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Murphys Laws of Combat

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Summary: What Happens when a bit of his Legendary luck rubs off on another Soldier? Xander Shepperd is about to find out.

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1. Friendly fire - isn't.

Good Luck

“What about Sheppard? He is colony born, his whole family was killed by Slavers, he knows how dangerous it is out there”

Moving through the mid-evening light of Eden-Prime Lieutenant Timmothy Jenkins in his haste to prove himself and get promoted to the prestigious N7 missed the small stone in his way as he hurried forward, and true to form the young man’s toe caught the upraised debris and sent him hurtling down the small path in a tumble as a hail of bullets ripped through the space he had been previously occupying.

His training was top notch though and the young man’s movement to cover was something that would do any seasoned war veteran proud.

Huddling behind the boulder the Alliance Trooper reconsidered his chosen career

Shaking his head at the young man’s luck Alexander ‘Xander’ Sheppard nodded to Kaidan Alenko and the seasoned duo charged the hovering scout drones as one, the Biotic energy basting one away outright as Sheppard’s Rifle stitched the other across it’s dome for a second before finding enough bite to breach the shell and commit horrific damage to the small machines inner workings.

Jogging to the third member of the team Sheppard smiled and offered the young man a hand up “You good?” he questioned and nodded at the young man’s affirmative response but kindly ignored the kids comment on his needs concerning a change of pants, it was better than his first time being shot at.

Of course he had been four at the time, running away from pirates and slavers that had invaded his home, the small colony had been wiped out, the few survivors scattered to the galactic winds after the destruction of their homes.

Nodding at the two Sheppard, Alanko and Jenkins moved quickly up the hill, checking the downed bots for any information they could scavenge before moving on.

Ten minutes later the reinforced team was nearing the spaceport with Gunnery Chief Williams of the Two twelve and an older space dog they had saved due to their timely arrival by the name of Zamheer, the man had been retired for some time but was a Major in the Eden-Prime Militia, the surprising thing was the rather easy manner in which the older human kept up with them, never seeming to be out of breath and moving in anticipation of Sheppard’s orders,

In all the Commander was damn glad to have saved the old coot from being Spiked by the blue eyed robotic Geth, and even more so when the geezer had but-stroked one of the husk like creatures that the Spikes were turning the humans into, knocking it away long enough for the commanders pistol to finish the job.

Kneeling down next to the fallen thing, the white haired and weather beaten man had snapped a small camera out and taken a couple of quick pictures as the twice dead forms crumbled away, he had explained to the team that eyewitness accounts were great and all, but nothing weathered the test of time like a good photo.

Moving up past the Archeological dig the team crested the hill and let out a sigh as they managed to get their first view of the spaceport, the sigh was choked off as they finally got a look at the towering behemoth that had been the landing craft for the attack, the ship towered imperiously over the landscape shrugging off the feeble attempts of the Eden-Prime militia as they fired scattered Anti-Aircraft rounds at it.

Glancing down at the spaceport Jenkins frowned for a second as he pulled out his Sniper Rifle and zoomed in on the loading area, “Commander, there are two Turians down there, Nihalus and ano- HOLY SHIT” the young man yelled in a panic as he twitched sending a round downrange.

Below them Nihlus and Saren both reacted in a manner befitting two seasoned warriors, Nihlus spun towards the sound as the bullet struck high and to his left, he just barely managed to avoid receiving a fatal shot to the back of the head from his friend and fellow specter, for his part Saren growled lowly before firing towards the rapidly moving Nihalus in an attempt to finish the job, his efforts were thwarted as a hail of rifle fire from the ridge sent the rogue Turian scrambling towards the loading rails cursing darkly at the further complications to the plan.

Rushing down the hill the squad made short work of the Husks that had shown up at the sound of gunfire before making their way towards the downed Specter who after glaring at them as he poured Medi-gel into the wound ordered them after Saren, and the beacon, he made sure to use words like Authority, empowered and extreme prejudice before Sheppard Kaidan and Ashley ran after the rogue specter leaving Jenkins and Zamheer to watch over the injured Turian.

Rushing past the downed Specter the trio made short work of the Geth assembled against them before hijacking one of the freight trains and chasing after the mastermind of the attack.

