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True Queen Versus False Gods

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Summary: Carter wakes up in a strange bed with a stranger. Who says you can only get accidently hitched in Vegas? And who says it can’t be a good thing?

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Samantha CarterSelonianthFR1859,676118222,99822 Apr 1323 Aug 13No

Meeting the Family

Buffy smirked inwardly as Sam, still stunned that Buffy had the president on speed-dial, much less that he was all the way down at number six, guided her to the lower conference room after the General had been so kind as to agree that she could join SG-1. Now she just had to talk with Sam’s direct CO, one Colonel Jack O’Neill.

As they entered the room Sam asked the corporal outside if he would assemble SG-1 then sat down in a chair, Buffy sitting next to her and turning the chair to face the taller blond. “So, are you going to tell them about us getting married, even if it was in a vegas-style chapel?”

Sam looked at Buffy, her mind racing to find the answer but all she could do was sigh, “I don’t know. I mean, you seem like a nice person and if the warm pleasant feeling between my legs when I woke up, offsetting the pulsing pain between my ears, was any indication you’re definitely generous. I just don’t know...”

Buffy smiled encouragingly, “You should tell em, they’re your team right? Able to trust each other with your very lives? I used to have that, I still might if I could... nevermind, this isn’t the time for me.”

Sam nodded, deep in thought about both telling her team and Buffy's obvious sadness, “I gotta ask, Hammond knew what you would look like, but didn’t know how well connected you are, how’d you get the interview?”

Buffy actually scowled, Sam noted mentally she was still cute when annoyed and then wondered where that came from, “An old ex-boyfriend and a mutual friend between the two of us. The friend actually works here, Major Graham Miller. The ex-boyfriend is the one who actually got it for me though, he’s a colonel in a special forces unit about as secret as you guys you see and apparently he thought I might be able to help you guys out after hearing about the SGC from Graham. He called me and told me about you guys, I have clearance, asked me if I would help if I got the opportunity and... I didn’t have anything better to do. I said yes, he called Hammond and told the good general to look at a bit of footage that I really wish had been destroyed. Hammond called me the next day, asking me to come down and talk with him.”

“Footage you wanted destroyed?” Sam continued with a raised eyebrow.

Buffy blushed, “It’s nothing embarrassing... not really anyway. It’s just that if the average person saw it... Ok, it’s footage of me taking out an entire platoon of special forces in less than thirty seconds without killing any of them.” Buffy grinned, “With my bare hands.”

Sam tried to picture how someone could take out twenty or thirty other people in less than thirty seconds using nothing but their hands. Even knowing Jack O’Neill who was a legend of the special forces community wasn’t helping her. Not even Teal'c could rip through twenty special forces soldiers with his bare hands that fast. “I... can see why that would be impressive.”

“After evading them for three hours in a pink cardigan, white pants, and high heels in the forest,” Buffy added, almost as an afterthought.

Ordinarily Sam would have instantly claimed the smaller blond was lying or bluffing. That she had been brought down to the mountain at Hammond’s request after he saw this footage however... add in that phone call to the president, and she just knew that wasn’t a phony, and there was a lot of evidence that Buffy wasn’t lying.

Sam’s thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the rest of SG1. Buffy smiled and leaned back in her chair, not saying anything to the curious glances till Teal’c entered the room. When the tall Jaffa entered Buffy actually turned her head to regard the former first prime.

“What’s this about Carter? I was getting ready to leave for my cabin, again. Please tell me Thor didn’t decide he needed our help again already?” Jack snarked as he sat in ‘His’ chair, feet up on the conference table leaning back.

Sam shook her head, the colonel’s familiar sarcasm a comfort in the revelation that she was apparently married to a person who was a better hand to hand fighter than Teal’c and who she had just actually met this morning. “No sir, there is something to talk about though.”

The silver-haired special forces veteran raised an eyebrow, “Hm?”

“Me.” Buffy spoke up with a grin full of sarcasm and smarmy responses, “I’ll be joining SG1.”

“You? No offense princess but you look like you should be shopping for shoes, not wanting to go through a wormhole device to fight evil aliens. How did you get clearance anyway?” Jack asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Saved the majority of a special forces company from an op that went nuclear mushroom shaped when I was twenty-one. They tried to eat from my plate and when it inevitably blew up in their mouths I pulled as many asses out of the fire as I could and dealt with what they fucked up. Ended up with Clearance to know just about anything I wanted to know and the ability to call the president Henry. He likes me. Also, I went shopping yesterday, I'm trying to cutback.”

Jack looked like he didn’t believe a word the blond was saying and Sam saved him from making a comment to cause Buffy to prove herself to him.

“She’s telling the truth sir. She called the president on her cell-phone right in front of me and General Hammond. He picked up the phone inside of thirty seconds, and only took that long because she had to go through the secretary,” Sam assured him and Jack’s face changed from apprehensive to curious as he peered at Buffy and Sam felt the weirdest flickering of jealousy. Why was she jealous? She’d barely met Buffy!

