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Yusuke's Birthday

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Summary: Yusuke's......Birthday?

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Anime > YuYu HakushohideehoFR71336021,91423 Jan 0423 Jan 04No
(a/n this is a yyhxoutsidersxbuffy crossover! know it, love it, be it!) disclaimer:[listin:im only sayin it once] I DONT OWN THE OUTSIDERS OR YUYU HAKUSHO OR BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF I DID, I WOULD BE FILTHY STINKIN RICH! enjoy the story. (Yusuke just turned 18. Buffy is younger than him (just turned 17) and Dally is her twin)-verb- "talk" `think`{a/n}

~Yuskes pov~
"It's my birthday and I only have that idiot -mentally points to Kuwabara- to celebrate it with. Some lucky kid I am." I sighed. It was going to be a boring day, I could tell. "HEY I HEARD THAT!!!" Kuwabara yelled across the room at me. 'at least you can have cake and ice cream....' I thought. Botan appeard out of nowhere. I rolled my eyes and sighed again. "Now I have two people. So what? It's going to be a real party!" I said sarcasticlly. Botan smiled and said " I have brought you good news Yusuke!" What is it Botan?" " You have SIBLINGS!!!!!" SIBLINGS?!?!?!?! AND I DIDNT KNOW??????????????" "Obviously you didnt. They live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are 5'0, 17 years old, and they have blond hair. They are what is defined as a 'Greaser'. Their names are Buffy and Dallas Winston." Botan smiled and said, "well, they're really you're half- siblings" "oh that is a helluva lot diffrent." his sarcastic comeback was. -Botan laughed- "oh shuddup" was what Yusuke said. "well if I have to go, can I bring Rissa and Reina?"{a/n I am Rissa and in this story Yusuke and I are married and we have a little 3 year old girl named Reina.} "well"Botan said "I'd have to check with Koenma....but I think he'll say yes." "Alright: I'll go tell her and get her and Reina packed." Yusuke said. "Oh and one more thing Yusuke: your plane leaves in-checks watch- six hours." Botan said as she walked out the door. "Don't be late; you're flying first class!"

**********on plane********

"doop dee doop dee doop laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"Reina was singin.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Yusuke's Birthday" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 04.

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