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Perceptions of Truth

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Winchesters look for some help in finding and defeating Eve

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
Highlander > General
ChristyFR1857,629043,64710 Jun 1315 Oct 13Yes

Chapter 5

Title: Perceptions of Truth
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 18
Fandom/Theme: Highlander/Supernatural/Buffy
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Distribution: and TtH
Series: Alissa's Interests #9
Chapter: 5/5
Spoilers: During Season 6 of Supernatural
Summary: The Winchesters look for some help finding Eve
Author's Note: Thanks so much to everyone for putting up with the sporadic updates- real life has been rather hectic lately! This is all done now, and since I already have the next story all written as well, all I need to do is start typing! Enjoy, and don't forget to R&R...Also, I was going to leave it at the first section, but my muse demanded more.
Author's Note #2: Yes, this does have Destiel content in it, but I've tried to keep it PG-13ish...but if this isn't one of your ships, you might not want to read this.

Sam wandered into the convention room that Dean had told them to meet at and aimed a glare at his older brother. “What the fuck happened in our room, dude? I came back to drop off my gear and the room was just trashed!” Seeing the fully stocked bar off in the corner, the younger Winchester decided after what he'd seen, now was definitely time for a beer.

Watching his baby brother wander over and sit down across from him, Dean smirked, shrugged and said “Nothin much.”

Sam went to badger his brother but Alissa's snort from behind them both cut him off.

“Cute, Dean, though, for the record, the Council with be compensated for what it takes to fix the room,” she said as she and Faith, following behind her, came in and sat down on either side of the boys. “Now, as regards what Caleb told the two of you, Eve's in the Midwest.”

Sam and Faith proceeded to fill Dean in on what the seer had said about Eve, but Sam was a little surprised Faith hadn't mentioned the second prophecy and said so.

“It's not something that concerns you or your task with Eve,” Alissa responded, then, off his furious look, elaborated “This is something the Council has to deal with, not hunters.”

“Well, who the fuck is the Council anyway?” Sam demanded.

Faith smirked. “The Council is the group that trains all the Slayers. They used to be different before the First Evil blew up Watcher HQ in London, but the IWC has different plans and ideas for how to protect the Slayers. We're more about trainig the girls then sending them off to just fight and die like they tried to do with Buffy.”

Dean went to comment on the name, but Sam even shook his head at the look on the women's faces. “So,” Faith continued “my original idea was for all of us to go after Eve, guns blazin', but Miss Watcher here says she's got a better idea,” she told them with a jerk of her thumb in Alissa's direction.

The other woman sighed and shook her head. “I know you're mad we didn't tell you about Rayne, but it was MY problem first- he threatened Duncan!” she blurted out and Faith went pale.

“Oh fuck, THAT'S the Immortal he went after? I thought you were just pulling a vengeance gig cuz he tried going after YOU!” she said and Sam was up in an instant, knife slashing at Alissa's risen form, but she soon had him up against the wall, one arm at his throat and the other hand holding onto the wrist with the knife. “Listen here, Boy Scout Jr” (which elicited a chuckle from Faith) “you don't know what you think you're doing, so put the knife down and we can discuss our plan like civilized people.”

Off of his nod, she turned to Dean as she released Sam. “Keep a leash on your damn brother; fill him in LATER. Right now, we have to plan an attack against Eve, and that's fucking bullshit anyways.”

Everyone looked at her, puzzled, but Dean's the one who asked. “Why? What's bullshit?”

Alissa shook her head and chuckled as she went over to the bar and poured herself a stiff scotch. “She was always jealous of Eve, even after Adam married her- the “Eve” you're looking for is Lilith.”

“That's impossible- we killed her with the demon knife....she was the last seal to release Lucifer!” Sam blurted out, but Alissa simply raised a brow in his direction.

“And how well has that been working out with Crowley?” she posited to the brothers, then waved the query away as unimportant. “As it stands, I'm suggesting Faith head out with you- there's a couple of places that fit Caleb's criteria. Meanwhile, I know someone ITCHING to help with Ethan while I try and track down the Priest's twin. Any questions?”

