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Harry Potter and the echo of the White Witch.

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Summary: Willow loses a bet and ends up dressing as Harry Potter... stuff is left over when Harry goes back to his own world after a night in Sunnydale.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the settings or characters from Harry Potter, or Buffy the vampire slayer. I don't own the immortal concept from Highlander either.

Willow Rosenberg grumbled as Xander put the finishing touches on her face makeup, “This isn’t fair…”

“I got a higher test score than you did, thus I get to pick your costume.” Technically the deal had been that he could pick both Willow and Buffy’s costume if he could beat Willow’s score and Willow would cover the cost of the costumes but Buffy had fallen in love with an old dress that she thought Angel would love. The fact that he had had to resort to dishonest methods to win had meant that in order to get her support against Willow he had had to make a partial concession to Buffy and not complain about her getting the dress to impress Angel. It fit well enough into his plan that he didn’t have a problem with it.

“You removed my test from the pile… that so doesn’t count…” She had talked to the teacher about it and he had admitted to finding the test stuffed in his desk but he hadn’t had time to grade it yet thus her zero stood until he graded it which meant that technically Xander had won the bet. It annoyed her a bit that Buffy had sided with Xander about him winning if only so that he got to pick her costume.

Buffy snickered as Xander finished applying the makeup that served as Harry‘s scar, “You make a good Harry Potter…”

Willow sighed… “I hate you right now…”

Xander laughed as he adjusted his old robes, “Blame Snyder for saying that we had to pick a kid friendly theme…”

Buffy strapped her sword on over her costume. Just because Giles said the night was supposed to be quiet didn’t mean it was. Being that she couldn’t exactly fight well in her dress she wasn’t complaining about Xander’s crazy costume idea. “So… how come I can’t be one of the more interesting people…?”

Xander laughed, “Because Dawn stole the Hermione wig… which means that we had to pick someone that was blond.”

Buffy sighed, “Fine… how do I look?”

“Like a girl going to a ball filled with monsters or scary immortals.”

Dawn strapped on a plastic sword on over her Gryffindor robes. “This is going to be fun.”

Willow sighed, “At least you’re the right gender…”

Xander snickered, “It’s come as you aren’t night…“

Willow blurted, “Is that why you’re going as Sirius Black lady’s man…”

Xander coughed, “Ouch… that was cold.” He looked over at Buffy, “Did you put her up to that?”

Buffy snickered, “No… but it was a good line.”

Willow blushed as she strapped her sword on, “Sorry…”

Xander rolled ignored the girls as he strapped his own fake sword on. He would have rather had a real blade but Giles hadn’t been willing to let him have one for the night on account of him having no actual skill with it. “Let’s get to the school before Synder flips out.”


Harry stared at the car mirror wondering what the hell was going on. He wasn’t sure where the sword at his hip had come from or why he was in a strange town in the body of a girl. The last thing he remembered was going to sleep after getting back from Hogwarts. He briefly wondered if his uncle had killed him or paid people to drag him to some strange city and leave him but that didn‘t explain why he didn‘t look like himself or why there were a bunch of magical creatures running around. He had no idea how he had gotten here or even why but he expected that if his uncle had done something he would have found himself in a muggle town somewhere. He pinched himself on the arm and winced at the pain, “Okay… not dreaming…” He looked around the street at all of the various creatures that looked like things that Hagrid would have wanted as pets. A quick search of the robes he was wearing allowed him to find his wand and a set of keys. Taking a quick look at the keys showed him that he had never seen them before. He put the keys back in his pocket. Holding his wand in his hand he looked around the streets trying to figure out where he was. “This is going to suck.”


Sirius Black looked around wondering if he had finally lost it from prison. He didn’t remember ever having been in a place with hordes of monsters running around. A quick check of his worn robes revealed his wand which surprised him because he hadn’t seen it in years. He walked down the street cautiously.


Hermione breathed a sigh of relief when she finally found another girl in Gryffindor robes. She had already needed to hex a couple of monsters to get them to leave her alone. She looked like a sixth or a seventh year but she didn’t remember her. Still it was the first normal thing she had seen in a while, “Gryffindor?”

Harry spun around and leveled his wand at the young girl wearing Hogwarts robes. “Yes… I’m Harry…”

Hermione raised an eyebrow as she noticed her friends scar on the girl‘s forehead, “Harry? Polyjuice?”

“Or something… who are you?”

Hermione frowned, “Shouldn’t you know that Harry?”

“Look in a mirror…”

Hermione walked over and stared at the nearest car window, “Weird… I’m Hermione…”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “Can you prove it?”

“I was more worried about getting expelled than dead… I turned into a cat earlier this year… you drank a potion and jumped through fire… you saved me from a troll during first year…”

“Glad you’re here…”

“Any clue where we are?”


