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Harry Potter and the echo of the White Witch.

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Summary: Willow loses a bet and ends up dressing as Harry Potter... stuff is left over when Harry goes back to his own world after a night in Sunnydale.

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Chapter Ten

Harry dodged a low hanging branch as he flew through the forbidden forest almost as quickly as he could. It wasn’t that he didn’t think Hermione was brilliant because she was, it was just that her current project idea was bloody insane as far as he was concerned. He blamed Xander’s addiction to comic books for her current crazy idea. It had started out innocently enough really, Sirius had brought a couple of Spiderman comics back to the chamber which Hermione had glanced at when she was trying to clean up from their latest study session. The Spiderman’s webbing had reminded her about some fan fiction ideas that involved Acromantula silk and special clothing.

Now normally this would probably have been ignored as insane but Hermione had another wacky idea she wanted to test which was why he was out here trying to bring one of the damn things back without getting killed. Okay, the fact that she had said that she would dance naked for him if he got the crazy large and dangerous spider was the reason he was out here fleeing for his life as a horde of angry spiders chased him. He had stunned one of the spiders, grabbed it with magic and ran for it. He hadn’t expected to get ‘half’ the colony to follow him though looking back perhaps she should have. He screamed “Wahoo!” as he flew over a log and the two dozen large spiders followed him into the clearing.

Ginny stared at the creatures as they skittered into her group’s ambush spot. “Bloody hell.”

Ariana shouted, “Open fire!”

Ginny gulped as she realized how monstrous the creatures were that were charging toward them. Most of the creatures had a leg span of ten to fifteen feet. She stared launching stunner after stunner at the spiders that were pouring into the clearing.

Harry frantically pulled up as the rest of their little group leveled their wands and unleashed curse after curse at the spiders. He let his stunned spider drop the five or so feet to the ground and brought up a latticework shield around the large group of spiders that would allow spells through but not the spiders.

Ariana frowned as she blasted away at the spiders. She really hoped that her brother hadn’t known about the colony that was way too close to the school for her comfort. He seemed to have let a lot of things slip in his quest to see Voldemort dead. She would have to have a chat with him about that.

Ginny was trying to get used to her battle form’s increased reflexes as she rained spells on the suddenly frantic spiders.

Luna stood waiting in her large form just in case any of the creatures got through her friends’ barrage of stunning spells or Harry‘s shield. Luckily none of the creatures managed to escape the shield before being dropped by the insane number of stunning spells flying into the group of spiders.

Hermione was happy when the last of the creatures fell. “Another few trips and we won’t have a spider problem.”

Harry chuckled slightly as he flew down and landed near Hermione, “I can’t see Hagrid taking this well.”

Ginny smiled slightly, “I expect that Ron will be ecstatic to know that the giant spiders are taken care of.”

Hermione smiled, “I bet.”

Harry glanced at Hermione, “Let’s get these things back to the lab before they start waking up.”

Ginny shivered slightly, “Sounds like a plan actually.”

Fred asked, “I know we’re stronger in our monster forms but how are we going to transport everything?”

Ariana pulled a bag of marbles out of her pocket and waved her wand over them. “A couple of portkeys. Just toss them at the spiders and they‘ll appear in the holding cells we set up.”

Luna felt a bit conflicted about the idea of relocating the monstrous creatures. On the one hand they were intelligent monsters and on the other hand they were magical creatures that deserved a chance to be free. The slayer in her wanted the vicious things dead but the part that was still Luna was just glad that she wasn’t the one that had to deal with their relocation. “How come we didn’t just fly into the nest while invisible and toss the portkey marbles at them?”

Ariana grinned at the shocked look on Harry‘s face, “Because it’s fun giving Harry a heart attack?”

Hermione chuckled as she took the bag of marbles and started sending the spiders off to the containment area.

Harry smiled, “Okay, new plan. We deal with this group then we fly in and deal with the spiders… actually that gives me a horrible idea.”

Ginny’s tail swayed as she asked, “What do you mean?”

“Gloves and a slingshot. If we shoot death eaters while we’re invisible then there wouldn’t be any spoken words or bright flashes or anything to give us away.”

George chuckled, “Not a bad idea, making the marbles temporarily invisible would help with making sure no one else noticed anything other than them just vanishing.”

Fred chuckled, “You might want to include a sticking charm on the marbles to make sure they stick to the target long enough to activate rather than just bouncing off.”

Ariana grinned, “That’s not a bad idea actually.”

Harry smirked, “Between that and Hermione’s idea for the death eaters, I think we can get everything dealt with by Halloween.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows in disbelief, “Three days? Has Dumbledore or Snape actually found the cup yet?”

Harry started chuckling.

“What’s so funny?”

Harry stopped chuckling though he couldn‘t help the smile on his face, “Well no, but it doesn’t matter.”

She stared at him, “What?”

Harry tapped his scar, “I’ve got a connection to him, it’s sort of a proto horcrux. I can use the connection to find the cup and any other horcruxes that are left if I have to.”

Fred frowned, “Wait… if you could just reach out and find it, why do you have Dumbledore and Snape scouring the wizarding world for it?”

