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When Disparity Converges

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Summary: AU. Kendra’s life is in danger, her Watcher is missing, and now she has no place to go. Kendra is now forced to enroll at Hogwarts. Can the young slayer fend off the power of the Dark Lord, or will she too fall in battle? Oh yeah, Draco's a vampire.

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Blood Ties

When Disparity Converges

Chapter Two: Blood Ties

Kendra slept fitfully her first night in the castle. Inside the parameters and out, she could feel the forces of iniquity looming like a gloomy fog over the area. When she looked towards the dark forest that sat adjacent to the school, she could literally see the magic that oozed from the dangerous wood. This made her uneasy, and being inside the castle didn’t help either. She sensed the castle was probably alive in a magical sense, and that disturbed her. There was so much magic around her that her senses were in danger of overloading. Everything from the ghosts and poltergeist she had encountered had caused her to become on edge. She had forced herself to walk the halls of the castle everyday, until she was comfortable with the benevolent non human creatures that resided in the castle. She patrolled the grounds of Hogwarts nightly, much to the chagrin of the remaining teachers, especially the Headmaster Dumbledore.

He could try stopping her, but she was a slayer, and it was her duty to make sure wherever she was staying was a safe place for herself and others. She was well aware that he disliked the idea of his students walking through the many passageways of the castle at the oddest hours of the night, but he acquiesced anyway. Kendra believed that he wanted to show her the castle was as safe as could possibly be. After many nights of patrolling, Kendra had come to agree with the older wizard. She decided finally, that the spirits of Hogwarts weren’t giving her the uneasiness she felt when she walked outside its thick doors. The forest, with its ominous presence made her nervous, and she hated that. There were wicked forces that dwelled there, she was aching take Mr. Pointy, and investigate everything she came across.

Inside the thick canopy of those trees dwelled malevolent creatures. She had been caught twice by both Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape when she tried sneaking out to see what lived in that forest. Professor McGonagall hadn’t punished her, but Kendra thought that was because she didn’t know her well enough to find a sufficient task for her to perform. Professor Snape had of course remained his usual sour self, and was contempt simply to point out the obvious. She was an untrained witch with no experience other than demons and vampires; therefore she should not expect to go ‘traipsing through the forest’ as he liked to say. She remembered their conversation very well. The grouchy man had made it clear that under no circumstances would she to enter that forest again.

Now, on the second week of her stay, after all the so called fun was over, it was time for her to begin learning new things. Today, she found herself inside a large classroom, deserted until the start of the new school year. She sat attentively, thankful she didn’t have to wear a uniform yet. She had three teachers, and today was the day she would be given the potion needed to bring her to the level of her peers. Professor Snape had concocted it, and she was curious to know the extent of his expertise. He struck Kendra as a harsh man, and she hoped she wouldn’t find herself in his house.

“Here drink this. It will allow you to know everything you should know as a sixth year, but you still must learn the practicable parts of magic. This potion hasn’t been approved by the Ministry of Magic yet, so you must not tell a soul how you came to know so much as a transfer student.”

Kendra stared at him suspiciously, and then looked at the small glass tumbler in her hand. She didn’t trust Professor Snape at all. What if the glass was full of poison? What if he was only giving her what looked like the correct potion, but was actually something he wanted to knock her out with? Hadn’t she already placed her trust in these people? It was too late to back out now. She glared at him with a strange expression, but downed the drink very quickly. It tasted rather sweet, like a frosted lemon with raspberry. As soon as she finished, she felt a wave of pain shoot to her forehead. Her vision became hazy as she saw what had to be hundred of images float through her head. She wanted to scream in agony, but no sound came.

“What if someone checks me background, an’ finds out that I’m de slayer?! You’ve all tol’ me about me parents’ death, so wouldn’t de other chil’ren know I’m an orphan?”

Professor Snape sighed at her questions. She really had no idea why the Dark Lord was after her. He felt sorry for her, though he would never voice that opinion aloud. Her parents had been well known figures in their world, and because of that they had died tragic deaths. They had been contempt to live in peace amongst their own family, with their own kind, away from prying eyes. When it was discovered that their particular bloodline had originated several slayers in previous generations everyone was fascinated. Most believed that the slayer was a myth, a legend contrived by imaginative glory seeking fools. He wondered when her curiosity about her heritage would emerge. Soon she would be searching through stacks of books in the library, and learn why she had been given up in the first place.

Snape knew he was not the one who should tell her, but he would not press the issue with his headmaster. If Professor Dumbledore saw fit, he would tell her, or the girl would hate him for his lies, should she find out on her own. Kendra looked at him with pitiful eyes. He obviously knew things about her own life that she herself didn’t know. Getting him to tell her everything she wanted to know would be like pulling teeth. They both knew he wouldn’t tell her a damn thing. She relaxed as she felt a wave of knowledge was over her. Almost instantaneously she knew how to perform cleaning spells, which hippogriffs were the most docile, and where to find them. She knew more about werewolves, vampires, and demons than she ever thought possible.

