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Murphys Laws of Combat

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Summary: What Happens when a bit of his Legendary luck rubs off on another Soldier? Xander Shepperd is about to find out.

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2. Recoilless rifles - aren't.

Sitting in front of the computer terminal, Zamheer Al-Russan typed in the needed commands and waited as the secure communication connection warbled to life. In a few moments time the data burst had downloaded all relevant information and transferred itself to his Omni-tool before deleting all history of its existence.

Glancing down at the device, the S7 operative warily scrolled down the list of names: Kimberly Brooks-KIA, Steven Barr-KIA, Keith David-KIA, Seth Green-KIA, Jennifer Hale-KIA, Lance Henriksen-MIA, Ali Hillis-KIA, Brandon Keener-KIA, Mark Meer-KIA, Marina Sirtis-KIA, Ash Sroka-KIA, Raphael Sbarge-MIA, Fred Tatasciore-KIA, Leigh-Allyn Baker-KIA, April Banigan-KIA, Wendy Braun-KIA, S. Scott Bullock-KIA, Andy Chanley-MIA, Cam Clarke-KIA, Townsend Coleman-KIA, Tim Conlon-KIA, Marianne Copithorne-KIA, Belinda Cornish-KIA, Josh Dean-KIA, Grey DeLisle-KIA, Charles Dennis-MIA,

And on and on and on, the names rolled passed, all highlighted in red or black save for one Zamheer Al-Russan-Active. Leaning back in his chair, the Major let a curse slip out. Over the last several months, the S7 had been under siege and they had never even known about it until the ones responsible had thrown in on a decapitating strike on the unit’s main base.

At the moment, he was the sole surviving senior operative alive. Some peons on the lowest level had been overlooked, but in all this was a clean strike.

Rubbing his chin, Zamheer leaned into the terminal command pad and started entering codes. Someone had gone to considerable effort to keep something secret, something that S7 was unaware of.

He may be the last living S7 operative alive, but he would be damned if he was the last S7 operative period.


Timothy Jenkins sat in the lower cargo area and held his armor as the screen replayed. The helmet cam had caught the entire thing on video and he still could not believe it. Rubbing his hand alongside the deep channel the Geth weapon had dug through his armor, the young lieutenant took a shuddering breath before replaying the scene again.

A rock, a stinking rock had saved his life. He had been shot at before during his six years of service, but never so close. Rubbing his finger along the furrow in the armor the young soldier felt the small gap of air where the bullet had burrowed through before skipping off. Another fraction of an inch and the deadly round would have bounced into his armor and done horrible things to his squishy parts.


“So whats the plan?” Xander asked as he looked between Anderson and Nihlus.

The two shared a look before the Specter leaned forward, “We go back to the Citadel. I sponser you into the Specters, the Council will vote on it,” Nihlus explained before shrugging. “But honestly that is just a formality, they appointed me to see if you’re worthy and on my say so you are a specter,” the Turian said before catching Xander’s eye. “And I say you are a Specter, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with that position.”

Swallowing at the thought of what he was about to do, Xander nodded before Nihlus leaned back a bit.

“After that I will form up a strike force and go after Saren,” Nihlus explained before waving his hand to cut off Xander’s request “And you are not coming with me.”

At Xander and Anderson’s outraged responses Nihlus shrugged once more, “You are a Specter now, your job is the protection of Citadel space,” the older Specter explained before pushing on. “Saren is dangerous, but the real threat are the Geth. That warship of Saren’s and whatever endgame he is looking for, your job is to find out what that is and crush it.”

Finally nodding, Xander let out a disgusted sigh. “Fine, but if you need help-.”

“I know who to call, a Specter stands against all threats, but we do not stand alone” Nihlus said before standing to leave. “I will forward some names of support personnel that you might find of value. If you want to take on the best, you need to work with the best.”

Nodding as the Turian left, Xander turned back to Captain Anderson, “And what about Udina?” Xander asked of the rather surly diplomat.


Stepping into the crew area, Xander sighed as the men and women of the crew quickly moved out of his way. Rolling into his bunk, Xander let his head drop back and stare into the last momento of his life in Sunnydale. The one thing that kept him from believing the whole thing was a fever dream from Eeso exposure during the Skyllian Blitz.

The faded picture of Buffy, Willow, Dawn and himself as they laughed in the Summers’ living room.

He could still remember that night, the world had been saved, the demon flavor of the week slayed early and the gang had settled in to watch Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, it had been a fun night filled with laughter and Joyce had snapped the photo sometime during the evening.

In all it was everything he missed about his old life.

Hitting the privacy filter on the bunk, Alexander Harris/Sheppard waited for the opaque screen to drop down before allowing himself time to cry.


Standing in front of the Turian Ambassador Sparatus , Xander sighed as they went over the events once more.

“And you’re sure it was Saren,” Sparatus asked for what felt like the thousandth time before leaning back in his chair at Nihlus’ once more confirmation. Lacing his fingers together in thought, the Turian representative to the Council let out a sigh. “This changes things. Everything Saren has done for the last decade is now suspect,” the politician said before slamming fist onto his desk.

“Damn it all, this is the last thing we can afford.” The councilor said with venom before looking at those assembled before him, “The Human is now a Specter, with the Salarian and Turian vote it isn’t even an issue. I expect him to understand what that means.”

“As for Saren, I want a full recount of everything that piece of Bliznack has done in our name. Every specter he sponsored will be reviewed, every mission recounted and every single credit he spent audited.” The enraged Turian yelled before slapping the desk again. “I WANT HIS HEAD, DAMN IT,” the politician yelled before taking a deep breath and staring at Nihlus and Xander. “That is not a euphemism; I want that Py’jac spawn’s skull sitting in the Council hall, him and whoever and/or whatever he is working with.”

Standing from behind his desk, the Councilor left with a brief word about Shepherd meeting the Council to be sworn in before disappearing from the room.

Blinking in shock at the politician’s outburst, Xander turned to Nihlus for an explanation as the older specter shrugged. “Sparatus sponsored Saren’s promotion to the Specters. They fought together, bled together. For Saren to betray that, there is no greater insult among our kind.”

Nodding in understanding,Xander left the room. Nihlus, Anderson and Zamheer followed to witness the swearing in of the first human Specter.


Gestalt 1, System presence 11010110101111 – Registry adaption – Asteroid Athena, We have consensus.

Gestalt 1, System presence 11010110101111 – Registry adaption – Asteroid Athena, We have consensus. – Gestalt 1 system interface records evidence of Human unit Sheppard/Commanders promotion to Specter, Human unit Sheppard/Commanders new Registry entry – Specter Sheppard/Commander.

We have consensus.

Communication with unit Specter Sheppard/Commander for platform assistance against Heretics, Consensus Reached.



Sitting in his new cabin, Xander went over the files Nihlus had sent him. Shoving the majority of them away, they were all capable men and women, but they were also all career military, with no flexibility in them at all.

One thing he had learned in his long life… lives… had been the need for people that thought outside the box.

Reaching for the terminal setup, Xander began digging through the C-Sec files for just the right flavor of crazy to help him in his mission.


(A/N) Thank you Duchess for Beta'ing, writing has been hard for me at the moment, work and life...

Bah, here is Chapter 2, i hope you all enjoy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Murphys Laws of Combat" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Sep 13.

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