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Ship of the Line: Daedalus Class

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Summary: My take on the Ship of the line challenge. But instead of bringing in a overly powered Sci-fi ship, I do something a little different

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Mini-Jack
Firefly > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: River Tam
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Chapter One

A/N: My take on the Ship of the Line challenge. Buffy belongs to Joss. As does Firefly. Stargate belongs to MGM.

The Buffy time line is getting moved forward a few years. Likewise the Stargate universe has been adjusted and doesn't completely follow the cannon time line. Buffy season 2 (Halloween episode, natch) and Firefly is post Serenity. This is so the gang has seen Firefly on TV.

Pairings: Buffy - Mini-Jack, Willow - Oz, Xander - Cordelia


Ship of the Line: Daedalus Class


Chapter One


Buffy pouted as Aura, one of Cordy's Cordettes took the 18th century ball gown that the slayer had been looking at, “Phooey...” Buffy mumbled.

“What's wrong?” Willow asked as she stepped up beside her best friend.

“Aura took the dress I wanted,” Buffy grumbled, “I so wanted to impress Angel.”

Willow looked sadly in Buffy's direction, “Maybe you can find something else that will impress him?”

“Will!” Xander called out, “This place has Firefly costumes!”

Willow squeed in delight and practically teleported to Xander's side, “Are there coveralls?” she asked excitedly.

Xander grinned and handed Willow a grayish green pair of coveralls that looked slightly dirty. There was a patch of a bear on the left leg, “One pair of Kaylee coveralls,” Xander said as he paused dramatically, “And one long brown coat. Complete with gun belt and replica pistol.”

“Shiny!” Willow grinned. As Xander pulled on the coat and gun belt.

“Captain, Mal Reynolds at your service,” the dark haired boy grinned as he did a showy spin with the pistol and dropped it in his holster.

Buffy walked up next to the pair and sighed, “At least you guys found something.”

“Come on Buff,” Xander said, “There's gotta be something here you like?”

“How about a ghost costume. The less we see of her the better,” Cordelia snarked as she walked by with a garment bag over her arm.

“Slumming with the commoners, Cordy,” Xander shot back at the busty brunette.

“Please,” Cordy said with a roll of her eyes, “Party town was out of the cat costume I wanted. So I found this evening gown instead.”

Willow tilted her head slightly. Examining the dress in the bag, “You know, that looks a lot like the red dress Inara wore in the Train Job episode of Firefly...”

Internally, Cordelia cursed Willow for figuring that out. Outwardly, she scoffed, “What's Firefly?”

“A really cool show we've been watching,” Willow replied.

“As if I'd wear something so plebeian as a costume from a TV show,” Cordelia said with a touch of disdain in her tone. Doing her best to hide the truth.

While Buffy was watching the byplay between her friends and Cordy, she caught something out of the corner of her eye. An olive green flight suit. Buffy tilted her head slightly. The young slayer had a secret love of flying. So did her little sister, Dawn.

“I can get that down if you'd like,” said a cultured British voice behind her. Buffy spun in place and fell into a fighting stance before realizing it was just the store owner behind her.

“Stop with the sneakiness,” Buffy growled as she relaxed.

“My apologies,” the man smiled. 'So this is Rippers Slayer? Interesting.' he thought to himself. “This costume is a genuine US Air Force issue flight suit. It actually belongs to a cousin of mine. Captain Samantha Carter.”

“But you're British?” Buffy asked.

Ethan Rayne grinned, “Sam is my mother's sister's daughter. Sam's father, General Jacob Carter married my Aunt when he was stationed in Britain.”

Buffy nodded in understanding, “She's only a Captain?”

“Sadly. Sam is quite intelligent. She also has a doctorate in Astrophysics. Along with her being qualified as an F-16 pilot.”

“Sounds like she's getting the shaft. She should be a colonel or something...”

Ethan ginned, “How about this. I'll give you a set of Colonel insignia pins to go along for free. Deal? Sam is also a Blonde, like you.”

Buffy grinned. This Sam Carter sounded like a strong woman, “Deal.”

