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Everything is better with drow - going to school

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Everything is better with drow". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's first day at SH is full of excitement due to overbearing principals, obnoxious cheerleaders, and dragons. Wait, dragons?

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Going to school (conclusion)

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

Sunnydale was a small town, and by now the rain has lightened up somewhat, transforming into an overcast, but rain-free sky. “Could the followers of the scaly way use magic?” Vierna politely enquired her big sister. “What is the scaly way, anyways?”

“I have no idea,” Briza sighed, “but if it has something to do with dragons, it’s very bad.”


“Because we left Menzoberranzan behind was because of a dragon,” Briza shot a dark red look at the end of the van, where Dawn and Drizzt were looking over Willow and the wyrmling dragon, who was clearly preening and enjoying their attention – apparently it thought nothing about melting vampires faces off.

Willow, on the other hand, looked about as miserable as Buffy, and possibly even sicker. If it was not for the fact that she looked as if she would faint if she tried to do anything remotely energy consuming, she would probably do it.

“...I don’t really remember,” Vierna confessed. “I mean, for one day – one cycle of Narbondell, we were living in our compound, listening to your stories, seeing you work with your new toy, and the next the Baenrae compound was caving in and it all went to the Abyss.”

“Exactly. It took the drow-dragon just a few cycles to prepare everything together, including co-operation with the mind flayers and the Obloudra,” Briza snapped. “Clearly, he had it planned beforehand, even before he approached Jarlaxle’s mercenaries as his own half-breed son. The dragons are not to be underestimated!”

“C-Can we talk about something else, please?” Willow suddenly spoke up, startling the sisters. “Like, where you’re talking us?”

“Home,” Vierna said, sounding genuinely surprised. “Just to our home, not yours. Besides, your parents are out of town – I checked – and they won’t be returning any time soon.”

“They won’t?”

“No, I checked on their site earlier today, during my free period, and even contacted them. So have several others, including the principal – well, his secretary, but that’s just the same thing, really – and your parents fully replied that they have no intention of returning home prematurely.”

“Of course they don’t,” Willow sighed. “They brought me Mychasi, but they didn’t know that he was alive.”

“Mychasi?” Buffy stopped being shocked and actually turned to face the redhead.

“Yeah!” the wyrmling piped in a shrill voice, startling everyone but Willow. “That’s me! Where are we going?”

“To a sleepover,” Willow sighed. “It’ll be fun.”


“Oh Lolth, another one,” Briza sighed. “I really ought to kill both of you right here and now.”

There was a pause.

“So why don’t you?” Buffy finally asked when it became obvious that Briza was not going to continue.

“Because that’s not how things are done,” Briza sighed, “and speaking of killing, matron is in a killing mood. So is Mrs. Summers, I suspect, but to a lesser extent.”

And indeed, the older generation were standing in their front yards, looking rather worried at the late arrival of their collective offspring.

“Well?” Zaknafein Do’Urden spoke first in his calm tone. “Briza. What went wrong?”

Instead of replying, Briza just opened the doors to the van, letting the younger teenagers, including Willow and her wyrmling, emerge from the van.

“This,” Briza finally said, when the older generations actually saw the actual dragon. “This did.”

End of Going to school

The End

You have reached the end of "Everything is better with drow - going to school". This story is complete.

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