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Life's a Fairy Tale... Or Not.

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Summary: Buffy jumps to save the world in "The Gift" and is transported back to her home dimension to live out the life that was originally meant to be hers. But how long will the peace last? And is it really destiny free?

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Chapter 5

Background Info: This chapter is going to be told from about three months in the future from the last chapter. Julianna convinced her parents to stay at the palace for another month, citing how much she "enjoys" court as the reason. We all know what or shall I say whom she enjoys, don't we? Also, I know that some of this story is unrealistic for the time period so work with me a little bit. Buffy will do things that are uncharacteristic of noblewomen of this time because she's Buffy. Can you really see her being prim and proper all of the time?

Belle Morte got held up doing whatever she was doing. Ahem, Vampire Council business anyone? The majority of this chapter will be told through flashbacks and almost completely from Buffy's POV, but some from Asher's and Jean-Claude's as well. Also, this story will not go into FR-21 territory. Sex will be implied, but I am not good at writing sex scenes so...  Now, on with the story.


Chapter 5


            Never in a million years, and never in her life in the Sunnydale dimension, did she ever expect this.


She loved both of them.


She loved two men. Two! Two men who loved her as much as they loved each other. One who reminded her of the sunrise and one who reminded her of the twilight.


Asher who was possessive and gentle yet rough around the edges, and Jean-Claude who was strong and protective yet timid. Jean-Claude was also on his way to being the most skilled manipulator she had ever met; she honestly could care less though, he only really manipulated her when he was feeling insecure in his place in their relationship. Jean-Claude wanted all of them to be together for always.


They were her Asher and her Jean Claude, just as she was their Julianna.


 And now after sneaking out every night for the past month and a half to see them and to bring them on her trips into town, she was ready to take it to the next level.


 It was time for her to reveal all, well almost all, of her secrets just as they had. Oh, they knew some of them, of course, but most definitely not all. 


The romance had been a whirlwind, especially after she had learned of Asher's intentions to engage in a ménage a trois with Jean-Claude and herself.  


She knew it was time, time for her to accept the offer that Asher had made two weeks before and time for her to have her first sexual experience as Julianna with the two men she loved most in the world.


            As she got ready for the evening ahead, she couldn't help but sink into the memories of how they had gotten to this point. It  had all started about two weeks after she first met Asher...




            Julianna had been having the same dream every night since she had met Asher in the palace.


It was always the same, except it got even more graphic every day she didn't see Asher. She was in a royal blue bed in a large room with torches all over the walls with the two men she had seen in her original dream, Asher and Mr. I-Never-Reveal-My-Face-Guy; she had taken to calling the second man Blackie in her head because of his hair. Yes, she knew how original she was.


Anyway, every night just as Blackie was about to kiss her and she would finally be able to see his face, she would wake up, frustrated in every way.


            After about two weeks of these dreams and having to stay inside because of the last time she had snuck out, Julianna was tired and just wanted to see Asher again or have a good hard sword fight.


 The only time she was allowed outside was for court dances and when she went into the village to bring food for the poor with her two loyal guards, Wesley and Merrick, in tow. They were another piece of home that had helped her better adjust to her new life here as both mentors and friends. They were also the only ones who knew of her slayer powers. She hadn't been able to keep it a secret from them when they had their counterparts' faces. She was surprised she had been able to be secret identity gal with everyone else for so long. They also knew they were only along for appearance's sake.  A "noble" lady shouldn't walk at night without guards after all.


            She was sitting in the study sewing by candlelight when she heard a voice that she was starting to doubt she would ever hear again.


 Asher was here! Finally. The past weeks had seemed like an eternity.


There was only one problem though, he was talking to her father, her very overprotective father. Julianna laid down her embroidery as quickly as she could and straightened her royal purple dress, glad that she hadn't had to wear a paniers that day.


 She walked out, grabbing her cloak as she went, and stopped in her tracks.


            There he was, just as beautiful as the last time she had seen him. All she could do was stare, even as she knew that he could sense her presence; he pretended not to notice her though and continued to speak with her father until finally he turned.


"Ah, Lady Julianna," he said giving a graceful bow, "Your father has agreed that I may escort you about the moonlit gardens as long as one of your guards comes along, and if you agree of course." She wondered how he had gotten her father to agree to that and why he actually sounded slightly nervous that she would deny him.


His voice gave her a tingly feeling all over, but especially in places that she couldn't really afford to get tingly right now. Damn vampire sense of smell.


"Of course Lord Asher. I would love to accompany you. Wesley will accompany us if that is alright, father?" At her father's nod, she threw on her cloak and with whispered instructions to Wesley to stay out of hearing distance but to watch for threats, the two headed out.


