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If only you where here.

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Summary: Angel was dead. Buffy did the only thing she could. She ran. Now within the city of lonely hearts she meets two brothers who might just convince her to go back to the life she deperately wants to run from. Taken form my accaunt.

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredBaxterFR181728004636 May 136 May 13No
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the vampire slayer nor Supernatural. BTW I got the transcript for Anne from (How about a shout out to all the transcript writers out there! Makes my life easier)

A/N: OK so got bored in an English test thought this up. Set in Season 3 of Btvs and pre Season 1 of supernatural (BTW Sam is 15 and Dean is 16). Enjoy and review!

Chapter 1 - Order.

I remember when you left in the morning at daybreak
So silent you stole from my bed
To go back to the one who possesses your soul
And I back to the life that I dread
Sarah Mclachlan I Will Not Forgot You.

The sun shone high above her. It reflected off the sea until it was almost glittering like jewels. She walked towards the approaching waves. Her feet left imprints in the golden sand. She looked up basking in the warmth of the sun. She smiled as she felt arms wrap around her waist. She looked up and stroked her hand on his cheek. "How did you find me here?" She asked grasping his arms.

"If I was blind I would see you" He replied she pulled his arms around in her in an embrace.

"Stay with me" She asked.

"Forever...That's the whole point. I'll never leave" His voice now dropped to a whisper "Even if you kill me". She closed her eyes willing it to never end.

It did. She woke up. She looked around her tiny apartment. She heard sirens outside getting closer. She slipped out of bed and walked to the window and peered into the dark eerie street below her. The cop car passed by in a blaze of noise and flashing lights. It sped past the traffic lights and slowly faded away to the other nighttime noises of downtown LA.

Sam stretched and yawned willing his muscles to shift from the warm comfort of his bed. Dean was already sat up and was rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Sam realized he thought he was still asleep. He silently slipped form his bed and crept to the bathroom door. Dean whipped his head in time to see his brothers long hair disappear behind the bathroom door. Dean jumped from his bed and pounded on the door with his fists "Dammit Sam" He yelled he could have sworn he heard his brother laugh before all noise was blocked by the sound of rushing water. Sighing he grabbed his phone scrolling down to the new message that had popped up.

After a quick wrestle to which Dean stood victorious they set out to look for a place to eat. Sam was whining about being hungry when Dean stopped and looked in a window. He saw the usual greasy kitchen followed by greasy chef. But what caught his eye was the seriously hot waitress. He pulled Sam who had decided to wander off further ahead. He pulled him into the nearest table and sat down.

Buffy walked to the counter about to tear her apron off before Helen, Her boss, Said "Whoa Honey before you go on break you got one more table" Pointing in a vague direction. "Which one the perverts,The couple" Buffy asked pulling her apron back on. "Worse...Teens" Helen said before walking away greeting a customer with a jug of coffee. Buffy sighed and pulled out her order book. She walked to the table in time to catch the ending of a conversation they had been having "...Dad's on a job Sam we can't just call all the time"

"Maybe we can..." He stopped when Buffy cleared her throat.

"What can I get you" She said trying hard to sound enthused.

"Well I don't know about my brother but I know what I want" Dean said raising one eyebrow. Sam rolled his eyes. Buffy sighed and turned to Sam and repeated her question. "Sorry about my brother he can be..." Buffy cut him short shoving her notepad back in her pocket.

"Look I'm having a really bad day so if you two dumb asses wanna order I'll be on my break" She said about to storm away before Dean called behind her "One number 4 extra bacon and a stack of pancakes" He said putting on what,in her opinion, Was his best 'Date me' face. She rolled her eyes and brought them their food. Once they were done she brought them their bill. They rapid and Dean gave her a large tip. She sighed tore off her apron and tossed onto the counter. She walked through the door and back to the thing that she called home. If she was focused enough she would have noticed the car with blacked out windows speed off into the hazy sun bleached distance.

The End?

You have reached the end of "If only you where here." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 May 13.

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