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There and Back Again, Sunnydale Style

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Summary: Xander kills a demon one night while on patrol. Nothing new there. That is, not until its mate decided to get revenge on Xander by sending him into the past. It’s a good idea, as far as curses go. Small problem, Xander and magic has never worked well.

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Marvel Universe > Captain America
Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-Centered
CleoVampFR18631,38184425,94311 May 1326 Oct 14No

A Chance Happenstance

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, and places - are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Notes: The Buffy timeline got pushed forward to start in 2005. The story takes place after season five and it’s the summer after Buffy’s death that Xander disappears. I tweaked the past timelines in order to have some of the Buffy/Angel characters where I needed them to be upon Xander’s arrival in the past.

Author's Notes 2: The Captain America movie timeline is pushed back by several months. Most of the action is what happens in the movie combined with things I think he’d handle loosely based in the comic!verse. I’ve never read a single Captain America comic. All info from that source comes from searching the various databases in regards to Cap and his actions during the war in addition to tapping Pistol’s comic knowledge of Cap.

Author's Notes 3: Thanks go to Lady FoxFire for the bunny idea and throwing it out to the Imaginings list as well as Shadwmage7 for feeding the bunny further with their input. Also a lot of thanks go to the Imaginings list in general because if it wasn’t for their reply about the potential for a time paradox then I probably would have never done this.

Author's Notes 4: A huge thanks goes out to matilda36 my wonderful beta for her assistance in wrangling my grammar and stuff. Any mistakes left are all my fault.


“So the birds all home tucked away then?” Spike asked as he took out a cigarette and lit it.

“Yeah, Tara and Willow decided to be on Dawn Patrol and do some baking. Anya’s…taking a night off.” Xander didn’t even want to think about how he and Anya had been arguing again about their engagement. Especially as no one knew they were engaged.

“Is that right?” Spike sounded dubious as he continued walking through the cemetery.

Xander’s hackles rose as they always did when Spike insinuated something beyond what he really said. “Yes, that is right. You got a problem with it Fangless?”

“No. Not a single problem here. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” Spike smirked and held his hands up in an innocent gesture that was far from being guiltless.

“You are not as innocent as you are trying to pretend you are. So cut it out. You’re an evil creature of the night and there’s no way you can ever pull that innocent thing off.” Xander argued.

“I’ll have you know there have been plenty of people who’ve fallen for my innocent act. Granted not as many as fell for Dru’s but still I’ve had my fair share and then some.” Spike defended just as they were coming closer to his crypt.

“Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that Blondie. Well looks like you’re at home sweet crypt. Speaking of home I better head back as well. I’m dying for a shower and my nice comfy bed. Not to mention work in the morning.” Xander rambled.

“Sure you don’t want me to escort you to your car? Don’t want the demon bint getting all bent out of shape if something happens to you and blames me for it.” Spike stood with one hand on the door to his crypt waiting for a reply.

“Nah, I’m good. My car’s parked at the exit right around the corner. Even I can’t get into trouble during that short of a walk.” Xander waved Spike off as he continued towards the exit and his car.

“You better not turn up dead. I don’t want anyone blaming me for your misfortune.” Spike yelled out.

“Blah, Blah, Blah. Just go. It’s nice to know that my wellbeing is such a concern to you only in regards to keeping your own hide intact.” Xander ignored anything else Spike might have said as he increased his pace to get out of hearing range quickly.

Just as Xander was about to reach the exit near where he’d parked, a huge demon jumped out at him near the old tree by the Kramer’s crypt. “Come on! All I wanted was to get home to shower and sleep. Do we really have to do this now?”

The demon waved its arms, swiped its claws at Xander, and roared. Xander moved away from the demon to gain more room to fight. Slowly he slipped out the axe hidden under his jacket. He stood in a ready stance waiting for the demon’s next move.

The demon roared and charged at Xander with its claws extended. Xander sidestepped the attack and swung his ax as the creature reached out to snag him closer. His ax connected with the outstretched arm. The demon roared in pained anger as it pulled back a bloodied arm with a huge gash in it. Its other arm came toward Xander’s head. He ducked and swung his ax toward what appeared to be the creature’s stomach opening a deep wound. The demon reared back in pain and gathered itself once more for a charge at the human in its sights.

“I really don’t want to end up with goop, ooze, ichor or whatever it is that passes for blood with your species.” Xander panted. “So what say we just call it a night and go our separate ways?” He asked hopefully right before the demon attacked again. “Guess not.”

He remembered everything he could of the lessons he had bribed, cajoled, guilted and threatened Spike into. He had made the argument that it was a way for Spike to keep his promise to Buffy about taking care of Dawn. If there was someone else capable of fighting, even if not at Slayer strength, they wouldn’t have to rely on the Buffybot as much on a day to day basis. It lessened the risk of discovery so Dawn wouldn’t be taken away. That was the clincher for him asking Spike’s help in learning to use what was left of the soldier.

Xander focused on the demon’s movements as it attacked and he dodged. Spike said all demons have a weakness. For some it was harder to find than others but most demons didn’t recover without their heads. If he could find a weak spot he’d be good. If not he’d try for a beheading move. Unfortunately his luck didn’t hold out and the demon’s attacks maneuvered him further into the dark cemetery where he tripped.

The demon took advantage of its prey’s vulnerability and moved in for a killing blow. The attack left the demon open for Xander to get under its guard and strike his own killing blow. Xander rolled out from under the demon as it doubled over in pain. He quickly got up and cut off its head to ensure it wasn’t getting back up.

Xander stood panting, amazed at his success until he took a look at himself. “Damn, now I have to get new clothes.” He pulled at his shirt with huge spots of the demon’s blood on it. “And maybe even shoes.” He looked down at his feet and noticed some blood on them too. Slowly he made his way to his car. “What a way to end the day.” He got out some plastic bags to cover his seat with and then headed home for a shower and sleep.
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