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Requesting Backup

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Summary: Selene and Michael are running from Kraven and his Death-Dealer followers when Selene thinks of a way to ensure their survival. They just need to call in a little backup.

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Movies > UnderworldSelonianthFR1312,5913122,28714 Apr 1314 Apr 13Yes
Disclaimer: Don't own Underworld or Buffy. Sadly...

Michael woke with a start, his mind spinning wildly as he checked the room around him. Last thing he remembered was Selene telling him that Viktor was dead and that they had to run.

He couldn’t remember arriving here. Wherever here was anyway. It looked like a crappy motel room, but where was Selene?

Selene practically kicked the door in at that moment, she was not having a good week. First she learns that Viktor has a serious hatred of all things werewolf/vampire hybrid. Then she learns why, and why there was the “Do not look into the past” rule. Then she learns that not only did the werewolves not start the war, they were the ones who had every right to be upset. She saved Michaels life by forcing him to drink from her and then she ended up having to kill Viktor.

“Selene?” She heard Michaels voice groan and she snapped her head to where she’d left him unconscious.

Selene felt relief flow through her body, she was worried the bullet that hit his side, being a silver nitrate round, would kill him because of his werewolf half. “Michael! You’re ok! I had to move while you were still unconscious from that fight on the way to the plane in Budapest.”

Michael groaned, his head throbbed making it hard to think. “Where are we now?”

Selene winced, she didn’t think he’d like this part. “America, but not for very long if we can’t find someone to help us. Kraven is after us to make up for his lies and treachery, if he succeeds in bringing us back he’ll be forgiven.”

Michael groaned, lifting one hand to his head tried to play tough, “Kraven? He’s not so tough...”

The ex-death dealer shook her head. “He brought a whole team of death-dealers with him, we can’t beat them alone. Not to mention what if he manages to convince others that he’s in the right? He’ll bring the entire coven down on us.”

Michael tried to scrounge his mind for anyone who was still alive that would help defend them against marcus and the old world coven.

Selene knew what Michael was trying to think about and decided she should suggest who she had in mind, if he had someone else in mind she would be oh so grateful. “Michael... This person, and those just like them, have been the reason that only one council-member was supposed to live at a time for the past eighteen centuries. Even Viktor was terrified of them.”

“That sounds good... why do I think that this isn’t nearly as good as it sounds,” Michael asked, raising an eyebrow, an act that was easier now that the throbbing was fading.

Selene paused, Michael hadn’t been involved in the underworld for nearly long enough to understand who she was talking about and why she was so afraid to approach them. “The Slayer is a girl, empowered by a bit of sorcery done over ten thousand years ago. Slayer isn’t something you choose to do, like a death dealer, you are chosen. Only girls and only girls between the ages of thirteen to nineteen can be chosen. The Slayer is supernatural herself, stronger and faster than any vampire she hunts those of our kind that kill humans, our more... demonic brethren.”

Michael shook his head, “Demons aren’t real, I can get Vampires and werewolves, that’s a scientific virus. Demons and magic aren’t real.”

Selene smirked darkly, it was funny in some ways. He was fully willing to believe in vampires and werewolves having a secret war for the past several centuries, but magic and demons was crazy. “Yes they are Michael. This is something that is taught to every Death Dealer before we finish training. There is another world, under even the underworld, in which magic, demons, and such thrive. The Slayer hunts them, as well as the immortals of corvinus who break her rules.”

“If she’s so dangerous, why are we going to her?” Michael asked what he felt was a fully reasonable question.

“Because rumor reached me through a contact here in the states that the current Slayer is different. Of course, that was a couple years ago, my contact was killed by a lycan shortly after I got the information.” The Death-Dealer explained though the end had a small amount of hesitance to it.

Michael groaned, “So we don’t know if it’s the same slayer at all?”

“No. Slayers usually have very short lifetimes but...”

“But it’s all we have.”

Selene nodded, her ice-blue eyes showing her conflict.

“Do we know where she is? I don’t think we could survive a search for her.”



The slayer assigned to watch the camera feeds was chuckling as she saw a man and a woman arguing at the gate, probably over what to say into the buzzer. The way the woman was cloaked made the slayer suspect Vampire but the wards, which actually stopped sixty feet before the gate, didn’t set off the Vampire alarm. Curious.