The rest of the mission was a blur for the commander, of disarming nukes and fighting Geth to finally clearing the landing pad just as the massive ship left and finally having his mind shoved into a blender full of death and sadness, fear and Reapers…

Reapers, he had the oddest feeling that would be important later on, his last thought as he drifted off into a coma was that at least Ashley had gotten away.


“Captain Anderson, Nihlus a word if I may.” Looking up from their conversation the two highest ranking men on the ship stole a glance at each other before following the Eden-Prime soldier over to one of the computer terminals as he brought up a series of pictures “I needed to get your perspective on this,” he said pointing to several of the pictures of the once human ‘Husks’ “These are what the soldiers are calling Husks, the pylon spikes seem to hollow out the insides of a humanoid species and overlay a series of nano-wires throughout the nervous system, giving a central control system the ability to use them like puppets in combat or program in a set series of commands to be run, I won’t know until we get one that is still… well alive if you will” Zamheer said seriously before moving on

“That being said however the ‘Husks’ don’t fit the profile for the Geth,” he explained before he was interrupted by the injured specter.

“How would we know, the Geth haven’t been seen outside of the Persues Veil in three hundred years” Nihlus pointed out as the older man nodded.

“Yes but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any information on them, probes, scouts and scattered folklore has been collected by Alliance security for as long as we have known about them, we KNOW what they look like and nothing they have looks anything remotely like this, or like that dreadnought they showed up in for that matter.” Zamheer said as he pointed out inconsistencies between the two. “It is kind of like seeing a bunch of Krogan ships with one BIG Asari cruiser in the middle of it, you can paint it the right colors but it just doesn’t fit in”

“Could they have stolen the design? Perhaps modified it from one of their own?” Anderson asked curiously as he leaned in to view them as Zamheer shook his head

“Not likely, we would have seen advancements steps between the two, even as advanced as she is the Normandy has very distinct Turian lines with some Human elements thrown in, but you can still tell fundamentally where it came from, this would require a mind that is completely outside of the Geth to design and build, and for something like that to come out of nowhere, either it was already here and they found it by accident, or someone with a hell of a lot of resources can be for sneakier than I feel comfortable with.”

“And how is it that you are aware of all of this? A Major from the Eden-Prime militia would not have access to all of this information” Nihlus asked curiously as he watched the man out of the corner of his eye carefully.

Smirking at that the major spun slightly in the chair to face the Turian “I never said I was JUST a Major in the militia, I also serve as Major for the S7 forward intelligence division,”

Glancing up at the Captain Nihlus took the mans shocked look as evidence towards the older humans claim “Never heard of them,” he said as Anderson finally managed to do a mental reboot and respond

“They are a lot like the Specters, but not as outgoing, they prepare the way when Humans go to war and mine the approaches when others try themselves against us, hell if rumors are to be believed half the battles in the Contact wars were won because of them,” Anderson said before shaking his head again and looking back at the Specter “During times of peace though they watch everyone, keeps tabs on everything and make sure that if war starts tomorrow humanity damn well knows what it is getting itself into”

Giving the captain a non-conformational nod the Major turned back to the screen “Eden-Prime was our forward access base, it stored the collected data we had gathered on the traverse, the Geth, the Quarians and a hundred other species and organizations that exist in there.

“And you didn’t see this coming?” Nihlus asked scathingly as the older man sat back in his chair.

“Exactly, usually when intelligence ‘Drops the ball’ so to speak they have no resources in the field, nothing endangered when it all goes pair shaped, protect the sources and work the big picture kind of shit,” the Intelligence specialist explained before turning back to the image of the dreadnought “but this caught us with our pants down, I shudder to think what would have happened if they had been serious.”

“Serious?” Nihlus said with a snort before looking back at the humans “Saren shot me in the back, planted four thermonuclear devices in an inhabited city, piked up humans like some Vlad the impaler rip off and tried to make off with one off the greatest archeological finds in the past three hundred years, and you don’t think that is serious?” he asked rhetorically as he stared at the youngest intergalactic species to date,

“not really, he sent in what amounts to a raiding party, did some damage and then ran away, why plant nukes when you have a DREADNAUGHT sitting on top of them, why shoot you when he could have easily just hit you and the team with one of the secondary guns once you started shooting, hell he could have just landed atop the beacon in the first place, snapped it up and been gone. No muss, no fuss.” Zamheer explained before leaning back “there are just so many unanswered questions, why did Saren go rogue, what ship was that, who controlled it, how did they get the Geth to work with them and why did they want the Prothean Device,”

“You don’t think Saren is in control of that ship?” Anderson asked as Zamheer shook his head.