Hermione looked around, “We’ll figure something out.”


Ethan Rayne turned to look at the door, “Hey Ripper…”

“You shouldn’t have come Ethan…”

“Just a bit of harmless fun…”

“How do I break the spell?”

“Where would the fun be in that?”

Giles smiled grimly as he walked toward Ethan, “I was hoping you would say that.”


Harry winced as he found himself back in his room at the Dursley’s. It took a while for the memories of Willow Rosenberg’s long life to sort themselves into some type of order. The bad part was it was a little hard to tell where her memories ended and where his began. It felt like he had lived her life which was strange considering he had two hundred years of her memories. The last memory he had of hers was her going to sleep on her two hundredth birthday. The worst part wasn’t knowing every embarrassing detail of her life including her memories of sex with a guy, that was bad enough… the worst part was knowing that in some reality he was a fictional character. That took a bit to wrap his mind around. After ten minutes of staring at the ceiling blankly as his mind spiraled out of control he decided to assume that the author that wrote about him had been a seer. It made things a bit easier to deal with. It didn’t help his desire to figure out a way to jump worlds and kill every single fan fiction author that had paired him with Draco Malfoy but he had a lifetime of memories to draw on to control his anger. He wasn’t sure how accurate the books were but so far they lined up fairly well with his life so he was going with the idea that the books were a good guideline until he found evidence that they weren’t. “At least Willow knows what might happen…”

It felt a bit strange to know that he had a godfather and that he was innocent. “I’m totally dropping divination…” He glanced at the window then at his trunk. “I’m not staying here…” He didn’t see a reason to put up with the Dursleys when he didn’t have to. He might not be quite sure where Willow’s memories and his ended anymore but Willow had been a genius and his mind was clearer than it had ever been which meant that he realized that Dumbledore wasn’t his guardian. He had no valid legal reason to keep him there other than some questionable blood wards. He smiled slightly as he walked over and grabbed his trunk. He didn’t see any reason to wait until he blew his aunt up or worse. His mind derailed as he realized that he had seen something wrong with his nightstand. He spun back to look at it. It was the same battered nightstand he had had ever since his uncle had placed him in the second bedroom. His glasses were the same battered looking things, his lamp was the same… His gaze shifted back to look at his glasses… “What the hell.” He checked his face and found that he could see perfectly fine but that he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He felt his heart skip a beat as he realized that his vision was fine. He glanced down and almost fainted when he realized that he had two orange sized breasts where there shouldn’t be anything. “This can’t be good…” He made a dash out of his room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Part of his mind knew that his aunt and uncle would be annoyed if he ran around house in his nightshirt and boxers but the rest was too freaked to care right now. He also ignored the fact that his feet didn’t want to seem to work right as he staggered toward the bathroom. Staring back at him in the mirror was a gorgeous red haired girl that had a nice athletic figure that was just about perfect as far as he was considered. He shook his head as he realized he was perving on himself. His face was a little off from his normal face, nothing too jarring but enough that no one would have mistaken him for a boy. His long red hair was another change. He sighed as he realized that his fingernails were painted purple. He glanced down and noticed that his toenails here also painted purple. “Right… because that makes some type of sense…” He wasn’t sure how to fix it. He knew from his new memories that he would have to do some checking before he figured out how to fix things. He would have to measure himself to be sure but he was fairly sure that he was a couple of inches taller than he used to be which made sense as girls grew faster. “I so need to get out of here…” He knew that he couldn’t let his family see him like this because Dudley would likely do or say something horrible when he saw her. He muttered under his breath, “First step get dressed then get my cloak.” He changed his mind when Hedwig made a noise that reminded him that he needed to send her somewhere. “First step, send a letter and you stay there.”


Hermione woke up with a start, “Well crap…” Memories of being the younger sister to the longest lived slayer danced in her head as she tried to figure out what was going on. She remembered waking up from being petrified, taking the train home then going to sleep on the other hand she remembered almost two hundred years of another girl’s life. She stumbled out of bed and walked into the bathroom and stared at the mirror. Part of her had expected to see the changes but part of her had hoped that her face would look normal. Her lips were green, her forehead had a greenish cast and her hair was streaked with ribbons of bright green but otherwise it was her normal Hermione Granger appearance. “Well crap…” She missed the fact that her teeth were perfectly sized when she noticed that her breasts were also larger than they had been. “Right… because the green wasn’t enough… maybe I can fix this before my parents come home…” She made a mental note to buy a couple more advanced magic books and do some research so that she could pull off some of the spells that Dawn knew she could cast in later years. She also wanted to look into seeing if Dawn’s method of casting spells would work for her but that could wait until she got someplace that she could use magic without getting in trouble. She had to suppress her first instinct which was to run down to the ministry and clean house. “My computer should have the date…” She was pretty sure she knew what date it was but didn’t want to take chances considering how weird her brain felt right now.