 Julianna noticed Asher was surprisingly  warm next to her, and that his cheeks were actually pink.  Then she realized that he must have just fed, which was quite interesting because of the noted differences between the vampires in this dimension and her own; this also reminded her of her initial mission to find out his true intentions.


"You know that I am not a lord any more, my dear Julianna. That was not how I initially introduced myself. Was that to make your father more acceptable of our spending time together or do you have many lords as suitors?" Asher questioned, his face hiding all emotion.


 If Julianna wasn't mistaken, he actually sounded jealous and more than a little possessive. It was a bit odd given that they had just met a little over two weeks ago, but then again he was a vampire. It was in their nature and his possessiveness, unlike Angel's, was actually kind of hot.


Before she answered his question, she reigned in her desire to jump him in the middle of the walkway and show him just how many suitors she had. Just because it turned her on, didn't mean she would tolerate it so she decided to play with him a bit with her answer.


"Actually Asher, didn't you know? Every lord in this place wants me in their bed warming their sheets."


Uh-oh, she thought when she saw his expression.


She had done it this time. Talk about playing with fire. She couldn't believe she had just said that.


 Did she want to get burned?


 That was definitely 20th century flirting, not 17th bordering on 18th.


 His eyes were filled with a fire she had never seen before in anyone and he looked livid, inhuman.


Well, he isn't human, she reminded herself.


He moved faster than she had ever thought possible and within seconds had her back pressed up against a tree, holding her arms above her head. His face was inches from hers, almost all of her hair had fallen out of its bun, and she could feel him against her lower body.


            Alright girl, deep breaths. Breathe Buffy. You've got this.


 Wesley wasn't coming. He had been instructed to always wait unless she called for help in any situation, and he followed his orders.


            Asher leaned in even closer and breathed in her ear, "It is not polite to jest about things you do not understand, my Lady. They may all want you in their beds dear Julianna, but they will never have you. I will never allow any of them close enough. Do you understand me?" He complemented this statement with a forward thrust of his hips, illustrating exactly what he meant.


            She nipped his ear lightly and boldly and whispered, knowing he could still hear her. "Oh I understand Asher, but you don't own me. No one does. I belong to myself and myself only. If you ever want me, you must understand that. If I will belong to you, you must belong to me also. I know possessiveness is in your nature because I know exactly what you, your mistress, and most likely her entire court are. And so I will be lenient, but I do ask what are your intentions towards me?"


            He started back in surprise when she said that she knew what he was, giving her enough time to push him away.


 "What did you think I wouldn't notice? Almost always pale, never seen in the sunlight, seductive voice, beautiful beyond measure. I know what all of that adds up to."


"How? How do you know this?" Asher tried to reach for her again as though to comfort her or maybe himself, she didn't really know, but she skirted his reach, using some of her slayer reflexes.


            As calmly as she could, she pulled some of the pieces of hair away from her neck revealing her three scars. "This is how."




Asher was frozen in shock and disbelief.


His Julianna, the woman he had been thinking about for the past two weeks, knew what he was and not only that had been bitten by vampires.


 And yet she had still come with him, knowing what he was and with only one guard that he could kill in a second and without knowing his intentions.


 She was either very, very brave or very, very stupid. He was hoping that it was the former. In fact, he had a very distinct feeling that she possessed a bravery that was even stronger than she knew and most definitely stronger than that of any other woman.


 The fire that she had exhibited when he lost control and thrust her delightful body against that tree had been both arousing and intriguing.


She was so very different than the others.


If what it took to possess her was to allow her to possess him also, he would do it in a heartbeat.


She had spirit, an obvious stubborn streak, and bravery, but she was also caring and considerate. He had followed her on the nights when she went into town and helped the poor, wanting to learn more about her and later wanting to keep her safe, and watched her as she helped the servants around the house.


 Every move she made further intrigued him, and raised his estimation of her.


 In his eyes, she was perfect and he could not believe any vampire would dare to mar such beauty. An involuntary growl escaped him; he would kill every other man who had dared to lay their hands on her. He smirked when he smelled the effects of his growl on her body; she smelled like a mixture of flowers, vanilla, and cinnamon normally, but her desire added another dimension to her scent.


As Calmly as he could in this situation, he took her hand and sat them down on one of the stone benches between the trees, deciding to be honest with her or at least as honest as he could be when even the trees had ears.



Julianna left her hand in his and waited as he seemed to gather his thoughts.


" I have been a vampire for one hundred and twenty-five years. I was a nobleman once, one who had been out riding one evening, when I got into an accident or what I was told by my Mistress was an accident. I think she may have orchestrated whatever happened in order to turn me.  I do not remember the rest of that night, but when I woke up the next I felt a hunger I had never experienced before and  I was in my Mistress's bed. She chooses us for our beauty you see, and when she calls,  you must answer."


