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I drew the blood of my blood

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Summary: When Gibbs shoots a blonde girl during an Antique robbery, he has no idea that Abby is about to announce him he just wounded and maybe killed his own daughter. And with Buffy out of commission, Faith will have to embrace her Slayer responsibilities.

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ChosenTwoFanFR18920,61279137,76629 May 1326 Jul 14No

7. Did you find her name?

A/N: Hello everyone. I hope you all had a nice summer. So, after a long wait, here is a new chapter. I can’t guarantee a next one before a few weeks at least, but I hope you enjoy this one.
I really enjoyed the reviews from last chapter, and completely agree with them: MissLesley, Raven and DeepBlueJoy were right and I was wrong: Buffy would not have been transferred at NCIS with such serious wounds. So I updated Chapters 5 and 6 to have her sent to Quantico’s Naval medical clinic.
Thanks as well for spotting my grammatical mistakes, I’m always happy to correct that :-)

The whole team had gathered in a meeting room at NCIS’ headquarters, listening to Gibbs.

"It was something like 2 years before Shanon and Kelly were murdered." Gibbs paused for a few seconds. "I was diagnosed with testicular cancer," he continued, "and the doctors required that I made a sperm donation in case I became sterile and wanted other children afterwards. I think that it is the best explanation of how Joan, for lack of her real name, could be my daughter. Maybe the sample got given to another couple. Would that be possible, Abbs?"

"It seems very unlikely, Gibbs, but I suppose it could happen. I heard the case of two couples where they inverted the two sperm samples during an artificial insemination, so this could have happened here too." answered the lab technician.

“Good. Let us make it our working hypothesis. Ziva! DiNozzo! I want you to go to the Washington fertility center. That’s where my sample is supposed to be stored. If it got used, find Joan’s real name.”

“Sure thing, boss.” answered Tony. “Let’s go, Ziva!”

Gibbs had a knot in his stomach as he looked at his agents leave. Having Joan’s name would mean knowing all her background as well, and all the things that led her to be at best a mercenary, at worse an international terrorist. She had mentioned she had a father, but that he didn’t care. So, she hadn’t been in foster home like he originally thought, but he hoped it wasn’t worse than that. He shivered. If she had in anyway been abused, he was sure of one thing: the abuser wouldn’t live much longer.

The last driver that she had travelled with had just dropped Faith in Des Moines. He was heading to Sioux Falls next, which definitely wasn’t on Faith’s road. It was after midnight, and she couldn’t find another car willing to take her, so she had resigned herself to finding a motel. She was probably in one of the crappiest parts of the town, which was good as far as hotel rates were going. She was quite exhausted and frankly, a good night of sleep would be nice. She had at last spotted a motel a few blocks away, and was heading there when a familiar tingle ran through her spine. She started smiling.

“Well, well. I would be damned if it’s not the Slayer.” said a vamp as he emerged from the darkness. “Oh, wait! I’m already damned!”

A vamp with a sense of humor, even a crappy one, was nice for a change, she thought. Faith looked around as five other vamps came out of hiding, forming a circle around her. Two were armed with iron bars, one with a knife and the others with only their fangs. There was however something strange going on. She could feel a fear that was unusual even for vampires facing a Slayer. Even their leader seemed hesitant. Maybe his jokes were only a way to reassure himself, after all.

“We were warned that you might be coming. You have something very interesting in your possession, a Falchion, I believe. Give it to us if you want to live, Slayer!”

“Is this what you are looking for, vamp?” she said, drawing the weapon. Before they could react, she summersaulted behind the vamp holding the knife, and beheaded him with the Falchion. Or that’s what she thought. In reality, she swung the blade to his neck, but only managed to bury it one inch deep. Damn! That weapon definitely wasn’t a fighting tool, she thought.