Sirius Black stared at the wall, “So this is what it feels like to be insane…” He had woken up with a hundred and fifty years of memories bouncing around in his head. Memories of fighting demons and immortals with a sword as well as memories of a vast number of construction projects that he had worked on over the years. The worst part was that he had a fairly good idea how things were supposed to go the next couple of years. He also had some ideas on how to screw with things thanks to Xander Harris’s memories. He knew that he only had a few days at most to wait before he had his chance at vengeance unless his mind had actually snapped. He was giving that even odds with having a bunch of new memories stuffed in his head.


Luna giggled as she supported herself with one hand while doing pushups, “Wicked.”

Mr. Lovegood called out from the living room, “What’s wicked?”

“I thought I saw a whackspurt… but I could have been mistaken.” The worst thing about having memories of Buffy was that she knew that a number of the creatures her father believed in weren’t real. She wasn’t looking forward to trying to get him some mental help but it might be a good idea.

“Ah, well then carry on.”

Luna continued working on her one handed handstands while trying to figure out what she was going to do with her new memories.


Harry’s justifiable terror at what his family might do if they found a stranger in their house motivated him to hurry as he got dressed in baggy clothes and carefully lowered his trunk out of his window using his bed sheet as a rope. He wouldn’t have bothered but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get the trunk out through the house without someone noticing. He was just glad that his uncle had never replaced the bars on the window. He crawled out the window hung from the edge and jumped the rest of the way to the ground. He rolled to absorb the impact as best he could. “Buffy makes that look easy… One problem down and fifty to go.” He really hoped that no one was watching the house this early in the timeline yet. He didn’t think so but it never hurt to be careful. He quickly untied the bed sheet from his trunk then wrapped it up with a rock and tossed it back through the open window. Grabbing his trunk he started walking away from the house. He wasn’t all that concerned about where he was going other than away. He wasn’t sure how long it would take Dumbledore to notice that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be but he wanted to be far away by the time anyone came looking. He made it ten blocks before finding a payphone. He flipped through the phonebook until he found Hermione’s parents number. “It’s a good thing that the pureblood bastards don’t understand muggles.” He shivered as he realized how easy it would be to look up people’s names and addresses even without bribing someone at the ministry to look up their school records.

Emma Granger was busy looking at her e-mail when the phone rang, “Can you get that?”

Hermione grinned as she picked up the phone in the living room, “Hello, Granger residence.”

“Can I speak with Hermione please?”

“This is her, who may I say is calling?”

“Ah… Harry…”

“You sound weird on the phone…”

Harry sighed, “Yeah… about that… I woke up a girl…”

Hermione frowned, “Can you repeat that?”

“Weird dream of a monster filled town…”


Harry sighed, “Yeah… I woke up as a girl…”

Hermione frowned, “Where are you calling from?”

“Payphone… can you meet at diagon alley or should I try to get there… I can’t stay with my Aunt…”

“Just come to my house. Diagon Alley is a ways…”

“I know… I should be able to find your house. I’m not sure how long the bus will take.” He scowled as the phone told him that he only had fifteen seconds left on his call. “Running out of time… see you when I get there.”

“See you Harry.” Hermione hung up the phone.

Emma called out from the office, “Anyone important?”

“A friend from school.”

“That’s nice of them to call.”

“Yeah.” She wondered if Harry would make a cute girl.


Harry was reminded once again about why he didn’t like traveling on the Knight Bus as the damn thing nearly ran him down after he called it. He pulled his truck up after him and tried to ignore Stan staring at his chest. He made a mental note to try to be less obvious than Stan when he was staring at girls. “Thank you.”

Stan smiled at the girl, “Where are you going?”

Harry rattled off the address of the park that was close to Hermione’s house. He saw no reason to go right to her house, it wouldn’t kill him to walk a bit further.

“No problem.”

The talking head grinned widely at Harry, “Hold on it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Harry sighed as he managed to secure his trunk between the seat and the pole that he was clinging to for dear life.


Hermione opened her door cautiously then broke into a bright smile when she saw the gorgeous redhead standing on the porch carrying a familiar trunk. Even her horrible ill-fitting hand-me-downs she was wearing didn’t disguise her beauty. “Wow… I mean hi Harry.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “It’s nice to see you…”

Hermione gestured toward the inside of her house, “Do you want to come in?”

“Sure… if it’s okay?”

“Yeah, my parents don’t care if I have friends over.”