Pushing the button to call in Buffy Summers, her boss and the unnofficial Queen Slayer, she hated the moniker but she couldn’t get the other slayers to stop calling her it. She sat and waited for Buffy to arrive while she continued being amused at the pair at the gate.

“What is it?” Buffy asked when she finally made it to the security room ten minutes later.

“See these two,” the security-slayer asked pointing out the two who were still arguing at the gate.

Buffy too noticed the way the female was wrapped up, “Is she a vamp?”

Sec-Slayer shrugged, “You’d think so but she isn’t setting off any of the wards.”

“... Alright, I’ll go out there and see what’s going on since they can’t seem to decide to just ring the damn bell.”

“Of course my Queen,” The slayer taunted.

“Another week for you!” Buffy shouted as she went down the hallway.

“Damnit...” The slayer swore, she’d been assigned to the security post by calling Buffy the Queen Slayer to her face the week before and hadn’t been allowed to hunt since, the itch was beginning to get to her. “Still worth it though.”


Buffy came up to the gate quickly enough, the two having stopped their argument when she was about halfway between the gate and the manor. “What’s your business here? Must be something important, you’ve been arguing about it for a half-hour now.”

The woman hesitated but started speaking. “I’m Selene of the Old World Coven. We need to speak with Buffy Summers.”

“What does a vampire of the Corvinus line want with the Queen Slayer,” Buffy asked, not wanting to give away that she was Buffy Summers since these two didn’t seem to know it.

“Queen Slayer? I thought there was only one, why would she be the Queen Slayer?”

“There used to only be one, not anymore. You didn’t answer the question.”

“Because she’s the only one in the world who can help us.”

Buffy hesitated, normally she wasn’t one to actively help vampires, but the Corvinus line was special. They were vampires through a virus, not demon magic. Each and every member of the corvinus line had a soul, didn’t change that they didn’t particularly think much of humans but that was just a predator thing, just part of their biology. “I’m Buffy Summers,” She said as she hit the button to open the gate. “We’ll talk, but if I don’t like your story I’ll throw you out myself.”

A short walk later and Selene and Michael found themselves in a large sitting room facing Buffy and acutely aware that the six other girls around them were not simple potentials. “Six hundred years ago Viktor, one of the three council members of the Old World Coven, massacred my family and then sired me. He told me lycans were responsible for the death of my family so I became a Death-Dealer. A week ago I discovered that one of the lieutenants, a vampire named Kraven who had claimed to have killed the Lycan leader Lucien several centuries ago, was lying. Lucien was very much alive. Lucien was looking for surviving members of the human branch of the corvinus line. He found Michael here.” Selene paused to indicate her companion.

Buffy nodded, understanding the story so far but she had one question, “What did he want with him?”

Selene smiled, her fangs temporarily flashing in the diluted sunlight. “He deliberately infected Michael with the lycanthrope virus in his plan to create the very thing Viktor most-feared. A Vampire-Werewolf hybrid. An abomination as far as Viktor was concerned, so convicted in this belief that he’d killed his own daughter for getting pregnant at Lucien’s hands. During my attempt to save Michael from Lucien the werewolf alpha told me the truth of my family’s deaths. When Viktor attacked Lucien’s compound one of his vampires wounded Michael... I let him feed from me to help him heal and in doing so he became the very thing Viktor feared. Then Viktor attacked and through his age he managed to be fast enough to be able to beat Michael in combat. I wasn’t as young as Michael though and I managed to take his sword from him and I killed Viktor by cutting his head in half. We need your help because Kraven is undoubtedly coming for us and he’ll bring an entire team of Death-Dealers, not to mention what else he might bring. We cannot take him alone and you are the only person who might help us.”

Buffy turned to one of the other girls in the room and barked, “Inform the others that we have incoming Corvinus Vampires.”

The other girls nodded to the order and left the room, presumably to gather the rest of the council.

“Does that mean you’ll help us?”

“We will. Though I should think it fair to warn you, one of our people told us Marcus Corvinus was resurrected by accident a couple days ago, presumably the same night you killed Viktor by a lycan’s blood, dripped down into his sarcophogas from a dead Lycan Viktor killed shortly before he left the Old World Coven’s manor.”