Harry smirked, “Dumbledore stuck me with the Dursleys for years rather than send me to someplace far away like America or Australia where some distant cousins live.” He wasn’t actually sure if he had all that many distant cousins but there would have probably been one or two that would have taken him in. “If he had just kept his mouth shut about my scar or what happened that night then people would have thought that either Dumbledore killed Voldemort or my parents did before dying. I wouldn’t have gotten stuck with the boy that lived title and my life would have been a lot easier in some ways. As for Snape, he’s the one that told Voldemort the prophecy, he’s the one that caused us all so much grief in potions over the last couple of years. Running around frantically trying to find a cup is the least they deserve.”

George looked at Fred, “If we ever decide to prank Harry remind me that he can wait years for revenge.”

Fred chuckled, “Too true.”

Harry shrugged, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping that they find it because it will save me a lot of hassle but it’s not absolutely necessary.”

Hermione walked back over to the group once the spiders were sent away, “Let’s go deal with the rest of the spiders before they have a chance to send a runner to give Hagrid a description of our monster forms.”

Ginny chuckled, “Yeah, I don’t want Hagrid chasing after me.”

Luna laughed, “You’re way too cute for him.”

Harry laughed, “I don’t know, Fluffy was rather cute once you got past the fact that he had three heads and was a good guard dog.”

Hermione chuckled, “Why don’t you get everyone back to the castle and I’ll finish up with the spiders.”

Harry would normally object to such a crazy plan but he knew that the spiders couldn’t actually hurt Hermione when she was in her battle form. “That works for me.”

“I’ll see you back at the chamber later, I want to check on a couple of things at the lab once I round up the rest of the monsters.”


Harry ignored the sounds of his mother shifting through books in the next room as he sat down in the middle of the Yester Castle’s summoning circle and placed a silver basin of clear water in front of him. Normally the circle worked to keep something contained but it should also work to keep Riddle out of his head if he screwed up the spell to find the horcrux and somehow summoned Riddle’s spirit. He took a deep breath and exhaled as he considered what he said earlier to the twins about Dumbledore and Snape. On one level letting them run around looking for the horcrux was emotionally satisfying but on the other hand if all it took was ten minutes and a locator spell then it seemed silly to not spend the time especially as it would torture Snape way more knowing that Harry had found the cup before him.

He pushed some magic into the summoning circle then reached through the connection in his scar and went searching for any other horcruxes. He smiled as he only sensed one horcrux. He waved his hand over the basin and used his magic to scry on the location of the horcrux. His smile slipped off his face as he spotted a person familiar to Willow’s memories. It wasn’t so much the face that was familiar, because it wasn’t, it was the creepy number of cat plates hanging around the office as well as the horrible pink cardigan on the short creepy looking witch that let him identify the bitch with the cup. “Great… it’s in her office, in the ministry, on her desk and I doubt there is a way to prove that she stole it.” He knew that she had way too much clout with the minister for any formal charge to stick. She probably had enough that they would never even get the cup back if they used legal means. He focused and spun the scrying pool around to get a good picture of her office. He studied the office for a couple of seconds then dropped the scrying spell and took a couple of deep breaths to steady himself before he got up and headed toward the library where his mother was reading.

Lily smiled at Harry when he walked into the library, “Any luck?” Her smile changed to a frown as she noticed that his scar was bleeding. “Your scar is bleeding. Is that normal?”

Harry sighed as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped the blood away, “Normal enough… I’m so looking forward to getting rid of my scar once Voldemort is in the ground.”


“I found the cup, sadly it’s in the office of a high ranking ministry official. Maybe Dumbledore can convince the minister that the cup is actually Andromeda’s.” He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of waiting to see if Dumbledore had any luck.

Lily shook her head, “I have a better idea. I’ll grab a pensieve and you can put everything you remember about the ministry official into the pensieve. I know a couple of sneaky people that should be able to get the cup back for us.”

Harry chuckled, “It’s really nice to have backup.”

Lily pulled Harry into a hug, “I can understand that.” She let him go after a couple of seconds. She really needed to curse her sister at some point for being such a horrible bitch to him growing up.

“If you want to grab that then I have some directions to write out.”


“Hermione has a crazy plan and I realized that my crazy plan and her crazy plan would work nicely together.”

Lily raised an eyebrow, “Do I want to know?”

“Well see it’s like this…” Harry explained his and Hermione’s crazy plans for Umbridge.


Nymphadora Tonks opened the door on what had been Malfoy manor. Her mother had given it to her because she didn’t want the place and it couldn‘t be sold because of inheritance laws. She smiled as she saw Lily Potter and her cousin standing on the steps. “Hey Lily, hey Sirius. How can I help you?”

Lily grinned at all of the crazy muggle Halloween decorations that covered the foyer, “I need to ask a horribly disgusting favor.”

“What’s that?”

Sirius snickered, “Well you see. I need you to look like Minister Fudge.”

Tonks’s expression went a bit green, “That’s just revolting. It could also get me in serious trouble.”

Lily shook her head, “Nah, we just need one of your hairs after you change.”