Harry smiled as he walked in dragging his trunk. “So… how much do you remember?”

Hermione closed the door after him, “I remember walking around a strange town… I remember you there… or sort of… you looked different. I looked different… did your sword make it?”

Harry shook his head, “Sadly no… I feel naked without it.”

Hermione nodded, “We’re going to see about fixing that…” She really hoped for Harry’s sake that there weren’t other immortals around. She glanced at his trunk, “So do you have a game plan?”

He sighed, “Get Sirius out of prison before he does something stupid?”

“We can hope…”

“I also want to look into getting better clothes…”

Hermione grinned, “That might be for the best… you bounce around a bit without a bra.”

Harry sighed, “Yeah… I’m still not sure why I’m a girl…”

“Hopefully we can figure that out… so have you looked at your breasts yet?”

Harry blushed, “Hermione!”

She sighed, “Sorry… I’m blaming Dawn for that…”


“You didn’t answer the question.”

“No… I was too busy freaking out.” He sighed, “I‘m not sure what I‘m going to do about my relatives.”

Hermione grinned, “First thing first… let’s try to find you something to wear that isn’t quite so hideous.”

Harry sighed, “Okay…”

“I have a couple of outfits that should fit better than what you’re wearing.” She headed off toward her bedroom to find something that Harry could wear.



Hermione stared at Harry’s breasts. “You don’t even care that I can see them do you?”

Harry bounced up and down on his feet which caused his breasts to bounce, “I’m a guy… well you know what I mean…” It was nice to know that despite having Willow’s memories he was still mostly him. He was rather glad that he had Willow’s memories otherwise going to the bathroom would have been rather embarrassing… or even more embarrassing than it was. Hermione being Hermione and asking if everything was okay every ten or twenty seconds hadn’t helped his embarrassment any.

Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry’s antics. She blamed Dawn for her new attraction to breasts. “Pervert.”

“I’m trying to enjoy the positives…”

“I can see that… as much as I like looking… I blame Dawn for that… we should probably get you an outfit of some type then ask my parents if we can go to Diagon Alley so that you can get some money… and we can pick up our school supplies.”

“True…” Harry winced as he realized that he was going to need a full outfit, “Damn… Are you sure we need to do that today?”

“I’m supposed to head to France with my family the day after tomorrow…”

“Ah right…”

Hermione tossed a shirt to Harry, “Put that on… then we’ll talk to my parents.”

Harry was glad that the shirt wasn’t too girly.


Harry was rather shocked that Hermione’s father had no issues driving them to Diagon Alley to shop at least until he learned that Hermione actually lived only about twenty minutes away from the Leaky Cauldron by car. “Thanks.”

Dan Granger smiled, “Think nothing of it, I needed to come into town anyways… will you be okay by yourselves?” He was just glad that his daughter was responsible.

“We’ll be fine dad.”

“Good… how long do you think you’ll need?”

Hermione looked at Harry, “Well… we need to get her coin from the bank… then do a shopping run… probably a couple of hours…”

Harry snickered, “Then we’ll probably hit the bookstore…”

Dan laughed, “In that case… I think I’ll do my shopping then head home… call a bit before you need to get picked up… there are places to eat around here right?”


“Don’t forget that we need to get you a new swimming suit…” He looked at Harry, “As well as some normal clothes for the trip to France… are you sure that you’ll be able to get a magical ticket over there…?”

Hermione nodded, “Yeah… should be easy enough. I remember a travel agency in Diagon Alley.”

“Great, I think it’s wonderful that you have a friend to spend the trip with.” He was glad that Hermione finally seemed to be making some good girlfriends.

Harry smiled, “Thanks again for inviting me…”

“Nonsense, the family owns the villa. There is plenty of space and it will keep Hermione from being too bored.”

Hermione glanced toward the door to the Leaky Cauldron, “We should go.”

“Take care.” He smiled as he watched Hermione drag her friend off. Hogwarts had been good for her even if he wasn‘t sure they were teaching all the right subjects.


Hermione smiled as she looked around the alley, “Let’s hit the bank first.” Luckily it wasn’t too crowded this early in the day.

“I have my key… but I look like a girl…”

“The fact that you have your key should be enough… but you‘re right… when I woke up… I had green on my face and in my hair…”

Harry stared at her, “So… you’re…?”

“Special… probably. I managed to change back to my normal look but I didn’t want to test any of her other abilities because of the trace…”

Harry sighed, “It would be nice if we could break that…”

“That’s another reason that I wanted to come here…”

“Oh right… there are way too many spells flying around for them to care about magic use.” Harry reached out with his or Willow’s senses to check Hermione. “You’re green…”

“Yeah… is the trace still on me?”

