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The New Champion

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Summary: Angel as finally "Shanshued" only the PTB hasn’t finish with Cordelia yet. They as assigned her to a new Champion, that even if she likes it or... NOT. WARNING, canon for BTVS, but for ATS it diverges from season 3.

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Supernatural > Cordelia-CenteredEgSparksFR1833,788121,5583 Apr 1314 Oct 13No

Chapter 2

Previously in Chapter 1:

(She was NOT going to be that teenage seer, end of story. The Power that Be were going to have to recruit somewhere else because she was not going to do it.…)

It`s a week later, as she was enjoying her break. Indulging in things like staying late in bed, or going shopping (not that she stopped at any moment of her life for any reason what so ever) and going out on dates (which she has stopped) that Wesley received a call from her pseudo champion. Well the "Father" ; of her pseudo champion. Apparently they were in L.A. and were going to pass later in the day. She didn't want them to come. But still she confided herself that they where only passing, as in: they would go away after. Wesley had been able to get little info on them, which seem to be something big, the guy was apparently paranoiac. They learn that they were hunters.

Hunters do not have good reputation. With the shoot first ask question when you're extra crispy. She just has to remind herself of that one hunter, who came to Sunnydale to kill Oz. there was that one, who show up as she was trying to get info from a vampire. The asshole decapitated the vampire and nearly did decapitate her too, she hated that guy, Gordon something, and she hoped to never see him again. There was also the one that shown up at her apartment one day, wanting to kill the ghost that was haunting it. She never mentioned that to Angel or the others, they would have simply freaked out. Let say it didn't ended well on the latest of those threes encounter. The hunter managed to burn salt the bones of Dennis. But not before shooting her with rock-salt bullet, and hitting her on the head with the back of his shotgun. That hunter had had the good idea to get the hell out of L.A. after that. She invented a story about Dennis that he moved on and didn't spoke of it again.

From the moment she learns they were on their way to come see her, because they obviously weren't coming to see Buffy. She started passing in Wesley's office; she was passing and so totally not hiding. She stop, could it still be called Wesley's office if he was leaving, in a week he would be in England. Would it become her office? Wait, was she going to have to leave Los Angeles. What about her apartment? Her Life! Resuming her passing she shakes her head. The Champion, "and his Father", were only "passing". She was not accepting this new champion… yet. All this was so frustrating, all she wanted to do was screaming.

She stopped turn around and looks up, when the door of the office open. Angel walked in, still wearing his black on black clothes. He was a desperate cause after all. Even human he wasn't wearing color. He stopped midway into the threshold of the door, and stood there a moment looking her up and down, then front. She looks at herself wondering what the problem was. Then look back at him ready to ask what was wrong as he spoke.

"Don't you think it's too colorful?" he asked closing the door behind him. She didn't answer yet, definitely a desperate cause. Looking back at herself she wasn't sure why he says that. She was only wearing a raspberry pink dress, yellow cardigan and her new black high heels sandal. Right, for a second she nearly forgot this was Angel, king of brood. Mister I only wear black. She rolls her eyes and let herself fall in Wesley's chair before putting her foot on the desk. "You are impossible; you should see what Buffy's wearing, that is a fashion disaster! Have you seen her? She's wearing this ugly orange leather pant, LEATHER PANT! With this blouse, theirs Chihuahua print on it! CHIHUAHUA! Or her boots… and her hair! They are looking like platinum white!" She huff and took the silver letter opener on the desk and start playing whit it. She was trying to make the letter opener stay in equilibrium on her finger. "I wouldn't want being caught wearing that. Besides, I must wear some color; make it clear in beginning that: black isn't going to work with me. If the Power that be give me another champion with a black on black complex I am so going to kick there ass!" she look up at him, point her index in his general direction to emphasis her point.

He knows she was just trying to find excuse, not to talk about the arrival of her new champion. Even if she was fuming for the moment, he knows she would help her new champion as much as she helped him. She was simply angry that the Power decided for her, without consulting her about it. In a way, she had the right to. When Doyle first came to him, he hadn't wanted anything to do with that half-demon. He wonders if the champion was feeling the same. All in all, he hoped they would get along. She was an amazing person and would most likely do anything for that guy, like she did for him, or drives him crazy. She had that power on people. Either you love her, or hate her.

She was at least open to the idea. She could have leave right when she learns from Wes, that they were coming. She could have gone back to her apartment, or somewhere nobody would have been able to find her. Not that she was the kind to run and hide. But here she was, ok she was passing in Wes's office, but she was making an effort. "Does that mean you're reconsidering the idea of working with that champion?" she only looks up at him with a dark stare which only made him smile.

Looking at Angel smile like that made her want to thrown him the letter-opener. But she wouldn't, because she would have to explain why her ex-champion was dead in the office, with a letter-opener in the heart.
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