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Ethan Rayne Must Die For This

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This story is No. 43 in the series "Life (And Unlife) In Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander decides to go and do Snyder’s bidding on Halloween in an entirely different costume than what he’d earlier planned to wear. Nope, there’s no way this could possibly turn out to be a complete disaster for him….

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Star Wars > Xander-Centered(Current Donor)ManchesterFR131560174,5411 Jun 131 Jun 13Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and Star Wars characters are the property of their original owners.

Frantically fleeing for his very life down the dark Sunnydale streets from the lynch mob hot at his heels and howling for his death, Xander Harris still took a moment to remember just how he got into this latest fix.

Maintaining his panicky sprint, the Hellmouth native panted out loud, “You just had to be a cheap bastard yesterday, didn’t you?”

Well, to be fair, he’d been totally and completely dead broke then, without enough cash to buy the toy gun far beyond his price range at the new costume shop in town. Looking around in the place (called for some reason ‘Ethan’s’) for anything at all to go with his army fatigues waiting at home, Xander had scrounged the last of his pocket change for a folded white t-shirt lying on the shop counter where the creepy English proprietor was ringing up today’s sales.

It wasn’t until the teenager went back to his house that Xander discovered there, instead of being an ordinary, plain t-shirt without some sort of image or slogan on it, his clothing purchase in fact had on the front in big, black, block letters, the STAR WARS logo.

It was at this point when Xander had his ill-fated inspiration.

The next day, from the Scoobies’ meeting at Buffy’s house to show off their costumes to each other to the trio’s visit to the high school and lastly taking the younger trick-or-treaters out in the Sunnydale night, Xander was wearing his t-shirt instead of what he’d earlier planned to wear, the army outfit. Throughout it all, this new costume consisted of the words carefully inked in black marker above the world-famous logo: UPCOMING NEW AND MOST TALKED-ABOUT which was followed by the next two words and one last addition of CHARACTER.

As a final accessory, Xander also wore a blank mask consisting of a sheet of white art paper stolen from the library, covering his entire face save for the cut eye-holes and held in place by two pieces of tied string.

He’d actually received a couple of compliments about this from his fellow geeks, how imaginative it was in honor of the future new movie scheduled to start shooting soon. They couldn’t wait to see it, the very start of the Star Wars saga with all its new characters that George Lucas was going to reveal to eager fans world-wide.

Ten minutes after a Chaos mage had gleefully cast his spell in honor of Janus by changing all of the people wearing their costumes into their characters for real (even if they didn’t yet exist), Jar Jar Binks was running like hell.

Apparently, besides the physical changes which had Xander now being a perfect double for this Gungan, tonight’s Halloween weirdness had also inflicted upon the altered teenager that alien’s supremely annoying personality. It’d been so bad that every other costumed character in the vicinity had set aside their potential squabbles with each other to instead band together in a pursuing horde baying for Xander’s blood.

As for this high school student, in between kicking it up another notch in his flat-out dash to stay just ahead of everybody who now wanted to kill him, Xander was inwardly cursing in the most vile language that damn guy from Modesto and all his stupid movies.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ethan Rayne Must Die For This". This story is complete.

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