“I don’t know…” He scanned a couple of the students that were walking past. It wasn’t too hard to pick out the trace. The problem was that Hermione was a glowing mess of green. He was ninety percent sure that the trace was gone but it could still have been there. “I think it’s gone… but I don’t know.”

Hermione opened her senses and tried not to go blind as she stared at Harry, “Yeah… give me a second.” She reached out with her magic and broke the trace on Harry. “You should be good for now.”

“Good… I don’t think you still have it… you’re a bit more immune to magic than I am… it probably snapped when you got Dawn’s powers.”

“Speaking of powers… there is a bit of transmutation magic running on you… seems faint though… I wis…“ She frowned, “Hopefully… there are no vengeance demons around.”

“We can hope… still best to be careful.”

“It would be nice if Snuffles or McGonagall were around so that I could check but I’m guessing that your girl form is much like their animal forms…“

Harry frowned, “Meaning that if I figure out the trick then I’ll be able to flip back and forth?”


Harry smiled, “That would be useful…”

Hermione chuckled, “It would.”


Harry was a bit dismayed by the fact that he hadn’t had any trouble getting money out of his vault with his key. It scared him a bit considering the fact that he had used a glamour to look like himself. It was almost enough to get him to move his gold. He might have if he had the time to worry about it or if he could have dealt with the mundane world as a minor. All things considered the goblins holding his money was better than trying to deal with the mundane world right now. He might have more than two hundred years of memory in his head but he still looked like a kid. Dealing with the goblins was the first indication that his book self was an idiot for not asking for a list of all of the Potter Family’s holdings that the goblins managed for him. Asking about the holdings revealed that he owned his parents’ house, not really a surprise considering Willow’s knowledge of his world but it was a bit of a surprise that he also owned a couple of muggle rentals that were pulling in a steady amount of income. While he couldn’t sell them or do much of anything with them other than collect the income they generated they generated enough money that wouldn’t have to worry about working again. His father had set things up with part of the money going into an account for the maintenance of the properties with the rest of the muggle money going into a muggle expense account for muggle things. He was a bit glad that his Aunt and Uncle hadn’t known about it because as much as they might have scoffed at taking magical money they would have emptied his muggle account as soon as they could have ran to a bank. He was rather angered to learn that his relatives got paid out of his normal magical account every year. Every light in the hall had went out when the goblin accountant had told him about having to pay his relatives for his ’care’. It had taken him a couple of deep breaths before he regained control of his emotions upon learning that he had been paying his relatives and they had still nearly starved him to death on a couple of occasions. Luckily for the Dursley’s continued health Hermione had managed to convince him that ripping their hearts or spines out would draw too much attention.

Hermione smiled as they left the bank and Harry dropped the glamour he had used to look like his old self, “On the upside… we got the goblins to stop the payments to your relatives…”

Harry grumbled, “Yeah… only because they were afraid that I would go dark side on them…”

Hermione grinned, “To be fair… your eyes were glowing with power…”

“Fine… I’ll admit that I was pissed… let‘s get to the clothes shopping before I lose my nerve… I need some nice clothes for when I talk to the barrister about my options.”

Hermione laughed, “I suspect that by the time we’re done the Dursley’s will wish they were dead.”

“That’s the plan.”


Hermione smiled as they headed toward the ministry. “I’m glad that Tom was willing to let us stash our purchases in his backroom for a bit.”

“No point in having gold if you can’t use it now and then.” Harry probably would never have thought about it that way before he had his head stuffed with Willow’s memories but she had used bribes now and then to open doors that would have otherwise been closed. She hadn’t enjoyed it but sometimes it had been easier than going through official channels.

Hermione chuckled, “Yeah… so where to now?”

“I’ve got a theory…”

Hermione giggled as she ‘remembered’ Sweet the singing demon from Dawn‘s memories. “Is it a dancing demon?”

“No… I was thinking that I’m going to need some type of passport thing for the trip…”

“True… let’s go talk to the clerk at the travel agency.”


Hermione was rather horrified how easy setting up a second identity was in the wizarding world. A bit of conjuration and Harry had a muggle identification card that proclaimed ‘her’ to be Willow Danielle Potter. He had put on a low cut dress then went to the junk store. Buying an old wand at the junk store and presenting the muggle identification meant that ‘her’ name got recorded into the magical filing system as the owner to the wand. He had then turned the wand into the ministry help desk to get a badge with her name on it which had allowed her to get an appointment with the department that handled identification. Hermione had watched amazed and slightly offended as Harry fast talked one clerk into creating magical identification for her based on her muggle identification. The offended part came because Harry was leaning down to make sure that the creepy wizard behind the counter had a nice view of her breasts to distract him while ‘she‘ flirted with the guy. Harry then took his nice new magical identification papers across the hall and used them to get muggle identification papers created. She knew Willow had created fake identities for some of the slayers but she hadn’t thought Harry would be this good at working an unknown system based off her memories of hacking identities. The worst part is that she might actually have to admit that Lavender had a point about appearance mattering as much as it did. It was a bit scary how well a pair of tits worked to distract pimply faced wizards that should have ran more checks on what they were doing. All told Harry had just created a new official persona in less than an hour. She whispered as they headed toward the elevator, “Where did you learn that?”