She swiftly fastened it to her belt again and drew her stake, but not fast enough to avoid a hit from one iron bar on the shoulder. That hurts, she thought! Trying to be impervious to the pain, she quickly regain focus and staked her attacker, grabbed his bar, and staked it through two other vamps, binding them together like an undeadly skewer. She kicked one of the two, making them fall on their leader. The rest of the fight was quick. She effortlessly disposed of the last two free vamps, and then punched the leader, who had managed to break free from his companion. She staked the two skewed vamps, and finally grabbed the leader by the neck.

“So vamp, if you would prefer a painless death, you’d better answer me quick.” she threatened. “Who sent you?” Just to show how real her threats were, she stabbed him in the guts with her knife, and twisted it slowly, smiling. The vamp screamed with pain.

“P… Please… Stop! I’ll… I’ll talk. My master is… is called… Kra’ach. He warned all the vampires of the Mid-West that you might… be coming. And that we had to retrieve one of… the swords of the Flux from you.”

“Good! Kra’ach, then? And by any chance, did he tell you where we could find the other swords?” she asked, twisting the blade again, leading to more screams.

“The Kris!” he shouted. “The Kris of Thousands Jewels! We… we believe it is hidden in the Gallant Brothers’ Manor! I swear, that’s all I know!”

“Oh, I believe you, vamp!” Faith said, twisting the knife some more.

“Please, just finish me off!” he begged. “You promised!”

“I’m sorry, wrong Slayer!” she replied, tearing her knife from his gut just to bury it in his neck, and quickly twisting it again. “Painless death is Blondie’s specialty, not mine.”

Faith continued to play with the vamp for a minute of two before staking him. It wasn’t as fun as she thought. B had really started to rub off on her. Or maybe it just wasn’t fun anymore without her sister Slayer ordering her to stop... Anyway, she had learnt a lot in what had been a valuable fight. Though a strange one. Now that she thought about it, the vamp seemed to be almost reciting a text when she asked him about the Kris. And these vamps seemed to be mere younglings. You don’t send only 6 younglings against a Slayer… Was it a set up to lure her into a trap? Nah, she was probably paranoid. She had just become a formidable fighter, even for a Slayer, she thought. But that wouldn’t prevent her from being extra careful when going to the Gallant Brother’s Manor. No way she would blunder again like she had done with B two days ago!

Angel hadn’t dared waking up Giles in the middle of the night after Faith’s phone call. Even with such dire news, he considered he had no right to disturb Giles like that. Giles would never forgive Angel for killing Jenny Calendar, and he shouldn’t. Even now, having waited an entire day and coming as early as it was reasonable after nightfall, Angel felt terribly uneasy about barging in his house. But he knew that he had to do it. Angel knocked at the door and sighted.

“Angel!” Giles said as he opened the door. He sighted, and his face was as tensed as it could be, but he moved sideways to let Angel enter his house. “What brings you here?”

“It’s Buffy.” the vampire replied, entering the house.

Giles face changed again, letting show deep worries. “Is… is she alright? I haven’t got news from them in two days… I’m starting to be deeply worried.”

Angel couldn’t face Giles’ stare any longer, and looked sideways, while his eyes were filling with tears. “She has been shot badly. She… she is going to make it, but she has been captured by the military.”

Giles’ face became white instantly. Angel wasn’t sure that even a vampire could be that pale. “What… what happened?”

With a deep sigh, Angel started relating the events of the disaster.

“That stupid, impulsive, foolish girl!” ranted Giles after Angel’s explanations. “I should have known she wasn’t ready to go without watcher supervision. I now, because of her, Buffy almost died.”

“Giles…” Angel’s discomfort when talking to Giles was still easy to see. “She’ll be back in less than two days. And from what I could see on the phone, she is unstable enough as it is. We’ll need to help her, not to come down on her like this.”

Giles looked sternly at Angel, almost chocking. “How can you of all people be so relaxed about this? She almost got Buffy killed!”

