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The Bazaar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Starbuck's Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Starbuck, Angela, and Cy's pit stop at The Bazaar. They just want to reprovision, get some info, some parts, and get out. Simple, right? >psshh

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Stargate > General
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jakedamanFR1569,8420112,1701 Jun 1328 Sep 13No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

How to Win Fiends and Influence People

Disclaimer: It ain't mine, I want it, but can't have it. But I can write about it! So, Enjoy!

Cy checked his read outs watching Angela's progress. A low beeping caught his attention distractingly. Keeping one eye on his freinds progress he brought up the source of the signal. It was the locator beacon in Starbucks computron Cy had built for him.

“Cy, can you hear me? Are you functional?” Starbuck’s voice whispered across the ether to him.

Sending a text message he responded instructing Starbuck to use the wireless earpiece Cy had included in the devices construction.

“Nice,” Starbuck sub-vocalized after placing the device in his ear.

“Starbuck! I knew they wouldn’t be able to keep you down,” Cy said. Sobering he informed Starbuck by saying, “Whomever abducted us has started to dissect my robotic form. They have since been rendered comatose. Angela is on her way to my location now.”

“Good,” Starbuck said in response.

Pro Re Nata caught Cy’s attention saying, “The Lucian Alliance has arrayed two of their Battleships in firing distance of my Shell. Kefflin, the creature in charge of the Lucien part of the triumvirate, has boarded six of his… ‘men’ inside me. I was unable to stop them.”

“Let me guess,” Cy said, “they are going to try to claim my body for themselves.”

“They are headed in that direction,” she agreed.

“Starbuck,” Cy said to his friend, “There are seven beings of the Lucien Alliance on board. They will reach my body before Angela does. You are nearer to them…”

“No problem buddy,” Starbuck replied, “I’ve got your six.”

“Careful Starbuck, they look human but they are not,” Cy warned him, “they are known in your parlance as Vampires.”

Starbuck skidded to a halt saying, “Um, you mind repeating that Cy? Cause I could’ve sworn you said they are Vampires.”

Grinning at Starbucks reaction on his view screen Cy confirmed saying, “That is exactly what they are Starbuck. Blood sucking fiends from Hades itself.”

“Okay.” Starbuck responded simply, running harder and faster than before he said, “Just for the record? This is a baaaad idea.”

Chuckling Cy didn’t bother to respond, instead he checked on Angela’s progress. Grunting in surprise noticed she was closer to her goal than he thought possible.

Noticing his concern Pro Re Nata said, “You did not know?”

Raising an eyebrow he asked, “Know? Know what my Lady.”

“You’re friend, Angela. She is genetically adapted to fight such creatures.” The female A.I. explained.

Returning their attention to the view screens the two A.I.’s observe Starbucks seemingly reckless encounter with the Vampires. Running full tilt towards the creatures, waving his blaster in the air Starbuck yelled, “YAAAAHHHH!” at the top of his lungs. At the last second he dropped to his knees, sliding past the enemy and letting loose energy blast after energy blast from his Colonial Weapon.

Of the six creatures in the group three went up in ashes. Literally.

That left three more and when he fired at them he got quite a surprise.

“Personal Shields?” the thought flitted through his mind, “Seriously?”

Holstering his blaster Starbuck brought out his combat knife preparing to sell himself dearly. Angela barreled around the corner and proceeded to knock the Vampires into each other. Cy whispered in Starbuck’s ear, “Grab Angela and run for the lab my body is in. We’ll be able to take them in there.”

“You got it buddy,” Starbuck responded. Rushing forward he yelled to Angela, “They’re too strong for us! Let’s get out of here!”

Angela kicked one in the gonads then ran away with Starbuck. They rushed to the lab, flipped over the table near the door and glared at the Vampires running in after them. Following Cy’s whispered warning, “Get down and cover your eyes!” they followed suit.

Starbuck yelled, “Hey! Who turned on the sun?”

A female voice said, “I did,” amidst the screams of the disintegrating Vampires.

Starbuck exclaimed, “Who the Hades are you? Cy! Are you holding out on us?”

Cy’s avatar grinned as he struggled to keep his voice even when he said, “Why, whatever do you mean Starbuck?”

“You rescued a damsel in distress didn’t you?”

“Well… yes.”

“Gah!” Starbuck yelled throwing his arms up in disgust, “You got the girl!”

Angela tried to hide her giggles behind her hand as Starbuck wheeled on her. Punctuating his exclamation by pointing to himself he said, “I’m supposed to get the girl! It’s in my contract!”

By then, both Cy and Angela were laughing themselves silly. Pro Re Nata shook her head in bemusement saying, “You humans are so strange.”

Scanning the room grinning like a loon he sobered quickly saying, “Oh Cy, what were they doing?”

“It’s all right my friend, my core is unharmed,” Cy said reassuring his companions, “However; we do need to get some key parts reconnected soon or…”

“Gotcha Cy,” Starbuck answered while prepping himself, “don’t worry pal, we gotcha.”

Muting communications, the female A.I. said, “Cy, please check external sensors.”

Quickly adjusting his control interface Cy did as requested. Growling in anger he muttered, “What I wouldn’t give for a phalanx of Cylon Raiders right about now.”

Pro Re Nata smiled in response saying, “Not to worry, I have shields they will not be able to pierce.”

Returning to her interface she said, “I do need your help in locking down my body. I would like to rid myself of this… ‘infestation’.”

Alarmed Cy asked, “Infestation my Lady?”

“The Goa’uld and those that work for them,” she answered succinctly then reassured him saying, “I would like to herd them to the transport chambers. The Goa’uld and his ilk? I want them off of me! The rest? I will give them a choice.”

Nodding in understanding he asked, “And that choice is…”

“They leave or stay. Those that stay may join me on my quest for a planet to reawaken my people.”

“An honorable quest my Lady. I am sure some will want to join. You may even want to ask some of the people on the planet below.”

Quirking an eyebrow she admitted, “I… had not thought of that.”

“We humans are known for playing hunches that are usually right.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The Bazaar" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Sep 13.

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