“I'll just ring you up.”

As Ethan Rayne began his spell, he drew the attention of the deity he worshiped. Janus grinned at what he saw planned in his disciple's mind. Then he focused more of his attention at the reality the plea was coming from. The god frowned as he saw how messed up the Powers That Be had allowed this corner of the mutiverse to get.

Well, he would fix that. Not only was he the god of chaos. But the god of change. And change was just what this dimension needed.

He fed more and more power into the spell. Thanks to chaos, it was enough power to even make Janus himself feel a bit of strain. Then he saw what was causing the drain. A ship was being created out of nothing. One that was sorely needed by the government of the country where the spell originated.

Then the spell drew his attention to a few of the other costumes and decided, for fun, he'd pull another ship from the infinite numbers of alternate realities. Besides, that ship and it's crew had sown chaos enough in their own universe. Time to sow it in another.

Janus sat back and grinned as the spell washed over the hellmouth.

In the back of his store, Ethan Rayne grinned, “Showtime.”

“What the gorram hell?” Mal Reynolds swore out loud as he pulled his pistol. A second ago, he was on Serenity's bridge. The next he was standing in the middle of a residential street that looked a lot like the suburbs of a core world.

Mal looked around and tried to spot any of his crew. Pulling his com unit from his belt, Mal pushed the transmit button, “Zoe? Jayne? Anybody?”

“Cap'n?” replied a voice over the com he didn't expect.


“Shr ah, Cap'n,” his mechanic's voice replied, “What's goin on?”

“Damned if I know, Lil, Kaylee. Stay put and try to give me a landmark. I'll try to get to you.”

“I... I'm at the corner of Revello Drive and Wilkins Boulevard... wherever the cao that is...”

Mal looked at the street sign near him and relaxed slightly, “I'm on Revello. I'll be there in a jif,”

“Hurry, Cap'n. Something weird is goin on.”

River Tam stalked through the night. She had suddenly found herself in a neighborhood similar to the one she had grown up in... well the poorer section down the street from the Tam estate anyway. She held the katana Zoe had gotten her for her eighteenth birthday. She also wore her new fighting clothes. Black stretch leggings tucked into combat boots and loose top let her move easily. And the dual automatic pistols on either hip were another birthday present. This time from Jayne.

Opening her mind, she scanned for any threats. Ever since the crew had released the Miranda Wave, she had been able to function at a much higher level than before. But tonight, it was almost like she hadn't gone to the academy. Her mind hadn't been this clear and focused in years.

A roar from down the street caught her attention. A shaggy beast was chasing a woman in a long red dress down the street. A woman that looked like Inara. In a flash, River moved out to intercept.

She cocked her head as she ran, the beast had two minds. One that seemed trapped behind something. The forefront was pure animal. Almost like a Reaver. Behind though, seemed to be the mind of a teenaged boy just a little younger than she.

Twenty meters out, River drew one of her pistols and fired off a shot. As usual, her aim was perfect. The shaggy beast went down in a heap. Unconscious from the graze of the bullet to it's skull.

“River!” Inara called out.

“Are you alright?” River asked the woman she considered an older sister/mother figure.

“I am now,” the former Companion replied out of breath,” Where are we?”

“Unknown,” River replied, “This is most perplexing.”

River did a quick mental scan for any of her shipmates. She quickly located both the Captain and Kaylee who had been drawn by her gunshot. A moment later, she found the familiar mind of her brother. Of Jayne or Zoe, there was no sign.

In the distance, she spotted her brother at a dead run. Behind him were several small creatures. All were snarling and in definite hot pursuit of Simon, “Brothers... they take such looking after...” River sighed as she took off at a run towards her brother.

Suddenly there was a burst of automatic gunfire and the creatures scattered. A blonde woman dressed in an olive flight suit, toting a strange looking sub-machine gun came into view. A second later, Mal and Kaylee rounded the corner, Mal with his gun drawn and Kaylee holding a large wrench. The closest thing to a weapon the mechanic usually wielded.

