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Xander the Assassin

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Summary: An old artifact crosses dimensions after the death of its wielder to be rediscovered. A Master Assassin will join the fight against the darkness.

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Chapter Four

Xander the Assassin

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Assassin’s Creed or any of the Marvel universe content used in this story. They are owned by people far more fortunate and creative than I am. This was written for enjoyment and no profit was made.

Summary: An old artifact crosses dimensions after the death of its wielder to be rediscovered. A Master Assassin will join the fight against the darkness.

Chapter 4

Sunnydale, California ~ Year 1996

Monday morning dawned too damn early in one Slayer’s opinion. Buffy had woken up from some disturbing dreams that she hadn’t had since she first became a slayer. That meant to her that something was coming that wasn’t of the good. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she could smell her mom making breakfast downstairs. Giving sleep up as a lost cause, Buffy got up to get ready for her first day at her new school. When she stubbed her toe for the second time in her attempt to get to the bathroom, she reminded herself to finish unpacking later.

Downstairs in the kitchen Joyce was busy making breakfast for three that morning. She loved the cozy new house her daughter and she had moved into. Joyce had offered to let Alex move in with them after they all arrived, but he had begged off saying he had already secured a place to live for himself. She had made a mental note to go by Alex’s place later to make sure the young man had everything he would need to live by himself.

As if her mind had summoned the young man with her thoughts, Alex entered through the front door having been given a key mainly for emergencies. Like she had every day since they met, Joyce blushed a little before going to greet her visitor. After the most pleasurable and passionate night she had in recent memory. Joyce thought of Alex much differently than she would have for anyone else her daughter’s age.

“Morning Joyce. Don’t suppose you have any coffee ready yet do you?” Alex greeted when Joyce came over and gave her a peck on the cheek. It was sweet and innocent and Joyce knew the bastard knew what kind of effect he had on her after that night.

“Haven’t gone shopping yet have you Alex?” Joyce guessed as she led the young man to the kitchen. Alex had been popping by her house since they arrived in town for a coffee fix.

He smiled and took the mug of coffee Joyce poured him. “After suffering a whole afternoon shopping with your daughter I’ve found I have reached my shopping quota for the next year very easily.”

She grinned at seeing the weary look on Alex’s face at the mentioning of shopping with Buffy. A little secret Buffy and others didn’t know was that she got her shopping genes from Joyce.

“I’ll see about picking up some stuff for you after I’m done at the gallery,” Joyce offered. “Gives me a chance to properly inspect your living space.”

A teasing glint filled Alex’s eyes. “Are you sure its not because you want to test out my new mattress Joyce?”

When Buffy came down after showering and getting dressed, she stumbled upon her mother and their friend standing close in the kitchen. Her mother was sporting a very bright blush that gave a hint as to what she was walked in on. While the pair had both agreed another romp in the sheets was never going to happen, both had continued to flirt much to the detriment to Buffy’s sanity.

“Oh god you two are going to be the death of me. He’s too young for you mom and I swear to god Alex if you keep flirting with her I’m gonna test my axe on your manhood.” The Slayer grumbled annoyed. In her opinion if Alex flirted with anyone it should have been her.

Alex rolled his eyes as the three sat down for breakfast. Since the first morning together Joyce had made a point for them to at least sit together for breakfast. She wanted to keep up in the latest news in Buffy’s life and it was her way to ensure Alex was eating right after she saw how little food he kept at his last place.

“So Buffy who do you want to take you to school today? I can drop you off before I head to the gallery if you want sweetie.”

“That’s ok mom but I’d prefer Alex on account it would help my coolness. He has a really nice car that would make the other kids talk and feel jealous.” Buffy smiled.

While Buffy wasn’t as prissy and spoiled as she had been in her old school anymore, she still didn’t want to commit social suicide by being a momma’s girl. Glancing at the only male in the house she wondered just what Alex would be up to while she was stuck in school. It annoyed her that he wasn’t trapped in academic hell like she was.