“Ah, the polyjuice tests. I’m happy to help. Let’s go into the kitchen, I’ve got a paper in there with Fudge’s face on it.”

Sirius chuckled, “Excellent.”


Snape scowled as he stalked through the ministry building with a slight sneer plastered on ‘his’ face. The polyjuice potion that Lily had given him had worked well enough though for some strange reason his hair color kept shifting slightly. He was going to have to complain about that once he got back. It wasn’t like her to make substandard potions. Luckily a copy of Fudge’s ridiculous hat kept people from noticing the problem. He nodded slightly to a couple of people as he passed but didn’t actually stay long enough to get bogged down. According to his sources the real Fudge was supposed to be at home with his wife but no one would think it too strange that he might have flooed back to work to check on something. He knocked on the door to Umbridge’s office once then opened the door and stepped in.

Umbridge scowled at the door, how dare someone open the door before she gave them permission. “What…” She changed what she was going to say as she realized who was at the door. “Ah, Mister Fudge. What can I do for you?”

Snape stepped in and closed the door behind him, “Something extremely important for the war effort.”

“War effort?”

Snape smiled as he spotted the cup. “Yes, the war effort against stupidity.” He brought his wand up lightning quick and stunned the shocked witch. “Bitch.” While he could sympathize with the desire to use a blood quill on children that misbehaved that didn’t make it allowable. He walked over, reached out with his gloved hand and picked up the cup, “Nasty feeling? Check, correct look? Check.” He pointed his wand at her ugly cardigan and turned it into a portkey for just outside the wards on Malfoy manor. He watched the witch vanish then took several minutes to riffle through her desk before using a portkey of his own to take him to Hogsmeade. While he had no intention of telling Albus where or how he had found the cup, it needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.


Harry stared at where Hermione was setting up her little ritual. “I still think you’re nuts. Is this because she hates muggleborns so much?”

Hermione scowled behind her mask as she looked down at the chained up and gagged witch that was frantically trying to get away from the Acromantula that was chained up a couple of feet away from her. “There is that, well that and it’s an interesting experiment. If everything goes according to plan then the spider will be able to tell us all of Umbridge’s important secrets and we’ll have someone in place when Voldemort comes back. If it doesn’t work then we dispose of the body with no one the wiser.”

Harry gestured at what would have likely been his least favorite teacher if things had turned out differently, “Then by all means have fun after I steal her magic to put into a muggle so they can become a witch.” He was of course lying as he was going to use her magic to boost one of his friends but she didn’t need to know that. He reached out and ripped her magic out and stuffed it into a crystal.

Once Harry was done stealing the witch’s magic Hermione gestured and started chanting the spell to swap the ex-witch’s mind with the spider’s mind.


Dumbledore was rather happy that Amelia Bones had been reasonable and allowed him access to the last of the dementors that the ministry had. As much as he hated the foul creatures he didn’t want to have to destroy Hufflepuff’s cup and there was a chance that they could destroy the horcrux without harming the cup. The ministry had contained the foul creature’s in a small area in a warehouse away from Azkaban because they still didn’t know what had killed the rest of the creatures and most of the remaining prisoners weren‘t there for horrible reasons. He tossed the cup through the edge of the wards and into the dementor pen. It was like a feeding frenzy as the dementors converged on the object they could feel contained a soul. He frowned slightly as the first dementor to try to eat the soul started screaming in pain. He hadn’t thought it was possible for the creatures to feel pain.

Kingsley Shacklebolt winced slightly at the noise but smiled at the fact that the dementor was burning from the inside out. “I’ve never seen that happen.”

Albus watched as six of the seven hungry creatures destroyed themselves trying to eat soul in the cup. The last managed to destroy the soul in the cup before it started to burn like the rest. “Voldemort must have put more protections on it than I thought.”

Kingsley sighed, “Somehow I expect that they’ll dock my pay over this.”

Albus shrugged, “I don’t think it will come to that, they obviously starved to death in their containment cell.”

“I can see the ministry believing that over them spontaneously bursting into flame. I’m rather glad the foul creatures are gone.”

“So am I.” He flicked his wand at the cup and summoned it. He would check it a couple more times for any remaining curses then put it on display behind some wards.


If eyes could be said to be windows to the soul then Umbridge’s eyes showed that the monstrous intelligence behind them wasn’t human. He was rather happy that they had used extra chain because Umbridge had thrashed like a person possessed once she realized that her consciousness was inside the monster’s body. “That’s just creepy.”

Hermione was normally a fan of creature rights but Acromantula were dangerous beasts and these particular ones would have eaten her and Harry given the chance. She also knew that Umbridge was a foul human with less humanity than some of the vampires her sister had killed so he didn‘t feel bad about what she was planning to do to the woman. “How sure are you that you can cast Jenny’s spell?”

The spell had been recovered from Mrs. Calendar’ s web Grimoires years after Sunnydale had fallen and Willow had only tested them a couple of times over the years. “I’m not completely sure, that’s why I want to practice before I cast it on Riddle. He knows way too many interesting secrets to risk screwing up the spell because I’m rusty.”