Jack became pensive before he shrugged, “I’m sure she is Carter, but I still decide who joins SG1. Perks of being forced out of retirement for the gig I suppose.”

Buffy laughed. “Don’t worry Colonel. I will be joining SG1. And you’re going to want it that way.”

Jack raised an eyebrow, “It’ll take more than a story to convince me.”

Buffy made to look over the room for the toughest person, her senses already said it was the big alien guy but appearances are everything, “Tell you what, I’ll spar with tall dark and silent over there. If he wins I’ll walk out of this mountain and you can forget I ever existed. If I win you have to give me a fair shot. I don’t mean you going ‘I tried’ and saying no. I mean a legitimate shot. Agreed?”

Jack turned to regard Teal’c who still hadn’t sat down. “That alright with you big guy?”

“Indeed,” the tone and expression on his face nearly causing Buffy to burst out laughing. What stopped her was the flicker of eagerness that appeared in his eyes before his emotional control clamped back down made the Slayer just under her skin purr with the possible challenge.

“Well then, lets get to the sparring room, oh and Colonel? Members of this room only. The only person in the SGC who needs to know what I’m capable of who isn’t in this room is General Hammond and he already does,” then, serious moment over Buffy gave a large smile and bounced over to Sam who was standing by the door at this point.

Sam was acutely aware of how much she wanted to hook her arm in Buffy’s when she inclined her head and started guiding the smaller blonde to the training room. The instant the thought popped into her head she gave a mental shake of her head. Yea, she liked the smaller blonde and she could even admit some begrudging attraction for the perky ‘exterminator’ but that kind of possessiveness? She’d have to see Janet when this sparring session was over, something had to have happened on their last trip off-world.

Soon enough they were at the base sparring room, having kicked everyone else out Buffy was standing opposite Teal’c in the center mat. Buffy started with a bow which Teal’c returned before she leapt into action, a high flying kick nearly taking the Jaffa’s head off before he had the chance to defend himself.

The Jaffa did manage to duck under the kick and moved to grab the blonde out of the air when Buffy planted her hands on his head and used him as a springboard to flip up and over him, landing behind and immediately dropping into a dropping spin kick aimed to take the warrior’s feet out from under him.

Again Teal’c reacted just in time to save himself a quick finish at the petite blonde’s hands by rolling forward and spinning to regard his quick adversary, even more wary than before of her. He’d recognized a warrior when he’d seen her in the debriefing room, only now though was he understanding why she was so confident she would become part of the team. He knew he couldn’t beat her, his training with Bra’tac refusing to allow him to think otherwise. She was too fast, too agile, and to experienced. By the same measure however, he couldn’t back down without trying his hardest, to do so would shame them both.

This time Teal’c tried to go on the offensive, a straight right that had landed many of his sparring partners on the ground seeing stars aimed right at Buffy’s head. It never landed.

In a fantastic show of agility and strength Buffy twisted as his arm flew through the space her head had been and grabbed him by the wrist. Pulling the wrist down over her shoulder she continued to twist and threw Teal’c to his back. Not releasing his wrist she quickly leapt down, slid her body under the wrist and began applying pressure in an attempted arm-bar. It hurt, but as Buffy wasn’t tall enough to straighten out his entire body Teal’c managed to twist his torso around to face her making arm-bar completely ineffective and slid out.

Buffy gave a low growl and slapped one hand on the mat in one part minor frustration and one part entertainment at the good spar. She lunged as Teal’c began to get up off the mat and speared him right back off his feet.

The rest of SG1 was off to the side and, to a man, jaw dropped at what they were watching. Sam knew Buffy was good, nothing else could have gotten her into the mountain, but watching her put Teal’c on the defensive like she was... it was awe inspiring. Jack was beginning to wonder who this girl was that she could make the best hand to hand fighter he’d ever met go on the defensive so quickly and so... ineffectively.

Daniel, wasn’t sure what to think. Some attacks Buffy was throwing around were from an old tablet Daniel had found in Giza that he’d discarded as unimportant to his research on the pyramids. He’d seen that it hadn’t anything to do with the pyramids and discarded it despite that it was still fairly revolutionary on it’s own. A tablet about a sect of female warriors of incredible skill, it even described some of their techniques and unless Daniel was mistaken, Buffy was using some of them.

Then, in a flash, it was all over. Buffy moved in a blur so fast even Teal’c couldn’t identify what had happened, even after hours of meditation, she landed a strike across the Jaffa’s temple and the six foot black male dropped, unconscious.

Sam was stunned, not surprised, at the ease with which Buffy disabled the former First Prime. It was as if she knew her wife would have no trouble defeating him, but was still stunned to see how fast and easily she actually did it.

“So,” the blonde ‘exterminator’ started with a grin as she pulled smelling salts from her pocket and waved them under Teal’c’s nose, “I guess that means you have to give me a shot huh.”

Jack, ever unflappable, replied quickly, “Yea... I’d say so.”


A/N: Yep, Daniel has a clue, but it’s off by a bit innit?
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