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Hold On

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dog Days". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander asks a favor from an old goddess, which changes a few things when Sunnydale falls. Spike/Xander

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramacalikocatFR1834,8691147,0373 Jun 137 Sep 13Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty
Word count: 1,471


It was a long drive to LA, but Oxnard's hospital simply wasn't equipped to deal with some of their injuries...not to mention this many. So it was a long drive to LA, all of them exhausted; most of them hurt, probably everyone at least had a concussion. Getting thrown around did that to a person.

The hospital Giles chose was upper scale, but no one questioned it. After all they'd already unanimously volunteered him to head up the new council, since they were all that was left after the old council went boom. Not that anyone was gonna miss Travers. Ass. But the hospital was upscale, and Giles handled it all, evidently putting him in charge was a good idea, he had access to Council funds. Which was awesome.

Luckily though Xander had managed to evade all medical aid. He wasn't hurt, he was already on meds to avoid an infection in his eye socket...and he simply wasn't comfortable with strange people in white coats poking at him before he was comfortable in his new form. Not that he'd ever be comfortable with people in white coats poking at him. But he was still wigging out over the fact that he'd turned into a girl...woman...and a slayer. That hyena Goddess was sneaky...who knew that somewhere in his lineage there had been a potential. Lovely.

Besides this new development in his life his little world of Xander was still spinning and reeling in loss. Just hours ago he'd lost Anya, who for a time had been his world...and he'd lost Spike, the only one who'd ever made him feel...cherished. Beautiful; as sappy as it sounded. He hadn't felt this off balance since...since the night no one ever talked about. The night Jesse was dusted.

He snarled quietly to himself and stood from his chair in the waiting room. Too many thoughts, they were going to drown him. So he started to move, prowl really, through the hospital, no destination in mind. He was lucky, he supposed. His new status as a slayer made up for a couple of things, though he was thankful he hadn't lost any of his height with the change. No, he was lucky because Slayers were graceful creatures and had a way of compensating for any...defects. It made the loss of his depth perception less crippling.

Then he caught a scent that stopped him in his tracks. However the pause in his actions gave his brain a moment to shoot an unrelated thought at him that made him wonder if he needed to start thinking in terms of girlyness...this sex change could be permanent...or not. Did it really matter? He still felt like a his head anyway...he obviously still rambled in his head like he always had.

Whatever, he'd think about it later, what was more pressing was the scent he'd caught, the scent that had stopped him in his tracks. The only reason it made him stop, was the familiarity of it. When he realized just whose scent it was he started moving again, until he came to a room with two unmoving bodies.

One of them was Cordelia.

Numbly he sat in a chair by the bed, and stared. What else could he do? This...this was too much. He'd lost Anya, Spike...and now Cordy? What the hell had happened to her? Why hadn't Angel said anything to Buffy when he'd given her the skinny on the first or that damned Amulet?

“Miss?” A woman in scrubs was in the doorway, eying him warily. Probably already reaching for an emergency button to call security.

Xander looked at her, knowing his one eye was dazed looking and blinked back tears. “Yeah?”

“I'm sorry, you can't be in here.”

“What happened to her?”

“I'm sorry-”

He growled. “Her name is Cordelia Chase; we dated in high school until I broke her heart. We've known each other since we were five. I just barely escaped Sunnydale with my life, my lover didn't make it out and now you won't tell me what's happened to my high school sweetheart?”

The woman's demeanor changed and she gave Xander a pitying look. “She's been in a coma for some time...that's all I can tell you.”

Xander closed his eye and let a tear fall. “He should have told us.” He sighed and stood, and moved closer to Cordelia, cupping her cheek. It was as soft as he remembered. “Hey Queen C. We'll do everything we can for you.”

“She is getting the best care.”

“Ma'am no offense, but the man who was supposed to be looking out for her never bothered to tell us she was hurt. Us kids from Sunnydale, we take care of our own. Excuse me.” He slid out of the room and past the nurse. He had a witch to find.


It pretty much took no needling at all to get Willow in on “Operation Wake Cordy,” and Buffy seemed more peeved than Xander that Angel had kept something this big from them. So an hour later, after Willow had gotten what she'd needed from the nearest magic shop, they were back in Cordelia's room.

Kennedy stayed behind Willow as she worked, touching her shoulders occasionally to help keep her grounded. Willow finally seemed comfortable in her own skin, with her magic once more. She seemed whole, it had been a while.

He and Buffy stayed out of the way, letting Willow work her mojo, there were stinky herbs, and some herbs that weren't so stinky. There was a bit of a light show, nothing to short circuit anything but they'd all felt a bit of a tingle in the air. There were a few words in a language Xander didn't understand...and then...Cordelia's eyes opened.

And Willow gasped as a bit more power rushed through their formerly comatose friend. The slayer within Cordelia had awakened. Hazel eyes blinked at them in confusion before she sat up...and stared at them.

“Oh thank God. Did you know the PTB were just gonna leave me like that till they needed me, then they were just gonna throw me away? As in dead.”

Willow smiled at her. “You're welcome.”

He grinned and sat on the edge of Cordelia's bed. “Hey Queen C.”

Her jaw dropped. “...Xander? You're a girl...and you only have one eye. What the hell happened to you?”

“I could ask you the same thing. When the hell did you end up in a coma?”

“A higher power...or maybe it was a higher hell beast...anyway a big bad hijacked my body, seduced Connor into impregnating me, and then used me to give birth to itself. It's been a long year.”

Buffy spoke for all of them when she said; “Whoa.”

“Yeah, so what are you guys doing here?”

Willow shrugged. “Nowhere else to go. Sunnydale went caput.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s gone Cor. We closed the Hellmouth...well Spike closed it. Nothing left of Sunnydale but a big hole.” He gave her a sad smile.

“Spike? Vampire Spike? Wait...I remember something about that...” When they gave her confused looks she clarified. “Before the big bad took me over it ascended me to a higher plane, to get my body ready. I thought I was there to look after everyone from a position of higher power. No such luck, all I could do was watch, float, and be shiny. But I saw a few things. Spike saved the world this time huh?”

Xander nodded. “He didn't make it out.”


A tear escaped his eye. “It’s a long story Cordy. But...we were together. Having a soul changed him, and I fell harder than I ever have before.”

“Whoa...any chance a video survived the crash and burn that was Sunnydale? A porno like that could make some money.”

He couldn't help the chuckle that escaped. “Sorry to disappoint you Queen C.”

Willow and Buffy shifted behind him, almost guiltily. “Actually...” Willow giggled. “Dawn and Andrew managed to sneak some shots...and I uploaded them to a private server where I could access them later.”

“Wait, my sister saw Spike and Xander having sex?”

He dropped his head in his hands. “Dear God.”

Cordelia was cackling for a good two minutes before she calmed down enough to talk again. “So you guys have a place to stay?”

He shook his head. “No, the hospital was our first stop.”

“Look in my bag in the closet. There should be a key to the Hyperion in it...and let’s get me checked out of here.”

“Anything you want Queen C.”

Buffy however raised her hand. “Wait...who's Connor?”

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