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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Promethean Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: He was supposed to be an army officer, but then Xander didn't know the difference between army and Air force fatigues... and instead ended up as a soldier with one hell of a secret.

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Authors Note:
Yes, this will be comedy in the chapters, but the end of this is kinda sad to me, as it hints at this series' version of what happened on halloween night, given there was no scooby unpossessed.


Excerpt, from An Undecided Start

"And you, Xander?"

"Major Kawalsky." He replied, tapping the name tag. "Promotion was recent though, so I only got the Captain's bars..."

And Now, the Conclusion


"Hey, That took me three hours to fix!"

Larry just smirked and walked off, 'Kawalsky' name tag clutched in his hand along with a chunk of the green jumper.

With a huff, Xander took the jumper off and swore silently as he trudged into the Library.

"Oh, Hello Xander... What happened, another demon?"

"I don't know, he might be one but if not Buffy could get in real trouble."

Giles hummed in agreement, deducing correctly what Xander was muttering about under his breath as the teen searched a draw in Giles office, only to come out with a frown and a blue shirt. "Can I borrow this?"

"Of course... although it would probably be a loose fit for you." Giles agreed.


Xander grinned to himself as he put on Giles' jacket he'd also pilfered. Although it wasn't tweed, so Xander had a good enough excuse, in his mind, to later tell giles that 'I didn't think it was yours... all yours are tweedy and stuff'.

he wondered about the name tag that had fallen out of his pants pockets, and decided why not, and started to sow that in the right place with his trusty needle and thread. Thankfully, Buffy and wills kept silent about his 'girly sewing skills'.

"There..." He spoke to himself in the empty toilet attached to Giles' office, admiring his handiwork. "Captain Alexander Carter..."


November 1st

He stared.

Out there on the desk, was his science books.

He had taken one glance, after getting home once the spell had ended. And now he was frozen after his hands had wandered on their own and flipped through every page.

He understood it. He understood it all.

And it was giving him a migraine doing so, but still. He understood it.

He looked at the discarded jacket that looked a bit cleaner than before, then at his blue shirt that, apparently, wasn't the sort the army wore, instead it was the sort that the air force wore. Like the air force that he now knew had an actual Major Kawalsky. But tied to that person... sort of... was his costumes' sister... Samantha Carter.

Then he turned back to the book as his mental musings rapidly degenerated into reviewing 'Alexander Carter's knowledge of Wormhole Physics, as informally written by said carter's sister... and why it had been written.

unnoticed, among the bruises gained from the night of hijinks, a drop of blood spattered the floor.

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