Hermione shook her head, “I’m still shocked that Jenny had such a spell in her stuff.”

“I’m not, it was actually designed to allow a person to jump into a computer as a spirit in case their body was going to fail, she never had the power to cast it and I never wanted to risk it on myself. I tweaked a version of it so that it just copies people’s minds into a computer without the driving force. Still even with that I’d rather avoid taking chances with Riddle’s soul.”

Hermione nodded, “Ghost in the machine and all that.”

“I plan to transfer his mind to a crystal drive then data mine it for a couple of years by setting up a limited AI.”

“We never plug it into a computer with a net connection ever…”

Harry twitched as he thought of the demon that had gotten trapped in a computer. “Agreed. Even if my copy spell is supposed to reduce him to memories and nothing more, let’s not take more chances than we have to.”


Harry reached out with his magic and transformed a chunk of stone into a crystal hard drive using Willow’s memories of the futuristic device. “You might as well start working on the spider.”

Hermione glanced at the spider with a scowl as Harry went to work copying Umbridge‘s physical mind to the crystal drive. “Okay.”

Umbridge tried to scream as the crazy masked witch used some type of severing charm to cut her new legs off one by one. She screamed through the gag that had been stuffed in her monstrous mouth as the sensations in her limbs vanished one by one leaving only phantom pain.

Hermione smiled coldly at the spider Umbridge. “Let me explain the plan, I’m going to stuff a tube up your ass to pump away the waste. Then I’m going to bolt you to a platform so that no matter if you twitch you won‘t be going anywhere. Then I’m going to wire your jaw open and stuff a feeding tube down your throat so that you don’t die of starvation. Then you’re going to be locked in a room with a compulsion that you produce spider silk. With enough medical attention I suspect that you’ll be alive for years and years. Easily long enough to make someone a fortune on the silk and your venom. Why am I doing this you ask?”

Umbridge frantically nodded her head which was just about the only part of her body that she could still move with the chains holding her down.

“Because you would see muggleborns reduced to cattle or worse, you lord your ’power’ over others. You’ve ruined lives just because you can. You’re a mean spirited spiteful bitch that has used the law as a weapon. Most of the people in charge don’t care enough to stop you so I’m fixing the problems you’ve created. As you may or may not know because of your questionable magical education the human body stores memories in the brain. The spell to transfer personalities or souls leaves your body’s memories intact. Thus all your secrets are still in your body. My friend over there is going to drain them out of your body and store them so that we can go through and take apart every single piece of shit law you’ve put in place. This will probably matter less to you in a year or two as the lack of sensory data drives you insane. Lack of sensory data you ask? See I’m going to burn your eyes out with a red hot fire poker and your ears or well what passes for ears. Isn’t magic grand because it will keep you alive through all of this fun. Oh wait it gets even better. I have dozens of drained dementor essence that I’m going to infuse into your new spider body so that the spider silk you create will be fantastically useful. I’m not sure how exactly it will be amazing but it will be. You’ll probably make us a mint.”

Harry reached out and ripped the remaining magic out of Umbridge’s human body and then brought his sword up and cut her head off because he really didn’t want an insane cannibalistic witch running around. “That would have been even more satisfying if she was still inside her body.”

“I bet.”

He glanced at Hermione. He was fairly sure that she was lying about part of her speech but he was only fairly sure. The viciousness was probably from Dawn’s memories but she was muggleborn and Umbridge was sort of a Nazi that hated muggleborns rather than Jews so it might be pure Hermione on that one it was hard for him to tell. “You’re starting to scare me love.”

Hermione sighed, “Sorry, I’ll infuse her with the dementor power then we can get out of here.” She really had no intention or even need to blind or further torture the ex-witch. They were leaving her magically stuck to a magically heavy plate that was bolted to a heavy table that prevented teleportation. Not that they expected her to be able to use the spider’s magic to teleport but stranger things had happened. Even if she managed to rip her body almost apart and worm her way out of the room she would die of blood loss before making it off the property. She pulled the crystal that held the dementors’ power from her raid on Azkaban and stuffed the power into the spider taking care to make sure she didn’t actually turn her into a dementor or anything completely dangerous. “Done.”

“Let’s get out of here. We’ll send some people to check on you later.” Harry was looking forward to getting back and relaxing with the others. He had a Halloween party to plan after all. Voldemort killed his parents twelve years ago on Halloween, it seemed only fitting that he would reap bloody vengeance on the same day.


Nymphadora frowned as Sirius walked into the kitchen, “Are you having fun?”

Sirius chuckled, “I just spent eight hours crawling around this place creating secret passages and mapping everything out.”

“I’ll take that for a yes. Do you really think your insane plan will work?”

“Yep, Luna and Harry are breaking into the Daily Prophet as we speak to curse the morning edition. If everything goes right then the Death eaters with dark marks will be compelled to show up to your haunted house tonight.”

She sighed, “I’m happy to help, I’m just a bit worried about how we’re going to deal with so many death eaters.”

He smiled, “James and I are working on a map that should give everyone’s location and is keyed to the dark mark so that it will identify death eaters for us. Rather stupid of them really all things considered.”