“Watching Faith… Willow was too shy to pull it off… but it’s amazing what you can do when you really don’t care if people see your breasts…”

“I should be offended…”

Harry reached out and pushed the button for the elevator, “Probably…”

“Where is our next stop?”

“We’ve got some clothes… we got most of our potion supplies… paper and ink… I want the bookstore to be last so I think it’s time to hit the barrister and see what he can do about the Dursleys and Sirius.”

Hermione considered, “You know… we should have the barrister wait to file about the Dursleys until we’re out of the country…” She stopped talking as the elevator doors started to open and a couple of wizards walked out.

Harry chuckled as they got into the elevator and pushed the button to go back to the main floor, “Excellent idea. That reminds me I still need to go collect the portkey to France now that I have the correct documentation.”

Hermione sighed, “That still horrifies me…it would take weeks to go through muggle channels…”

“Yeah… well they use magic to speed things up. I’m not going to complain.”

Hermione sighed, “How that idiot believed you were seventeen I’ll never understand.”

“I suspect a combination of I’m tall for what I’m guessing my age is, blind hope… and decent sized breasts.”

Hermione giggled as the elevator started moving, “I’m half surprised you didn’t put Mr. Black as a last name.”

“I thought about trying to pull off a mysterious Mrs. Black but it seemed like more work than just walking in and killing every last death eater we can find.” ‘She’ grinned, “Tell you what, if I have time after I figure out how to flip back and forth then I’ll see about designing some magical item that blanks the face like Mr. Black’s watch.”

Hermione considered, “If we do that… do we have to get Luna a press pass that gets her into anywhere?”

Harry considered, “That depends on if Buffy is Luna…”

“True… I’m sure we can get Ginny to see if her friend seems strange or not.”

Harry grinned, “Am I a bad person if I decide to buy Ginny a collar and leash?”

Hermione jokingly asked, “Will you share the pictures?”


“Just remember that you’re a couple of centuries old…”

“Nah… I’m twelve almost thirteen… She’s eleven almost twelve… yeah I can’t even say that with a straight face and not want to throw up.”

Hermione sighed, “Welcome to my world… everyone is either too old or two young."

"I’m just glad that Willow liked girls otherwise I’d have issues…”

“True… at some point we‘re going to have to try to figure out why we kept the memories of the people that went as us…”

“True… but not today.” Harry smiled as the elevator doors opened. He headed over to the desk where he turned his wand in. She noticed that the man behind the counter tossed a wand to the witch in front of him. He almost sneered, “Here’s your wand. Next.”

The witch stalked off in a huff at the treatment of her wand.

“Willow Potter.” Harry handed over the claim ticket for his wand then used a touch of magic to cause the man to misjudge where the counter was and a touch more magic to make sure that his junk wand snapped when the clerk hit the wand against the counter. He knew it was rather petty but he took a certain amount of satisfaction from screaming at the guy over him costing her a perfectly good wand. A touch of magic and the wand looked to be in perfect shape other than being snapped when the guy called his superior. Twenty minutes of ranting and raving and he had a voucher for a new wand at the ministry’s expense. Harry figured that the loss would probably be docked from the clerk’s pay but that didn’t bother him all that much because of the man’s rudeness to the witch in front of him.

Hermione shook her head after they left the ministry, “That was mean.”

Harry shrugged, “Maybe a little… that wand was so badly matched that it was useless… besides it was hanging by a thread. A couple good spells and it would have broken.”

“Why are you even using a wand? It’s not like you need one.”

Harry shrugged, “Image mostly… plus having a second wand to make sure Harry’s wand doesn’t show as having cast anything it shouldn’t have might be a good idea.”

“Considering how long your first wand took you to find, do you want me to start on the book shopping?”

“Actually I think the barrister first… then the book shopping…”


Luna Lovegood worked through a few forms as she tried to get her body used to the forms that her memories said should be easy. “This isn’t as easy as I thought…” She sighed as her father walked out into the back yard where she was practicing.

“What are you working on?”

“Trying to catch Polgara frogs.”

“Ah… and you do it by moving like that?”

Luna smiled at her father, “Exactly.”

“Okay Moonbeam.”

Luna moved up her timetable for talking to a healer about her father’s mental health.


