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This story is No. 2 in the series "Destination". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to the story 'From Start'. Instead of LA, Puck goes to Cleveland. There he meets some interesting people...including this badass dude with an eye patch. Spike/Xander; Puck/Artie

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Chapter Six

word count: 718


Puck gazed down at Artie, who was out cold, and gave the sleeping teen a satisfied had been a while since he'd made someone pass out from really good sex. It had been even longer since he had experienced a first, and in this case, Artie was his first. His first guy crush, his first guy lover...maybe even his first guy love? He didn't really want to put a label on whatever this was between them. Artie was his friend, probably his best. And now Artie was his, for lack of a better term, lover. Boyfriend just seemed too high school and even though Artie still had a year to go he was no kid.

The bed in his super cramped fourth-hand RV was crowded with both of them on it. And the RV was not handicap friendly. Luckily Artie had been too busy trying to rip his clothes off to really object that Puck had carried him in and all the way to the bed that was over the seats. The low ceiling of the sleeping area had only hindered him once and after that knock to the head he'd decided to simply lay behind Artie instead of on top of him. That position was a little more erotic anyway.

Artie was probably the most responsive person he'd ever been with. Puck had no idea if it was because the accident had left him super sensitive...or if Artie was just unique like that. The way Artie had hummed under his touch; his ivory skin quivering with every caress was the stuff of dreams. The way he had leaned against him and thrust his hips back into Puck, taking every inch of him while Puck held up his leg and slammed home every time, it was no wonder they'd both passed out when they'd come.

Artie twitched, sighed and blinked up at him as he came to. “What time is it?” His green eyes were clouded with sleep and he looked adorable. Puck smirked and leaned down to taste his lips, slipping his tongue inside to give Artie a wake up kiss. Artie moaned a little and kissed back; his body coming more awake each second. When Puck pulled away Artie nipped at his lips. “Time?”

“Not dark yet. We can still catch a movie.”

Artie shook his head. “My laptop is in my bag. We can watch a DVD, I brought a couple.” Puck leaned down to kiss him again, but Artie put his hand on Puck's mouth to stop him. “Did you mean what you said before? We're exclusive. You're not seeing anybody else?”

“I'm only seeing you Artie. I don't want anyone else; I don't want to see anyone else. Are you gonna freak out if I say you might be it for me?”

Artie's eyes widened a bit and he shook his head. “I won't freak out. It’s just gonna be hard with you in Cleveland...are you gonna stay in Cleveland?”

“Yeah, the company I work for now is gonna pay my tuition. I'm gonna get my basics out of the way, then I'll probably transfer to a local college that has a decent arts program. There's a lot more opportunities in Cleveland than I thought there was.”

Artie stared. “You've got a full ride? Seriously? What's the catch?”

“I get to play Mother Hen to a bunch of kids; mostly girls who need someone to look out for them. Some are like me, with records and stuff, and some are orphans. It’s kind of a group home, but a hell of a lot cooler.”

“You like working with the kids?”

“I'm good with them, and my boss, he's like the ultimate mother hen. He and his boyfriend run the place.”

“Maybe I can meet them some time?”

“Sure. You'd like Xander and Spike. They both play Halo.”

Artie laughed and leaned up for another kiss. “Ready for another round?”

“Dude you don't even have to ask...but uh...wanna switch?”

Artie bit his lip in thought; though his eyes dilated with lust at the thought of being inside Puck. “We might need to use the sofa, so you can straddle me.”

Puck grinned. “Whatever works.”


Next story in the series is called 'Getting There'.

The End

You have reached the end of "Journey". This story is complete.

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