Dean shrugged and Alissa smiled softly. Leaning in close and putting her hand on his arm, she whispered “You need to tell him- you'll need Castiel a lot more in the next couple of years than you know.”

“How do you know?” Dean called out as she headed out.

Turning back towards the trio, she smiled. “Did you forget? I was once a seer.”


“A plane, Sammy?” Dean demanded, twisting around to look at Sam, who was racked out in the backseat with Faith, while Castiel sat, alert, in the passenger seat.

Sam muttered something unintelligible and Dean plowed on. “A plane, Sammy- you know I don't like planes.”

“It's a private jet, not a commercial airliner,” Faith pointed out, wise awake moments after the Impala stopped on the tarmac.

“Gotcha- less debris to hit the ground,” Dean groused.

“It'll get us out to the Twin Cities faster,” Faith reminded them as she got out of the car and stretched. Leaning over the driver's side door, she said “And there's still plenty of room inside for your precious baby, so no excuses.”

Dean looked rather mulish at his main excuse for not getting in the flying metal deathtrap being taken out of his hands. “Fine, but I'm borrowing Sam's Ipod, tho.”


He hated flying; Sam knew that already! But, part of his logical mind knew that three and a half hours flying was better than the near day of nonstop driving it would have taken. He just closed his eyes, gripped the seat rests and started humming “Back in Black” under his breath as the plane continued its ascent.

“Dean, I could have just as easily brought us to Minneapolis at a moment's notice,” Castiel reminded him calmly and Dean eased open an eye to glare at the angel.

“The last time you pulled that shit with angel transport, I was puking for half an hour. Fuck no!” he gritted out. And, once the seatbelt sign was off, his was and he bolted for the bathroom. He was mildly surprised, but, then again, he hadn't known exactly what Alissa had meant when she'd said she had fast transportation for them to Minneapolis, which was the nearest hub of supernatural activity that had fit Caleb's checklist. The Gulfstream G550 had been bigger than he thought when Alissa had told them to take her “little puddle jumper”.

“Talk about your understatement,” he muttered as he looked over the black, white and gold décor of a bathroom that was a hell of a lot more spacious than the standard commercial models. The plane hit a bit of turbulance and Dean rushed to the toilet, whipping the lid up as he was violently ill. Just then, there was a knock on the door. “Yeah?” Dean demanded in a croak.

“Are you okay? Sam seems to believe you might need some help,” Cas explained from his side of the door and Dean's mind flashed back to Alissa's advice. He leaned his head against the cool glass of the mirror once he'd managed to stand back up and contemplated his choices. He'd turned, hand on the doorknob, when the plane bucked again and the door flew open, Castiel falling into the room.

Dean stumbled back against the sink, catching hold of the angel's shoulders to keep him from falling. But then he looked up to see Cas staring at him, concern evident in his eye and Dean couldn't deny himself any more. He stared hard at a puzzled Cas and he walked over and shut and locked the door so that it wouldn't bang back open.

“Dean, I wish I knew what to do to help you. I feel this need to protect you and make all your ills disappear. I am unused to this amount of concern- it is troubling,” Castiel informed him, a confused look on his face as he tilted he head to the side and looked at the hunter for advice.

Dean hung his head, trying to hide his hopeful grin. “But, didn't you say that you and I share a profound bond?” he questioned, not wanting to lead the angel with his questioning.

Cas furrowed his brow in concentration. “There is that bond that I made when I pulled you from Hell but this seems to bind me closer still to you. I wish to comfort you, but I don't know how.”

Dean took pity on him and walked over to cradle Castiel's face in his hands. “Let me show you how,” he murmured before leaning forward and finally giving in to the desire to kiss his angel.


Sam turned up the volume on his reclaimed Ipod when he heard the inevitable stumbling around in the cabin behind him about half an hour after he and Faith had sent Castiel after Dean.

“Took 'im long enough,” he muttered to Faith, who gave a throaty chuckle as she unbuckled her belt and sauntered over to him.

Straddling his lap, she peeled the headphones off. “And who says big brother is the only one who gets to have fun?” she asked as she kissed him and everything else faded into the background for them both.

The End

You have reached the end of "Perceptions of Truth". This story is complete.

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