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The Bazaar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Starbuck's Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Starbuck, Angela, and Cy's pit stop at The Bazaar. They just want to reprovision, get some info, some parts, and get out. Simple, right? >psshh

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Disclaimer: Stargate, Battlestar Galactica:TOS, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer are not owned by me. I'm just playing in their world!


The Bazaar.

Known far and wide as the one planet that has EVERYTHING. Its origins lost to the mists of time. This planet is mostly covered in water except for one sub-continent sized island. There are rumors of a lost civilization's ruins lying under the caustic seas. Anyone that has tried to investigate, however, has ever survived or been seen again.

Fortunately, for those involved, the only landmass straddled the equatrial region. This made weather fairly stable year round. As for those pesky super hurricanes and tsunamis the Conglamerate that controlled the Bazaar had forcefields to protect them.

The original facility found on the planet had been added to and expanded over the centuries. It had started as a small farmers/flea market by the Hebridans. As their technology progressed to current levels it became more of a Clearing House of older and unwanted technology.

Then a minor Goa'uld, by the name of Imhotep, arrived through the Star Gate with a proposition. A Cartel was formed between the Hebridans Tech Con Group and this minor Goa'uld and The Lucien Alliance. Over time the once small market is expanded upon again and again. Now it nearly covers the whole of the sub-continent offering goods and services to whomever has the wherewithal to pay for them.

By popular consesus the Cartel placed the Chappa'ai in the Way Station in geosynchronus orbit above the Bazaar about a century ago. This space station had been discovered derelict and in a wide elliptical orbit about the planet of The Bazaar. A joint effort by the Hebridans and the Goa’uld recovered the craft laying claim by right of salvage.

Goa'uld teleportation rings were used to move people and goods to and from the Bazaar for ease of local transport. Surprisingly the Way Station ended up with a total of four Chappa'ais that were busy practically 27 hours a day during the last century or so.

As a result of the Cartel anyone and everyone is welcome to this Galactic Market. All manner of beings live and work at the Bazaar their whole lives, for generations even! One such family of dissaffected Human/Serrakin half-breeds from Hebridan, tired of discrimmination, had been running the Way Station centered around one of the Chappa'ais almost a century now. In all that time the Comptroller had never seen the type of craft that just arrived through the Chappa'ai except in old Holo-Docs.

The space ship exiting the wormhole of the Chappa'ai was oblong as are most craft that traverse this Ancient device. Once free of the Event Horizon wings grew out transforming it into a disk shaped vehicle with evidence of basic Goa'uld technology present. The Comptroller's contact for the parasitic lord would reward him most handsomely for this information. Hiding his smirk behind a cup of cokfa he checked his mental list of debtors, deciding which one he would pay off first.

He just KNEW it was going to be an interesting day.

"We are in god's hand." Angela calmly stated. Their rebuilt Raider automatically powered down as the stations Tractor Beam took hold.

"That's not magic Angela. It's technology." Starbuck peevishly exclaimed.

"I am aware of that Starbuck." She steadily responded. "I'm just working with what I know."

"Can't argue with that." Starbuck declared.

"We are berthed." Cy intoned.

"Good." Angela decided. "Power down main systems and secure the ship, just in case."

"Aye-Aye Captain!" Starbuck jauntly acknowledged.

"By-Your-Command." Cy intoned automatically as his robotic fingers danced across the controls. Starbuck and Angela stared at him in slight shock. Sensing their gazes borring into him in the ensueing silence, Cy looked up.

"What?" a pause, then, "By Slyth'yn, I did it again, didn't I?" muttering other such oaths under his electronic breath, Cy shook his head in despair.

Exchanging amused glances Starbuck and Amanda nodded at the robotic Cylon Centurion. Cy smacked his palm against his metallic forhead of his cyclopean faceplate. In very human fashion he dragged it down his face letting out a snake-like hiss.

Starbuck, rising from his Pilot Station clapped a hand on his robotic friends armored shoulder jovially stating, "Don't worry Big Guy! WE still love ya, ya Bucket-O-Bolts!"

Having already left her Command Station Angela commisserated, "I understand Cy. Some habits are harder to break than others."

"Truth." Cy simply responded. Calling after them he doublechecked, "Everyone remember the plan?"

"Yep." Starbuck responded, popping his "P", "We captured, fixed and reprogrammed you and the Raider." After a moments pause he added, "What ARE we going to call her anyways?"

"Uhura," came Angela's replay "it means beauty."

"Ssspau'te'en." Cy intoned "that's beauty in my language."

"Huh," Starbuck deadpanned "I thought your language was Computron C?"

"Ha-ha." Cy buzzed.

Continuing Starbuck offered, "Eletheria, it means 'Freedom' in Ancient Kobolian."

Heading to the bottom hatch Angela supplied, "In Jaffa it is Huurya'a."

"A'njad?" Cy asked.