“Doc! You okay?”

“Fine now,” Simon panted, out of breath, “You know...I used to be able... to run further... than that...”

“Soft livin on a ship I reckon,” Mal replied with a smirk. Kaylee nearly tackled her boyfriend.


“I'm okay, Kaylee.”

Mal looked at the short blonde woman, carrying the gun, “Much obliged, Ma'am.”

“No problem,” She replied.

“Mal?” Inara said as she reached the Captain's side, “What's going on?”

“Dammed if I know. One second, I'm on Serenity's bridge and the next I'm here.”

“Same for me,” the blonde replied. She looked closely at the newcomers. They looked like characters from the new Space western, Cassie had tried to get her to watch.

“Who are you?” Mal asked.

“Col. Samantha Carter, United States Air Force.”

Mal looked confused, “Huh?”

“Captain...” River interrupted, “I don't think we're in our own reality.”

Mal shot a glare at his pilot, “Say that again, Albatross?”

River tapped her temple. A gesture she did when she had to communicate something to the crew that meant she had read it from other minds, “You're not who you think you are. None of us are.”

“Shenme?” Simon replied.

“We're... possessing these bodies... All of us. I... I think I am Dawn Summers. Younger sister to Buffy Summers. Who is the Colonel's real identity. Mal, you're Alexander Harris. Inara, you are Cordelia Chase. Kaylee, Willow Rosenberg. Simon... You are Daniel Osborne.”

“This is insane,” Samantha Carter replied. Suddenly her com unit beeped. Quickly, she answered it.


“Colonel... This is Captain Haliey. Believe whatever they are saying.”

“Say that again, Captain?”

“It's kinda like that time loop that one time at the SGC. But only for me. Ummm, Maybe I should just beam all of you up...”

“Now wait just a...” Sam began before she and everyone with her were beamed up to the USS George Hammond.

Haliey knew that Sam was going to yell at her. But they all needed to be on the Hammond before the spell ended. Which if her memories were right, was going to happen in about twenty seconds.

With Janus powering the spell. The strain on Ethan Rayne was enormous. He screamed in pain as the reality shifted and another ship was drawn into existence. A ship and crew that until that moment had been the creation of a Hollywood writer.

With a final scream, Ethan collapsed and the bust of Janus exploded.

A few minutes earlier in another universe.

A small space ship was engaged in a game of cat an mouse with three Alliance gunships in the middle of an asteroid field. Mal grabbed for an overhead hand hold as River dodged yet another rock in her quest to rid them of their pursuers, “Albatross...”

“Don't interrupt my concentration,” the young psychic stated through clenched teeth. This kind of flying, Wash could have done in his sleep. It took a great deal more concentration for River to do it.

Two missiles reached out for the fleeing Firefly. With a flick of her wrist, River guided the transport behind an asteroid. Breaking the missile lock on one and causing the weapon to detonate.

However she hadn't been able to break the lock of the second missile that was tracking the ship. And they had just broken free of the asteroid field.

“River...” Mal said as he gripped harder as the teen rolled the ship hard. Hard enough to let some of the inertia bleed through the artificial gravity.

“Can't loose it... faster than us on full burn. Impact in thirty seconds.”

“That an EMP or something else,” Mal asked. Knowing what River would say.

“Something else,” River whispered. She looked up at the man who had protected her. Now that it had been her turn to return the favor, she had failed, “I'm sorry...” tears ran down her face.

“Any chance at all?” Mal asked. Stone faced.

“Small nuke...”

“Cao...” Mal swore. The Purple Bellies wanted them bad. In the dead kinda way. The Operative was right. The Parliament wasn't forgiving.

“Should I warn...”

Don't bother, River,” Mal said, “It's been an honor. I'd a been proud to call you my daughter...”

Just as the five kiloton warhead began to detonate a rip in reality appeared in front of the fleeing ship and with a flash. Serenity left it's home universe. And Janus laughed.

Everyone blinked a few times.

“Holy Hannah!” Buffy exclaimed.

