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This story is No. 7 in the series "The Child of Balime". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy knows. Every high school worth its salt has to be filled with monsters trying to kill you. So... why isn't Seo's?!

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Chapter Nine

Author's Note: And the end!

Thanks to everyone who read this story. The next one is called "Prey", and is very short. It takes place while Seo's in school with Alison, and is about Seo meeting the Slitheen.

The interesting thing about that story is that it's the first story I wrote after "Happy Endings". It is also the first time I created the character of Alison (for no other reason than that I decided Seo needed a friend).


Enjoy the end of this story! Leave me lots of nice comments if you liked it!

Buffy spun around, guard up, as someone burst through the door. Flipped forward, kicking the gun out of the creature's hand, twisting him around and slamming him, face down, against the floor.

"You know, I'm used to women jumping on me," the man said. "But this is something else."

Buffy blinked. Then grimaced, letting him go and stepping away, as she realized… it was Jack.

"Okay, what are you doing here?" Buffy demanded.

"I could ask the same of you," said Jack, getting up off the floor, and trying to figure out where his revolver had gotten to. "Should have known you had a reason for wanting to take Alison home by yourself."

"They don't trust us, and we can't tamper with the bomb while they're breathing down our necks," said Buffy. "There's a simple solution to this problem: take the aliens out, first. I just didn't want my daughter to see—"

She was cut off, as Jack leapt forward, knocking her out of the way of a bolt of light that shot towards them. The beam struck Jack in the chest, and he howled, then collapsed, dead, to the ground.

Buffy leapt back to her feet, eyes darting around and making out two alien figures in the darkness. Both carrying guns.

Oh, they were so dead.

She waited until they both had fired, again, then leapt up, through the air, the shots whizzing harmlessly beneath her, and flipped to land just in front of Wtarfich.

He panicked, swung at her with the butt of his gun, but she grabbed his arm, broke it at the elbow, yanked the gun and continued its arc to hit Wtarfich right in the chin.

Hearing the energy discharge behind her, she dodged out of the way of Tptyere's shot, swerving around to face her. Wtarfich's gun in her hand, pointed at the alien woman.

Wtarfich, behind her, staggered from Buffy's attack, but managed to stay upright. Rushed her, leaping out to tackle her to the ground, but Buffy threw the gun over her shoulder and hit him squarely in the temple with the butt, the impact knocking him out.

"You've given up your weapon," Tpytere remarked.

Buffy stepped forward. Like that mattered to her at all. "You tortured my daughter," Buffy said. Feeling all the rage inside bubble up to the surface.

Tpytere trembled, a little, under the ferocity of Buffy's gaze.

"You watched her screaming in agony," Buffy gritted through her teeth, "and didn't care. A girl who might have sympathized with you. Offered you a chance to live here, on Earth, in peace. And you tortured her without a second thought."

Tpytere fired the gun, but Buffy vaulted herself through the air and tore the energy recharging mechanism from the top of Tpytere's gun, effectively disarming it.

She landed. Not far away. And smashed it underfoot.

"I'm not merciful, like she is," said Buffy. "I don't do chances or better ways." She rushed at Tpytere, trying to punch out, but Tpytere ducked at the last minute.

Wtarfich groaned, as he recovered, on the ground, beside Jack. He tried to get up, but found himself too weak. Then looked over at Jack. And froze. His eyes going wide, as they rested on Jack's wrist.

"Tpytere," hissed Wtarfich, gesturing at Jack. "The wrist strap. This one's… Agency."

"There are two groups after us?!" shouted Tpytere, dodging a Buffy-kick. Tpytere shook her head, twisting around and ramming Buffy in the back with the butt of her gun. "Well, he's dead, now. One less thing to worry about."

Jack gasped back to life, jerking upright.

Tpytere froze. Her mouth dropping open, her eyes on Jack. "But… but that's not—"

Buffy hurled a punch at Tpytere, which struck her in the stomach. Tpytere staggered back, doubling over, but before she could respond, Buffy flipped through the air, leveling a kick that forced Tpytere up against the back wall.

With one thrust of a concealed sword, Buffy severed Tpytere's head from her shoulders.

"You… you killed her," said Wtarfich. "You murderer!"