“You don’t go to school Alex, did you drop out or something? What will you be doing all day while I’m stuck in class?” Both women looked inquiring at the handsome boy.

“I already finished my schooling Buffy. As for what I’ll be doing today, I got some personal business to take care. Also I need to make some preparations if we’ll be hunting in this town for the foreseeable future. I got some items that will be delivered today that we’ll need. Also I planned to scout around town to get familiar with the place again.” He explained.

Both nodded in understanding as Alex had mainly helped them get settled in quickly in their house. Once the pair were safe, he had only then started to set up his own place.

When the three finished their breakfast, Buffy followed Alex out to his car while Joyce cleaned up. The elder woman still had some time before needing to be at her gallery. Joyce offered to give Alex a job at her place of business so he would have something to do during the day, but Alex had refused citing need to sleep during the day after long nights. Though he did let her know he would purchase a few pieces of art he liked if she ever acquired something he liked.

Buffy was silent on the short trip to the school. She had questions in her mind of what to expect from a school where the town sat on a hellmouth. From what Alex told her of such portals of mystical energy, nothing good could really come from it.

Glancing over at her riding companion she wondered if she would be good enough to survive. Alex had been teaching her what she needed to know and trained her everyday. The male hunter was nowhere near as strong as she was. However his reflexes and speed could definately keep up with her.Thinking about it further, she wondered if she really needed a new watcher after Merrick.

When Alex pulled up to the curb, both looked out at the students mingling outside the school before going in. The young man silently wondered how many people he knew growing up were still alive since he left.

“How come I have to suffer going to school and you don’t?” Buffy whined again as she tried to drag things out before she had to get out of the car.

“Because I already got my G.E.D. and you haven’t Buffy. Just remember your mom would prefer you avoid attracting any attention that would see you expelled again. Besides how bad can it be when the sun’s still is out?” He teased which made Buffy frown back at him. She was positive Alex just jinxed her.

“I think I liked your better before you boned my mom,” she shivered in horror at the mere mentioning of such a traumatic occurrence.

“Just remember if you need any help to call the number I gave you to reach my cell phone. Now get out there and enjoy your day sweetheart.” Alex teased. His imitating a fatherly kiss on Buffy’s forehead annoying the younger Summers female.

Alex was having too much fun at her expense in Buffy’s opinion. The dangerous girl silently plotted her revenge as both were unaware of a brunette and redhead watching near the school. To them it looked like the new girl was getting kissed by her boyfriend. Both recognized who the boy that drove such an awesome car was. Together they planned to ambush the new girl for information on their long lost friend.

After Alex left the school, he started to drive around a town he had remembered as a kid. The place had hardly changed since the last time the young man had roamed the town with his two best friends. But things had changed since he left, and not as he had expected. The town had moved on even without Alex being around. When asking around Alex was surprised at how helpful the locals were in giving out information. Though it took some reading between the lines to figure out the truth.

After Alex had ran away, his biological father had taken it out upon his mother and had beaten her to death. When the police arrived Anthony Harris had ran away before he could be arrested. The man was later found murdered by the all too common barbecue fork method with his body disappearing from the morgue by grave robbers. That information easily told Alex that his birth father was now likely a vampire and that he would have to keep an eye out for the man. The younger man gave a brief thought about whether it would be therapeutic when he dusted the bastard.

The most sad thing that happened since Alex ran away left him pretty broken up. Jesse McNally, who was Alex’s brother in all but blood growing up, was dead. His death had led to a huge scandal in the town apparently having been killed by the father of his old rival Cordelia Chase.

From reports, it was apparent to people that the horny young man had been caught by the senior Chase spying through Cordelia’s bedroom window. It was believed that Cordy’s dad had, in his rage, killed the boy by tearing his throat out with the man’s teeth and bled Jesse dry. From what Alex gathered, the end result of the attack had been very gruesome.

