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Summary: You cannot choose your family

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: FaithTyphonisFR1358,93696921,44128 May 1318 Jul 13No

Chapter One

Disclaimer, I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate and it's attached intellectual properties, or the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel universe.

This story was written for my amusement and for the amusement of those who read it. Not to make money.

Thanks to my beta CKirk on Spacebattles. Thank you to those who read and send me reviews.

The sun was up and the birds were singing. Things were normal in this quiet suburban neighborhood of Cleveland as a man in a suit walked up the walkway to a normal looking unassuming house. He was about to hit the doorbell when a voice spoke up behind him.
"Phil, what are you doing here?"

Phil Coulson, agent of SHIELD, turned to see who was behind him. He saw a man ,about his age, approaching him wearing an US Air Force uniform. Like himself he was carrying a briefcase. Phil stared in shock as he recognized the figure.

"Paul? Still, with the Air force? What brings you here?" He asked as he held his hand out and shook the other man's hand. The two stood there before the door holding their briefcases. Paul in his uniform, Phil in his suit.

Paul smiled "I'm here to get someone to sign some NDAs about an Air force project he stumbled on and helped with. Would love to tell you more about it but you know...need to know. You?"

Phil sighed and nodded,"My boss needs the guy living here to sign some NDAs about a mess he helped to clean up in New York. Can't tell you more, classified."

Both men laughed lightly at that. Phil spoke up as he hit the doorbell. "So, how's the wife? Is she doing OK?"

"Oh she is doing fine. Our daughters are doing well. Thanks for asking. How about you?"

Phil nodded ,"Had to take some medical leave due to a problem last year. Even though it made the papers I can't talk about it. Did some fishing...ran into Jack O'Neill...I still want to hook him up with Hill."

"Phil, what did he do too you to ...never mind it's Jack. Still, him and Hill?" Paul asked with some concern. Not that he didn't like the colonel, but still.

"You know what Maria is like......" Phil said with a smile.

Paul shook his head in resignation,"Phil , she's family....right family motto. Only family may fuck with family."

"You got it and...."

Phil got no further as the door opened and Alexander Harris stood there and stared at them. "Uncle Phil, Uncle Paul...what are you two doing here?"

"Business," Both men said and laughed. Phil smiled at the one eyed carpenter,"May we come in?"

Xander stood away from the doorway to allow the two men to enter . They followed him to the living room of the house. "Have a seat. So, what is it this time?"

Both men sat on the sofa and brought their briefcases up. Phil spoke first. "Got an NDA for you to sign. Fury wanted you to fill it out given what happened in New York a couple of weeks ago."

Xander sighed and nodded. "Right, the mess that involved Willow's cousin, Pepper. Did her boss manage to..."

Phil smiled and nodded. He set several forms in front of Xander. "Yes, successfully with less damage than when Loki brought the Chitauri through."

Xander nodded as he read them through and started signing them. "Sounds good and..."

He got no further when a voice called out from up the stairs. All three turned to look as a striking brunette with dark eyes in a black two piece bikini came walking down. "Hey boy toy, we got company?"

"Yeah Faith, Major Paul Davis, my mom's older brother and Phil Coulson, my dad's half-brother. They have papers for me to sign."

Faith looked at the two men and both shifted nervously as she spoke. They both knew something was off with the woman. Phil noted she moved like Romanov, which set alarm bells off in his head, and as for Paul, it was a gut reaction from everything SG-1 had dealt with.

"Anything bad?" asked the dark haired beauty, her eyes still locked on the two men.

"Naw," Xander replied, finishing Coulsons' papers."Just some stuff I did but can't talk about."

Davis handed Xander his set of papers after Xander handed the finished set to Phil. Faith spoke up, "Anything like the rocket launcher you and Queen C had to steal so you could deal with the Judge?"

"Nothing Apocalypse worthy, this time." Xander said as he started in on the Air Force forms. "Besides cousin Maria helped me with that. I swear her boss nearly had an aneurysm when I told him what was going on. Also, about what was happening in the Dale ....but we needed the launcher. Good thing I already repaid that favor to him."

"The Judge?" Both men asked in stereo. Faith walked over and sat on the arm of the chair Xander sat in. She leaned against him but, kept her eyes on the two, to her, unknown men.

Xander smiled and looked at them. "I could tell you more but, need to know, security clearances, you get the idea. Phil, your boss dropped the ball on the Demon Research Initiative. Hope he kept the remnants of that comedy of errors out of the NIDs' hands."
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