“That still doesn’t explain how you’re going to deal with them all.”

“We’re bringing Harry in to ward the house so that it will seem to shift and move. That should help separate everyone other than our people. Once that happens we’ll have Fred and George shooting people with portkeys, either darts or marbles, we haven‘t decided yet. Lily and Ariana are working on the prison on the ranch.”

“Yeah, it’s still my neck on the line if this doesn’t work out.”

He laughed, “I have faith that our plan will work.”

“I’m hoping.”


Luna smiled as she found the master copy of the morning edition. She whispered, “I found it.” They had snuck into the Prophet using a Harry’s invisibility cloak and a spell that her mother had created based off of the cartoon black holes that various Acme cartoons liked to use. She blamed her mother’s fascination with cartoons as a child. They had been able to walk right into the building with no one being the wiser thanks to no one expecting them to use a wall for an entrance without destroying it.

Harry grinned as he wove his way through the dangerous looking machinery over to where Luna was standing with a paper. “Thanks. This place is a mess.”

“It’s actually rather organized compared to Daddy’s workshop.”

“They’ll use this to print the morning edition, right?”

“It goes into the machine that copies it as many times as needed.” She gestured toward the magical printing press.

“Okay.” Harry reached out and charmed/cursed the piece of paper so that any copies that were created from it would compel anyone with a dark mark to come to the haunted house that that Sirius and Tonks were holding tonight. Each of the death eaters would have to find their own reason for coming but the magic would pull them there. He would have to remember to thank Snape for ‘allowing’ him to study his dark mark. He didn’t expect the magic to hold for more than a few days but that wouldn’t be a problem as they were only running the haunted house for a couple of nights. “Done, let’s put that back where you found it then I can teleport us out of here.”

Luna grinned, “Good.”


Nott Senior twitched as he read the Daily Prophet about Malfoy manor being turned into a muggle haunted house by Nymphadora Tonks and Sirius Black. He knew that Lucius would be turning over in his grave if he knew what had happened to his beautiful manor. Maybe it was time to gather a couple of like minded people and make a very graphic statement about how disrespecting pure blood culture was hazardous for your health. Torturing Nymphadora until she broke sounded amusing and she was a half blood so it wouldn’t even feel slimy to have some sport with her unlike the sport some of the gang liked to make with muggle women. He smiled as he ran through the list of people that would love to help make an example of the blood traitors.


Nymphadora was watching the map of the manor that Sirius and James had enchanted. There were over three dozen names scattered around the map most of which had miniature skulls next to them which signified that the people in question were death eaters. “I’m not sure I like this plan.”

Sirius laughed, “Oh please, we’ve got it under control. There are no actual muggle children here, they’re all illusions. The wards are up so they can’t teleport out by any means wizards or house elves know of.” They hadn’t actually bothered warding the place against phoenixes but he didn’t think any of the death eaters had any so they weren’t all that worried about it. “The only way out of here is the front gate or one of Harry’s portkeys and we have people guarding the front gate.” He pointed toward the map where it showed Alistor Moody heading toward a single death eater. “Mad Eye is off his medication and looking to have some fun.”

Nymphadora rolled her eyes, “He’s not on medication normally.”

“He really should be, it would help with his paranoia.” He knew that various other members of the old and new gangs were scattered around the manor hiding behind walls waiting until the death eaters split up in order to capture them.

“Probably.” She smiled slightly.


Alistor Moody smirked evilly as he blasted Nott in the back with a stunner. He had wanted to do that to the slimy bastard for years but had never officially had enough proof. Lily had shown him the memories of what would happen in a couple of years if they kept bothering with proof. He still wasn’t sure how she had come back from the dead or how she had acquired the information but she had convinced him by swearing magical oaths that she was telling the truth. Dying on a pointless mission to get Harry out his uncle’s house when he could have just walked out with his invisibility cloak wasn’t something that he was going to allow this time around. Having his eye mounted like a trophy by some half talented ministry hack had convinced him that everyone working for the ministry that would allow something like that to happen was scum of the lowest order. Thus he really had no problem helping Sirius and James get a bunch of dark wizards off the street. He walked over to Nott and tagged him with a marble then checked his next target on his map. It felt a little like Christmas as he stalked down the halls invisible under his cloak.


Fred was having fun dropping death eaters that walked by his section of the house. Like most of the younger crew he was hidden behind an illusion. They had cut out a door sized hole in the wall and covered it with an illusion so that they could see out but nothing could see in. It was remarkably easy to blast people from hiding after checking the map to make sure that they were valid targets. As he sent another dark wizard off to Harry’s prison he found himself wondering at the competence of the wizarding world for not cleaning up their mess the first time around. All it would have taken was to make everyone that wanted to use the imperius defense swear an unbreakable vow that they were actually under someone else’s control and that they hadn’t done any horrible crimes of their own free will. Of course the ministry had wanted gold more than they wanted to actually keep the streets safe which was why the wizarding world had as many problems as it did. Either that or the corrupt ministry officials hadn’t wanted to open Pandora’s box by requiring people to swear unbreakable vows as people might then get the bright idea of requiring government officials to swear unbreakable vows of honestly. Like that was ever going to happen.