After the teen’s death, Jesse had been cremated by his family while the patriarch of the Chase family was sent to prison for murder. It relieved Alex that this best buddy wasn’t a reanimated corpse. However he was upset his best friend had been probably killed by a demon. Had Alex been around in another life, Jesse would have never found himself in that situation as Xander would have talked him out of such a bad idea.

Alex made his way to a corner store he recalled from his youth where he knew he could find some golden delights he enjoyed. The young man purchased some twinkies to replace the stash Joyce and Buffy had cleaned out. Content with his resupply of snacks, he proceeded to his new home at the docks.

Instead of securing an apartment like Alex asked, Whistler had gotten him a yacht that had almost all the luxuries he would have had in an apartment. The biggest difference was Alex could move it so he wouldn’t have to stay docked in the same place. The boat had originally been stolen by a fellow hunter that killed the vampire that had owned it and used as a getaway vehicle. It was a simple matter to transfer it to Alex’s name.

What really sold it for Alex was was that he wouldn’t be forced to leave his car if he moved the thing. The yacht had a modified back end that functioned as a garage and extendable ramp for easy on and off loading onto solid ground. Alex made a note to buy the old man viagra for christmas for being so thoughtful.


Phil Coulson and Natasha Romanoff stood in the shadows watching the boat that housed the teenager they wanted to meet. Natasha, also known as the Black Widow, had only recently been working with SHIELD at just under a year and had been assigned to Phil who served as her hander. Nick Fury trusted the male agent to get the job done and didn’t think he would scare Alex off.

However, when Coulson looked at the photo of Alex and Buffy shopping, he saw something in the younger man that the senior spy did not. He could not be sure but swore the young man moved as a predator, much like how his female companion moved when she prowled about. This led Coulson to bring the backup of the experienced assassin just in case. The plan was for Natasha to go in first and introduce herself and ensure Alex remained for the meeting with Coulson.

“You have a go Widow,” Phil ordered as his eyes kept watch on the yacht

With a smile, the Black Widow moved with a seductive grace to meet the boy she had heard was trained by the Punisher himself. Natasha felt very confident in her abilities and already guessed that the teenage boy wouldn’t put up much of a fight. With a shake of her hips and some of her feminine wiles, she was sure Alexander Castle would be eating out of the palm of her hand.

Her first step into the interior of the yacht caused her to quickly wonder if she was wrong. The female assassin found herself pinned under the younger man with her face eating carpet. Firm hands kept her arms pinned behind her back and Alex’s legs kept her from kicking him. She mentally berated herself for letting herself underestimate an opponent.

“Sorry but I don’t appreciate strangers just entering my home,” Alex growled as he held a knife at Natasha’s throat.

Not one for giving up, she focused on how to get out of his hold. “We don’t have to be strangers you know.” Her voice was full of sex appeal. Natasha would be damned if she let a boy beat her. Her reputation and pride was now at stake.

With a strong jerk of her body, Natasha managed to send Alex rolling over her and managed to get back to her feet and found the young man ready for the next round. Subconsciously in mutual camaraderie, they both smiled in pleasure at the perceived challenge both felt they were facing.

In a split second both were moving quickly, punching and kicking and blocking each other’s strikes. Alex’s changed genetics and Natasha’s alterations from a russian version of a super soldier serum kept them almost evenly match. Natasha had knocked the knife out of Alex’s hand right away, keeping her from being cut. This only made Alex grin more and made Natasha worried as the younger assassin sped up his movements.

Quick as a flash, Alex had gripped the arm she thrusted forward in a punch and twisted. Both assassins heard the pop of the female’s shoulder becoming dislocated and the red haired woman grunted in discomfort. With her attention momentarily distracted, Alex palmed thrusted into Natasha’s sternum and knocked the wind out of her lungs. When Natasha used her other arm to try and fend Alex off, the young man grabbed it and dislocated also. Alex finished with a leg sweep, sending a humbled assassin to the floor.