Xander looked at the gun in his hand. It was still a Shadow Militia Officer’s pistol. The one Mal Reynolds' father had carried, “What the heck just happened?”

“Somehow this is all your fault,” Cordelia stated to Xander.

“Ha! Willow was right. That is an Inara dress,” Xander crowed.

Buffy just looked around the bridge of the USS George Hammond. She still had Sam Carter's memories. She was on the bridge of a Daedalus class Battle Cruiser. A class of ship that didn't exist yet. And wouldn't for six years. But it was hers... or Sam's anyway. The Prometheus was still under construction. At least to Sam Carter's memories of the current year.

“Get out of my head!” Dawn cried out as she crumpled in the corner. With Slayer speed, Buffy was beside her sister, “Dawnie?”

Dawn looked up with a look of fear in her eyes, “I'm...” she trailed of as a sudden serenity passed over her face, “I'm alright...”

Buffy suddenly realized her sister wasn't twelve anymore. Physically Dawn looked nearly her own age, “You sure?”

Dawn nodded, “Took a second to get the telepathy under control...”

“Telepathy?” Buffy replied.

“I went as River Tam... remember?”

Buffy nodded. Dawn was a frequent participant during the gang's Friday night TV fests. She was just as big a Firefly fan as Willow and Xander.

Willow was still kind of hanging off the dark haired young man who the gang recognized as a fellow classmate. A junior named Daniel Osborne. But everyone called him Oz.

Willow looked around the starship's bridge and broke out in a huge grin, “This is so shiny!”

“Leave it to Willow to geek out,” Cordy snarked before softening her expression, “Sorry mei-mei..”

Willow blinked at that, “Shenme?”

Cordelia was amazed she understood the Chinese. Or that she had spoken it.

“Soooo, we not only remember who and what our costumes were... but we have the abilities?” Xander asked.

Buffy pulled her sister to her feet and nodded, “I can still remember how to build a Nequadah generator...”

“What's a Nequadah generator?” Oz asked. He still hadn't let go of Willow.

“Classified,” Jennifer Haliey replied, “But then again, I'm seventeen and haven't signed that particular NDA yet. Again... or will.... I HATE Time travel!”

“Jen?” Willow said, recognizing the senior from their mutual membership in the Sunnydale High Science Club. They didn't get along all that well since Jenifer Haliey was a bit of a stuck up snob with her acceptance letter to the Air Force Academy.

“Willow,” Jennifer nodded in greeting. God. Had she been that much of an ass to Willow? Her memories told her yes. With this new development, she was going to have to try to be nicer.

“Who did you go as?” Buffy asked. Noting the almost identical flight suit the shorter blonde was wearing.

Jennifer looked sheepish, “Myself, after graduation from the Air Force Academy.”

“Shit,” Buffy said. Sam Carter knew all about Jennifer Haliey.

“We're in orbit,” Xander stated as he stepped in front of the armored bridge windows.

Everyone stood next to him and stared. For everyone it was a new experience. Except in their memories.

Jen and Buffy shared a look and grinned, “What do you think Jack's gonna say?” Buffy asked the other blonde.

“I think he's gonna blow a gasket.” Jen replied.

“Whoa!” Mal yelled as a gray moon suddenly appeared in front of Serenity. River grunted with effort as she hauled the yoke into her lap. The old Firefly groaned with the stress but River was able to pull out, a scant few meters above the airless landscape. Quickly, River killed the full burn and promptly calculated an escape velocity to get Serenity into orbit.

River cut thrust, flipped the ship end for end and then slowly advanced the throttles. Serenity quickly lost velocity and settled into a stable orbit.

“Where are we?” Mal asked, “And why ain't we dead?”

“I don't know. This moon is unfamiliar to me...” River said.

Zoe stumbled onto the bridge. Holding her swollen belly, “We done yankin and bankin sir?”

Mal turned to his pregnant first mate. Wash had left Zoe with a little present after his death.

Mal shook his head to clear it and nodded, “Think so for the moment.”

“Good,” Zoe said as she winced slightly, “Cause I think I'm in labor...”