At this point, Julianna grabbed his hand as it seemed he might falter.


"Thank you chére. It has been so long since I have spoken of this. We do not often speak of how we were changed. Belle has never been overly cruel to me, but she has been to others, one that I call friend is among them. It always does well to follow her orders no matter in all things. Our Kiss is based in a castle in the countryside of France, but we travel throughout the country. I have always desired to see more of the world, but no one has voluntarily left my Mistress's service. I only come out at night because we are dead during the day in our coffins, and my skin is pale when I have not fed for a while, but when I am alive my heart still beats."


Her eyes widened of their own volition. Vampires actually didn't live in the day here. Seeing her reaction to the dead in the day comment and misunderstanding it, he took her hand and gently placed it on his chest right over his heart. She could it feel it slowly but steadily beating, and she was astonished. Vampires had heartbeats and it seemed souls in this dimension, and they actually slept in coffins. Coffins! That was so reminiscent of old horror movies, she almost giggled. As it was, she could barely believe it, but for some reason she knew he was telling the truth.


"I believe you, but what I don't understand is why you are telling me this. Vampires are usually very secretive if I am reading this situation correctly. Do you intend to give me to your mistress? What kind of powers do you have? And do you kill? The last one is the most important to me. I know you have your soul though, I can feel it."


Oh shit. I just gave away more than I wanted to. I hope he didn't notice. Those were the thoughts that ran quickly through Julianna's head as she looked at the man, ahem vampire, that she was already considering hers after two nights. How weird was that anyway?




Asher honestly didn't know the answer to her question.


He didn't know why he was sharing all of this with her except that he wanted her to trust him, and he also wanted to assure her that he would never inflict any harm upon her.


 He did notice when she said that she could feel his soul. It gave him pause. He could taste that she was telling the truth, but that meant that Julianna might have some sort of supernatural powers in order to sense something such as this; these in turn could explain her resistance to his roll.

He was amazed that he still had his soul and his shock upon that announcement changed to warmth when he realized that was part of reason why she was allowing herself to be so close to him.


"I do not know why I am telling you all of this, except that I want to be worthy of your trust mon cadeau. I have never nor will I ever have any intentions of giving you to my Mistress. I want you for myself. As for my powers, I can fly and have significant powers of seduction, powers of an incubus if you will. I killed when I was new, but now I never do. I can make my bite extremely pleasurable for those I do feed from."


            She seemed to start at that, and her speculative gaze turned wary.


"I have never used them on you mon amour, and will only do so if you agree to it." It was hard for him to concede that point because they were such an integral part of his being and he used them without thought, but he would do it for her.


 He realized at that moment that he would do pretty much anything for her as he waited for her reaction to all that she had been told.




            As Jean-Claude awoke, climbed out of his coffin, and fed off one of his Mistress's leopards, he realized Asher was nowhere to be seen.


 He had been hoping that his chardonnet would be there the entire night this night as he had not been for two weeks in a row. The more he thought about it, where had his Asher been disappearing to? It was so unlike him.


 Jean-Claude still could not believe that someone like Asher would want and love someone like him; he still felt like a common whipping boy and was not sure if he would ever get over his past.


Belle had not treated him well either while he had just been starting out in her service, even as she had taught him to use the ardeur and his beauty to his own advantage.


 It was all still so fresh, but he did love Asher quite more than he ever thought he would. As he pulled on his boots, he decided that if Asher would not come to him. He would go find Asher.


            Jean-Claude began to follow Asher's scent through the halls of the palace and into the gardens. He stared at a tree where it was particularly strong and where it mingled with another more feminine scent that was simply intoxicating, made up predominantly of vanilla and cinnamon. He wanted to find the source of that scent.


 He gave a slight nod to the guard he did not recognize, who was standing at a  particular garden's opening. He wondered what his lover was doing here  as he turned the corner. He was amazed at what he saw, and stopped dead.


Asher was sitting there on a stone bench holding hands with one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen. It was not her looks per say that attracted him, though those were stunning, there was a certain aura around her; she seemed to shed her own light in the darkness.


 His feet began to move forward as if of their accord as he stared at her entranced. They looked beautiful sitting there together, his Asher and this strange new woman. He wanted, no he needed, to know her.




            Julianna looked deep into Asher's eyes and realized he was telling the truth, and wondered if he knew just how much he had revealed to her.


She now knew that she trusted him, and that he was a man worthy of that trust.


She reached up and daringly stroked his face, and smiled as he leaned into her palm. She was about to run her thumb over his lips when she stopped.


There was someone watching them.


Julianna turned as slowly as possible, and saw another beautiful man, one who her senses were telling her was also a vampire with a soul.  And Angel thought he was all that. Pfft.


She barely noticed as Asher moved away from her and started towards the other man.