"Yes, really." She responded as he stopped beside her.

"Uh, CAPTAIN?" Stabuck's voice called in from the open hatch "We have some 'official' company."

Climbing down the extended ladder Cy ducked out from under the Raider. He slowly scanned the area as menacingly as possible then intoned, "MiLady. It-is-safe."

Exiting the Raider in a stately and haughty manner she stated, "Thank you Navigator. Pilot, please introduce me."

"Allow me to introduce The Lady Angela of House Leo." Starbuck pontificated, "She is on a Tour of the Gate Network and has decided to grace the Bazaar with her presence."

The lead guard (or thug, Starbuck hadn't decided which) cocked an eyebrow. The tallest of his team of five beings he topped out at 6' 6" and was almost as broad as he was tall. He reminded Starbuck a little of the Nomen of the colonies. Ruthlessly suppressing a flash of homesickness he simply smiled blandly at the giant.

"Everyone is welcome at the Bazaar." The lead being ground out. Despite sounding like he gargled with gravel, the trio was easily able to understand him. "However, we do need to know why you have a Cylon as part of the crew."

"He came with the ship." Starbuck quipped, affecting a casual air, "Couln't buy the Raider without him."

The being growled at Starbuck as Angela stated, "My Pilot, though he spoke out of turn, is correct. I decided to eschew using any of my Family Yachts. I am 'ruffing' it as my Pilot would so inelegantly put it."

"So, he is loyal to you?" the Security Lead queried, disbelief coloring his voice and posture.

"Yes, of course he is!" she bristled. Stomping into the Security Leads personal space she growled out, "How dare you question me! I am the 3rd daughter of a Prince of the House of Leo. You will treat me with the proper respect and deference!" dropping her voice an octave Angela finished, "Am.I.Understood?!"

The lead thug (or guard, Angela hadn’t decided which) lowered his eyes, subserviently nodding his compliance. Sliding back Angela beamed happily, "Now that that's clear, we require lodging to clean up and rest from such a long voyage. Is there a Hostel you would recommend?"

The Security thug chuffed out a breath and informed them, "Yes MiLady. My apologies MiLady. If you will step over to the nearest information kiosk I will show MiLady how to access it to find what you require."

"Very well." she agreed imperioulsy. Turning, but not looking at Cy, she ordered, "Secure the ship Navigator." Not waiting for an acknowledgement she strode forward telling Starbuck, "With me Pilot. Hopefully you will be able to figure out this 'Information Kiosk' and find us suitable lodging."

Starbuck resisted the impulse to roll his eyes at Angela hamming it up and instead muttered a peevish, "Yes MiLady, of course Milady

In short order the Trio found themselves at a Monetary Exchange booth in the local 5-star hotel. Well, Starbuck was at the booth negotiating the exchange of their loot into the currency of the Bazaar. Angela waited for him at an outdoor cafe with a newly acquired palm computer going over the history and rules of the Bazaar. Cy was giving the impression a monolithic statue, only his optic sensor sliding side to side. He was only giving partial awareness to his surroundings as he was currently engrossed in the history of the Bazaar as well.

Once done Starbuck strode across the lobby up to the mezzanine where his friends waited. Stopping in front of Angela he assumed an approximation of attention. Bowing slightly at the waist he intoned, "MiLady, our rooms are ready."

Nodding in acknowledgement Angela haughtily rose from her seat. Cy immediately strode towards the turbolifts just off the mezzanine Angela behind him and Starbuck bringing up the rear with one hand on his blaster. Taking the appropiate lift to their floor Starbuck quietly informed his crewmates, "Well, I got us the best deal I could and booked us a 2 room suite on the top floor."

Angela and Starbuck then stared out through the transparent material of the cab. Laid out before them was the Bazaar in all it's splendor.

It was several square miles haphazardly sectioned off in no discernable manner. There were stalls, next to tents, next to multi-story buildings. And the colors. Such a riot of colors! They weren't able to look away until the cab dinged to let them know it had arrived at their destination.

Cy was the first to turn away keeping to his role as bodyguard. Sensors at maximum he led his stunned friends to the rented suite, using the card key to enter the temporary dwelling. Once inside Starbuck informed them, "I ordered the appropiate clothing for a Lady and her Pilot. Cy, you've got an appointment to get 'cleaned up' and polished. Angela we need to freshen up and get dressed for the evening. I was able to make some appointments with the mover's and shaker's of The Bazaar. We'll need to wear the formal outfits I purchased cause we need to impress the hades out of them."

Cy's optics stopped as he stared at his human friend. He asked, again, gesturing about the room, "Starbuck? Are you sure this... is necessary?"

"Cy my friend" Starbuck answered as he started to disrobe heading to his room in the suite, "yes. It is absolutely necessary in order to get what we need with the minimum of fuss and muss."

Turning he clapped his hands ordering, "let's go people! Places to see, people to do!"

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