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NaNo Entry ~ Didn't See that coming (for Duchess)

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Summary: The day started out normal enough. Typical hellish day at school followed by an annoying but easy job of escorting some rug rats out trick or treating easy right?

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweensamsasFR18713,8310269,84625 Apr 1325 Apr 13No

chapter 7

Author’s Standard Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, movies, TV shows, books, comics, Anime, cartoons, music or other copy righted materials used in this fan fiction. No money, jewels, gold or other monetary assets were gain from the writing of this fan fiction. All works are have not been edited by individuals other than myself, expect spelling errors, grammar errors and possible random rants in odd directions. The author is also not a profuse writer and suffers from ADD, she really misses her sanity some days.

Author respectfully ask viewers to please: Don’t point out plot holes, typos, grammar issues, format concerns, or anything else that might make her stop writing in or to defend herself or this work. The goal of this NaNo Entry is to write as much as I can until the end of April and then go back to fix problems at that time.

With a soft thud, Xander closed the primer. Watching as the Grimoire automatically disappeared back in it magical storage space. He had found out both the satchel and the book were bound to him now by linage and magic. No one besides himself would be able to access either of the items. Until he had kids that is, which wasn't going to be a long, long, looooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg time from now if he had a say in the matter.

Popping the door open to the mini frig he reached in and grabbed a soda. Clicking on the tv as he made his way back to the recliner. He needed to make some serious decisions. He now had options, options that a whole freaking lot of money just open for him. Along with a mess of problems to go with them. He had an idea, it might work but he was going to have to talk to a few people first.

"This is news 18.

Today's top story

A string of thefts hit the Santa Clara county area.

Police are baffled as calls continue to coming in from various local merchants with reports of stolen merchandise and in some cases even equipment.

This morning we are fortunate to be able to talk to Edward Myers.

The owner of Aunte Ann's that is located in the Sunnydale mall.

This is what he had to say. "

Rolling footage appears on the screen.

"I walked in this morning and found everything gone, everything.

All my pretzels, hot dogs, lemonade, everything! They even took all the condiments and containers

This is insane, really insane. I mean, who their right mind steals 18 gallons of mustard, ketchup and relish?

And then leaves all cash in the drawers and in the back safe?

The newscaster turning away from recorded footage.

"As you can see he was very upset as he and other merchants woke up to this situation.

We here at channel 18 were able to get in contact with a representative for the firm who owns the Mall. They have assured us that all the merchants losses would be 100% covered by their insurance, so that at least is good news.

If you happen to have any information we ask you to please call crime line at the number below"

Xander started to choke, coughing he wiped his mouth with the palm of his hand.

"Well that just put a hell of a twist on the situation."

By the time Monday rolled around he was decidedly twitchy. The story had made national news, swinging his legs from his spot on the library table. Xander watched as Buffy and Willow got around to telling Giles about the events of Halloween night. Earning a hard look from the Watcher in return, making both girls wilt to varying degrees.

"I see, and the reason you decided to wait until now to inform me of this event?"

"Hey! No need to get all snippy on us. Your the one who said all the demons stay in that night, it's not like it was anything big, just the wiggies." Buffy defensively snapped back.

Rupert regarded his slayer with a cool gaze. Often wondering exactly were her priorities lies as her fickle nature once more made it's presents known. While internally despairing once again about the brash slip of a girl before him. Slayers did not live long lives and he was bound and determined as her Watcher, to see that she fair better than the Slayers before her. Nonetheless there was only so much he could do if she would not accept the help and responsibilities before her.

"And yet, if every thing was as you say. It would not have taken you two minutes to call me." he deadpanned

Xander for his part was watching the situation as one would a tennis match. Ouch... Ever since meeting the Watcher he had known without a doubt that the older man harbored secrets. Having caught him more than once slip out of the mild manner persona he portrayed. In fact had been having quite a bit of fun verbally poking at the man's pretense as he maintained his own. Couple with his more than mundane knowledge of the practitioners arts, skills in hand-to-hand combat, various melee weapons and possible automatic weapons.

Having caught the man's offhanded reply to one of his snarks in regards to the Councils view of modern weapons and its needs to catch up the the 20th century. Instigating an absent minded response from the him that arms training was a field watchers requirement. Which he almost missed due to Buffy's inconceivable and quite verbal protest that guns and Slayer's were unmixie things!

So caught up with his internal musing, he missed his name being called until.


Startled he looking up to see the said man standing in front of him with an unamused expression. Oh boy!

"Sorry G-Man what did you say?" plastering on his most innocent expression.

"I asked if you remembered anything unusual happen that night and how many times have I asked you not to call be by the infernal nickname?" Rupert replied with the exasperation he was feeling this morning clearly in his tone.

"Nope" Lying through his teeth as he swung his legs once more.

"Don't remember much of anything."

Rupert removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Fine, then." Waving his hand at the three teens in front of him.

"Out with all of you, I have work to do. Buffy do remember that you have sparing practice this afternoon, please do show up on time and be prepared." Watching as his Slayers shoulders slumped as she headed at the door.

"Yeah, yeah I hear you Watcher mine."

Xander in the meantime was keeping a very close eye on the news. Relieved beyond description as no banks or depositories appeared on the growing list of business hit by the rash of thefts. Speculation however had started to run through the local news agencies of this being the possible work of a cartel. On Tuesday visible ripples in the news being reported began to appear. Visible if one knew what to look for that is. The thefts in the local Sunnydale district were now being contributed to a group of delinquent. Stating that the shoplifting was part of a Halloween prank that just grew out of hand. The missing merchandise from the regional distribution warehouse was being reported on national news as the result of a known theft ring.

"Officials say they have uncovered a large-scale theft operation involving at five men all employees of the distribution center.

Police have stated that all the men have been arrested and charged.

The five men ages 25 to 50, burglarized a total of 10 stores in the area since July and are suspects in burglaries in at least three other counties.

The men were arrested Monday after state, local and federal authorities executed search warrants in these counties. "

By Friday there was no mention at all of the thefts and hottest news burning the air waves and the hallways of the Sunnydale High. Was that of the famous golf player Ryder Goods and his shocking press release concerning his affair scandal and the twenty seven different mistresses that have come forward.

The End?

You have reached the end of "NaNo Entry ~ Didn't See that coming (for Duchess)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Apr 13.

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