Selene and Michael locked eyes and the same thought went through their minds simultaneously, ‘Oh... Crap.’

“I must go to Alexander Corvinus. If anyone can stop Marcus-”

“No. We will go and we will kill Marcus, and possibly his brother as well if he makes it that far. Saving the world, and hiding both the preternatural, that’s you, and the supernatural is our job. You came to us because you needed help. The price is that you stay here. With me,” Buffy interrupted with a raised eyebrow.

“What will we do here? I’m not made to sit and let people do fighting for me!”

“I know. You are a Death-Dealer, I know what that means, as your organization was more or less created in an attempt to dissuade my predecessors from hunting Corvinus-strain vamps,” Buffy nodded acceptance. “I know that as a Death-Dealer you’re a warrior, a huntress who hates little more than being forced to let others fight for her.”

“What do you mean we were created to stop Slayers from hunting us?” Selene pressed.

Buffy raised an eyebrow, that was a weird detail to leave out of their teachings. “You didn’t know? The thought was that if your kind policed themselves then Slayers would not get involved. If slayers don’t get involved, then you didn’t have to worry about being hunted simply because you share the same Genus as the demonic vampires we were created to hunt.”

Selene sat back down with a hard thump. Michael, who had been silent for most of the exchange, having no idea how the ‘Queen Slayer’ would tolerate a hybrid in her own stronghold, chose to speak up, “If we’re staying here, what will we do?”

“You’ll be keeping me company. Selene will be disarming so our weaponsmiths can take a look at those bullets she uses to hunt werewolves,” At their looks she shrugged, “We don’t hunt werewolves but our people have been having a hard time creating a bullet that will hold holy-water properly for use by Watchers, and the extremely rare slayer who prefers handguns to swords and daggers.”

“What about when this is over, we can’t return... I’d be killed on sight for killing Viktor, and perhaps even rightfully so, but Michael has done nothing but been kidnapped and then turned... twice,” Selene asked as gently as she could.

“Well, to be honest I had almost hoped that you might stay here. You, Selene are an excellent fighter, and deadly with your guns and we could always use the experienced help, and you Michael... well you’re not so experienced but I wager your new abilities could prove useful, if you decide to stay. If not, we could simply kill those who are hunting you and let you go on your merry little way, I’d suggest going somewhere there’s plenty of animals and not so many people,” Buffy replied, her second suggestion may not have been very nice, but she wasn’t about to be concerned about them if they turned down her offer of employment, and therefore protection.

“Could I,” A nudge from Michael, “Could we think about that for a bit.”

“Sure, it’ll be a couple hours before the slayers in Hungary report back from Alexander Corvinus’ boat, probably not till they’ve killed Marcus. Might not be that long till we hear word about Kraven though, we had been tracking his group since they entered the states. Had no idea who they were tracking though, you were much more subtle getting in than they were.”

“I’m sure, Kraven never was particularly good at his job actually. Any job that wasn’t straight-forward slaughter anyway,” Selene snarked, Michael giving her a bizarre look. He hadn’t known she was capable of snark.

Two hours later, as Buffy had said, a report came in, via portal... attached to a petite girl they assumed was another slayer and Selene’s nose picked up... why did she smell blood. Bloody weapons maybe, but that wasn’t it... it was... there was a vial of blood somewhere.

Buffy was listening to the report from Ilona, a native to Hungary actually, when she noticed Selene wasn’t really... there. “Hold on for a moment Ilona. Selene, is something... bothering you?”

Selene snapped out of her thought-induced haze. “Why do you have a vial of blood on you?” She asked the slayer.

“Alexander Covinus made me take it before he died. He... Buffy, you said her name was Selene?” Ilona asked the Queen Slayer who nodded with a raised eyebrow. Alexander Corvinus ordering her to take blood hadn’t come up in the report yet. Ilona ignored the look she was getting from Buffy for the moment to pull a vial out of her pocket. “He wanted me to give this to you, he said he knew what happened to your family and this was the only way he knew to atone for what his son did.”

Selene took the vial with shaking hands. She wasn’t sure why he had given her a vial of his blood, there was no reason he should hold himself responsible for the actions of Viktor. Still, Selene would not refuse his last wish so she pulled the stopper from the vial and tossed it back.

The End

You have reached the end of "Requesting Backup". This story is complete.

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