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Gaia Reborn

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Summary: Years have passed for our favorite Scoobies. And our not so favorite Fang Gang Survivors. When the world wakes up, what will be the results?

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > GeneralSithicusFR1335,5742185,20315 May 138 Jun 13No

Darkest Hour

Author's Notes: Just a quick message to say that this idea came to me very recently, and after a long hiatus from writing I began to plot out what all will happen. Not finished yet, have three chapters so far and two of them aren't fully done yet, but will be soon enough. Each chapter focuses on either a Scooby or a Fang Gang member, and how fitting that our first chapter would belong to our favorite blue haired evil smurf.

Disclaimer: The characters appearing in this fanfiction belong to their respective owners. All characters of the Buffyverse are the property of 20th Century Fox and Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions and all that jive. All characters appearing from the Cyberverse belong to Hasbro Inc. The Hub and other people not me.

WARNING: This story will contain spoilers to the climax of Transformers Prime Season One and reveal a major plot point, if you have not yet watched the first season, but have been slightly interested in it, kindly look elsewhere. Also... This is slightly AU, by which I mean a certain character appearing in this very chapter was not where the chapter stated he is during the events in question. We'll try and retcon how he came to be where he was in a future chapter

The world is far older than you know, and contrary to popular belief it did not start out as a paradise…

These words were never more apparent to the beings of the planet Earth who had existed before the filth of humanity crept out of their primordial soup and became sentient. The beings that had existed thousands of years before the reign of man were simply known as the Old Ones amongst demon circles. These Old Ones however had been simply another phase of the planet’s birth, as even before the time of the Old Ones there had been another.

Earth had formed through billions of years of evolutionary cycles, things had been born there that defied description and had long faded out of memory. Things that had been wiped clean when something disturbed the planet’s slumber.

To Illyria, God-King of the Primordium this meant nothing, less than nothing in her eyes as she once again spent her days living amongst the mortals who had previously known her current shell. A creature such as Illyria knew little of fear, she knew of nothing that could match her; and her arrogance born of centuries of being one of the most powerful beings on the planet ensured she would never know fear.

Until the planet began to stir once more. Then Illyria, God-King of the Primordium, indeed began to show signs of that nameless emotion. Nameless at least in her old tongue, humanity had a name for it, she knew existence could be snuffed out at the whims of the planet itself. For there was a truly ancient secret in regards to the planet Earth, contrary to popular belief, it also did not start out as a planet.

Special Agent William Fowler had been working for a long time with the department formerly known as the Demon Research Initiative, in fact he’d been one of the many men assigned to spearhead a subsidiary of the former DRI specializing in the understanding and communications with denizens not of this world. As such his clearance was high enough that he was aware of all things necessary to ensuring his job’s security, and secrecy. When the Initiative was restructured after the debacle in Sunnydale, Fowler had been forced to find better missions for the group who had survived; most of the DRI had been completely shut down.

While a small group led by Agent Riley Finn continued their work in hunting down demons across the globe, the rest were enlisted into the much more dangerous branch whose purpose was containment and cover-ups. It was this larger group of surviving Initiative members that had been briefed on the events involving the arrival of certain visitors currently holed up in an un-used missile complex outside of Jasper Nevada.

It was also this group that began to sweat and wonder if they should be looking for help from a more; native source, in dealings with the sudden slow awakening of their planet. Fowler shook his head as he contemplated the request from special agent Graham concerning the contacting of the recently reformed IWSC to put an end to the threat of the slumbering menace beneath them. Fowler knew of the history of the Slayer, her successes, and her failures. But he wasn’t about to risk the safety of their entire world on the off chance that somehow their group could actually put a dent in the big kahuna at the center of their world.

“My superiors are going to love these reports,” Fowler muttered as he continued to go over them. “Wait a second? What’s this sitrep about a Deeper Well?” Frowning slightly the heavyset African-American quickly flipped through the pages, verifying what he was reading was accurate. “This can’t be good… Tentacles… Massive gouts of Energon. It’s like someone’s worst nightmare after reading one of those Lovecraft stories. Uh-oh… Maybe I should get that Slayer and her team over there asap before everything goes pear shaped.” Reaching for his phone Fowler hastily dialed a number.

Location; Deeper Well, Resting place of the Old Ones…

A writhing mass of tentacles emerged from the giant hole in the center of the Earth, or what might consider to be the center of the Earth, writhing about and searching. The Sarcophagi of the Old Ones were being flung free of their final resting place, hurled clear of the massive gaping wound which was pulsing with an ominous dark purple light.

The light seemed to be flickering on and off at regular intervals, almost as though it were a heartbeat. Or perhaps a spark beat. Where each sarcophagi landed was unimportant, most of them were crushed beyond recognition, their contents wiped from existence as if at the whims of a madman. The tentacles were in-fact not from any demon species currently known or even unknown to humanity, they were part of a massive organism that had existed for eons.

