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Not a Dream, Fairy Tale, or Imaginary Story

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Summary: Response to Challenge 7477 from texaswookie -- The Law

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Television > Grimm
Television > Sentinel, The > Buffy-Centered
batzulgerFR156986,78222521117,33914 Jun 1331 Jul 13Yes

Chapter Fifty-Seven

"Draugar?" I asked.

Lisil nodded, "Spectres of the restless dead. Those so evil that Choosers of the Slain, such as myself would never consider collecting them. The Lady Hel will though, and she will transport them down to her realm Niflhel."

"So I know Hel is ruler of the lands of the dead, why would she be getting involved?"

"I have no idea, she hates Odin."

"So she wants what we have, errr had."

"You still have it Detective. I was unable to recover it before you entered the building."

I felt better at that, "So what can these Druggies do?"

"Draugar...Some can change their shape, some can invade dreams or see the future, and others can control the elements. All are vastly strong and very hard to destroy. They feast on the flesh and blood of the living to survive..." My ears perked up at that last part.

"So they're kinda vampires? What hurts them?"

"Iron will harm and weaken, but won't kill. It takes purity of purpose to do that. An absolute dedication to their destruction to make weapons actually sever their phantom threads."

"An absolute dedication to the destruction of vampires huh?" I said loudly. I could see Faith, Ruby, Donna, and Sheryl start grinning. "I wonder where we could find people like that?"

"I have not a clue B!" came the response from the peanut gallery. "I guess we should pack it in huh?"

"Yeah right..." I replied. "Chief Har keep them confined to this yard. Riley, as a dedicated monster hunter you should be able to drop them too, get over here. Ed, Mercer, RK, Monroe! Give Chief Har a hand. Slayers and Lisil, we are the chopping block."

There were various sounds of agreement and I saw Riley move next to me carrying a sword and shield.

"So Mister Finn, you remember how to do this?"

"As a famous man once said, 'the pointy end goes in the other guy', right?"

"I think you'll be fine."

"I'd better be, otherwise Sam will murder you in your sleep."

I frowned, "She'd do it too."

"Damn right she would...Hey guests are arriving!" Riley called out as a large warty arm emerged from the portal. This arm was followed by a larger and wartier naked dark blue-gray humanoid body that smelled like it had drowned and then lain on a hot beach for a week. It was easily the most disgusting thing I had ever smelled.

"Oh god I think I'm goonna hurl," Donna yelled.

"Well then hurl and get back in position!" Ruby replied, "You are not going to slack off with Buffy and Faith here."

I groaned silently and looked over at Faith who shook her head sadly. We were so not the role-model kind

The Draugr pulled itself free and stared down at us. It was ten feet tall and by the size of the footprints it was making, it must have been several tons in weight.

It swung at Lisil who took the hit on her borrowed shield. I took the opportunity to hack at its extended wrist with my axe. It howled in pain as smoke rose from the wound and yanked its hand back before looking down at me. I casually spun a battle-axe in each hand and stuck my tongue out at it.

It roared and started to swing just as another Draugr began pushing its way through the portal. The joggling screwed up its aim so it wound up punching the ground. Then Lisil and I double-teamed it and the fight was really on.

Because of the choke point formed by the portal and the sheer size of our attackers, it was easy to mob one, get it on the ground and chop it to shreds. Once they were chopped to shreds though they had this annoying tendency to start reforming unless you told yourself as you were doing the killing blows how much you wanted all undead to stay frigging dead. For Slayers and Riley that was a no-brainer. We all had a passionate hatred of bloodsuckers and these guys were close enough in behavior ,and actually worse in hygiene and fashion sense. Until this battle, I seriously didn't think that was possible.

Har's guys and the wesen, could beat the crap out of the Draugar and slow them down at least and thats what they were doing until we could get around to finishing them. The problem was we were being swamped.

"How many of these does Hel have?" I gasped at Lisil.

The valkyrie looked worried, "I...I...don't actually know. That she would use so many on this attack..." her voice trailed off.

"Monroe! Ruby! Get inside in case this is a feint!" I went back to my hacking and chopping. All of our attackers were huge and some of them were visibly increasing their size before they entered combat. Giant corpses lay scattered on the grass, some still twitching as their arms, legs, and heads were chopped off.

I had no idea how long the fight went on before the flow of undead stopped. I thought my left arm had been broken, and Lisil had taken a huge gouge in her chest that looked really nasty. Sheryl was down along with Ed, and Har had lost a bunch of guys. Injured or dead I couldn't tell.

The ground was covered with greasy black blood and the smell was almost incapacitating. The Turok-Han were whiny or growly little babies compared to these guys. They just kept coming until they didn't anymore.

They had stopped coming through and the portal still hung there glowing.

"Now what B?"

"Check on Sheryl and Ed, Faith. Chief Har, how are your guys?"

"Lost three."

Lisil looked over, "Only two and they will be escorted to Valhalla."

Har stared at the valkyrie, "But we're Duergar."

"Who died as heroes on Midgard," she replied.

"Thank you," Har said quietly and raised his axe in salute.

"It is my duty."

I bent down and started hauling the bodies to the portal and pushing them through one handed. Donna, Mercer, and RK came to help. Riley went around and made sure the bodies stopped twitching and Har's men who weren't to badly hurt stacked up pieces and chunks. Lisil stood there staring at me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Odin has made a serious error."

"Oh yeah. The jotun are playing him with Loki's help."

"I cannot return to Valhalla. My failure to accomplish the mission will be held against me."

"Well, you could go back to jail. You didn't hurt anybody when you left did you?"

"Not badly. Guns can harm me, given sufficient quantity of fire of course. It was necessary to stop two of your associates from shooting me."

"Are you going to try to rob me now?"

"No. This attack by Hel means that there is a wider game being played against Midgard."

"Well give me hand with these bodies then. They're not going to dispose of themselves."

Eventually we finished in time to see Ruby and Monroe, who was now back in human form, dragging a few stone trolls behind them.

"With pests like these you really need a tough cat," Monroe said as he dropped the leg he had been holding.

"They're no Olaf that's for sure," I agreed. "Where were they?"

"Trashing the library and the workroom. You're going to need a new floor in the library. It got kind of crunched," Ruby said.

"Sounds like my old high school," I shook my head sadly, "Odin is so toast. If just one of Dawn's books got damaged, she will be out for god blood."

We finished chucking Draugr bits through and looked around. With the bodies gone the blood and stink had started to fade away, "Gotta love magic."

Ed was sitting up now, but Sheryl was still unconscious, "Looks like a poisoning," Faith said.

"I'll get her down to Rosalee's. Maybe we can find something there."

"Thanks Monroe," Ruby replied gratefully, "Can Donna and I come with you?"


I looked over at Har, "Odin going to take revenge on you?"

"He wouldn't dare. Where would he get his weapons then?"

"Can you get home alright?"

"Of course Lady Buffy. Lady Lisil, thank you again," Har's men formed up and marched off, leaving Faith, Lisel, the alligators, Riley, and me staring at a portal to Hel's domain.

"So," I asked, "Should we go and ask her what's going on?"
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