Kendra wanted to go out into the world and search for these wonderful creatures. She wanted to know everything there was to know about them so she wouldn’t be looked down upon any longer. She wanted to show the world that she could succeed, despite everything she had went through. Kendra allowed a secret smile to show upon her soft features. She was going to be the greatest slayer-witch the world had ever seen. No one would ever think to talk rudely about her now.

“You’ll be known as a muggle-born orphan to the world. We’ll need to talk to Professor Dumbledore about your ‘upbringing.’ Other than that, unless you are sorted into my house, I doubt the issue of your familial background will be a problem.”

Professor Snape said with a callous sneer. Kendra wondered why her being what was it—a muggle-born would matter if she was in his house. She had only learned a few days ago what exactly a muggle-born was. What difference did it make if her parents were non magical. She was, and that was what mattered at a school of magic… right? She definitely didn’t understand the strange traditions of Hogwarts yet, and she doubted if she ever would. If he was so adamant about keeping her out of his house, she might just try to get in, simply to spite him. She knew she wouldn’t though; she was not a spiteful person. Kendra was very kind and thoughtful, if anything. However, her curiosity would not be sated until she knew why he wanted her away from the Slytherin.

“What if I get sorted in de house that you don’ want me in? Slyt’erin was it? What if I’m sorted in dere?”

He scowled at her harshly, obviously not at all pleased with the idea.

“Trust me, you won’t be. On the off chance that you are, then you had better have thick skin. Class, race, and wealth is everything to the majority of my students.”

Kendra didn’t like that. Were the students of his house a bunch of bigoted prejudiced idiots? She looked around the darkened room, not looking the setting. Is where she would have some of her classes? Already, she disliked the idea. Summer had arrived in full swing, but she unfortunately felt like she was trapped in cold December. She looked once more into his eyes, and they proceeded with the lesson. She guessed she would have to learn more about the history of each house from someone else, or on her own. They didn’t speak again about any of the houses, and for that she was grateful. She gathered he didn’t like talking to her much. She performed the spells and charms he requested, pleased with her swift improvement.

“’Ave we finished for de day? I have been practicin’ me charms, but I t’ink that dere is a real problem with my ability to transfigure t’ings. I s’pose with a bit more practice, I could get better den me skills so far.”

“Yes, that is correct. Now enough chat, I need you to concentrate on turning those dinner plates into swans. You are only on a fourth year’s level with your abilities to use magic. We only have one month left. You must get better. When you have successfully changed everything you may leave.”

Professor Snape said dismissing her from his presence. She bowed her head slightly, and silently left the room. Kendra closed the door behind her, and decided to take another route to her room. She wanted to adjust to her surroundings in full. So far, she had yet to encounter nay students, but she had managed to meet a few new faces of the staff. She rather liked the large giant, Mr. Hagrid. He was kind, and introduced her to many creatures she would be dealing with when classes started. He believed her to be a muggle-born student that had been home schooled. She remembered first meeting him. He was a very large man, but he reminded her of a gentle giant. She wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be a giant. Today they were going to be working with blasted-ended Skrewts.

Kendra walked down to his hut wrapping her robes tighter around her body. She still hadn’t adjusted to the temperature in Scotland. The weather wasn’t unpleasant, but she missed her eighty degree winters. Kendra briefly wondered how she would fare in the winter. She knocked on the door patiently waiting for him to answer. When he didn’t answer, she started to head back towards the castle when she heard the soft whining of what sounded like a wounded animal. Kendra walked around Hagrid’s hut, and saw him coming from out of the forest carrying a small white horse. Her sharp eyes focused on the small bundle, and she realized her error. That was no horse, that was a legendary unicorn!

“Good afternoon Kendra. See ‘ere what I’ve found?”

“What happen’d to de poor creature?”

“Found ‘er wounded an’ away from her mama and papa I did.”

Kendra eyed the small unicorn, wanting to rub her bruised body. There was a small nub growing on her forehead. Already the horn had begun to twist slightly. She reached out to the baby, wanting to hold it close to her. She was just too cute to ignore. She looked up at Hagrid, silently pleading with her eyes. He held the baby out for her to cradle, and she took the baby in her arms gently.

“D’you t’ink her parents are wonderin’ where she is right now? De poor thing.”

“She’ll be alrigh’. I’ll nurse ‘er back to health, and then I’ll find ‘er parents. I think there’s something stirring in the forest now. Everyone one of those animals knows to leave the unicorns be.”

“Can I help? I mean I ‘ave never seen a real live unicorn. Please Mr. Hagrid.”

Kendra pleaded. Her brown eyes shined, with hope. Hagrid, being the loveable person he was, couldn’t help himself.

“Oh alrigh’. I’ll let ye help, but just this once. When school starts, I doubt you’ll have time for ol’ Hagrid. Come on, let’s take her inside.”

He said, opening the door to his hut. Kendra felt more excited than she had ever been in her life. She was actually going to get to nurse a unicorn back to health. Oh, if her former classmates could see her now! They lay the unicorn on a soft pillow, and got to work. Kendra hoped everyday at Hogwarts would be exciting as this one.

The End?

You have reached the end of "When Disparity Converges" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Feb 04.

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