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I drew the blood of my blood

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Summary: When Gibbs shoots a blonde girl during an Antique robbery, he has no idea that Abby is about to announce him he just wounded and maybe killed his own daughter. And with Buffy out of commission, Faith will have to embrace her Slayer responsibilities.

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ChosenTwoFanFR18920,61269238,39229 May 1326 Jul 14No

5. Slayer’s climax

A/N: Kind thanks to all for the reviews and recommendations. Really gives more energy to continue writing, and helps to correct a few imprecisions or mistakes. Even gave me a few small ideas! As this chapter is an action chapter, I’m looking forward to reviews even more!

I corrected a few mistakes in chapter 4, in particular, Gibbs obviously called an SRT team, not a SWAT team.

Gibbs had gotten behind the wheel of the team’s black Dodge Charger. He was driving really fast, and was passing cars in a way that even frightened Ziva. She was sitting on the front seat, and she could see in the rear-view mirror that DiNozzo and McGee were even more terrified than she was, unsurprisingly. Looking back at Gibbs, she was just wondering what was going on in his head. Was he just furious that his team had considered hiding the truth from him? Or to have found out he had another daughter, just to learn that she was a criminal? Or maybe it was even simpler than that: he wanted to arrive as fast as he could, to capture her.

The car pulled over on the hospital’s parking. Ziva saw three SRT vans that seemed to have arrived just minutes before. The four special agents quickly came out of the car, Gibbs almost running to one of the vans.

“Agent Gibbs.” nodded Daniel – the SRT team leader. Ziva had seen Daniel Wise before, that time when a young boy had taken his entire class hostage. Daniel was a competent man, she had no doubt that he would be able to capture a comatose girl. She knew she shouldn’t be underestimating Gibbs’ daughter, but there wasn’t much she would be able to do, tied to a hospital bed. “I have placed three snipers around the hospital. The problem is there is no building around, so they won’t be high enough to completely secure the perimeter. We have a helicopter circling around, covering the roof, this should make up for it.” Daniel continued. “There shouldn’t be any problem though. A doctor we evacuated assured me that she was still in a coma.” Gibbs frowned, and Daniel instantly stiffened. “But I followed your orders anyway, sir.”

“Good! Thanks, Daniel. Let’s go! And remember, it’s a capture. We want her alive.” He looked at the SRT men sternly. “I repeat: this is not a kill.” He paused briefly and added “Be careful. I’m more worried of other terrorists trying to help her or to kill her before she talks.”

Gibbs and the others headed for the entrance.

As soon as Faith had removed that plastic tube from Buffy’s throat, she started talking. “What are you doing here, Faith?” She coughed before continuing. “I told you to get the hell out of here!”

“It’s nice to see you too, B!” the brunette replied sarcastically.

“I didn’t mean to be so blunt!” said Buffy, cooling down a bit. “But what’s your brilliant plan? I almost can’t move, and I definitely can’t walk. So, how are you going to get me out of here?”

“A wheelchair seems to a good option to me.” said Faith.

Buffy smiled. She knew Faith had acted with good intentions, but she didn’t like that her sister Slayer had taken so much risks. One Slayer out-of-commission was enough with a looming apocalypse to deal with.

“Wheelchair, then. By the way…” said Buffy, pointing at Faith’s hair. “Blonde? Totally not your color!”

“And you know what, B? These things they say about blondes? They are true! I feel dumber, dyed like this.” she teased. Buffy pulled faces at the comment, and they both laughed. “Okay, so, first step…” said Faith, serious again, making for the bed. She grabbed the pair of handcuffs holding B’s right arm, and pulled sharply. They resisted for a few seconds, bending more and more, and finally broke. She repeated the procedure with the other pair, completely freeing Buffy.

“That’s better, thanks!” said the blonde gratefully. “These things are so uncomfortable!”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never used ‘cuffs with Vampire Boy, B?” replied the brunette, an almost lecherous look on her face.

Buffy didn’t even bother to answer. Her disapproving look should be enough.