Black Widow tried to breathe and groaned in pain and defeat. She felt humiliation that a teenager had beaten her so thoroughly and quickly. The female assassin had made the mistake of underestimating the boy and didn’t fight at her best. By the time she realized Alex would be more difficult to take down, it had already been too late for her to use her more acrobatic moves she excelled at.

“Your technique was good but you throw too much of your weight into your punches.”

Alex explained as he quickly searched her for weapons, even the hidden ones she kept in her cleavage. He was not about to leave a defeated opponent to remain armed around him. Natasha couldn’t be sure if the young man had groped her or not with how quick his hands moved over her.

Alex calmed his breathing and ignored the red head’s glare as he went to the kitchen area of the cabin to get some ice packs. When he walked back into the living room, he was greeted by the sight of the downed assassin who was trying to sit up and pop her dislocated shoulders back in. It was easy to tell she was mentally beating herself up for losing to what was in her opinion, a kid..

“So what's your name and why did you invade my new home?” Alex asked as he sat on the couch and pulled Natasha to sit between his legs as he moved to put her shoulders back into place.

“Not going to kill me?” The Black Widow was confused at his mercy for her. She would have likely killed an intruder if she had been in his position.

“I’ve got a bit of a protective streak with female redheads that I’ve had since I was five. Besides, it was easy to tell you weren’t looking to permanently hurt me. Also I’ve noticed you and a male friend of yours following me all day. So what do some government agents want to do with me?”

Natasha was going to refuse to answer as it wasn’t her place and wouldn’t confirm they really had followed him. On some hidden level though, she felt she could relate with Alex. Natasha did after all recognize and respect skill even from an enemy. Alex held a bit of mystery about himself. She had a tendency of trying to solve mysteries.

“I work with a spy agency that finds sources of trouble and neutralizes them around the world. Our mandate is to protect the world from mutants, terrorist organizations, and even potentially alien invasions. I haven’t been briefed on what they want with you, just that they want to talk with you.”

After her shoulders had been popped back into place, Alex had placed the ice packs on them to help with any swelling as her body recovered from the trauma. Losing to a sixteen year old had been humbling to the Black Widow. Natasha decided then and there she would be keeping a closer eye on the curious young man in the future.

Their comfortable silence was interrupted by Coulson’s clearing of his throat. While waiting outside he had heard the racket the two made and assumed Natasha was subduing the young man. To his surprise, he found her sitting between Alex’s legs leaning back against his chest as ice packs and strong massaging hands were tending to the Black Widow’s sore shoulders. For a moment the agent would swear the deadly female assassin was going to purr.

Blushing in embarrassment, Natasha had gotten up quickly and left the two males alone. That she was caught in such a relaxed state with someone that also had beaten her and younger than herself made it one of the worst days in her life. The only thing that would make it worse was if her partner and recruiter, Hawkeye, found out. He would never let her live it down.

Phil tried to pretend such an awkward event had not taken place as he surveyed the cabin and noticed a few items broken or knocked over. After seeing Widow, he wondered exactly what happened but figured it was none of his business. He was there strictly for a first contact and recruitment meeting.

“Mr Castle, I’m Agent Coulson with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement Logistic’s Division and we would like your assistance with something.”

Alex looked at the second man that had invaded his home and gave a low whistle. “Wow. That is a mouthful isn’t it,” he joked.

“Just call us SHIELD.” Coulson simplified using the still popular but unofficial name. “I’ve been sent to ask for your help as we are aware you are currently friends with the Slayer, Buffy Summers.”

Alex was going to indulge the somewhat friendly looking agent until the mention of Buffy, his eyes narrowed into a glare that was directed at the agent. He would not let her become a tool for some government agency.

“I think you should leave,” The young assassin said, his voice low and dangerous. His hands looking ready to grab a weapon to gut Coulson like a fish.