 All she could see was the black hair and the eyes like sapphires, the eyes that haunted her dreams.


            Blackie was here!


In the flesh.


He was tall, though shorter than Asher, and muscular.


He was real.


Both of her dream men were a reality.


 She shook herself out of her reverie and watched curiously as they had an intense whispered conversation. Blackie looked angry, and she didn't understand why.


Unless, were he and Asher a couple? <br> <br>

And damn was that a hot image in her head.


She could actually see it. They complemented each other almost perfectly.


 So why was Asher putting on the moves on her?


Were her dreams actually going to come true?


And would she want them to?




            Asher loved the feeling of Julianna's hand stroking his face and hair, and was confused when he felt her draw away from him.


 He opened his eyes and looked towards where her gaze was directed, and found Jean-Claude staring at them from across the garden.


 He stood up quickly and walked toward his lover carefully, knowing that he would have to treat this matter delicately and explain everything to Jean-Claude before he even could hope to explain it in a reasonable way to a noble lady such as Julianna.


            He reached Jean-Claude quickly, and grabbed his hand pulling him to the corner.


 Asher mentally prepared himself for this particular discussion, hoping Jean would at least be open to his ideas.



Jean-Claude did not know what was going on as his lover pulled his focus away from the goddess in front of him.

"What is going on Asher? What is this? And who is she?"


"She is Julianna, mon ami. A noble lady who caught my eye when I met her two weeks ago."


Jean-Claude was starting to get angry, and could not help feeling betrayed and used once again by someone he cared about. "This is where you have been going every night? Meeting up with some woman? Was I just a game to you?"


"Of course not. I have been watching her every night yes, but she has not seen me since we first met in the palace two weeks previously. And you have never been a game to me. Everything I have seen her do has caused me to love her almost as much as I love you. I want us to engage in a ménage a trois, all three of us in equal parts. After we get to know her better, I want her to be my human servant. She is perfect Jean-Claude. The perfect combination of innocence and fire. She would truly be our equal. Come, you should meet her."


            Jean-Claude could not believe what he was hearing. He never thought Asher could care for a woman in this way.


 He wanted this more than anything for he could already see himself loving this woman in front of him. It would be a relationship of equals, a relationship where everyone loved everyone else.


Before Asher, he had never been loved for himself in all of his years and now he had a chance to be loved by two others?


 It all sounded too good to be true, like a dream.


 But as his chardonneret escorted him over to this Julianna and as she looked up her piercing green eyes meeting his blue ones, he wanted the dream to overcome reality just this once.




            Julianna smiled to herself. After she had met Jean-Claude and stopped calling him Blackie in her head, she had fallen in love with him almost as fast as she had with Asher.


The two had escorted her on her walks into the village with her guards following behind, and on the other nights she had snuck out and talked with them for hours in their garden.


Her guess at the beginning that the two were lovers had been confirmed that very night, and so she had thought that they just wanted a friend; she didn't like that, but would deal with it as long as she could spend time with them.


 She didn't realize how wrong she was until about a month into their courtship when both told her they loved her just as much as they loved each other and she realized that she loved them both with all of her heart, though Asher was still and would always be her first love in this dimension.


It was then that they suggested an eventual ménage a trois between the three of them. She had tried to act as scandalized as a woman of the now 18th century should, but she couldn't do it.


She had pressed light kisses on both of their lips in answer and had skipped off home, Wesley following dutifully behind.


Two weeks ago, Asher had asked her if she would be his human servant.


She knew what an honor that was and knew though she loved Jean-Claude, she wanted to be fully Asher's. There was just something about him.


            She also believed God would forgive her for giving herself to these righteous and beautiful men, even if they were vampires.


            This  bond would allow her to be stronger, and she would be tied to him forever and through him to Jean-Claude.


 He had told her to think about it because eternity was forever, but she had been ready to answer in the affirmative as soon as he had asked her.


The only difficulty she could foresee would be how this new bond would interact with her slayer powers, which was why she was ready to tell both Asher and Jean-Claude at least some of her history and divulge some secrets.


She finished fastening her earrings and brushing her hair out, and pulled on her thick cloak. She was wearing her sexy underwear that she had saved from her dimension and knew that if vampires could get a heart attack, she would be giving their old-fashioned selves palpitations.


All in all, she was ready.


This was finally the night that her dreams would become her reality.



Alright, so that's that chapter. It took a while to write, and I'm not entirely sure if it's perfect. I'm sure everyone knows what is coming next. Unfortunately, the update may not be up for awhile. I'm not exactly sure how my schedule is looking.  What did everyone think of me doing the majority of this chapter in a flashback sequence? Please review if you can. Reviews make my day. :)


The End?

You have reached the end of "Life's a Fairy Tale... Or Not." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 13.

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