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Summary: You cannot choose your family

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: FaithTyphonisFR1358,93696921,48328 May 1318 Jul 13No

Chapter 5

Chapter is done.

Thank you CKirk and my new Beta Genuka you both did well on this chapter.

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avengers, SG1, Men in Black, or Battletech. This fic is written for fun, not for profit.

Sorry about the wait but lost one beta and had to get another one. In this fic the little Roswell Greys are called Asgard, the Aesir are the human looking ones. This is the main difference.

Thank you for reading and reviewing this fic.

“Maria, what brings you here?” Xander was nervous. He was very nervous. He'd gotten nervous almost as soon as he'd seen who was actually at the door after opening it.

He smiled at her as she glared at him from the porch just beyond the threshold. Her co-worker, the Black Widow, Natasha Romanov had a small smile on her face as she took things in. She and Maria were in simple outfits, not their working clothes. Maria had a hand on her hips, a blank expression on her face, and her foot was tapping. Xander swallowed nervously as she spoke.

“Not going to invite me in, cousin?” The voice was sickly sweet with that hint of menace all women could give it that let you know they are a bit upset with you. Of course , in this case, a bit upset was understating things much like saying the Pacific ocean has a lot of water in it. Wisdom from dealing with upset, read pissed off, women over the years made Xander step to one side to allow the two women into Faith and his home.

“I won't invite you in Cus, you know what I have to deal with. Have a seat, can I get you anything? What brings you too my humble abode?” He asked still nervous.

“What you have to deal with, normally?,” Romanov asked, her curiosity piqued. “I read in your file that you were in charge of maintenance and support at a school here in Cleveland. Is there something more?”

Maria and Xander looked at her then sighed. Maria spoke up first, "There is and the file you found on Alexander here is censored at Fury’s request. The data is compartmentalized since it deals with things outside the purview of the Avengers.”

“Really, Whatever could it be?” She asked. Maria didn't have time to reply when an irate female voice spoke up.

“So much for this weekend.” All three turned to look at an irate Faith as she walked in wearing shorts and a tank top. She sat down near Xander. Natasha noted that Hill's glared had turned glacial at the dark haired woman. She was about to ask when Maria beat her too the punch. “Alex, mind introducing us to your friend?”

Xander winced at that. Oh yeah, he was in so much trouble. He really should have let the family know....but the past couldn’t be changed. “Faith, this is my cousin, Maria Hill. Her friend Natasha Kerensky er, sorry that's wrong, Natasha Romanov. They work for SHIELD.”

Natasha giggled at that part. Xander turned to look at them .”Maria, Natasha, this is my wife, Faith.”

If possible Maria’s glare grew more intense. Yeah, not a good day.

The Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects fair Asgard with the other realms had was guarded by Heimdal. He had seen many things since taking his post here, and would more than likely see many more. What caught his attention though was two women approaching him from the golden city. One with blond locks the other with dark hair. Both approached him and he recognized them. He tried to keep the surprise and fear from his voice. “Lady Sigyn, Lady Hel, what brings you here?”

Sigyn smiled at him and held out a scroll.”The Allfather has granted unto us permission to travel to Midgard, to visit my adopted son and see how he and his wife are doing. I will be staying there for a short time to help her out.”

Heimdal nodded and read it over. The seal was authentic and everything was in order. He handed it back to her. “Then safe journey my Ladies. May your stay there be pleasant.”

Both women crossed the rainbow bridge and vanished. He did his best not to shiver. He wondered who on Midgard had gained the attention of the wife and daughter of Loki. Sigyn he was a bit more comfortable with, but Hel? She ruled one of the lands of the dead and that always made him nervous. The fact Loki had new members of his family...well that would be worth telling over some ale.

The diner was rather nondescript, looking like any one of a hundred such places up and down the east coast of the United States. In it an elderly gentleman enjoyed the pie before him and a cup of coffee. He wore a simple dark suit with a white shirt. He didn’t bother looking up when the bell rang, signalling that someone new had entered the diner, nor did he react when the new person sat next to him at the bar.

“Would you look at what the cat drug in. What brings you here old timer?” He said without even looking at the other man.

Nick Fury smiled at him, "Old man? Why Mister Pot I should be offended at that remark. However given the good mood I’m in I will let it pass.”