“Mr. Castle we are on the same side. We all want to protect the world. We are aware Slayers are traditionally affiliated with the Watcher’s Council. We would like to change that.”

Coulson could see Alex was very protective of his friend and was planning to kill him if he didn’t like the agent’s words. While Alex was listed as having been trained by a man that was former special forces, things about the young man weren’t adding up. There were too many unknowns when it came to Alexander Castle.

“Why would I let you control her after what those bastards in England did to Buffy and countless young girls before her?”

“We are not looking to control, merely to support. SHIELD is looking to expand its operations against the paranormal and helping the Slayer is one thing we are working on. As long as she keeps fighting the supernatural we’ll give her equipment and legal protection if anything got too public. We will also protect her from the Watcher’s Council should they try and force control on her once more. We would be strictly handling her logistics. We would like you to liaison between us as she trusts your judgement from what we could tell.”

Alex sat and thought about his options. By himself he couldn’t protect Buffy from an organization as big as the Watchers as he couldn’t be everywhere at once. The offer had a lot going for it but could also blow up in their face. Alex sighed as he just wasn’t up for making a very important decision at that moment.

“Alright I’ll act as the middleman to an extent and will break off the agreement if I feel anything is not in our best interests. But if your agency causes any harm to Buffy or anyone I care about, I will be coming for you and your boss’s life and you will not see me coming until its too late.”

For someone so young, Coulson found the younger man had a very effective glare. Glad to have at least a tentative agreement for the time being, Coulson wished Alex goodnight before heading out to rejoin the female assassin.

Outside Natasha waited for him who seemed unfazed at what had happened earlier. Phil was sure she was more disturbed than she portrayed though.

“What exactly happened in there?”

Natasha glared in annoyance as she got into the car. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Knowing how dangerous it was to push further, the pair left to return to report mission complete. It went nowhere near as planned and they knew they would have never gotten the leverage they would need to force Alex to do anything. SHIELD had yet to find any evidence of Alex breaking the law. At best, they had guesses which only pissed one Nick Fury off royally.


Buffy was very unhappy when she reached the docks and took in the sight of her friend’s new home. She was jealous he got to live close to the beach on yacht and hadn’t invited her over yet. After a dreadful first day of school she needed something to cheer her up. Tanning herself before having to meet her two new friends at the only teen hangout in town seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

After going inside the cabin to look for her only male friend, she thought about her meeting with the Watcher librarian that insisted that he was her new watcher. She really felt like she didn’t need the guy since she had Alex. While her young friend wasn’t the research driven person the librarian was, she felt safer knowing she had someone watching her back. Her only gripe was that Alex still flirted with her mom too much.

“You know you're the third person today who decided to show up unannounced Buffy.” Alex spoke up behind her startling her.

“Hey! Make some noise next time!” She complained at her sneaky friend.

“Sorry.” Alex didn’t really sound like he was. “So what's the reason I have the pleasure of your company when...” He glanced at the time. “You don’t get out of your last class for another twenty minutes?”

Buffy looked down while shuffling her feet like child who’d been caught being naughty. “I needed to speak with you after what happened earlier. The librarian there is a Watcher who says he’s my new one. Plus a student at the school was found dead and drained by a vampire.”

Alex sighed and moved close enough to hug her. “What is really the matter Buffy? We expected to find bodies and probably another watcher to try and control you when we moved here.”

She sniffled cutely. “I know but when we were still in L.A. I was starting to enjoy separating slaying from my personal life. I only dealt with the nasties outside after dark. Here I’m finding them in the middle of the day. I missed how it was before we came here.”

“It will be ok Buff. Your mom and I are behind you one hundred percent. If you ever need to vent, you know I’ll be there for you.” Alex rubbed her back before sitting her on the couch.

Alex knew how he could help and was glad he picked up more than just twinkies from the store earlier. Grabbing some Ding Dongs, he sat next to her on the couch as she enjoyed the chocolate Hostess goodness. Knowing that Joyce would be arriving in the next hour, he let Buffy snuggle against him as she snacked on sweets and told him about the other parts of his day.

