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Better The Fae You Know...

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Summary: The Scooby Gang is stuck in the town of the Lost Girl crew for a few days before heading home. Little did they know that a trip to a local bar would cause so much trouble. Rating is for future parts

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Television > Lost GirlZhannRoseFR181216,60136118,52223 Apr 1314 Oct 14No

Chapter One

Author’s Notes:
This is set after the final season of Buffy, and after Lost Girl’s season 3. I just watched the season finale a couple days ago. I will try to fill in the blanks of how the group got back after the mess of the “The Wanderer” story. I have no beta so please let me about any problems. This is the first story that I’ve written in 8 years so please review.
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“Barkeep one of your finest.”

Trick looked up from the bar to see Kenzi walking in dressed in her best. Purple leather mini that with black fishnet stockings on her legs and arms, a cream vest and high heeled boots up to her knees. Before she had time to hop up onto the stool her had a pint sitting in front of her. “On your own tonight Kenzi?”

“BoBo is out with the D-man tonight, actually they are in that’s why I’m out.” She already felt better not being in the house with the loudly happy couple.

“You do remember that Bo is my granddaughter, I don’t need to hear about that.” He smiled at the human girl that was much his granddaughter as Bo. Kenzi at least looked a little ashamed for having embarrassed him, but she would never admit it. “So if you’re out looking for company Tamsin and Hale are over at the pool tables.” He had already filled three more pints and was working on the shot glasses, “Here head over and take theses with you.” Kenzi picked up the tray that Trick pushed across the bar and headed over to the duo. Kenzi didn’t get to the tables though before she ran into trouble.

Xander could not believe his luck, less than ten steps into the bar and he already was covered in beer. Well that is what he thought till he looked up and saw who had dumped the drinks. He couldn’t seem to make his brain form a sentence. Lucky he wasn’t myself, “Hi, I’m Willow this is Buffy and my one eyed friend here is Xander. Please let us buy you another round, we’re new to town. We don’t want to cause trouble, we just wanted to get out of the hotel. We’re only in town for a couple of days waiting for our flight back to Cleveland.” Willow never paused as the words rushed out. Kenzi stared at the strange red head wondering what kind of fae she was to be able to speak that fast without breathing.

Buffy laughed at the expression that the other petite woman wore trying to decipher Willow speak. “It’s ok it takes a while to understand her when she babbles. The next round is on me.” And together the quartet made their way to the bar where Trick was waiting to find out what was going on.

By that time that Xander had found his tongue, “Another round for…” he paused waiting her the raven haired woman to offer her name. Kenzi however was however enjoying his discomfort and was trying to size him up. At first he looked like an easy mark that a younger version of herself would have used and thrown away. But an older Kenzi saw more there, with the eye patch as a distraction it was easy to not notice anything else. She nevertheless looked over the average clothes of jeans and shirt and noticed that he carried himself with a confidence that she could relate to. She pegged him as a human that was used to keeping up with the fae surrounding him. She was still letting him hang, liking the idea of being the mysterious one for once when Hale ruined the affect.

“Hey little mama. Thought you were heading over with the next round.” He stopped and noticed the group that was watching as he placed his hat on her head. “Are they causing you trouble?” Hale looked over at the two women and something just felt off to him about the two especially the blonde. Kenzi wasn’t his human but she was still family and he would protect family.

“No, we walked into each other. I was just going to get another round.” In fact she didn’t even wait for Trick she just walked behind the bar to help herself. Of course Trick chose that moment to come over and shoo her out.

Trick looked over the newcomers “Welcome to the Dal Riata the local waypoint. I’m Fitzpatrick McCorrigan. If you two ladies will follow to check in,” he stated as he walked out from behind the bar to lead them over to the other room. Buffy and Willow just stood there staring at him trying to figure out what was going on and what this bartender was talking about.

Finally Buffy spoke up uttered, “Huh?” She followed behind him without thinking.

Trick pulled the big register book out as they reached the room, picking up a pen as he took a seat. He gestured to the chairs across from himself. “Names, species, alignment and your business in town please.”

Willow figured that they must have walked to some kind of demon bar, and that they realized that Buffy was a slayer but they didn’t recognize her as the world’s oldest slayer. No one had attacked, in fact most of the people ignored them so she figured that it couldn’t hurt to be honest. “I’m Willow Rosenberg.” She spoke out loud. But Buffy heard more in her head,

“I’m Buffy the vampire slayer.” She said as if that answered all the possible questions that the stranger in front of her could think of. Buffy was trusting Willow’s judgment.

Trick looked at the two women trying to figure out if this was a joke. He had heard rumors that there was some rouge fae that was killing the more aggressive under fae that were calling themselves slayers. He could feel the power rolling off the two of them but he had just could connect the blonde with the strength that the rumors referred to; there was no way that she could take out a windigo bare handed. Trick felt that he needed help, he saw Hale and signaled him over.

“Call Bo and Dyson, I think that we’re going to get the rest of the team together for this one.”

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