Ariana giggled as she dropped a whole group of death eaters with a stunner. “I’m starting to think that Albus just wasn’t trying hard enough." She blamed it on the fact that he kept trying to treat what he viewed as the disease rather than the symptoms. From her way of thinking the death eaters themselves were as much part of the disease as Riddle was. She checked her map to make sure that she had enough time to collect the fallen before the next group of death eaters was due to come through her part of the house. “Crap.” She flicked her wand and summoned the bodies across the floor so that she could quickly hit the stunned wizards with marbles to send them on their way. She was starting to wonder just how many people Riddle marked because she had taken out fifty death eaters over the last couple of hours. She knew that the others had taken out their fair share as well. It wasn’t like their cursed paper could have reached them all. She stepped back into her hiding space and waited for the next group of death eaters to walk by.


Ginny was staring at the empty area where the portkeys dropped death eaters off at. It had been several minutes since the last death eater had appeared. It was her job to hit each incoming death eater with a stunner just to make sure they were out for the count. It was Lily’s job to strip them down to their smallclothes and move them to individual cells in the makeshift barracks they had built near the Riddle house. The plan was to hold them until Harry or Hermione could sort through their memories to weed out the innocent from the guilty. The innocent would have their marks removed and the guilty would lose their magic. She was very glad that Harry was on their side as being turned into squibs was a horrible punishment. Maybe not as much as some of the people deserved but it was still horrible. On the bright side she was going to enjoy having a ton more power than she did already. Harry planned to use the power to boost everyone’s monster form. They didn’t expect to find any innocent people but there was always a chance.

Lily shrugged, “He had an army the first time around. Most of them were magically controlled but he had a large collection that weren’t. I suspect that we’ll be sorting though dark wizards for weeks.”

Ginny sighed, “Things would have been easier if they had actually cleaned up their mess the first time around.”

“It would have but then we wouldn’t have this chance to increase our power without feeling horribly guilty about it.”



Lily smiled at Harry as he walked out of the mirror and into Yester Castle’s library while yawning. “Were you staying up late again searching through dark minds?”

Harry shook his head, “Nah, I was stuffing my friends’ monster forms full of the Acromantula magic to increase their agility. Well that and finishing my homework so that I could enjoy Halloween without worrying about school.” He wanted Riddle dead before he started looking through captured people’s heads so that any mind magic that Riddle placed would well and truly be gone by the time he tried to weed out the innocent from the guilty.

“I’m proud of you. You’re doing well in your classes and you’re taking a crazy number of subjects.”

“I blame Hermione and Willow for that.”

Lily was looking forward to meeting the other Willow. “I’ll have to remember to thank Hermione and Willow if I ever see her. Any interesting plans for today?”

“Nothing worth mentioning, just destroying Riddle so that I can move on with my life.” Harry smiled at his mother.

Lily would have loved to tell Harry that someone else could destroy him but that wasn’t true and she knew it. “Do be careful.”

“I will.” Harry glanced through the open door toward where the summoning circle was that he was going to use to contain Voldemort.

Ariana called out from the summoning chamber, “Are you coming? Hermione has everything ready for you.”

“Yeah, I’m coming!” He turned to look back at his mom, “Be back in a bit.” He hurried to the summoning chamber where Hermione and Ariana were standing on the outside of the summoning circle staring at a legless Acromantula. “What’s with you and cutting the legs off of spiders?”

Hermione snorted, “You’re putting Voldemort’s essence/soul in the creature. Do you really want it to be able to move?”

“Point taken.”

Ariana stared at the circle, “How is this going to work and what is my part in all of this?”

“You stand outside of the circle and blast anything that comes out of the circle.”

Ariana smirked, “I can do that.”

“Just remember to hit me with the ghost repelling spell when I leave the circle just in case.”

“No problem.”

Harry turned to look at Hermione, “Why does she look way too happy about that?”

Hermione snickered, “Probably because she likes pranks almost as much as the twins.”

“Let’s get this done, I want to get back to the great hall for lunch. I’ve been ‘missing’ a couple too many meals lately.”

Harry nodded, “Same though somehow I expect to end up in the hospital wing because of this.”

Hermione chuckled, “Only as a last resort.”

Harry walked over to the summoning circle and stood right outside of it. He reached out with his magic and charged the circle so that it would be one way only with regards to spirits. Then he concentrated, reached into his scar with his magic and pulled Voldemort’s soul kicking and screaming across the distance in an instant. He almost lost consciousness because of the pain but he managed to summon up his will and stuff the evil soul into the Acromantula. “Now!”

Hermione reached out with her magic and bound the soul into the spider so that it couldn’t escape. “Done.”

“What have you done?” The now red glowing eyed leg less spider screamed.

“We’re just taking out the trash Tom.” He smirked as he conjured a crystal drive and went to work copying the spider’s memories.

Ariana watched wearily as Harry cast a couple of unfamiliar spells. “How long are you keeping him alive?”

