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Arabian Knight

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Summary: Snyder has rules for Halloween, it doesn't help.

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Chapter One


Author's Note: Yet Another Halloween Fic: Xander is forced to wear a costume from Arabian Nights. This can't be good. On the plus side he gets a harem out of it :). Dawn is fourteen, and a freshman in high school. She is not the key and she's less of a brat.

Disclaimer: I own nozzink, I know nozzink, I see and hear bunches. (I own neither BtVS or Arabian Nights)

Sunnydale High October 29 (Wednesday)

Snyder or the Troll (depending on whom you ask) was walking around with a clipboard 'Volunteering' people for the Halloween safety program. As Xander, Buffy, Dawn, and Willow tried to walk out after school Herr Snyder accosted them. "Hey, you four stop! Sign up and avoid the detention I'll give you on Halloween. Or don't sign and I'll keep you in detention 'till you graduate!" With logic like that no-one argued. After signing, Snyder gave them a ticket for Ethan's Costumes. "The four of you are to go as ---" With that Snyder looked at his paperwork under the list, "Lot 153. That's the only group with four costumes left. Now get out of here, I'll see you miscreant's in the morning!"

After walking home, the four Scoobies decided to go get their costumes in case they had to alter them before Halloween. Walking into Ethan's and avoiding the swarms of children and their harassed parents, Xander gave the person at the counter the ticket. "Ah, volunteers for the child safety program. I'm Ethan and if there's any alterations that need done, please tell me." With that he reached under the counter, muttering lightly under his breath as he did so. Ethan Rayne had recognized the Slayer, and so he whispered a size changing spell to ensure that the four costumes needed alteration. He handed the boy a generic Arabian Nights costume. It would change 'Xander' as he had heard the boy called to anything from Aladdin to one of the forty thieves depending on the accessories chosen. To the Slayer, her redheaded friend and her sister, he handed generic female costumes that would again depending on accessories turn them into anything from harem girls to genies. Whatever chosen, the chaos would be wonderful.

The four looked into their bags and went to the changing rooms to check the fit. Xander after discovering that the costume was too small wandered the store a little and picked up a locket, oil lamp and a ring. After a whispered conference with his three friends, the small group approached the counter again. "Ok, mine is way small, Willow's is small, Buffy's is too big and Dawn's is even bigger. Also I want to add these three items." as he placed the three extra items on the counter.

Ethan nodded and said, "No problem I have extras. I will see if any are the proper sizes." With that he walked back into the employee area with the four costumes and added more powerful versions of the chaos spell trigger to them. Then he sized them to the right fit, re-bagged them and brought them back out. "Here you go; these should be near what you need." After handing the bag to Xander, Ethan walked away to begin helping someone else. The gang then, after another trip to the changing rooms, discovered that the costumes needed little more alteration to fit.

Leaving Ethan's, the group split up, Xander and Willow heading for their respective houses and Buffy and Dawn headed for the library. After dropping off his completed school work, Xander got A’s and B’s, however only his teachers knew this. By prior arrangement his report cards had C’s both plus and minus as identifiers. Plus meant A while both C and C- meant B while an asterisk meant true grade, doing that meant that Xander didn’t receive a beating from his father for being a smart-aleck snot. His mother doesn’t care about the grades and Willow was happy about having the best grades in the group. Jessie had known about the grade trick because he and Xander both were in advanced courses.

Xander walked into his project shed that his Uncle Rory had helped him set up. Xander had used the shed for D&D games and other fun stuff (like paint-ball) until after Jessie had died. Now it held woodworking and other tools. He placed the locket, lamp and ring on the work table and opened a book of seals and runes that were used for control of extra-dimensional beings in ancient times. First Xander etched a glyph from before Solomon’s time meaning free will and then he finished each piece by etching a Seal of Solomon in the remaining area. Each seal was connected to the glyph and each glyph was placed in a position to control the seal so free will dominated.

Xander then spent a couple of hours finishing off his costume. Two days later after school, Xander got dressed and went to the summer’s house to pick up the girls. After knocking on the door he was left temporarily speechless as the girls came down the staircase. First came Buffy towing Willow, Buffy was wearing Green see-through harem pants with a pair of darker workout shorts underneath. Her top was a green vest with a tight gray half tee-shirt under it. Willow was wearing an opaque blue top and bottom that clung to her figure. Dawn came down last wearing a yellow outfit that was lighter than Willows and less see-through than Buffy’s. Xander walked forward and bowed to Buffy saying, “My Lady Protector, I Alexander Ibn’Haris, Caliph of The Heavens Gate offer you a choice of the following implements to carry your insignia and my allegiance, we have the locket, ring or lamp.” Xander then held out all three items.

Buffy smiled and said, “I choose the locket, my Lord Caliph.” Xander’s reaction was to smile and use a fine tip marker to inscribe a crossed stake and sword on the back of the locket. Xander then put the locket on, with Buffy grinning at him.

Xander looked at Willow and asked, “What would my Lady Sorceress prefer, the ring or the lamp?”

Willow blushed heavily and whispered, “I think the ring, my Lord.” Xander bowed solemnly and inscribed a pair of crossed wands on the inside of the ring and after allowing it to dry he slipped it onto his left ring finger.

Xander looked at Dawn and said with a smile, “My Lady Rogue, I am very afraid that you are left with the lamp.”

Dawn grinned and nodded before saying, “I am afraid so, my Lord Caliph.” Then she watched as he inscribed a lockpick and sword crossed on the side of her lamp and hung it on his right side.

“My Ladies, I present you with the symbols of your free service.” Xander handed each girl a light silvery ring with their symbols inscribed on each.

Just after six pm that evening when the quadruplet was headed back to the High School to return their charges an energy wave swept over them.

A/N: Normally I would show Herr Principal wigging about their costumes, but he ordered it sooo. I let Ethan be good in "The Truth of Alexander Harris" so I thought I'd let him be himself here.
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