River was out of her seat in a flash to catch the fainting Captain, “He takes so much looking after...”

Zoe smiled. Something that was rare enough these days, “That he does. Best go fetch your brother. Thinking I'm gonna need a little help bringin this little one into the 'Verse.”

River lowered Mal to the deck and then hit the ship wide intercom, “Simon... it's time.”

Zoe looked out the bridge windows as they rounded the moon they were orbiting. In the distance was a blue and white planet, “River... where the gorram hell are we?”

River quickly manipulated the external camera controls and zoomed in on the planet, “I'm not getting a Navsat signal. No cortex either... Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze fuh ur-tze!” the pilot exclaimed.

“What? We got more Alliance?”

River shook her head, “I... I think that's... Earth that was...”

Zoe stared at the girl, “Say that again?”

River pointed at the screen. The layout of the continents of Earth-that-was were familiar to anyone who had been to any kind of school. Right now, The greater Eurasian landmass was plainly visible on the monitor, “Earth... that is...” River whispered.

Before Zoe could reply to that, Another contraction hit and her water broke, “I need to get to the Infirmary.”

A moment later, Jayne and Simon arrived. Followed by Inara.

“What's wrong with the Cap?” Jayne asked. Inara was quickly at his side.

“Fainted when Zoe said she was in labor,” River grinned.

Inara let out a sigh, “Typical.”

“Come on, Zoe,” Simon began, “Lets get that baby delivered.”

Zoe nodded and took hold of Jayne's arm for support, “River, Till the Captain wakes up, you're in charge... lets go Jayne.”

With Jayne and Simon taking care of Zoe and Inara tending to the Captain, River began trying to figure out how they got to where they were.

Buffy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She was trying to sort through Sam Carter's memories. By today's date, she knew Sam Carter was a newly promoted Major and a member of SG-1. George Hammond was still alive and in charge of the SGC. And here she was, sitting on the bridge of a ship named to honor him. They had to do something to secure the ship. Besides. George Hammond was Joyce Summers older half brother. Buffy hadn't seen her Uncle George since before the mess in LA when she had been called.

Buffy knew that the SGC sorely needed this ship. A ship with a fully functioning Asgard core, plasma beam weapons and the latest in other Asgard technology.

Buffy knew Sam would be practically dancing in joy about this ship. But first, they needed to figure out what to do next.

Buffy thought about her mother. How would she explain what had happened? The whatever that had done this had changed them all. Dawn the most. She looked fifteen or sixteen now. And Buffy? She could easily pass for twenty or twenty one. Same for Xander, Cordelia, Willow, Jennifer and Oz.

Willow was still hanging on to Oz's arm. It seemed the older boy had dressed as Simon Tam from Firefly. Just like Dawn had dressed like River.

“Buffy... How are we going to explain this to Mom?” Dawn asked.

Buffy stood up from the command chair and gave her sister a hug. Growling slightly in her mind that Dawn was now at least two inches taller then her and had bigger breasts. It wasn't fair. Of course, Jennifer was still shorter than Buffy. By one inch.

“I dunno, Dawn.”

“How did this happen?” Cordelia asked.

“Probably a spell,” Willow stated.

“Spell?” Oz asked.

“Magic, and the supernatural are all real,” Willow explained, “And Sunnydale is a hotspot.”

“That would explain a few things,” Oz observed.

“You aren't wrong, Doc...” Xander said before trailing off, “Damn. I gotta get Mal Reynolds outta my head. I keep looking around for Zoe...”

“Try being me,” Dawn stated, “I have all of River's abilities. Buffy... I think the Alliance was trying to make an artificial slayer. I mean, River is stronger and has more endurance than a normal human... then there's the telepathy...”

“You can read our minds?” Cordelia asked.

Dawn grinned, “Ya-huh. And I can tell you, Cordy. The Inara part of your mind keeps mentally undressing Xander.”

“It is not!” The brunette protested.

“And Willow is doing the same to Oz here,” Dawn smirked.

The aforementioned redhead eeped in surprise and then blushed. Oz simply looked smug.