"She deserved it," Buffy replied, turning on her heel. "And so do you."

Wtarfich pointed his gun at Buffy.

Jack stepped in the way of the shot. Arms extended. "Wanna have another go?"

Wtarfich hesitated. His mind clearly still reeling about how Jack could be alive, when he so obviously should be dead.

The blade of Buffy's sword hurled through the air, just barely avoiding Jack. And ran right through Wtarfich's head.

Jack observed the two felled aliens. Trying to decide if he really felt any pity, at all, towards them. These two aliens, who'd been the victims of a cruel, miserable war. Tried to commit an atrocity. And tortured a girl to do it.

He turned back to Buffy. Grinned. "Good aim."

Buffy just stayed by the back wall, alien blood splashed across her, eyes still focused and angry, fixed on the two dead aliens.

"Do you know how to disarm this bomb thing?" Buffy asked Jack.

"If not," said Jack, taking her by the arm, and escorting her down to the basement, "Tosh is only a phone call away."

"Good," said Buffy. "Because Seo's never setting foot in this school, again." She shook her head. "I have so had it with Hell-Schools!"

The air rippled, as Buffy and Jack left the room, headed to the basement to disarm the bomb.

Seemingly out of nowhere, an alien appeared into the empty room. An alien with ribbed magenta skin, wearing a cloaking device, the three eyes on his head taking in what had just happened.

Activated his wrist communicator.

"Agent YZTH calling 88719," he said. "Found the two Vvaptroshurn on Sol-3. Both dead. Taking them in, now."

"Copy that, Agent YZTH," replied the voice on the other end. "And the explosive device?"

"Just checked it," said the 88719 agent. "It's a dud. Whoever gave them the plans to construct that bomb never wanted it armed in the first place."

"Any sign who gave them the plans?" said the voice on the other end.

"Should be able to get a trace. Let me check." The agent tapped at a few buttons on the device implanted into his arm. "Moved off-world, looks like," he said, with a laugh. "I'll follow the trace. Pick the criminal up. He won't get far."

"Transfer the bomb and the prisoners to our headquarters on frequency delta nine," said 88719. "Then get after the source of the blueprints. We don't know what else he could be planning."

"Understood," said the agent.

With a few more presses of buttons, the agent shimmered into the air.

And the bomb, along with the two aliens, disappeared.

"Oh, well, look at you," said Harold Saxon, surveying CCTV footage of Buffy, leaving the school, Captain Jack beside her. "Elizabeth. All grown up. With a protégée of your own — Alison Korjensky." He grinned. "Seems you're harder to kill than I thought."

Lucy came in, carrying a tray of tea things.

"Still," Saxon continued. "I love a challenge."

"It definitely wouldn't have worked," Tosh confirmed, looking over the blueprints for the bomb. The bomb that had just disappeared, when Buffy and Jack had been looking at it, swept up by the real 88719. Tosh shook her head. "But that doesn't make sense, Jack! Why would Seo have stood up to that kind of torture, if she could have fixed their propulsion system without destroying anyone?"

Jack's eyes were unfocused, a haunted look in them.

"I guess… she thought the bomb worked," said Jack.




Two weeks earlier…

Seo knew the bomb would never work. She knew that, instinctively.

Just like she knew they'd wipe her memory. Just like she knew she needed to make sure Jack and the others understood that someone had broken into Torchwood. Just like she knew she needed to make sure Jack and the others disposed of this bomb, safely — dud or no.

But every time Wtarfich and Tpytere brought her down here and started in on her, again, Seo could never remember… why. Why she was struggling. Why she was putting up a fight. Why she was resisting them. The bomb wouldn't work. She could fix the propulsion system, easy, without hurting anyone. Then try to find a way to escape before they killed her for being… whatever they thought she was.

Get the implant out of her head, and they'd never be able to trace her. Easy.

So why was she resisting? Why…?

But then she'd always catch sight of that photo.

And know… who they were mistaking her for.

Seo had killed Mom once, before. In her own world. She wasn't going to let her die, again. Wasn't going to let that happen, here.

"I love you, Mom," she breathed.

As they started in at her, again.

The End

You have reached the end of "88719". This story is complete.

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