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Arabian Knight

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Summary: Snyder has rules for Halloween, it doesn't help.

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Literature > ClassicsDragonwolftigerFR1845,07853110,38726 Apr 1319 Dec 13No

Chapter Two

A/N : As I don't speak a multitude of languages except American English I will indicate what a specific language is. ^Arabic^ in this case.

Instead of falling to the ground like some of the other participants, the four Scoobies simply stopped. A few seconds later they looked around. “This is not our city of Heavens Gate, Milord Alex. You have lost roughly fifteen years of age and most of your scars.” The lady in green noted dispassionately. Which was dispelled by the snarl in her voice when she continued. “Whomever transported us here will regret what they have done before I pull their entrails out through their nose! We have none of our normal equipment either.”

“Perhaps not, but I wear your tokens. These small ones seem possessed by their raiment. My Lady of the Forest, will you vouchsafe our bodies while the rest of us Call?” The male responded.

“I will do what I may, but if our Lady of the Red Willow will place a shield it will be much easier.” The Lady responded.

“As you will, my love, ^Lords of the Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Aether I beseech thee to shield us from those inimical!^” The girl dressed in blue spoke softly. With a flash a golden dome enveloped the four. A halloween monster this one seeming to be a goblin, ran up and swung a sword at the shield. A flash later and the small creature was on his back snoring. Red Willow smiled faintly, “The wee ones will lose their possessions although they will keep their seeming until this spell is fixed. They will also be not molested while comatose. The inimical ones I feel moving about will do well not to touch either the wee ones or the shield if they wish for their continued existence.”

Alex bowed, “I thank thee, my heart. Let us go within to find the source of this malady.” At these words the three not specified as guardians sat into a lotus position and calmly began to glow as they called upon eldrich energies to work their will, “^Lady of Spirit and Aether hear our plea, let us communicate with those whom are held captive within their own bodies.^”

Each petitioner was glowing, Alex white, Red Willow blue and the last girl yellow.

Inside Alex's mindscape – Alex drifted into his or rather his host's mind. Images flashed past, finally slowing down and stopping. The area revealed was a wooded area on the edge of an African savanna. In the distance Alex could hear the roar of a lion, the laugh of a pack of hyena, the sound of thundering hooves. Alex looked around the woods were made of huge redwoods and curved away from his vision. Behind and to the left was a road of ironically enough yellow bricks. Alex shrugged and started walking down the road only to discover that he was wading through a creek of some type of snack with a logo of Hostess Twinkies on some of the packages – the double wrapped ones. Alex moved forwards and was carried by the creek quite a distance then a trail appeared. Alex took the trail which quickly turned into the same type of roadway that their body was meditating on. The road curved around a small town and passed by a house that was only slightly more significant than the rest. Still Alex could feel his target ahead so he continued his trek. At the end of the road was a large mansion sized house with the woods on one side and the savanna on the other. In from of the house stood a young man with brown eyes and hair, he was wielding a razor sharp axe with a wood spike on the bottom. “Alright, who in heavens name are you and what the hell is going on?” The garishly dressed teen demanded.

“Greetings young warrior, I am Alexander Ibn'Haris.” Alex stated with a relaxed bow, “I am the current occupier of your body but I did not initiate any such arrangement. I have not looked like you in some fifteen years.”

Xander relaxed slightly as he rapidly put pieces together. “Let me guess? Your full title is Caliph of the Heavens Gate?”

“Yeeess, I take it you were dressed as me when the possession occurred?” Responded the slightly amused Caliph.

“Yeah, and I got the costumes at a new store, because I was 'Volunteered' to escort young children on Halloween.” Xander replied.

“This Hallowe'en, is it a holiday of some sort?” Asked Alex.

Xander smiled, “Halloween was once known as All Hallow's Eve, and it happens on the fall equinox or very close to it.”

“Ah, that explains it, in my universe we celebrate by holding a feast in the honor of the dead and spend the night retelling stories of our lost comrades. Now if the possession came from a costume as you call it, where did you get the costume?” Asked Alex intently.

“I got the costume at a place called Ethan's. All four of us did. I etched the seals and runes on the locket, ring and lamp.” Answered the teen.

The Lord of Heavens Gate nodded as he processed as rapidly as Xander had. “I must see if I may Call my Guardians here, if they cannot find me I will proceed but I would prefer to have them available.”

“Your Guardians?” Was Xander's response.

“Hmmm, yes three separate spirits with the ability to become manifest on the prime material plane. They have guarded my family for eons. I Call forth the protectors of my family!” After Alex's Call there was absolute silence for what felt like hours but was only a few seconds. Then with a ear deafening roar a huge feline landed on Xanders left side, followed by a howl and a chest high canine landing on Xanders right side. Finally with a cough like roar a chest high lion landed behind Alex. “I seem to have Called forth three protectors for you, my young friend, as none of these will answer to me except temporarily. I give you Zabu, Gibraltar and Seya.” Indicating the three animals, Zabu the Sabertooth Tiger, Gibraltar, the Dire Wolf, and Seya the Cave Lion.

Xander looked at the three animals, sensing that unlike Alex who was not natural to the mindscape, these three belonged. “I Accept your help my friends.”

Alex looked at them, “If you will come, I will call when I have need. I will leave for now.” With that Alex withdrew from the mindscape.

A/N: Next we see Red Willows mind and the first ramifications of Ethan's Spell.
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