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Making Sparks in Sunnydale

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Summary: What happens when Princess Buffalo of Castle Heterodyne (raised in Maryland) comes to in a small town known as Sunnydale?

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Comics > Girl GeniusHappyWonKinobiFR1811,000057714 Apr 134 Apr 13No
Disclaimer: I do not own Girl Genius or Buffy, or anything else that may or may not come up in the course of the story. I do own, however, this story, and at least one character.

Read on!


Buffalo sighed loudly. When was she going to learn to stop making things in her sleep?!

Oh, wait...

She sighed again, this time in resigned self-pity. Well, let's get a look at ya. See what kind of trouble the family's got to deal with now.

She got to her feet, cursing the dress she'd worn for the party as she'd obviously fallen asleep in it. Then she began to look around in wonderment.

A world in chaos. But more than that, it was a world without Sparks! Or, at least without the obvious influence of a spark.

She began wondering the land in awe. Obviously in the Americas. She glanced up at the night sky and made a quick calculation on the stars. If they were the same all around the globe, then she'd have to say that she was on the west coast of North America (not that she'd know, of course. Since women aren't really allowed on exploratory missions like this, what with the Other trying to decimate the world from somewhere near here. Unless the crew just so happens to miss an oddly dressed guy with a slight penchant for shoes and a need to cover up his chest when having a bath with the others. Idiots.).

A roar came out of nowhere and lights shined in her eyes. She screamed a bit and jumped back, waiting for the probably powerful clank to kill the oh-so-underprepared little sparkly girl in this new land.

And then it just left, making her surprise and confusion even bigger. It wasn't a clank. It was a ... car? That's just so ... Ordinary!


Not a voice she recognized. "What's that?! Who's there?!"

A redhead in fairly revealing leather clothes came up to her, relief showing in her face. "Buffy! You're safe!"

'What do we do when someone we don't know calls you by a close name?' the voice of Sir Trygvassen came out of nowhere.

Play the act of course!

"I'm sorry, you must be confused." She said to the redhead, who, on closer inspection, had the immateriality of a ghost. "But unless I've met you at some point, which I would remember, then you are not allowed to call me Buffy." Her shock was still in her voice, and made a little more obvious by her acting skills.

The ghost blinked. "What?"

Buffalo put a hand to her neck and her eyebrows shot up in response. She was still wearing her translator necklace! She must be speaking in French or Italian for her to not understand. A soldier came up to the two girls and made a comment about it not being safe outside at the moment, and the redhead came up with the idea of going to "Buffy's House". Buffalo got annoyed at that, but followed along, playing the poor, pitiful, scared-out-of-her-wits Princess Buffalo of Castle Heterodyne (raised in Maryland).

When they reached the house, she began muttering about possible improvements, the complete lack of defensibility of the house, and just the unfairness of the world in general. Thankfully, it was all in French and in a haughty tone that would probably make them assume she was complaining about things that Princesses and Royalty are supposed to be concerned about (blood purity, aesthetic qualities, cleanliness of her shoes, etc.).

When they got inside, her brain slipped her another one, like it always did when it was getting boring! Ragh! SOMEtimes, she would LIKE to be bored!

At least this time, it had stuck around long enough to leave her some notes. Humph!

Lesse, what happened? 'We got inside, nattered a bit as I wandered, ignored by dint of speaking the wrong language, found a picture of myself (beautiful. And with friends!), imagined myself with the clothes the ghost was wearing (hehe, snicker snicker), met a vampire, got sca- Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold the phone! Did I just hear "Vampire"?'

'That you did, my pretty young self. I, as your conscience, have deemed it- OOMF!'

She sighed and shook her head as she, once again, stuffed a rag into her conscience's mouth. It was annoying, idiotic, and had all the wrong ideas. It held her back, and did not believe in the idea of a moral compass. Or ethics. Too bad, so sad, wish I could kick you outta my head.

'Back to the list; met a vampire {whom said he was my boyfriend. ... Dating older men? Acceptable. Dating older men with bicentennials? Of course! Dating animated corpses? *Buzzer sound*! Wrong answer! I am not a necrophiliac!}, got scared by demonic constructs, ran out of the house, through the second floor window, of course, and here I am now, hiding from a bleached blonde hopped up on fear, if his nose was any good. Before I kicked it in and sprayed him with pepper spray, like, five minutes ago.'
And then someone grabbed her hair. Why is it, that people can't resist grabbing her hair? She was Princess Buffalo of Castle Heterodyne (raised in Maryland)! Her hair should be a frizzy mess! Not something grabbable like, like, like something grabbable that hurts!

Ragh! Can't even come up with a proper analogy!

"Time to eat, pet." Came the soft voice. Cockneyed accent. Maybe from Ipswich? Then a tongue licked her neck. Creepy!

Internally, she sighed. Time to pull out her secret weapon. Liquid-based subspace pockets.

She put out a tongue, licked her finger, and made a motion. Then, she rammed the newly gained dagger into the hand in her hair, cutting some of it off. No real loss there, as long as none of the blood gets on her neck.

The hand pulled away, and she leaped away from the source of the cursing, seeing the peroxide blonde seconds before some force came over her and rammed Buffalo unconscious. It didn't stop her body from smirking and saying, "Sorry Spike, but normal service has returned!" Before immediately trying to kill it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Making Sparks in Sunnydale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Apr 13.

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