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Halloween X

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Summary: A simple Halloween turns into a life changing event for the gang, it also changes the Scooby Gangs various destinies forever.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralRazialFR181662,4901013748,59827 May 1325 Sep 13No

Chapter One

Halloween X

Author: Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the other characters connected to it, they belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else owns the rights. I also don’t own Logan and Jean Grey or any of the other X-Men as they belong to Stan Lee, and Marvel Comics. Anything else used in this story belongs to whoever created them or owns the rights to them.

Pairing: Xander/Jenny/Cordelia Logan/Jean/Besty
Rating: NC-17

Notes: Alternate take on the Halloween episode. What if everyone including a teacher or two was conned by Snyder into Halloween? What if Ethan had used different costumes? Also in this story the X-Men/Marvel universe exists in the same dimension.

Summary: A simple Halloween turns into a life changing event for the gang, it also forever changes the Scooby Gangs various destinies.

Chapter 1

(Sunnydale High)

Xander Harris rolled his eyes as Buffy was cornered by Principal Snyder about Halloween, he glanced at Willow who stood beside him and noted she was frowning at the man which for her meant she really disliked the guy. Not a surprise as he doubted there was one person in this school who did like Snyder. ‘How could anyone like the troll?’ he wondered. Moving closer he could hear Snyder berate Buffy as much as he could get away with and Xander was really impressed with Buffy’s restraint. Had it been him who was put down like that, well he doubted he’d have lasted long before planting his fist in Snyder’s face. Suddenly, just as Buffy took the pen from the troll, he had a bad feeling hitting him.

Snyder suddenly held up two more pens one for each of them. He heard Willow let out a growl of frustration, shrugging his shoulders he took the pen and signed the form.

“And I warn you all, no funny business,” Snyder spat at them. “These children will be your responsibility, anything happens to them and it is your heads that will roll for it,” he warned them all.

“Sir, its Halloween... what could possibly go wrong?” Buffy said in response before she winced as she felt the stares from Willow and Xander at her question. That wasn’t a good question to ask on the Hellmouth and she knew that. She just hoped the fates didn’t decide to punish her for that faux pass.

“You better hope nothing goes wrong Summers,” Snyder shot back with another glare. “I’ve managed to rope in a teacher or two as well. They’ll be keeping an overall watch on you all,” he told them before he turned and began to march away before turning back to them. “I’ll make sure they pay special attention to you three,” he told them with a sneer before turning and storming away.

“I really hate that guy,” Buffy muttered unable to help herself.

“You and everyone else in this school Buffy, and that includes the teachers and the caretakers and cleaners,” Xander told her. “But don’t worry one day the troll will get what is coming to him for all these evil things he does. Karma is a bitch... remember?” he assured her.

“I hope so,” Buffy responded carelessly before she turned and headed for the library, followed by the others.

Entering the library they found it occupied by Rupert Giles and Jenny Calendar. They all noted neither looked practically happy about something. The gang all took their seats, but before they could say anything, the doors to the library were flung open and the last member of their group stormed in. Cordelia Chase looked furious, which to Xander made her look all the more beautiful.

“One day I am going to run that damn troll over with my car,” Cordelia promised as she moved to sit down.

“Snyder got you too?” Jenny inquired with a raised eyebrow.

“Looks like he got us all,” Willow spat, still angry over the way Snyder acted towards them. “It’s like he gets high on being nasty to us,” she pointed out.

“Some people are like that Willow,” Giles told her with a sigh. “I just can’t believe he has roped me into this as well, as if I don’t have anything better to do with my time,” he growled.

“What? Like sitting at home with a cup of tea and reading a musty old book?” Jenny shot back instantly.

“Indeed,” Giles responded before he paused as he realized what Jenny had tricked him into saying.

“Why you cunning witch,” he muttered to which Jenny just smirked at him some more.

“Now no calling Lady J any names Giles,” Xander spoke up. “That isn’t nice. She is a queen with few peers in this hellhole,” he stated with a flirting look towards his computer teacher.

Jenny smiled back unable to help herself, she and Xander got on very well. Probably better than they should, but then she wasn’t really a teacher. That was just her cover while she kept a close eye on Angelus, who was now the souled vampire Angel. Not that she found that mattered much, he was still as dangerous in her mind as he always was, especially with how he seemed to be intent on seducing Buffy. And the most sickening thing was that the blond haired Slayer seemed to be falling for the souled vampire’s seduction, it was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. That Giles was ignoring the danger of this was also frustrating as well as annoying. The red head Willow was completely out of her mind thinking it was some kind of Romeo and Juliet romance. She seemed to forget that Romeo and Juliet had shared a doomed romance, and that was exactly what Buffy was heading for and she would bring the rest of them down with her. Angelus was far more dangerous than they seemed to realize should he ever be freed. Xander at least understood the danger Angel represented, he had never let his guard down around him, although his caution and hatred for the vampire was seen as jealousy.