“OK, B, if you’ve never tried it, that’s your loss.” said Faith. “So all I need now is to find a wheel…” she stopped after hearing a noise, and moved to the window. There was a helicopter circling the building. “Shit!”

Gibbs and Ziva were climbing the stairs, followed by seven SRT personnel, while DiNozzo was leading the second team to the other stairwell. McGee was coordinating the operation from one of the vans. All of a sudden, a sniper voice could be heard at the radio.

“Agent Gibbs, there is a blonde girl standing in the suspect’s room. I have a clear shot. Do I have a go? Over.”

She was awake? He should have known. It only took a split second to take a decision. “Do not shoot! I repeat, do not shoot!”

Swiftly after seeing the helicopter, the brunette rolled on the side and squatted down.

“Are you OK?” asked Buffy, still unable to move from her bed.

“Cops ‘re swarming all over the place! Curse ‘em” said Faith, losing her temper.

“Faith, you have to get out of here!” Buffy urged her.

“I’m not leaving without you, B!” replied Faith, more stubborn than ever. Indeed, she was dumber dyed in blonde!

Buffy took a deep breath. “Listen, Faith, about me getting shot? You screwed up! You really did!” she said, shaking her head. “But do you remember the first rule of slaying?” Faith opened the mouth, but Buffy continued before she could say anything. “Don’t die! That’s the first rule! Don’t die!” she repeated. “If you try to get me out, we’re both gonna die! Now go!” Buffy fingered the air vent above her to her sister Slayer. “That’s your only way out. Go now!”

“Well, my first rule is: don’t be a scaredy-cat!” replied Faith, readying herself to lift Buffy from the bed. She was hearing careful footsteps in the corridor, and knew what it meant.

Faith was really getting on Buffy’s nerve. Maybe stubbornness was a Slayer compulsory trait. “You want to make up for getting me shot? OK. Getting killed is the easy way. If you really are no ‘scaredy-cat’, you’ll get back to Sunnydale and stop this Apocalypse.” She chose to slightly change her strategy. “Or maybe you are afraid that you can’t stop an Apocalypse on your own? Without the real Slayer – me – around?” she finished, her eyes defying the brunette.

“Fuck you, B!” yelled the brunette, completely infuriated. “OK, B, if you want to get caught, then, so be it!” She moved closer to Buffy, menacing. “But I can stop an Apocalypse any day” she added, grabbing Buffy by her coat.

“Prove it!” retorted Buffy, unimpressed.

“Oh, I will. Good luck with the jail, B.” Faith then quickly jumped on the bed, carefully avoiding Buffy’s legs, opened the vent and started getting in the ventilation shaft.

“Just promise me two things, Faith. Watch over the Scoobies and don’t kill any of these cops during your escape! Promise?”

Faith could hear the cops closing in, behind the door. She started to cool down and to realize B had played her. “Promise!” she said, swallowing as she crawled in the shaft.

“And Faith? Tell Angel not to try to save me either. And that I love him.” Buffy added after a few seconds, unsure if Faith could still hear her. Just at the same time, her room’s door broke open.

Gibbs entered the room first, followed by Ziva. The blonde was lying on the bed, visibly barely able to move. He stopped instantly, lowering his gun and staring at his daughter. He drowned in her beautiful hazel eyes, unable to break his gaze.

"Clear!" shouted Ziva, making Gibbs come back to his senses. "Gibbs!" she said next, pointing her head at the air vent.

He nodded, and said, through the radio. "DiNozzo, we have a second suspect in the ventilation shaft. I rep..."

"Don't bother, it's me!" his daughter interrupted. "I... I opened it, but I was still too weak to climb up there."

Luckily, she wasn't as good at lying as she was at surviving lethal wounds... And besides, he had heard another voice while they were in the corridor. "I repeat, we have a second suspect in the ventilation shaft! Secure the floors, two men on each, my team will be guarding the exits." he said after a few seconds of hesitation, looking down at Her. She looked deeply worried, and avoided crossing his stare.

"Ziva! McMahon! Stay with her! The others, come with me!"

