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A Maid in the Court

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Summary: Buffy is from the French countryside and Musette decides to collect her, for now at least. (FR18 for the beginning.)

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Alternate UniverseDuskyDushkuFR1816940386427 Apr 1327 Apr 13No
I do not own any of the BTVS characters, Whedon, Mutant Enemy and other copyright holders have that pleasure. The same goes for The Anitaverse characters, they all belong to Laurell K. Hamilton.

This is an AU story and it will follow Buffy, for Buffy was born as a particularly bright and independent girl of her time in the French Countryside. I haven't decided which century this takes place in but there's still a French court.

Thanks for reading! I apologize beforehand for any errors of grammar or anything of that nature but I will be tweaking both the Anitaverse characters and Buffyverse characters so please, no getting your panties in a twist over those things!

As servant to Musette, her life was not full of joy or wonder. She has thought the 'pretty people' who traveled through her village were nobility, genteel and kind as in the tales of fae her mama used to tell her.

How wrong she was.

Oh yes, they were nobility; rich from the money they tricked and stole from others. And no doubt they were beautiful, the most beautiful being in the world. Even when she happened upon them killing or playing with their prey their appearances were of the most glorious paintings, death in its most glorious visage. Never mind the pain, heartbreak and sorrow they caused and reveled in.

She has thought herself so lucky when they stopped in her village. Finally! People from cities! Wealthy visitors who had seen Versailles and Paris and places even further! Surely, she had thought, they would see she was too special to stay in this tiny farm village.

And they had noticed her. Musette the first. She didn't realize till afterwards that the honer of being chosen to wait upon her lady was not a benevolent plucking of a maiden from obscurity. This horrible monster had simply decided that she, a peasant of no repute, was pretty enough to amuse her for awhile before eating and forgetting as one would do with breakfast porridge.

Her mama had tried to warn her, had even tried to argue with the lady that she was betrothed, promised to another of the village and thus had duties not to be abandoned.

Lady was kind at least in her death. Mama passed quickly, before I has even realized Lady has moved against her. One blink and she was standing over Mama and turning towards me, explaining that I should be happy now that I had no one to worry about when I left. Then she walked through the door of our home and beckoned me to hurry, for she wanted to leave this smelly place.

At the time, I couldn't think of anything but never speaking to Mama again. Now, I know it could have been much much worse. That she could have been turned into one of them and starved for entertainment. She could have been be spelled and made to kill everyone else in the village. She could have been.....there are so many ways to die that I have seen since I left that place; most all worse.

Even now, I do not know why Lady has not killed me. I clean her clothes and help her dress every night. I learned early from the death of others like myself to never comment unkindly on Lady or any of her companions. They would know one way or another. So I do my job, and anything extra I can think of from the time I wake up and Lady has retired, to when Lady dismisses me long after the moon's rise.

I borrow and scrape and do extra chores in the kitchen to procure the best wines that Lady prefers as often as I can, and I wash every dress twice to make sure the smell of the blood is off every time.

I do everything I an think of to ensure my value to Lady, because I know the minute I bore her, that I shall be gone like Mama.

And I don't think Lady will be as kind at court, as she was with Mama when first she collected me.


The End?

You have reached the end of "A Maid in the Court" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 13.

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