She knew from Xander himself that he had fallen for the blond haired slayer when she had first arrived, even asked her out for the Spring Fling dance, but was turned down as she had already fallen for Angel. Any lingering feelings he still had for her were removed when she lap danced him in the Bronze to make Angel jealous, before asking him a question which had hurt him badly. She had left him there in complete humiliation. From that moment on he had lost any attraction he had once held for Buffy. She didn’t understand how Buffy could chose a un-dead corpse over a living human being, worse was she was the Slayer which meant she was supposed to kill vampires, not date them.

Xander was now getting close to Cordelia, a fact that seemed to be bugging them both. Neither understood why they were now falling for one another. She couldn’t help but smirk as she thought of the old line of opposites attracting one another.

Unfortunately Xander also had a habit of flirting with her. He had an attachment to her that went beyond student-teacher trust. Worse she couldn’t stop herself from flirting back from time to time, she had always been a wild spirit in her teenage years and it seemed even with the important task assigned to her that hadn’t changed. She should back away from him, but found herself unable to do so. Xander was only eighteen, but older than the rest of the group by a full year, something to do with a mix up in his records, not that he minded much. She herself was really only twenty two, although to get into the school her records stated she was twenty five. She had been chosen to watch over Angelus as her rite of passage by her tribe. Age didn’t matter to the elders in such matters. Not that much of an age difference she couldn’t help to think. Glancing at Buffy and Willow whispering to each other she suddenly felt a chill go down her spine.

“Well I guess the only thing we can do now is go and get our bloody costumes,” Giles grumbled as he removed his glasses and started to polish them.

“Do we have to?” Xander shot back sarcastically.

“Yes, now let’s go before Snyder ropes us into anything else,” Giles shot back with a small glare. He found Xander annoying at the best of times however he also understood he was trying to keep things light for the girls. He used jokes and sarcasm to keep the atmosphere from getting to them all. He just happened to be Xander’s favorite target, with Buffy coming in a close second. Still sometimes he wished Xander would be a little more serious, but then he wished the same with his own slayer. Letting out a sigh he got up and moved for the doors as he put his glasses back on, looking back he noted the others were reluctantly following him.


(Ethan’s Costume Shop)

Ethan Rayne smirked as he watched the beginning faze of his plan taking shape. Thanks to the closing down of the nearby Party Town, due to fire damage, all of the children wanting costumes for Halloween were coming here instead, which meant a far higher number of them would be a part of his plan which of course meant more chaos for his tribute to Janus. Walking into his office leaving his two store hands on the till, he went through his notes for the night ahead. It was only luck that he glanced out of the open doorway and noted his old friend Rupert ‘Ripper’ Giles enter with a group of kids and another adult. Quickly getting out of the way of the door he took a deep breath as that was damn close.

He patted himself on the back at having the foresight to hiring some help for the shop. Had Giles seen him but once, his entire plan would have gone up in smoke before it had ever begun. Although he had to wonder why his old friend turned enemy had come into the shop with the teenagers? Had he had been shanghaied into dressing up as well? He knew from his contacts that old Ripper was now a watcher as his father had always wanted him to be. ‘Was it possible he was stationed here?’ he wondered. A smirk quickly grew on his face at the idea of catching Ripper and his charge in his net. It would ensure he would not get in the way of his plans. Still it would have been nice to know Ripper had been in this town, then he would have been better prepared for dealing with him should he have been found out.

Outside the office Giles and his friends went about looking for some good costumes to wear, each unaware of the fact they were about to be caught up in a very chaotic situation. Had he known his old friend Ethan was in town then Giles would have ensured to pay him a visit, to ensure he wasn’t up to anything as he knew while he had broken away from the dark path their gang had tred in their youth, Ethan had refused to clean up his act, but having kept an eye out as he entered the shop he hadn’t. There was no sign of his old friend even if the name on the shop sign had set him on edge at first. Xander broke off from the group with Cordelia and Jenny following him, neither of them wanted to be around for what they knew was Buffy’s plan to impress Angel with some kind of period dress if she could find one.

“So any idea what we are looking for Xander?” Cordelia inquired with an air of boredom in her tone. She was still annoyed Party Town had been closed. Whoever set the shop on fire better pray she never finds them she thought viscously.

“Something good at least Cor,” Xander shot back, not the least bit bothered by her tone as he was well used to it. And these days he found Cordelia’s attitude didn’t bother him as much as it once did.

As he looked around he quickly took note of a rack of costumes which he recognized anywhere. They were all replicas of either known comic superhero’s or known mutant heroes such as the X-Men. He quickly began to look through the collection. Jenny’s smirk indicated she liked the idea as well. Cordelia just rolled her eyes, but decided it was only for Halloween. So who really cared what she went as? Finally he found something he loved. It was a replica of one of the baddest X-Men on the planet. Logan, a.k.a Wolverine, was in his opinion one of the best Mutant heroes that lived and that such a cool person actually lived in this world was amazing. Next to it were two more costumes he just knew would fit Cordelia and Jenny perfectly if they agreed to wear them. They were replicas of Jean Grey a.k.a Phoenix and Besty Braddock a.k.a Psylocke.