The other man looked at him, smiled. "So what do you need, you spook?”

“You do realize that term doesn’t offend me?” Nick replied as he took a sip of his own coffee.

“Course not, just curious as to why you are visiting me now?”

“May want to look in on your grandson soon. Apparently he got adopted and married while no one was looking.”

The old man looked puzzled. “Grandson, only grandson I have is....” He rolled his eyes in exasperation. “Tony is a piece of work. So who adopted Alex?”

Fury slid a folder over to him. The man opened it up and quickly read the contents. “This legal?”

“Yes, I remember the good old days when the damn aliens stayed off our planet. Especially after we kicked their assess off of it.”

His friend nodded as he slid the folder back to him. “The kid and I will go look in on him. He still dealing with the boogeyman?”

Fury smiled at him. “Hell yeah, married one of those girls the boogeyman uses to scare his own kids strait.”

Both laughed at that as the old timer finished his pie and coffee. Fury turned to face the wall as the door to the diner opened. It admitted an African American man wearing the exact same type of suit as the older gentleman. “Kay, we've got to go. Duty calls and Zed wants to talk to you.”

Kay looked over at him. “I’ll be there Jay. Let me pay my bill first.”

Jay left the building. Kay settled up then looked at Fury. “You do realize you need to tell him you are alive and well?”

Nick winced and looked at him. Kay smiled back at him. “Hey look at my relationship with Phil...and my grandson. It can work out. We above the law spooks need to stick together.”

“I’ll try Kay. Now go talk to Zed. Tell that old fart I said hello.”

“Will do, you old spook.”

Kay left the diner, but not before a large black raven flew into the building. Most of the patrons ignored it completely as it landed near Nick. It walked over to him and raised a leg to him. On it was a piece of paper.

“What does that one eyed old meddler want this time?”

The raven just looked at him, as if to reply, 'My, isn’t the pot calling the kettle black?’

“What was that all about?” Jay asked as they drove down the street. He noted Kay seemed a bit distracted from his call to Zed. Kay gave a sidelong glance at him then started speaking after looking ahead.

“OK Slick, I’m going to fill you in on some history. A long time ago this planet didn't start as an Eden, no it was Hell and it was ruled by demons. The demons had their asses kicked and were forced to leave for parts unknown. The last Demon to leave mixed his blood with a human and wallah the first vampire. A while later an alien race of parasitic snakes discovered our world and decided we made good mobility units. Things would enter through the mouth and then wrap around the spinal column and drive you like a car.”

Jay nodded. “Like the Puppeteers.”


“Yeah the movie was on last night. The aliens were using humans to move around and such.”

“Huh,” Kay looked thoughtful, "I didn’t know that. Well, anyway, the snakeheads were beaten and driven off by the same group that got rid of the demons. They buried the device used to travel to Earth and things were fine for a while. Fine being a relative term.”

“Fast forward to the Allied victory in World War 2. My grandfather was in charge of a unit whose job was to counter the Nazi’s use of super tech and the supernatural. He was Captain America's commanding officer and you know how things went down. The British group called the Watchers helped us out. The even lent us a Slayer a time or three. Please wait to ask questions.”

“Now then the American unit was split up after the war ended. Part one became the Demon Research Initiative. It’s job was to study the supernatural threat and to fight it on American soil. Second group became SHIELD. They dealt with high tech stuff and what super science Hydra managed to cook up. A third group was formed called the National Intelligence Directorate. It’s job was to coordinate and oversee SHIELD and the DRI.”

“All three groups have kinda gotten off base since then. The DRI was nearly wiped out when they had a nice big Charlie Foxtrot in a town called Sunnydale. SHIELD..well they are dealing with the alien group called the Chitauri and the Aesir. NID, the good Lord only knows what they are doing now. Him or senator Kinsey.”

“Now then a fourth group is on the scene, The Stargate program. Said program dug the damn gate up and now they are fighting the worms and are dealing with a race of Roswell Greys known as the Asgard. On top of that the British Watchers are still doing their own thing. Making sure the things that go bump in the night understand that we will bump back if we have too.”

“SHIELD, SGC and us, we deal with offworld threats.The Watchers council deal with the supernatural. Zed has asked us to go to Cleveland to get in touch with one Alexander Harris so we can restart the cooperation we had in the past. Zed knows about SHIELD,the SGC and the Watchers. SHIELD knows about us and the Watchers. Watchers know about SHIELD but not about us. We are rectifying that so toes are not stepped on during jurisdictional disputes.”