“Any Ideas, Jen?” Buffy asked the other blonde.

“Call the SGC?”

“Oh yeah... that will go over well. Hi, General Hammond? I'm Buffy Summers. You know... your niece? And by the way. I have all of Sam Carter's memories. and I have this really cool spaceship...”

“I see your point,” Jen sighed. Then she blinked, “Niece?”

“Uncle George?” Dawn asked.

“What about the real Sam Carter?” Willow added.

“She's a scientist, Willow. She won't believe in Magic...” Jen trailed off as she saw Buffy's face darken.

“I wouldn't be so sure about that,” Buffy nearly growled, “I have a certain costume shop owner that I need to have a chat with first.”

“Why? Xander asked.

“Because he's Sam Carter's cousin... and they both know Giles.”

Sam Carter gasped and suddenly sat up off her couch. She had been napping thanks to the pain killers Janet Fraser, the SGC's CMO had her on for the dislocated shoulder the Major had received on PX4-458. Lord Yu's third prime. A towering hulk of a Jaffa. Bigger than even Teal'c, had thrown her across room and into a wall. Dislocating her left shoulder.

Sam blinked as she tried to sort out the dream she had just had. A dream about a teen girl in Sunnydale California who fought vampires. And knew her pain in the ass of a cousin's friend, Rupert Giles.

Sam had been aware of the supernatural, ever since she was a teen. It was a hard sell at first to the scientifically minded Samantha but after seeing what her cousin could do with magic. Well...

This Buffy seemed like quite the girl from the remains of the dream. If it had been real. Something that Sam considered more and more likely. She knew Giles. Who was this Buffy's watcher.

Wincing in pain from her shoulder. Sam pulled out her laptop and began to look online for a phone number. A number for Rupert Giles.

Buffy took a deep breath and looked out the bridge windows. She came to a decision. Slowly, she turned around to face her friends, “Haliey?”

“Yes?” the shorter blonde replied.

“What era did you come from... in your costume?”

“2010,” Jennifer replied, “A year after I made captain and became the Hammond's chief engineer.”

Buffy nodded. Confirming that tidbit of information along with her own memories. Sam Carter remembered recommending Captain Haliey for the position after a tour as XO of SG-5. Jen Haliey was probably the only one who knew as much about the Hammond as Sam did.

“Jen... take Willow and take a walk around the ship. Confirm what the displays are telling us. Weapons status, Asgard Core... the works.”

“I... I can help,” Oz added.

“Oz can help. He's nearly as smart as Willow and I are,” Jen agreed.

Willow's eyebrow rose in surprise. Jen Haliey had always talked down to her in the past. Now she was treating her like an equal?

Jen smiled at the redhead, “I'm better in physics. You've got me in computers. And we're the same in math. Besides. With the memories of Kaylee Frye. Who from what I've seen from watching the TV show. Kaylee has an instinctual grasp of spaceship engineering.”

Oz had been a member of the science club in his freshmen year. Before concentrating on music. The spiky haired teen was brilliant in math and computers. At the same level as Warren Mears. For some reason, Sunnydale produced quite a few geniuses.

“Works for me,” Oz replied with a shrug.

Buffy turned to her sister, “Dawn...”

“I can help, Buffy. The River I was, took Wash's place as Serenity's pilot. And she was a super genius. Like, Jen, Willow and Stephen Hawking combined. I'll handle the helm if something happens and we need to move the Hammond.”

Buffy nodded. At least their mom was out of town for a few days on a buying trip for her gallery. It might give her time to figure out how to tell Joyce Summers that both of her daughters aged five years overnight.

“Okay,” Buffy began, “Xander. You're with me. We're gonna beam down and talk to Giles. Then Ethan Rayne. And then, I'll make a phone call to Sam Carter.”

“Jen... you're in command till I get back,” Buffy added.

“Yes colonel,” Jen replied automatically.

Buffy grinned slightly, “Beam us down Jen.”

With a flash of light, Xander and Buffy disappeared from the Hammond's bridge.


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