“I thought about burying him but he’s way too dangerous.” Harry did his best to ignore the stabbing pain in his scar as he reached into the scar and metaphysically ripped the connection to Voldemort free and crushed it. “You’re mortal bitch.”

“I’ll kill you. When I get free I’ll make you beg for death.” Voldemort’s legless body sprouted eight silver leg like tentacles and lashed out at Harry.

Harry dove out of the way as the tentacles slashed through where he had just been standing. He rolled to his feet and drew his wand as the terrifying creature charged him. “That’s not even remotely fair.”

Ariana opened fire with a barrage of reductos and didn’t stop until Voldemort was a smear of blood on a bunch of shattered stone. “Well that was fun.”

Hermione stared at the smear of blood, “Not as scary as Darth Willow but still up there.”

Harry glanced at Hermione and started laughing, “I’m finally free. Free I tell you!”

Lily snickered from her place by the doorway that led to the library, “If you start laughing like a mad scientist then we’ll have to take you to the nurse’s office.”

Hermione sighed, “We might have to because your scar and a three inch section of skin around it is gone…”

Now that Hermione mentioned it Harry could feel the pain set in. “At least it’s gone.” He waved his hand over where his scar used to be and worked on healing his skin so that he didn’t have a scar.

Ariana watched as Harry’s face healed, “Nice skill.”

“It has it’s uses, it’s a bit draining magically if you’re not charged up with dark magic but a little patch of skin is nothing compared to the time when Willow had whole strips cut off.”

Lily winced, “That sounds painful.”

“Yeah.” Harry put the crystal drive filled with Riddle’s knowledge in his pocket. He was going to study some of the spells later once he built a computer that could handle it but for now he just wanted to take a hot shower with Hermione and or Ginny and then enjoy his Halloween with his friends. His stomach rumbled which reminded him that he should eat something first. “Let’s go get something to eat before people notice that we miss too many meals.”

Hermione cast a quick diagnostic spell on Harry and smiled when it came up clean. “That sounds like a great idea.”

Lily smiled at Harry, “Come back later tonight, Sirius has something he wants to talk to you about.”

Harry nodded, “Sure.”


Harry stared at Sirius after he finished reading the letter from Willow. “So we’ve got to go pull our other selves’ bacon out of the fire in a war that they’re losing.”

Sirius chuckled grimly, “That about sums it up.”

Hermione smiled as she thought about seeing Willow and the rest of the gang again. “How long do we have before we have to leave?”

Ginny stared at Harry and Hermione, “That’s it? You’re leaving? For people you‘ve never actually met?”

Sirius shrugged, “Harry destroyed Voldemort, prophecy done. We took out over a hundred and twenty marked wizards and gave the country a real shot at getting their act together. Hermione destroyed Umbridge, we don’t owe the wizarding world anything.”

Harry smiled at Ginny, “You’re welcome to come with us.”

Ginny blinked then sighed in relief, “Oh, well in that case, never mind.”

Remus sighed, “You don’t actually have to leave, no one is making you.”

Harry shrugged, “They’re my friends almost as much as everyone here. If they need help then they are going to get help.”

Ginny frowned, “Does it say what they’re fighting?”

“Demons from another realm that have overrun most of their earth.”

“How the heck are we supposed to help against that?”

“They’ll be recruiting others to help as well… I don’t know the full score I just know that Willow asked for help. I’ll never fit in this world, I’ll be dodging fame forever or infamy when the ministry decides to turn people against me because they don’t like what I’m saying.”

Remus asked, “School?”

Lily laughed, “We can teach them what they need, probably a lot better than half the teachers at Hogwarts.”

Ginny sighed, “When are we leaving and can we come back?”

Sirius shrugged, “Winter solstice is when the worlds line up enough to send a group to the right time period.” Technically they could send a group any time of the year but it got a lot easier near the solstices and considering how much stuff he was planning to bring with them that was the closest time that gave them the best shot of arriving when they needed to. “As for coming back, we should be able to open up a way back in six months or a year there without too much trouble.” He didn’t see a reason to come back to this world but Ginny had family she actually liked so it would be harder for her.

Luna’s mother spoke up, “I’m not sure about jumping into a war zone but if the other Buffy and Dawn need help then I’m there.”

Hermione smiled at Dawn’s mother. “Exactly.” She wasn’t looking forward to trying to sell her parents on the trip but maybe they could think of it like a really long vacation.

Fred looked at George, “Mum would flip.”

George grinned, “We could always tell her that we joined the circus.”

“She would kill us.”

Ginny laughed, “Probably.”

Lily smiled, “We have almost two months to finish our various projects, scan every muggle library we can find and to pack our stuff.”

Sirius said, “I actually have an idea about that part of the problem.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “Oh?”

“Yep, we take your properties with us.”

Harry blinked in surprise, “How?”

“We place them in a pocket dimension and then we can access them anywhere.”

Willow stared at Sirius, “That would take an insane amount of magic.”

Sirius grinned, “We’re going to charge everyone here with magic from a hundred magic users. We’ll have enough magic if you can crunch the numbers.”

Harry looked at Hermione and Lily, “If anyone can we can.”