When Buffy mentioned Cordelia Chase and Willow Rosenberg, Alex could only close his eyes in remembrance of two people he knew from before. He had hoped to avoid meeting the pair until Alex was sure how he was going to handle it. When Buffy said they knew who he was and that they were at least friends, he knew he was destined for an inquisition in the soon to be future.

“So is your name really Alexander Castle or is it Xander Harris? Or are they all just a bunch of aliases?” Buffy looked at Alex’s face and studied his reaction.

She knew Alex mostly kept his past to himself. Details were few about his time in Sunnydale before he ran away. However there was an even larger blank spot from when Alex ran and was found by his adopted father.

“I was born Alexander Harris but my best friend Willow from when I was five had a hard time saying Alexander resorted to shortening it to Xander. After I ran away and was adopted, I took on the name Castle to honor the man that became a good father to me.”

Alex looked at Buffy as she waited for more information but he wasn’t going to make it easy on her as she had hoped with caused her to pout. Luckily for Alex he had been saved by Joyce who had showed up with proper groceries for Alex to cook with. Joyce had had been surprised to find Buffy already there and had taken the younger girl home for dinner.

However Alex knew he could never be too lucky as Buffy forced him to promise to join her at the Bronze after dark. Apparently the blonde Slayer was looking to party it up before beginning to patrol the town. After they finally left he heard a giggle from thin air nearby. A very familiar giggle.

“Wanda Maximoff, how many times do I have to tell you sneaking up on me is bad for your health?”

Alex sighed in annoyance as his mutant friend, codenamed the Scarlet Witch, materialized with a couple crates at her feet. He wondered how long she had been spying on him. Regardless, he was glad she had finally arrived as she was his magical support while on the hellmouth.

They had met when Alex had performed one of his first few solo missions for his dad. The Slayer and Scarlet Witch had much in common it seemed, as he had rescued both from asylums that their fathers placed them in. Neither young woman’s father knew how to deal with with the girl’s issues so they hid them away.

“You're getting pretty close with the ladies around here Lexi. Should I be jealous?”

Alex rolled his eyes as he moved and started to pick up boxes and unload them into an armory he had set up. While he had his trusty blades and guns, he had invested in pocket crossbows that could be fired with one hand and quickly reloaded. While his guns could incapacitate a vampire, the wooden glycerin tipped arrows would be much more effective with demons.

“Did you have any trouble finding the place?” He asked as he got to work while Wanda relaxed on the couch.

Alex was glad the boat had more than one bedroom as he thought of Wanda like a little sister much like he had thought of Willow. He was extremely protective of her and if he found Magneto, Alex would be sure to show him a close up view of his blade. He had weapons specially designed to take on the master of magnetism.

“Its a very nice place and easy to find. Which makes it more urgent and critical to set up wards to protect and hide us.”

She pulled a crate near her closer in order to open it and grab one of the books inside she would need to look up the correct wards. Unlike a house or apartment, a vampire wouldn’t need an invitation to get in the yacht. Wanda planned to put some nasty defenses up that would see any demon attacking their home to quickly find themselves dead or permanently dismembered. The automated defense turrets that Whistler’s contact had installed on the boat before delivering it for Alex, would handle any unauthorized humans that tried to sneak aboard while they were away.

Alex watched Wanda as she casted the wards to protect their home and helped her unpack everything she brought. Like a good and trained older brother, he drove her to the Bronze afterwards to finally meet the girls that knew Xander before he became Alex. He hoped there was some vampires there that could save him from his dark fate.

End Chapter

Author’s Note: Coming up in Chapter 5, the group bonds while fighting vampires. Alex learns he is seriously outnumbered and that girls are just as evil. The young assassin learns something shocking that changes how he sees two of his girls.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander the Assassin" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 May 13.

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