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Faith Malcovich, Biotic Supreme

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Summary: What if Faith got a second chance? Just in time to help a certain Commander John Sheppard save the galaxy? With any luck, the Asari won't mind and the Reapers will just give up... Yeah right!

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogyHappyWonKinobiFR1824,033061,8871 Jun 138 Jun 13No

Dream in a coma

"Yunno? I think you got the shittiest life I ever saw. And that's sayin' so'm."

Male, deep enough to be black, but bodiless. Normally those sort of qualities in a voice would freak the hell out of Faith and make her want to kill it, or something else out of frustration.

But Faith didn't even react. It was only a dream, so why bother? It would play itself out, or show to be what happens when you die and bring her to the hell she was definitely deserving. So she kept on watching the way the water lapped at the sand while the sun set. It never set like this back in Boston. It always rose from the water. It was beautiful.

The voice continued talking. "Well, I gotta story for ya. 'Cause truth is? I don't really care that you got 'lucky' on the lotto. Your pops split the second he found your mom preggers, but at least she care enough to keep you in school and away from those gangs and her customers. When she was sober, that is."

Truth be told, she didn't really care. B prolly won and either killed the only male to ever truly care 'bout her or got 'erself eaten by 'im.

"Then there was that shitty deal you got with gettin' Chosen. Yeah, for awhile you got to be the big bad Faith, the One Girl tha' choo did not fuck with. Not even the big bad demons messed wi' chya. Right up till your girl, that DD chick, got wasted 'fore your eyes."

She was prolly dead anyway after that knife to the gut she'd gotten from B. Now all she wanted to do was watch the surf.

"So you did something. You done it afore, you did it again. You ran shitless, not that anyone who truly understood could blame you for it. It was too much, and in the end you were just some damn kid who got 'lucky' enough to get one of the worst hands o' cards I ever seen."

It was nice here. She didn't have to be anyone or anything. She could just watch the surf. In, out. In, out.

"Then you got to good ole Sunnyhell. Things were kinda nice now weren't they? You got someone who saw what choo saw, her mother who gave a shit or two, and a couple other kids who appreciated you. Till you messed up, that is. But truth is, you ain't the one what dropped the ball. They were."

Her eyebrows raised a bit, those last words attracting a little attention from her. Didn't distract her from the surf, but it let him/it know she was at least listening a little.

"See, when this happens in the military, they got people and they got ways to deal with it. They send you to a shrink who can see how accidentally killing a partner or a innocent civilian and actually give a fuck about you. They might say, 'No more active duty for you for now.' because they don't want you to break. I mean, they push you hard in the military, but they know that a soldier that's pushed too far, by them or by things outta their control, ain't no soldier. No that's a walking corpse or a broken body, someone who could get themselves and possibly others killed because they ain't alive inside no more.

"Though, it's kinda funny. The only time you get a truly good break is when you get one of the worst breaks of your life. They treat you like a leper, like you killed him on purpose instead o' tryin' to figure out that he wasn't supposed to be there and die, and you get the one man who will actually treat you like the girl you are. Like you always were supposed to be treated.

"Like a princess, in a land of dragons."

The sound of crunching sand reached her ears. It when she felt someone sitting down next to her.

"How ya holdin' up Faith?"

"I'm dead. How ya think I'm holdin' up?" She said it without the bitterness usually present in her voice. She just said it like it was a statement of fact, like the way the voice had been stating things earlier.

"Well, actually you're not dead yet. O' course, if I'd'a seen ya sooner and you weren't a Champion, then I'd'a ordered you killed jus' so's I could getcha reborn somewhere else, away from that shitty hand o' cards."

"Then why didn't ya?" She asked calmly, like they weren't discussing the fact that he would've had her killed if he'd noticed her. Which, wouldn't have been a huge loss in her opinion.

"Well, rules are rules. And little miss Reincarnation Overseer is a bitch when it comes to the little things, let alone the reincarnation of the soul of a Champion."

"So, my soul is a big thing." She phrased it like a statement, but said it like a question.

"Girl, it's one of the biggest things I ever saw. And, contrary to what you might think, it's actually worth a little somethin'."

"Just a 'little something'?" She asked, a little self-deprecatingly.

"Well, yeah, as is. But if I had any say in it, 'just a little something' wouldn't even cover the cost of your soul, not in a million years."

"And how would you do that?"

"By givin' you a second chance."

She looked at the man who'd sat down next to her. Black, early-to-late twentys, maybe 30 at the latest. A lot like she'd imagine him to be from the voice she'd been hearing. He also seemed a little odd. There was this look in his eye that she'd never really seen before. It took her a few seconds to identify it, and even then she wasn't really sure.

Honesty, maybe?

"Now see, there's this trouble I've been told about across the way." He began. "From what I've heard, it would give me a perfect excuse for the reincarnation of a Champion. That's sayin' it won't be easy though, but if you agreed, I'd be able to give ya a new life all your own. No one there to destroy your self-respect, and no reason to lose the strength of the fire in your soul.

"But like I said, it's your choice. You can stay here and maybe try to get yourself killed or redeem yourself, or you can go somewhere new with different odds, different challenges, and a whole new chance to succeed or screw up, all your own."

She looked down at the sand beneath her feet. Sure it was an illusion, but it was good enough. Allowed her to think.

Sand had always helped her think. She didn't really understand it, but it was true.

And this was a time when she needed to think if ever there was one.

A whole new life to live. No one to live up to, no one to measure against, no one who knew what hells she'd been through.

A clean slate.

Maybe even a home. Or parents who actually gave a shit.

She looked at him, and that gave him all the answer he'd need from her.

He smiled softly, genuinely. "Good luck then."

And the surf began to fade.

Goodbye Sunnyhell, hello new hell!

A/N: Yeah, I know, I should be working on my other stories, but I'm getting there!

Also, just a little "YAY TO ME!!", I actually finally graduated High School! Got my diploma on 5/25/13!

Hope you like the story. I got the idea from a few bits and pieces here and there and the game I got for a graduation gift from dad: the Mass Effect Trilogy.

If I stop it dead, that probably means that I've reached where I am in the storyline of the game and I need to play some more before I can write more.

Can't wait to see where this goes, and I hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I do.

Almost forgot the disclaimer: The extent to which I own Mass Effect is that I got the trilogy for a graduation gift. The extent to which I own BtVS is that I have a few memories (half-reliable at best) of watching, though I didn't get past christmas of season 3. I will mention the Metroid series, but just as a bit of irony that the characters aren't unaware of.

Also, the Mako car/mobile tank you can play as in the first game is like an RC car! It's fast, super-responsive to your commands, and the control scheme is just like one as well! It's really fun (though a bit annoying to drive well with)!
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