“No, his Psych profile clearly indicates that he has no moral impulse to avoid collateral damage, the nuke just reinforces that. If he was in control of the ship he would have opened up with the main guns and wiped everything out from the very start, either he is working FOR somebody or WITH somebody, and both are troublesome to consider.”

Nihlus nodded at that to confirm that it was the most likely scenario of choice for the Rogue Specter. “If he is working for someone than it is someone that can offer more than the Council and Specters, and if he is working with somebody it is someone with a hell of a lot of resources and the ability to sway a Specter from his sworn duty," the Tuarian said thoughtfully "Alright than, this is all going into my report and I will definitely have something to say to the council when we get it, already a detention order is out for Saren under my authority, this matter will be dealt with”


Gestalt 1, System presence 1101011010110 – Registry adaption – Colony Eden-Prime, We have consensus.

Gestalt 1, System presence –Eden Prime – unit presence to observe and report on splinter faction, - Registry adaption – Servant of the old Machine/Children of Nazara/Heretic, we have consensus.

Gestalt System presence –Eden Prime – unit presence to observe and report on –Heretic- units, Heretic units attacks Biological settlement –Eden Prime- employing zero tolerance runtimes and psychological warfare ‘Dragons Teeth’ systems acquired from Old Machine –Nazara- Human unit Sheppard/Commanders interference resulted in Heretic retreat from locale, Human response likely to be violent against all Geth units, 99.576% probability of attempted Platform termination for unit Gestalt 1 in area –Eden Prime-, we have consensus, Unit Gestalt 1 removing platform from –Eden Prime- local.

Communication with unit Sheppard/Commander for plateform assistance against Heretics, no consensus reached.


Xander groaned slightly as the lashing images decided to settle into a semi-coherent state and only cause him pain via the overhead lights that burned their way past his retina and scoured his mind in pain. “Four hundred years of hospitals and they still put the worst light right over your bed,” he complained as he sat up and blinked at his surroundings, he had not had the privilege of entertaining the good doctor aboard the Normandy with his usual collection of injuries both life threatening and mundane but he had seen it during his initial tour of the ship.

“And how are you feeling” Doctor Chakwas asked pleasantly before waiting patiently for the soldier before her to stop glaring and respond.

Finally grunting at the matronly doctor Sheppard held his head gently “Blended” he muttered before forcing himself to swing his legs off the side of the bed and waited for the universe to catch up with his spin.

After a moment the Soldier took notice of the concerned look on one Ashley Williams face as she stared at him from across the medical bed. "How long was I out?" he grunted and winched at the time lost in his nightmare world,

"Well fortunately for you there seems to be no long term damage from your adventure," Chakwas said as she ran her medical omni-tool over the commander once more, "health and vitals are all stable and with the exception of some odd brainwave readings while you were out you seem to be fit as a fiddle, more so than our Tuarian friend at least." the Doctor said with some disgruntled thoughts at the Specter that had refused her services due to some odd specter traditions dating back thousands of years.

If you asked her it was only slightly less absurd than bleeding the sick with leeches and using coconut water in lue of plasma.

As the Captain and the current source of her ire walked in Chakwas saw the two men’s jaws set tight and quickly removed herself and Ashley from the med-bay, if there was one thing she had learned over her years of serving the armed forces, it was that sometimes there were conversations even she didn’t need to be a part of.


(A/N) I do not own BtVS or Mass Effect

Sorry if it jumps around a bit, I tried to make it clear, Xander’s presence in the Mass Effect Verse will be explained, but don’t look for others from the series, I do not want the Buffy Verse characters over riding the Mass Effect verse Characters.

How you can look at Sovereign and even consider it to be Geth is beyond me, it is like looking at a Toyota and confusing it with a Ferrari,

Finally, I am considering adding in some of the other team members from the other games, Legion, Jack, Vega, Etc. do you think I should, or should I keep it Vanilla outside of the already added members?
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