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The Truth of Alexander Harris

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Summary: YAHF, Sometimes even Ethan knows what he's doing.

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Chapter One

Don't own Buffy or Dogma or any of the characters except the plot.

The Truth of Alexander Harris

Xander groaned as he felt the world fade away. Not two seconds before a weird energy had swept through the streets of Sunnydale. “I hate Halloween,” was his last coherent thought. As the energy swirled through Xander his costume flared with white light and disappeared leaving him clad in gold clothes that turned into a pair of jeans and a tight tee shirt. A golden light flared around him as the new occupant stood in the middle of the street with several stunned monsters and possessed children lying along the walkways. The new personality took microseconds to assess the situation then in a bellow heard all over Sunnydale he yelled, “The Sleeper has awakened!”

All over the world seers and sensitive’s were startled out of meditative trances, sleep, or simple activities by a wave of power that those few that could read it meant that a Power had Awakened and had no intention of sleeping again. In England the Watchers Council met in order to determine what to do. Their seers had awakened screaming. The High Council of Teraka met and determined to turn down any new contracts and all personnel were ordered to prepare to move to a new dimension. Any questions were met with the answer that contract 5 had crumbled to ash. Contract 5 was a legend; reputedly put there by Wolfram & Hart the contract was to eliminate by any means possible the Sleeper. The contract had been filled a total of fifteen times, each time instead of turning black, the lettering of the document had remained gold thereby indicating that it remained in effect. The simple fact was that only when the Sleeper awakened would the contract become null & void. For it to have turned into ash meant that not only was the Sleeper awake but as per the original charter they would need to leave the dimension or die.

In Sunnydale the being known as ‘Xander’ concentrated on his links to this world. Three links were found of primary importance: two to young women and one to an older male. One link of only slightly less importance was to one of the parents of one of the young women. Several more links were found to semi-friends known as acquaintances, and four to people whom could only be called frienemies: astonishingly his parents were counted among the last. Switching his sight, Xander looked over the town. The now light golden overlay acted like a HUD or Heads up Display, it showed him the various levels and information of anything he looked at. Currently it showed him that there were three energy matrixes or ‘spells’ over the town. The least powerful was a basic ‘notice-me-not’ that discouraged any curiosity, the second most powerful was a spell attached to all of the transformed children and adults and finally the most powerful effect was the radiance of a dimensional rift.

In the costume shop, the awakening Ethan smiled at the message awaiting his awareness. ‘Mission accomplished, wait ten minutes and break the spell.’

Alexander walked the streets of Sunnydale; the effects of the spell had been banished, and shortly after everybody found themselves at home. Almost everybody considered the night to be a bad dream and simply went to sleep. Willow and Buffy would be at the library shortly and would want explanations for what went on.

As Alexander walked into the Library, he heard Willow say “I was a ghost!” and Buffy return with “At least you didn’t call a car a demon.” When he moved into view, Buffy was staring at a brunette wig while Willow was poking her finger into the table. Giles was had his head buried into a book attempting to figure out how the night had happened or at least that’s what his half-distracted muttering seemed to indicate.

When Alex was within a few feet of the table he felt his Xander memories integrate fully and he allowed a goofy grin to emerge. “Hey, guys you look like a vamp stole all your candy!”

As Willow, Buffy and Giles looked at him, he looked at the depression that held the area above the hellmouth or as Alex now knew, the portal home. Giles interrupted with a “Xander the girls told me that people got turned into their costumes although it only lasted a few minutes. Do you know anything about it?”

“Um, yeah Giles, I think I could tell you everything about it. The actual spell turned everyone who bought a costume or part of a costume in a specific store into their character for the ten minutes that the spell lasted.” Alex replied almost absently, his attention being completely on the area he was looking at. “Excuse me for a moment I need to concentrate for a minute. Shirak!” He finished. With the last word several runes and glyphs became visible around the room with several around the depression and a rune surrounded circle in the center. Alex walked around touching various glyphs then runes in a specific order. The trio watched bemused as Alex calmly moved the table out of his way. After a few minutes a set of stairs appeared around the center of the area.
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