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Better The Fae You Know...

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Summary: The Scooby Gang is stuck in the town of the Lost Girl crew for a few days before heading home. Little did they know that a trip to a local bar would cause so much trouble. Rating is for future parts

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Television > Lost GirlZhannRoseFR181216,60136018,28323 Apr 1314 Oct 14No

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The afternoon had finally arrived. Both groups felt that they had the advantage, with all the research.
The Scoobies were wondering how everyone was going to react to Spike. He was already inpatient pacing back and forth, despite Willow’s best efforts. Faith was just restless, she had already tried picking fights with Spike and Buffy in an effort to blow off steam. “That’s it after this B we patrol. A city this size has to have some vamps.”

“I just want to make through this afternoon with any bloodshed. For once I thought we had earned a break.” Xander said pulling the car keys out of his pocket. “Does anyone know where we’re going?”

“I’ll just do a small locator spell just follow the light. Spike don’t forget a blanket we don’t know if there will be a parking garage for you to get out of the car.” Willow agreed with Xander, she just wanted to get this day over with. Spike growled at the reminder that he was at such a disadvantage during the day.

Lauren was sitting in her lab going through slides and making notes. She was reviewing her files trying to find anything on a species of fae that would be immune to powers of both memsers and Valkyries. So far she was coming up empty handed, the Ash’s security detail had arrived a few minutes before. Dyson and Hale would be out front with the others to greet the visitors.
Out front a green light floated up the driveway, followed by a car that stopped under the archway then it simply disappeared. “Did else see them following the firefly?” Kenzi asked looking around at the others trying to gauge their reactions. The only who seemed unfazed by it was Trick.

“Simple locator spell. It helps the lost find their way. I’ve seen human witches use that one before.” Trick replied.

Bo was still puzzled, “Did they drive through town with that? Wouldn’t someone have noticed? You can’t hide what you are if go around doing stuff like that.”

“If you were driving and saw that pass you when you believe it or just thought you imagine it?” Hale asked.

“Fine point taken.” Bo answered as she watched Dyson walk up to the car to greet them.

“Welcome to the home of the Ash.” Dyson stated as Buffy got out of the car. Buffy held out her hand to the Dyson.
Buffy looked after the group waiting to greet them as she and Dyson shook as warriors gripping the forearm of the other. Both were checking the other for weapons in order to better protect their group. She immediately took notice of the guards that stood like statues by the door. She looked behind herself and saw that Faith and Xander had exited the car. Willow and Spike however were waiting for to make sure that they were going inside out of the sun.

“You meet Xander last night and this is Faith. Willow is waiting in the car with Spike.” Buffy said.

“Thank you for coming so quickly Faith, I’m called Trick.” He stepped forward and greeted her with a firm handshake before continuing. “I thought that Willow was going to join us this afternoon?”

“She is but Blondie there can’t be the sun. She won’t get out till she’s sure that he can make a run for the doorway. He doesn’t want to risk anything.” Faith was straight forward, without coming out and just saying he’s a vampire.

“We need to ask that you disarm yourselves of any weapons before you can enter.” Dyson was going to follow the Ash’s orders.

“No. We are outnumbered. You think that we didn’t notice the guards there, I’m pretty sure that there are more inside too. You want info and so do we, how about we all just agree to go inside.” Buffy was upset. There was no way that she was giving up a single blade or stake.

Trick walked over and talked quietly to Dyson and the guards by the door. He wasn’t happy but he understood their point. He would have demanded to have a weapon if he was in their place. It was not unreasonable request. Finally he walked back over and addressed the two Slayers. “If you would please get the rest of your party and we will continue inside.”

Faith walked over and banged on the window getting the couple’s attention. “Comin’ Red?”

Spike and Willow quickly exited the car to follow everyone inside. Once inside Spike took one look at the group before he started. “Bloody hell! Are you kidding me? You just had to run into this ass.” He stared at Vex, he remember him from a football match decades ago. Spike had walked into a pub for the Arsenal club singing loudly the praise of Manchester United.

Vex for his part had a harder time recognizing the other man, before he pictured him with darker hair. “Oi, what are you doing here? Thought that you’d be dead by now. Considering that you committing suicide that day.”

“Not my fault that Manchester won the cup in ’77.” Spike had been a loyal fan since the early 1900’s and when home to England whenever he could for title games. There was nothing quite like watching the game with other fans. Spike was goading the other man enjoying the fact that he had made a lasting impression on him.

Kenzi was the one that tried to break the tension this time “Vex, what’s blondie talking about?”
Dyson listened to enough of the two, and knew that it would only get worse. He was going to have to break it up, but Willow spoke first. “Spike your team won don’t rub it in.”

Faith laughed at the whole thing. “Huh you make friends everywhere you go?” She was starting to think that this little trip was going to be interesting after all.
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