“Here we go. I think for Jenny Phoenix would be the best fit and for Cordelia Psylocke,” Xander said as he handed over the costumes.

“Is this the best you can do?” Cordelia inquired.

“Cordy, Psylocke is a fully trained ninja and telepath with some other nifty powers she got when her body was switched,” Xander explained to her.

“Really?” Cordelia inquired to which Xander nodded in confirmation. “Cool,” she said as she looked the outfit over and had to admit she’d look stunning in it. Granted it was a little revealing, but still it would do.

“Phoenix huh?” Jenny inquired as she looked over the costume Xander had handed her.

She knew about the X-Men and knew that Phoenix was Jean Grey’s code name. She was also aware of the fact that Jean had a complicated relationship with Wolverine who surprise, surprise Xander had chosen for his own costume. No one knew if the two mutant heroes had ever crossed the line and actually gotten together, but it was well speculated that they had. Granted if she recalled right Jean Grey was currently dead, and wasn’t that a funny thing to think in this world. As the Phoenix, Jean had returned to life a few times before as her powers were beyond what most people were capable of imagining due to the cosmic nature of her powers. She smirked. Yes this was the perfect costume for her she decided. The supposed forbidden nature of the relationship between Logan and Jean, in comparison to her own with Xander just seemed so symbiotic.

“Jean Grey is a babe Miss Calendar, probably one of the all time favorite mutant heroes there is just because she is hot,” Xander told her, thinking he’d have to convince her to accept the costume. “And in case you haven’t noticed, so are you,” he told her with a teasing smirk. “Hell half the school fantasizes about you, from both sides of the fence,” he added, to which Cordelia rolled her eyes although she had to admit Xander was right in that statement.

Miss Calendar was the most liked teacher in the whole school, even her own groupies liked her. And it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see how the majority of the males lusted after her. Even less was the way the few females lusted after her. Hell even she liked Miss Calendar, she was easy going and very helpful during class. She wasn’t blind to Xander’s own interest in the woman, but what was a surprise was that Miss Calendar seemed to return that interest, even if she was trying to fight it. A teacher wasn’t supposed to get close to her students, that was a given, but Miss Calendar seemed to be getting closer and closer to that line in Cordelia’s eyes.

Her own growing feelings for Xander were still a shock to her. She knew when things had changed between them. It had been when he had saved her life by jumping through a wall of fire for her, saving her from being mutilated and turned into spare parts for Eric and Chris Epps Frankenstein bride. The question was, what the hell was she to do if and possibly when Jenny Calendar crossed the line and gave in to her feeling for Xander.

Jenny couldn’t help a genuine smile from gracing her lips at Xander’s declaration; it sent a rather large boost to her ego to know she was so well liked for her looks. “Does that include you Xander?” she inquired unable to help herself.

Xander went red in the face as her question actually filtered into his brain. He quickly turned away mumbling something Jenny didn’t hear, but she could take a good guess. Yes he did fantasies about her, her smile grew even more as she fought to stop it forming. Her eyes strayed to where Cordelia was standing with a confused yet speculative look on her face, almost blushing in embarrassment at what she had just done. Asking that question the way she had could only be interpreted one way and she had to be way more careful.

Across from them Buffy was still looking for a period dress, but so far she had failed to do so. Finally she gave up and looked for anything that would at least be interesting. She noted Willow was looking at a costume that looked familiar. Taking a closer look she noted it was from a rack of costumes from the Harry Potter films and books.

“Who’re you planning on going as Wills?” Buffy inquired, hoping it might give her some ideas on her own costume.

“Nymphadora Tonks, my all-time favorite character from the books or films,” Willow responded with a smile. “I’d so love to be able to shape shift my body,” she admitted with a sigh.

Buffy didn’t really know what to say to that. Was Willow admitting she didn’t like her own body or was she just ashamed of it? Turning away she went back to looking around, missing Giles finding a costume much to his own liking. He smirked as he took in the black leather jacket and jeans combo. It reminded him very much of the sort of things he used to wear as a youth. The fingerless gloves were the icing on the cake as far as he was concerned; the outfit was from the Kurt Russell movie ‘Escape from New York’. The character was called Snake Plisskin, one of his all-time favorites and guilty pleasures film wise. The eye patch would be a little annoying, but it was for only one night. The gun belt with two replica guns was the final item. ‘A nice addition,’ he thought.

Buffy continued to look around as the others moved to the tills, she decided to just grab something that would able her to fight any vampires that might show up, even if Giles had assured her it would be a slow night. Looking around she finally found something that looked to be what she was looking for. It was a stack of costumes from a bunch of films. This one had a tag on it that said it was from the film Blade 3. It was the costume of Whistler’s daughter Abigail. The bow she had used in the film was there as well. Grinning she grabbed it and the costume and headed for the till as well.

The group all paid for their chosen costumes and then headed out. None of them looked back. If they had they would have seen Ethan exit the office with a huge grin on his face as he watched them leave.

‘This is going to be a wonderful night,’ Ethan thought to himself as he watched Ripper and his friends leave.
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