Harry stared at the bathing suit Hermione was trying to get him to try on. “That’s a couple of pieces of cloth… tied together by string… my underwear covers more than that and it‘s pink.”

“You’re the one that said they didn’t have any modesty…” Hermione was trying not to snicker.

“I don’t… but it’s pink…”

“I’m sure we can find a bikini in blue…”

Harry rolled his eyes, “I better not burn like Willow.”

“We’ll also get some sun block.”

“Fine…” Truth be told he was looking forward to having some people take pictures of him and Hermione on the beach just to see if he could get Ron’s head to explode. “We should get a camera for the trip.”

Hermione didn’t really see a problem with that as she knew how much money Harry had on the muggle card the goblins had turned over at his request. “It would be nice to have some pictures.”

“Fine…“ Harry picked up a blue bikini off the shelf. “This one.” The barrister had sounded optimistic and he was going to France for a few weeks with Hermione so life was looking good. Everything would probably go to hell at some point as per his normal luck but right now everything was looking good.

“We should get some decent sandals for climbing over rocks.”



Arthur Weasley was not amused to see several aurors at his door. “Can I help you?” He really hoped that it wasn’t about him winning the Daily Prophet drawing because he really wanted to take his family to Egypt to visit Bill.

Shacklebolt sighed as he presented Arthur with papers that said he could search the place for a dangerous criminal. He had papers for looking for a dangerous animal as well if he needed it but he didn’t want to tip the rat off in case this wasn’t a wild goose chase. “Nothing to worry about… we just need to do a quick search.”

Arthur stared at the papers, “Okay…”

Five minutes later the group of aurors left with one very stunned wizard sealed in a metal ball barely large enough to hold the fat wizard. It was sealed with a special charm to recycle the air. They didn’t want him changing into a rat to get away. Shacklebolt had been very surprised when the spell to cause an anamagi to change back into a human actually worked on the rat. He didn’t even want to think of how much paperwork this was going to cause.


Sirius Black was glad that he hadn’t had to swim across the sea as a dog. Not that he wouldn’t have done it to make sure that Harry/Willow was safe but he was glad that he hadn’t had to. He wasn’t all that impressed by the aurors basically dumping a nearly starving man on the street outside of the ministry after they processed his release. He was just glad to be out of the prison. If he thought the first ten years had been horrible the last bit with all of Xander Harris’s memories for the dementors to torment him with had been hell. He smiled when he saw his old friend come to collect him, “You look like hell.”

Remus smiled, “Coming from you… I‘m not sure how I should take that… I‘m sorry I doubted you…”

Sirius laughed, “Yeah… I’m just happy the rat is behind bars…”

“Same… where to?”

“Let’s get something to eat… then I want a shower… then something else to eat… followed by some sleep with some dreamless sleep… then I want to check on Harry.”

Remus nodded, “That sounds like a plan…”

“And maybe some clothes for both of us…”

Remus shrugged, “Seems a waste of money…”

“I’ve got money.”

“Good point.”


Harry sprawled out on the large beach towel that Hermione had spread out on the beach. The Granger family had taken a couple of days to explore several museums then a couple to explore the food at the first city they stopped at before stopping at a costal city for a bit of beach fun. Hermione’s parents had decided to spend the day exploring the town while Hermione and him had decided to head to the beach to relax, “I’m blaming Dawn for this…”


“Because I don’t think you would have done something like this before you got Dawn‘s memories…”

Hermione snickered as she slipped her top off and lay down on the beach towel next to Harry, “This isn’t my first nude beach Harry.” While she had visited other nude beaches over the years, in a sense he was right, before Dawn’s memories had mixed with her own she probably would have kept her suit on in front of Harry. Dawn’s crush on Willow and dark haired ‘bad boys’ mixed with her own feelings for Harry into a mess in her head that she was still trying to sort through.

Harry stared at Hermione’s body. He was a bit disappointed that he had barely caught a glimpse of her breast as she had been facing the other direction when she pulled her top off, “What?”

Hermione whispered, “I’m muggle-born… I have traveled to a lot of different places…”

“Ah… I guess that makes sense…”

Hermione snickered, “If you tell anyone about this back at Hogwarts I’ll hex you…”

Harry chuckled, “Your secret is safe with me…” He pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. “Do you want me to get your back?”

Hermione didn’t really want to burn and it was always easier to have someone else get your back and other hard to reach places. It wasn’t like Willow hadn’t put lotion on her back a great many times and she knew that Willow liked what she saw. She sighed as she realized that she had just been thinking like Dawn. “Sure…” She pulled out a magical tourist guide book for France and started to read.