“Now then any questions, Slick?”

“Where do we fit in all of this mess?”

“MIB was tasked, by SHIELD, to contact aliens. We succeeded. We police friendly aliens living on Earth and are adapting alien technology to help boost our own technology. Friendly relations with the Asgard mean we are getting more tech from some sectors. Other sectors that dislike them are being a bit hard headed about sharing. The snakes are a problem but given how big space is well...basically alien A has to actively hunt down Alien B to get anything done.”

Jay nodded, "So basically we are one big police force. We have a bunch of departments, Beat, Vice, Homicide, and Larceny. We have our own jurisdictions and do our best not to step on each other toes.”

“You got it , Slick.”

Xander was nervous. Maria was still smiling that pissed off smile. Faith had asked Natasha where she got her combat outfit from, having seen it on TV. Tasha had told her who to contact so she could get one of her own. Xander looked at Maria and spoke up. “So, how are things. Are you doing well?”

Maria’s smile grew a little more forced. “Why I am peachy keen. I mean I find out from my first cousin that my favorite second cousin got married to an ex con with a murder rap two years ago. Also said cousin didn't think to invite me to said wedding or anyone else in our family for that matter.”

“Ex con with a murder rap?” Natasha asked from her seat.

Xander nodded to her,”Faith was involved in an incident where she accidentally killed a civilian during an op that went bad. She and Buffy were fighting a group of vampires and the idiot walked into it. Next thing you know dead idiot with two slayers panicking and playing the blame game. Faith went to the other side for protection when the Watchers council decided she was damaged goods and needed to be ‘retired’.”

Xander mimed outing a gun to his head. Natasha blanched at that but hid it well. “She worked for the big bad and he played her like a fiddle. A shapely, fine tuned fiddle, with nice curvy parts.”

“Flattery will get you many places Boy toy.” Faith said with a saucy wink to Xander.

“So we beat the big bad but Faith was left in a coma. She awoke much later and turned herself in to the police. She served her time and was released. Especially after a re-trial due to new evidence about what the big bad had done.”

Maria leaned forwards smiling at Xander. “OK, that explains the ex con part. Your parents not being invited, well that is understandable given they are dead and all. It doesn’t explain why the rest of us weren’t invited. So, Xander why weren’t we invited?”

Xander swallowed hard. “Ever hear of the Westchester riot about two years ago?”

“Yeah.” Maria replied eyeing him the smile gone. "Made a lot of news. Big fuss over it. Reports were about mutants?”

“No mutants, just three demon and vampire clans crashing Buffy’s wedding. She had the idea to make a big deal of it thinking nothing and no one was stupid enough to crash said wedding... Well she was proven wrong. Afterwards I decided I needed a vacation. Did Roadtrip Two Electric Boogaloo. Faith invited herself along. Half way through it, we were at a ren faire or live action rpg thing and front of all of those people she asks me to marry her. I said yes and Father Laufeyson hitched us on the spot.”

He smiled at Faith and held her hand, then looked at Maria. "We turned the rest of the trip into a honeymoon. We came back here and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“I’m sorry we didn’t tell anyone but...We thought it was safer that way after the deed was done. Buffy and the others were a bit upset but they saw reason afterwards. We have had our tough times but Faith and I are going to see this through.”

Maria sighed heavily, her anger forgotten. Yeah, she could see why he did this. Made sense. She may not like it but....yeah. She was about to speak up when from outside a bright light flashed. All four of them looked towards the light but the curtains were drawn.

Xander got up to see outside when a loud knocking came from the door. He looked out the door and saw two women standing there. A blond and a younger looking brunette. Both wore expensive clothes but they had a medieval cut too them. Xander opened the door to speak to them when the blond leapt at him. She wrapped him up in a hug then held him back and looked at him. “Hello, my son. I’ve come for a visit. I’m going to be staying with you to help you and your wife out till the joyous event has come to pass.”

Xander stared at her. "Er, lady, who are you?”

She laughed. A musical noise as it came from her voice. “Why I am your mother, young Alexander. I am Sigyn, wife of Loki. We adopted you."

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Relatives" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jul 13.

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