in her sentence. "Those guys went after that guy for something to do with an insult. He tried to run away but the men were too fast for him. I wanted to help him for getting my kite, but I didn't know how. Is he going to be okay?"

The Blue Spirit nodded. "Yes, he will be fine. Are you okay?"

The little girl was relieved. "I am now."

He nodded and stood, going over to 'him'. He picked 'him' up, surprised at how light 'he' was. He made sure to collect the dropped garments and objects, pausing over a small greenish rock. It puzzled him for a second, then collected it with the others and brought everything in his arms over to the train of people waiting on him. At his gestures, they left the small town with the guest and 'his' items.

Disclaimer: I own the story and the plot. Nothing else. Well, maybe the pennames HappyWonKinobi and Happy1K1nob1.

P.S. Did you like it?
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