Harry grinned as he sat up so that he could work on putting lotion on his friend’s back. He had a hard time not staring at his friend’s behind as he worked on making sure that she didn’t burn. He was looking forward to her putting lotion on his back. He wasn’t sure why he was being silly, in his memories he had been with a fair number of girls over the years but he found that he was nervous like it was his first date. He tried to ignore the part of his brain telling him to play with his friends ass and for the most part he managed to be a gentleman with the lotion but damn she looked good oiled up. “There…”

Hermione smiled at Harry as she held out a hand for the lotion. “If you lay down I’ll get your back.”

Harry smiled as he sprawled out on the towel. “Okay.”

Hermione snickered as she handed him her book, “Here, work on this while I work on your back.”

He didn’t even snicker when he noticed that she had only read about ten papers during the time that he had been putting lotion on her back. He doubted that he would be any less distracted.


Albus was not in a happy mood to find that the wards around Harry’s aunt’s place were broken shattered things. “This isn’t good.” He walked up to the door and knocked on it.

Petuna opened the door and looked out at Dumbledore, “Go away.”

“What did you do?”

“We signed the papers… he’s gone. I don‘t have to look at a reminder of my sister everyday and know that she‘s gone.”

Albus sighed, “Signed what papers…?”

“For Sirius to take him like he should have done when my sister died. It was in her will… it‘s done. Now leave.” She shut the door in his face.

Albus sighed as he realized that he would have to try to track down Sirius now.


Hermione snickered as she watched Harry rub lotion onto ‘her’ breasts. “You’re enjoying that way too much.”

Harry chuckled, “Anytime you want to take over…”

“You really have changed…”

Harry shrugged, “Almost two hundred good years… or at least years where I was my own person… ten crappy years with the Dursleys… and a better understanding of them from Willow’s reading… yeah I challenge anyone to have Willow’s memories and not get a bit more like her… besides… this is vacation because once we get back… we have to go back to work.” He dropped his voice down to a whisper, “Once we get back we’re going to kill a hell of a lot of death eaters.”

“I know…” She blushed as Harry played with ‘her’ nipples. “Stop that… it’s distracting and reminds me that you’re a guy.”

Harry snickered as he stopped teasing his best friend. “Fine…”

“Speaking of… when are you going to work on changing back?”

“I don’t know… I’m having a lot of fun…”


“I’m working on it… a couple more days and I should be able to flip back and forth. At that point I think I want to enchant some clothes to change between outfits… not all of us can manifest whatever we want for clothing.”

Hermione smirked, “True. You‘re staring again.”

“You’re pretty.”


“You’re welcome.”

Hermione grinned, “Are you going to finish reading the book or are you going to keep looking around at the cute girls?”

He looked over his sunglasses at her, “You even have to ask?”

She stole her book back from him, “Good point.”

Harry grinned, “See if you can find any magical weapons shops or places that sell expanded and invisible wand hostlers…”

“You read way too much fan fiction.”

“Maybe… still it‘s worth a shot if not I know that Angel bitched that Lindsey had a knife that could turn into a sword. I bet I could come up with something like that.”

Hermione snickered, “That would be way easier to hide than an actual sword.”

“Remember all the times Xander tried to hide his sword like Duncan…”

“That guy had a style…” Hermione grinned as she remembered some of Xander’s miss adventures over the years.

“More like movie magic… but either way.”

“I miss him…”



Sirius stared at the Black house, “This place needs some work…”

Remus nodded, “Yeah…”

“At least we’re getting to it early… rather than letting it fester for a couple of years…”


Sirius made a mental note to put Slytherin’s necklace into a lead box until he was strong enough to destroy it. He also wanted to look over the library for useful spells for when Harry got back from his vacation. “I still can’t believe that Harry is off partying with a bunch of veela…”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “Do you think he lied about that?”

“I’m not sure… he said that he was on a nude beach enjoying the sun with a goddess while his barrister went after the Dursleys and that he’d be back in a couple of weeks… what else would that mean but being on the beach with a veela?”

Remus shrugged, “I’m not sure… how the hell did he even know to send a Barrister to spring you?”

Sirius shrugged, “No clue…” He had a couple of ideas but he wasn’t sure. He recalled Willow going as Harry during the Halloween that might have caused him to end up with Xander’s memories … if she was somehow here in Harry’s body then things would be interesting if strange. There might be other reasons for Harry to know about him or the rat… but he wasn’t sure exactly what they were and he didn’t trust a letter enough to ask those types of questions. He sighed as he summoned up his patience, he had waited almost twelve years to see Harry again, another couple of weeks wouldn’t hurt much. “Let’s get to work.” He had a couple of ideas on how to get rid of his mother’s portrait thanks to Xander’s construction knowledge that he wanted to try out.

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