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Not a Dream, Fairy Tale, or Imaginary Story

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Summary: Response to Challenge 7477 from texaswookie -- The Law

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batzulgerFR156986,78221521116,97714 Jun 1331 Jul 13Yes

Chapter Sixty-Three

Ethan sounded puzzled, "What game are you talking about?"

"American idiom. It means we got conned by the Norse god of wisdom and warfare. Tell Riley, Odin is planning on pulling a Glory."

"Alright, but...?"

"Gotta make another call," I hung up and called Dawn. There was no answer. I put down my cell and felt the most amazing rage. Yeah I was mad at Odin, but I was mostly mad at myself. I was so confident I knew how this was going to go, that he had completely blindsided me. Of course the Norns were in on it, I didn't think Tyr was, and I was sure Hel wasn't.

"Buffy what's wrong?" Jim asked.

"We've...I've been Odin's puppet the whole time, and now he's going to nuke not only Mt. Hood, but my sister," I leaned back in my chair and in low tones told Jim the saga of Dawn 'Key' Summers and a hell-skank named Glory.

When I was done, Jim said quietly, "So Odin set things up a long time in advance. The original bank robbery was to make you think that he was going one way when he was actually going the other. How would he know about the Key?"

"He drank from Mimir's Well of Wisdom, he has Mimir's head as an oracle, he can browbeat the Norns, and he has Hunin and Munin, Mystical ravens that fly over Midgard gathering information. With all that, the exact method is kind of moot."

"Okay. First we have to find your sister."

"She could be anywhere."

"We're police we find kidnapees remember? Would he have used magic?"

"According to our expert, he can't."

"That means he had to use physical means, which we know he has access to," Jim went on, "Let's find out where she vanished from."

I called the campus and found out that Dawn had not arrived that morning so Jim and I drove the route from our house to Dawn's office.

"There's the jeep!" I yelled. It was up on the jack and had a flat tire.

Pulling up behind it Jim and I jumped out and checked it out. As I checked the interior, Jim took a look at the tire.

"It's been shot. .22LR probably," he rubbed his finger carefully over the hole.

"So they grabbed her when she got out to change it. Yeah this was human work," I scanned the area, "and humans make mistakes...Gotcha!" There was a pawnshop, a liquor store, and best of all, a gas station within a block.

"You grab the tapes I'll call the Captain and get Tech Services out here," Jim said.

"Do you see or smell anything?"

"Faint ozone, ammonia, manure, some strong chemical odor and a trace of ether. I don't see any scuffs or scrapes of any use. Go get the tapes!"

I went from door to door, and after badging the managers, got permission to view their security tapes from their video surveillance. The great thing about gas station cameras is that they so hate losing money from drive-offs, that they buy top of the line systems to reduce their insurance overhead. The pawnshop door camera got Dawn pulling over and getting out to change the tire. Then a truck pulled in behind and a helpful woman walked up; clever using a woman.

The gas station had another view including the front plate which was spattered with mud. I could make out three letters at least. We did get a good frontal shot of the good Samaritan, as well as her buddy who had been laying flat in the truck bed and rolled out as Dawn turned her back. Then he grabbed her and dragged her back into the pickup's cab. He was wearing colors. I hoped the gang unit could ID who he was affiliated with.

By the time I got back Wu and the Captain were there with tech services.

"Well Detective?" the Captain asked.

"Yeah, they grabbed my sister and we got it on tape."

"Sergeant start a canvas for witnesses," when Wu had headed off he looked at me, "Is this connected?"

"Oh yeah..." I went through the Dawn Summers story again.

"So Odin set up your move out here? How?"

"No clue, but he has the world's greatest manipulator as his bondslave. I find it easier to believe than pure coincidence especially with the building evidence."

"Detective Summers!" Wu came jogging back over, "We got a match on that partial plate and the make and model of the truck on the tape. Tags are expired, but it was registered to a Gunnar Gymirson out in Clackamas."

"Good job!" I said, "Got anything on him?"

"He has a fairly impressive sheet. Typical violence and substance abuse list. Did a stretch in Washington State for demolishing a police car with his bare hands. Got locked up for felony assault on the officer inside the car at the time"

"Say what?"

"He's 6' 10" 350 pounds last arrest report. Steroid abuser and bodybuilder. Apparently he managed to tip the cruiser on its side."

I grinned, "Is there an address?" I asked almost casually.

"Yeah, a 'commune' out on Highway 26."

"A farm type commune?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, pigs I think," Wu replied

"Explains the smells..." Jim muttered to me.

"Shall we Jim?"

"I think we'd better."

"Buffy, Jim be careful," the Captain cautioned us.

"Planning on it," Jim said. "I'll keep Buffy in check."


"And that's why. You want to stay behind?"

I sighed and nodded, "Yeah, I understand."

"Let's go then."

After we got into the truck and were heading east I pulled out my phone and called the house.

"Summers house."

"Hey Faith! Dawn got grabbed and it's not even Tuesday."

"Oh hell! What's th'situation B?"

I went over it, and told her to hang out at the house with Lisil in case another raid was incoming. Then I asked her to put Lisil on.

"Yes Buffy?"

"Does the name Gymir mean anything to you?"

"Of course. He is a jotun from J├Âtunheim. Gerd's father so he is Freyr's father in law. He is a mariner sailing the frozen seas."

"I thought I recognized the name...Thanks Lisil."

"So Gymirson is son of Gymir right?"

"Yes Jim, yes it is. We're going after a jotun."

"Didn't it take both you and Faith and a building to take down a jotun before?"

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