Sirius rubbed his hands together, “Excellent. I expect each of you here after school Monday to start your animagus training. We have a month and a half to get everyone an animal form.”

Harry shook his head, “Why bother?”

“Because it’s useful. I also want to test the polyjuice potion more. Snape reported that his hair flickered. Maybe with enough exposure someone could pick up the ability. Or maybe it would just give you an hour of the ability.”

Lily said, “Either way, that’s still worth looking into.”

James nodded, “We’ve got a month to move nearly six thousand acres and to gather supplies for the war, it’s going to be work.” He looked at the twins, “I’ll understand if no one else wants to come with us.”

Fred shook his head, “Saving a world sounds like a worthy goal.”

George nodded, “Besides, someone has to go to keep Harry safe from our sister.”

Ginny scowled at George, “Hey.”

Harry chuckled, “Let’s get some sleep gang, I have a feeling that we’ll need it.”


Harry looked around at the army that Willow and Dawn had assembled. It had been a long two months to get his group of people here. They had spent a truly massive number of hours on researching the spells needed to take their lands with them. He wondered what people would make of the massive craters they had left behind. It felt like they had spent a solid month copying every magical or muggle book they could get their hands on in case they couldn’t come back to their world. That said now that he was here he was excited to get a chance to talk to everyone. He thought he recognized several comic book characters mixed in with more normal looking people. He was fairly sure that the large green skinned girl wearing a purple bathing suit and a Willow tag was a ‘She Hulk’. The rocky beast that was wearing a Xander tag looked suspiciously like the Thing from yet another comic book. A fifty foot tall titan was wearing an ankle bracelet that said Xander. A glowing warlock with a head of flames rather than hair was also wearing a badge that said Giles. There were hundreds or perhaps thousands more though he couldn’t make out the details nor was there time to worry about it as Willow interrupted his thoughts, “Thanks for coming.”

Harry smiled, “End of the world, where else would we be?”

Willow smiled, “Isn’t that normally Xander’s line?”

“Once a long time ago.” He looked over the crowd, “How much was real?”

Willow chuckled, “More than half I would guess. We actually did go as you crossed with immortals. There weren’t other immortals like us around so no fighting. We got a bunch of memories from that, several months ago we realized that we were losing the war here so we came up with a crazy idea. I‘ll blame Dawn for this one.”

Dawn stuck her tongue out at Willow.

“Promises promises. Anyways, we knew that you had our memories from before Halloween and the memories of walking in our bodies so we crafted a spell to send you a couple of hundred more years of memories. Some were taken from the memories of our immortal lives and a lot from our actual lives. I mixed them together as best I could and sent them back in time and across worlds.”

Hermione frowned as she realized something, “Was that where Dawn’s attraction towards girls came from?”

Dawn’s head snapped around to stare at Hermione, “Wait, what?”

Willow blushed, “I might have taken some creative license with the memories I sent.”

Dawn sighed, “After we destroy this demon army we’re going to have words. With a paddle.”

Willow smirked at Dawn, “Not helping your case.”

Xander snickered, “You did say that Willow’s behind was cute that one time.”

“I was drunk.”

Xander grinned, “I rest my case.”

Buffy ran up to Willow and the group, “Sorry to interrupt but the demonic army is massing, we‘ll have to do this after the fight.”

Harry nodded, “Any particular way to kill these things?”

“Most of the troops aren’t more difficult to kill than a uber-vampire, there are just millions of the things. Some of the officers are more problematic.”

Harry nodded, “I‘ll take the thousand on the left.”

Ariana laughed, “I’ll take the thousand on the right.”

Fred and George changed into their battle forms, “We’ll take the five thousand in the middle.”

Dawn eyed the naked girls Fred and George shifted into with interest. “Very nice.”

Xander rolled his eyes, “You’re not helping your case Dawn.”

“I was saying their combat forms are nice… can I have one?”

Ariana shook her head, “Not unless you want to join us, I’m going to fuck their brains out when we get done with this fight.”

Luna giggled, “I’m going to help.”

Sirius sighed, “Best not to let your mother hear that.”

Harry smiled as he thought about Ginny and Hermione and agreed with Ariana’s after battle plan. “If we live through the battle I’ll cast the spell to give you a monster form.”

“Wicked.” All things considered if they made it through the upcoming battle alive then she might very well be happy enough to fuck the whole group.

Luna grinned as she changed into her battle form. She was just glad that her basilisk armor was enchanted to grow with her. She knew that the twins actually had armor it was just charmed to be invisible because they thought it was funny. It also helped make sure that people couldn’t target weak spots in it. She was hoping to be able to get back home after the fight but as her parents were in the pocket dimension with the rest of the various family members that had come that weren’t fighting, it wasn’t as large of deal as it was for the twins.

A green skinned hulk like creature with a Xander tag pinned to his shorts stepped forward, “Hulk smash now?”

Buffy raised the scythe above her head as she looked at the army that Willow had recruited, “Death to the demons!” Her other hand held her wand as she turned and charged toward where she knew the demons would be soon. She was just hoping that the heroes that Willow had recruited by sending their memories out into the multiverse could help turn the tide in the war against the overlords.

The End

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