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Better The Fae You Know...

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Summary: The Scooby Gang is stuck in the town of the Lost Girl crew for a few days before heading home. Little did they know that a trip to a local bar would cause so much trouble. Rating is for future parts

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Trick heard the phone ringing upstairs in the bar. The sun was just rising, he couldn’t figure out who would be calling that number now. He had heard from Bo and Kenzi a couple of hours ago they had found the hotel. The group were checked into the hotel under the own names. It was starting to appear that they had been honest. Dyson and Hale would call his private number, but he figured it would take them a couple more hours since they were using lawful channels for info.

“Dal Riata”

“Yes. Hello may I speak to Fitzpatrick McCorrigan please.” Giles was suddenly reminded of the time difference. As he heard the weariness in the man’s voice on the other end. He also knew that if he was right in his assumption that the man on the other end in the same position of himself, trying to piece things together without having all parts.

“Speaking.” Trick was abrupt. With everything else going on that last thing he had time for was some strange Englishman waking him up.

“Are you the same Fitzpatrick that was in Oxford during in the early seventies?”

“And may I ask who you are?”

“My name is Rupert Giles, if I am correct I believe that you several of my charges recently.”

Trick was shocked he remembered that name now, this was the very person that he thinking of earlier while in his library. Things were starting to look up, the puzzle was finally making sense. He laughed to himself before continuing. “So know we both know that the other wasn’t crazy.”

“Yes that does appear to be the case. I realized this evening that I had traded or sold all of my books regarding fae to one person many years ago. After looking to try to contact them and gain insight I finally connected the information.”

“So all these stories are true. For all these years I thought you were just a human playing in magic.”

“Yes well that was mostly the case back then I’m afraid. But I have grown to accept my responsibilities, and they include the three young adults that you spoke with tonight. I want to reassure you that they wish no harm to anyone there. In fact in seems that could adventitious to all involved to work together on this.”

Trick didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t in a place of power to negotiate anything. “I will let the local leaders know of your desire to come to a peaceful conclusion to the situation. But I just the keeper of a way point, it will go a long way if they keep they agreement to meet with the local leaders and the tests that are asked of them.”

“Yes I understand I was hoping to make sure that they would be safe. Buffy, Willow and Xander are greatly outnumbered.”

“As long as they not attack first I will use what little pull that I have to see to their safety. But I fear that Buffy has already made enemies due to reports of under fae being hunted down recently. And Willow’s power will scare them, there has not been a sidhe reported for over a thousand years. They are powerful and if what she says is true also very young. There are many stories of young sidhe not being able to control their powers with disastrous results.”

At that bit of news Giles was speechless for a second. He still remembered the spell that left him blind. Not to mention that her first major spell was restoring Angel’s soul by herself. “Yes … Well I will admit that issues have arose, however it has been years now since there was a problem. Willow has received training from the best white witches that we have been able to find. I know she has made mistakes, however she is doing her best to repay those errors. Willow has grown into a responsible young woman.”

Trick noticed with how much attachment the other man had as he spoke of Willow. It reminded him of Bo, in such a short time his granddaughter had find a permanent home in his heart. “If she really is only in her twenties she hasn’t reached full maturity of her powers yet and that is the problem. She must complete several rituals yet, and for one she needs another sidhe. I will talk with her this afternoon and try to explain things to her. Can you tell me though what you know of her parents?”

“Nothing really. The Rosenbergs are both highly respect psychologists though by the time that I arrived at Sunnydale they are gone ten or eleven months of the year. Truthfully I doubt that they realize that their house was destroyed two years ago. She is like my own daughter, all of them are my children. I will not sit by idly if they are harmed in anyway.” Ripper was coming through. He had literally faced demons from hell for his children and would do so again if needed.

“Is there a chance that they are other than human? Sidhe are a little different, but traditionally fae children are only born to two fae parents. If her neither of her parents a sidhe than somewhere is one in her family tree. The stories are that they are the only fae that can breed true with humans. That’s part of why it’s still such a mystery that they all disappeared.” Trick thought at loud, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have another person helping. The young women was going to need another sidhe to help her.

Giles was quietly excited. It seemed that his old friend was willingly to share information. “Perhaps I can help research this from a new angle. Is there any way that you can send me the relevant material here in Scotland? I’m sure that Willow could figure out digital copies even.”

“I will see what I have here and make some notes for you of what I remember. I’m sure that Willow could use the equipment at the lab this afternoon to forward things to you.”

“Thank you. I will admit that this went much better than I had hoped for. I will be in touch.” With that Giles ended the call. They still had a long way to go but they had made progress. Giles would have to call Willow later after he got some rest himself. He didn’t want them to walk in without being updated, and having all the information.

Trick felt relieved a little by the call. He remembered the young man that Rupert had been, headstrong and intelligent but not reckless. The two had met up on several occasions dealing several volumes of text and conversions over a pint or two. One day Trick had walked into the pub and Rupert was nowhere to found, he had rumors from students at the university that the young man had lost his father. He hoped for Rupert’s sake that he would be able to keep them safe. But was he willing to expose himself as the Blood King to the Elders to do? He only hoped that it didn’t come down to that.

Author’s notes:
I hope that everyone is enjoying so for. I want to take the time to thank AllenPitt, VillageOrchid, CPTSkip, Cmiller, and all the other wonderful people over at Twisting the Hellmouth for the reviews and helpful feedback. It makes writing seem that much faster. I’m also running a poll over at I’m trying to figure out who to pair Kenzi up with
A. Xander
B. Vex
C. Hale
D. Other
Please let me know what my readers here think.
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