“But she didn’t!” shouted Angel, at last releasing some of the tension that had been building up inside him. “Look, Giles, there is no one that holds Buffy as dear as I. But I know what she would want us to do right now. She would want us to stop that pending apocalypse before anything else. And for this, we need Faith on board. Now that Buffy is out of commission, she is the strongest warrior that we have left.” He paused for a second to let what he was saying sink in. “I can assure you that when it is finished, I will be the first one to risk my life to get Buffy out.” He continued. “But not now.”

Giles sighted, taking his glasses out to rub them. He knew Angel was right and hated it. He thus changed the subject abruptly to what really mattered. “I have started to investigate the Kriss. We know it is in a private collection, but I have no idea where exactly. And now that I am no official watcher anymore, the council won’t even bother to take my calls. I don’t know how we are going to find it.”

“I would instinctively think that we don’t have a lot of time, Giles.” replied Angel, glad that the watcher was focusing again on the problem ahead. “We need to have located it before Faith comes back. You need to gather the Scoobies for research. I’ll look to see if my sources can help us as well.”

DiNozzo and Ziva were coming back from the sperm bank. It had been quite a short investigation. Their computer record from so long ago were a complete mess, and they hadn’t been able to trace if the sperm sample had gotten lost. So, the two agents took the list of all the women that had been inseminated at the bank around that time. Such a good think that they had a solid warrant to ask for these data! Now, all they had to do was to go over the two thousand corresponding names, find photo of each corresponding child, and find the right one. Gibbs would know his daughter’s name any minute now, or in a few hours if it was the last name on the list.

Looking at the clock as the minutes went by, Gibbs realized that he didn’t have the patience to wait. Even with the name, there were still so many questions to be answered. He took his jacket, and called Ziva.

“Ziva! We are going back to the Naval medical clinic. There are still a few questions that Joan can answer while we find her name. I want you to look at her reactions, as usual. McGee! DiNozzo! I expect you to come…”

“… as soon as we have her name, boss. Got it!” replied DiNozzo. He looked at Gibbs and Ziva hurrying to the elevator. Waiting was definitely not his thing on this case, he thought…

Gibbs entered the room holding a cup of coffee in one hand, and a bottle of water in the other.

“No files his time, Jethro?” asked Buffy. “Is the case closed? Did you find DNA or prints and see that I was innocent?”

“I see you have a good sense of humor, Joan! Does this mean that you are feeling better?” replied Gibbs as kindly as he could, handing her the bottle.

“Well, a bit, thank you. I couldn’t get up from bed or anything, but yes.” she lied. In fact, she was feeling much better. She was sure that she could run and fight if she needed to, even though she still was far from a hundred percent. By tomorrow, she could start to seriously consider an escape.

“I’m happy to hear that!” Gibbs paused for a few seconds, taking a deep breath. Here came the questions, he thought. “Listen, Joan, I’m sure that by now, you have had time to think about your future. If you help us, I could propose you a deal to lessen greatly the time you are going to spend in prison. Tell me more about the organization you are working for. And, as you said you were fighting a rival organization, tell me more about them too.”

Buffy sighted. “I appreciate that you are trying to help me, agent Gibbs.” she replied honestly. “But I can’t tell you anything about either ‘organizations’, as you phrase it. I am sorry.”

“Damn it, Joan! It’s the right thing to do, and I am sure to know it.” snapped Gibbs, furious. He was now standing up, and pacing the room. “Are you afraid of someone? We could protect you, if that’s the case.”

Ziva was listening to the interrogation when the door opened. It was DiNozzo.

“So, Tony, do you have it?” she simply asked.

“Yes, I do!” he replied, then looking through the glass at the room. “Do you think that it is a right time to come in?”

“As good as any. He can’t get her to say anything anyway.” She sighed. “It must be so hard for him! He shoots at her, only to find with DNA that she is his daughter. And now, he is trying to make her talk to prot…”

In the room, Buffy Summers – that was the name that their research had found – abruptly stiffened on her bed, her face filled with surprise. She stared for a few seconds at Gibbs.

“You… you are my father?”

Hope you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to your reviews and comments!
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