Buffy had really gotten the better of her, thought Faith as she climbed a vent line. She had completely manipulated her, sacrificing herself in the process. It was so much like her… Faith knew that she didn't have a real fighting chance if she had brought the crippled Slayer with her, but she would have tried nonetheless.

Even though she hated Buffy at the moment, for forcing her to act like this, she knew that Blondie had a valid point. The easy way would have been to get killed trying to get B out. B had been much more cruel than that… To ask to a loner like Faith to watch for the Scoobies was almost sadistic. She smiled. Maybe B could be dirty when she wanted, after all…

She had almost reached the roof. It would be easier for her to escape from there. She could run and jump from any side of the building. Surely those cops weren’t everywhere. The helicopter would be her main concern, though. She climbed on one last surface, gave a powerful kick in the grating, and exited the shaft.

“Federal agents! Put your hands on your head!” yelled a cop in her back. Fuck, she thought, as she raised her hands.

DiNozzo threw at the visibly dyed blond a pair of handcuffs. He knew better than to approach her to handcuff her himself. “Put these on!” he ordered. She grunted, but seemed to obey. It wasn’t so surprising. She was surrounded by him, another SRT officer, plus a helicopter circling around, with a third man pointing his rifle at her. What else could she do? After she had put her handcuffs, DiNozzo relaxed and put his gun back in his holster. The two other men put their gun down as well.

“Boss! It’s OK, we apprehended her. We are coming down with her.”

“Good job, DiNozzo.” replied Gibbs.

Steven Wright relaxed when he saw the suspect handcuffing herself, and stopped pointing his H&K G36 directly at her.

“It’s OK, Mike! They got her!” he yelled at the pilot.

A second of distraction from the guy in the hellli, that’s all what she was waiting for. The two cops on the roof had relaxed as well, one of them had even put his gun away. He would realize his mistake too late, she smiled. They would learn that even handcuffed, they were no match for her. She had come closer to them, just as they had ordered her. Without a warning, Faith swiftly performed a circular down kick, knocking both cops over. To finish them, she violently kicked the one that was still armed in the ribs, almost throwing him off the roof. He barely managed to clutch a metal rod with his hand, dangling his feet above the drop. If he fell, it wouldn’t be entirely Faith fault, she thought, so her promise to Buffy wasn’t broken.

The guy in the helli had seen the action, and was about to point his gun at Faith again, but she outpaced him. In three incredibly fast moves, she skillfully jumped the almost ten yards gap that was separating her from the aircraft, clung to the helicopter’s skid and jumped in the cabin with an elegant backward somersault, kicking him with both feet as she landed. He hit the back of the helicopter pretty hard. She grabbed his rifle, hit him with the butt to make sure he was knocked out, and pointed it towards the pilot.

“Now, if you don’t want to get a bullet indigestion, you’ll do ‘xactly as I say.” threatened Faith.

NCIS had found the helicopter about 25 miles from the hospital, abandoned in a field, with both agents tied up, and one of the rotor blades bent beyond repair. DiNozzo and the other agents had confirmed that the girl was Faith Lehane, but even with her photo, she was nowhere to be found. It was a miracle that Deming – the agent she had almost thrown of the roof – had survived and been able to climb back on the roof.

Gibbs was now in the ambulance that was carrying his daughter to Quantico’s naval medical clinic. The doctors had required her to be heavily sedated to ensure her safe transportation. He was looking at her. She seemed like a wonderful girl. Gibbs couldn’t understand how she had gotten involved in such a mess. She would probably end up her life in prison for it, but at least, she was safe from now on. Gibbs knew he would have to be especially hard on her during the interrogation, to have any hope to extract information on the other terrorist. The people that had educated her had spared the rod and spoiled his child for too long. He would do what he had to do, and try to convince her to help them, in exchange of an agreement. But it would be hard for him to be hard on her.

He sighed. In a few minutes, they would have arrived. Banishing these thoughts from his mind, he moved his seat closer to Her, and peacefully caressed her beautiful blond hair.
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