Standing in silent observation of these events, Illyria, God-King of the Primordium, not that anybody by this point cared one iota about that. Was sensing for the first time a terrifying emotion, fear is a powerful motivator. It is also a weakness which Illyria felt she could do without, the others she was familiar with were currently off who knows where. They didn’t even know that she had come here, to her former resting place, to observe what was transpiring.

“This is unacceptable,” she declared tilting her head to one side inhumanly.

“What’s so unacceptable about it?” Buffy Summers strode care-free into the area a tiny smirk on her lips. “I find it rather impressive actually, and quite exhilarating.”

Illyria regarded the incorporeal form without concern. “You can not exist in this dimension should the planet awaken,” she reminded.

“Who cares!” Buffy snapped. “As long as that bitch and her friends are hurled off into space and crushed I could care less if I can’t conquer the place or plunge it into the fiery depths of my home dimension.”

Illyria almost, though not quite frowned. “You pretend to enjoy this outcome, but you fear it as much as I. We were born of this planet as well, and what was granted can be taken to refuel the vessel.”

Buffy bared her teeth in a decidedly un-Buffy manner. “You’re just a paltry shade of your former self, Illyria, I could care less what you think.” Turning she began to fade away, a sudden spike of purple energy exploded from the Deeper Well and literally knocked the incorporeal body of the First to her knees. “What?”

Illyria smiled then satisfactorily. “It would appear you are just as susceptible to this as the rest of us. I take great satisfaction in knowing your claims of apparent godhood are no-longer factual.”

Buffy growled and attempted to climb to her feet.

Illyria noted one of the tentacles moving in their general direction and calmly stepped to one side.

The image of the First in Buffy’s form was struck by the flailing appendage, crying out in sudden pain there was an explosion of energy and once the blinding flash had died the form of Buffy Summers stood whole and intact, though obviously weakened. An inhuman cry of rage escaped the now physical form of the creature that claimed itself as the First.

Illyria quirked one eyebrow at this new development. “Intriguing.”

Buffy whirled on Illyria her teeth strangely stained with blood. “I will not accept this! I will not be trapped in this form!” Taking a step towards the former God-King she raised one hand. “I’ll take your strength as my own, once I have your powers I’ll drain the rest from those scattered fossils and use them to regain what I possessed.” Thusly declaring her intentions Buffy made to charge Illyria.

A face appearing in the middle of the ground between them caused her to freeze in mid-motion. Two glowing purple eyes stared out from the rocky countenance of the planet itself. “Such petty squabbles between so inferior a life-form. Your powers were never yours to begin with, I will awaken fully and once I have all vestiges of this infestation of my form shall be purged.”

Buffy took a step away from the face her pupils widening in obvious fear. Trapped as she was, the First could no longer escape oblivion it would seem.

Illyria cocked her head to one side in silence, no point in drawing the creature’s attention to her. By now the destruction of the deeper well was complete, the tentacles receded into the Earth and the hole began to seal itself up.

Buffy whirled on her heels intending to flee only to come face to face with a towering mound of rock and dirt, which had taken on the shape of the planet itself, though planet was no longer the proper term. Centuries ago the being chose to enter a state of suspended animation known as stasis, until the day his nemesis arose and once again their battle could continue. The planet Earth became a shell, encasing the slumbering entity, and thus gave rise to the first demons, the Old Ones, and animals defying description.

Now though, a prophesized awakening was about to occur and the being that had become the planet Earth no longer wished to tolerate such puny creatures living on its surface. The outer shell would be flung wide and the slumbering inner entity would re-awaken, or so it would appear.

Buffy, or rather the First as Buffy, had only a moment to process all of her options before the creature of rock and dirt struck her down ending her long existence in a brief moment of squickness.

Illyria smiled approvingly.

The creature however became distracted, before it could move to finish off the last vestiges of the old regime. It shuddered briefly and then turned, fading back into the soil of the Earth from which it had formed in order to deal with a genuine threat to its’ awakening.

Illyria approached the remains of the First cautiously, knowing that anything could change at a moments notice. Tilting her head she observed the boneless heap of flesh and blood and found herself smiling in what her shell might have considered relief. At least she had the satisfaction of knowing that the First had been destroyed first and she was still alive to gloat over it.

As she stood there the planet’s upheaval began to lessen. Apparently some force had begun to combat this entity, Illyria did not know what that force could be, but she vowed privately to herself that she would gain its favor. If it possessed such power as to halt the awakening, than it was a useful tool for her own plans of reclaiming this planet for her own.

Where the Deeper Well once stood a mighty upheaval of rock and dirt was forced up through the layers of the planet’s crust. Several strange glowing purple crystals appeared and a great cry of some distance could faintly be heard, enraged at being denied it’s return. Illyria stood silently staring upon the crystals wondering as to their significance.

She was still standing there when the true Buffy Summers and her band finally arrived after being alerted to the potential danger. Many questions were surely to be asked, but Illyria could care little for such things, her eyes shone with renewed interest in the crystalline remnants of the creature. Contemplating the potential of returning to her former power and glory.

End Chapter One
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