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Not a Dream, Fairy Tale, or Imaginary Story

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Summary: Response to Challenge 7477 from texaswookie -- The Law

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Chapter One

Response to texaswookie's The Law Challenge #7477
On Career day Buffy was supposed to have scored high in Law Enforcement. With that in mind what if Buffy had pursued a career in law enforcement? What would her life be if she was to join some sort of law enforcement and how would it make her life as a slayer go?

Stumbling through the cascade of boxes filling the old house was a woman desperate for coffee. That woman would be me.

"Dawneee!" I cried plaintively. "Your sister is dying, have pity!"

"Here you go," my little sis, Professor Doctor Dawn Marie Summers MD Ph.D (Mythology), took mercy on me, handing me a cup before she pulled on her suit jacket. "How bad was it last night?"

"New city...this one with two and a half million people in the metro area. The local group only has six girls not counting me. Plus side, no Hellmouth. Minus side, twice the square mileage of Cleveland."

"I knew it was spread out, but..." Dawn's voice trailed off.

"Yeah," I looked around and started putting the important things on my belt; holster with Glock, cuff case, multi-tool. I pulled on my jacket and checked to make sure my badge case was in it.

"You wearing your vest?" Dawn asked suspiciously.

"Of course, even though I think the crime rate is a little lower than Cleveland's," I finished my coffee, "So Dr. Summers, want to ride?"

"I'll take the Jeep thank you. Faith was a bad influence."

"Hey I earned my place in Motorcycle division!" I was proud of my service record.

"I know, it's just that I don't want bugs in my teeth...again, and this time on my first day of classes," she shut the door behind us and armed the wards.

"Okay I get it. We will be going riding soon though?" I pleaded.

"I hope so. Twisty mountain roads...I mean c'mon," Dawn climbed into our battered jeep and I pulled the cover off my almost as battered Norton Commando. We are a one car, three bike family after all. Pulling on my anorak, gloves, and helmet. I started it with one lazy kick and soon was happily riding through the morning traffic. Dawn split off to head to her job at the Oregon Health and Science University's School of Medicine, while I continued downtown to Portland Police Bureau's Central Precint

Pulling into the official police lot next to an old Land Cruiser and a new Mustang, I dismounted and pulled off my helmet and gloves before heading inside. A smiling sergeant greeted me.

"Good morning, how may I help you Miss?"

"Hi! I'm Detective Summers. I'm a new hire and I was supposed to talk to Captain Renard," I showed Sergeant...Wu by the nametag, my paperwork and my badge.

"Hey welcome to Portland! You came in from Cleveland right?"

"Uh yeah," Wu had Willow-grade energy, that was obvious.

"A lot quieter out here, at least it used to be."

My weirdness radar activated, "Oh?"

"Yeah, last year or so we've been getting some pretty strange cases...and here's the Captain's office." He rapped on the door.


Wu swung the door open slightly, "I have the new Detective...uhhh...Summers, here sir."

"Come on in Summers, thank you Sergeant."

"No problem sir," the smiling sergeant left.

"Sit down Detective Summers, I'm Captain Sean Renard."

"Please, it's Buffy," we both took a second eying each other. He was tall, hot, and controlled. He also wasn't completely human.

He picked up a file folder from his desk, "You have an impressive record. Three awards for valor, wounded twice in the line of duty. You were on the fast track to Lieutenant by the looks of it. Why come here?"

"I'm from Southern California originally, and I missed the ocean. Also my sister got a teaching position at OHSU in the forensic pathology department. I checked to see if there were any positions open here at the PPB, and now..."

"Your sister?"

"Doctor Dawn Summers, we share a house."

"It says here in your latest performance review, that you have a gift for homicide investigation."

"It does?" I guessed death was still my gift.

"Also that you tend to find the odder cases..." his tone turned suspicious.

"Uh what do you mean?" I played blond.

"Possible spontaneous combustion?" he asked, tapping an entry.

"We couldn't figure out how the guy burned to death in his shower...with the water running,"

"A series of decapitations where the perps were keeping the heads."

"It was a cult," dedicated to summoning the essence of N'yralak of course. Rumic demons just love their gray matter.

"It was still pretty weird."

"Well kinda. Cleveland does have the 7th highest crime rate in the US. You have to expect a lot of the weirdishness."

"True enough," he closed the folder, stood up and opened the door, "Griffin, Burkhardt! I have someone you need to meet."

Two detectives walked over. One was about my age, Caucasian, about six foot tall, and very cute with dark hair and nice eyes. The other was African-American, older than me by a bit, even taller and also a serious hunk.

The dark hunk looked over at me and smiled, "Wu said the new Detective was here. You must be her," he stuck out a hand, "Hank Griffin."

"And I'm Nick Burkhardt," the cutey shook my hand as well.

"Buffy Summers. Please, call me Buffy."

The Captain began to speak, "Detective Summers...Buffy, is joining us from Cleveland where she was with Homicide and Violent Crimes for the last six years."

"Welcome to Portland," Hank said with a smile.


"Buffy is going to be finishing filling out her paperwork, and when she's done, she'll be doing some ride-alongs with you to see how our procedures work."

"Sure thing Captain," Hank replied, "Come on Buffy, let's see where Wu has set up your desk."

"Anything else sir?" I asked.

"No, not at the moment. We'll talk again though I'm sure. Dismissed," he turned back to his paperwork.

"He is intense..." I murmured to myself.

"The Captain? Ah yeah, just a little bit," Nick replied as he walked me over to my very own new desk. "Hey Buffy, can Hank and I get your phone numbers?"

"What? Oh yeah, sure. I'll need your guy's ones too. I already have the desk sergeant's line."

In a few minutes I was bureaucrat-Buffy with pen holding grip, filling out insurance forms, union forms, and forms about forms unending. It was about noon when my cell rang. It was Dawn.

"Hey Doctor!"

"Hey Detective! How's it going?"

"Hell Dimension of paperwork. Met a few of my co-workers. They seem cool. Oh yeah, there is some nightlife in the precinct."

"What kind?" Dawn's tone turned serious.

"Hopefully non-hostile. Don't know anymore yet."

"Get me a hair or skin sample and I can run it."

"I'll try, but no evil vibe, just the different vibe."

"Okay...Any idea when you get off work?"

"Not sure. I'll give you a call later when I have a better idea. If it's at a reasonable time, dinner out?" I knew what the answer would be.

"Well duh Buffy. Did it take all your detecting skills to deduce that?"

"Just most of them. Have fun Dawnie!"

"You too Buffy!"

"Dawnie?" Nick was standing over me.

I wondered how much he heard. He had noticed my murmur so his ears were obviously pretty good, "My younger sister. She's a professor at one of the local universities."

"What field?"

"Forensic Pathology and Anthropology."


"She just loves messing with the dead and figuring out how they got that way."

"Uh right...Anyway, we came to ask you to go out to lunch with us."

"Sure! I work on any more paperwork, I'll start oozing ink from my pores," I got up and pulled on my suit coat, "Oh yeah, what's the dress code here?"


BtVS Property of Mutant Enemy not me!!! I never know when I start what all other fandoms will cross in yet so they are not listed at this time!!!
Grimm Property David Greenwalt
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