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Super Secret Boy Band

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Summary: A collection of Avengers 50 Themes. Various pairings, however for now I will only be posting the BtVS crossover ones, which I have dubbed 'Star Spangled Key'. All the rest can be found on FanFiction, under the same story title.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDawnieWritesFR1342,579012,77715 Jun 135 Jul 13No

5 - Star Spangled Key

DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to either Joss Whedon, or Stan Lee and Marvel.

A/N: This pairing came about in my mind one day and I started a fic. A so far incomplete fic to which a few of these sentences reference.


01 – Air

They both prefer the air in New York, no matter how clean the English countryside smells.

02 – Apples

“Irony of all ironies, Captain America is allergic to apples.”

03 – Beginning

“You’re beginning to make me paranoid.”

“Only beginning?”

04 – Bugs

Steve never had a problem with bugs until Dawn recounted her sister’s troubles with the Order of Taraka.

05 – Coffee

It’s an unwritten rule that Steve is not allowed to brew coffee in their apartment.

06 – Dark

Growing up in Sunnydale gave Dawn a real reason to be scared of the dark; Steve gave her a reason to leave the light on at night.

07 – Despair

“Don’t despair soldier, I’ll save you from the monsters.”

08 – Doors

There are no doors in their apartment other than the front entrance; they both prefer the openness.

09 – Drink

“Metabolism or not, take the drink Steve.”

10 – Duty

“It’s not your job!”

“No, it’s my duty!”

11 – Earth

Whenever Dawn goes off on one of her spirited rants about magick and its connection to the Earth, Steve can’t help but smile.

12 – End

“At the end of it all you have to remember: we’re only human.”

13 – Fall

Steve doesn’t think anything will scare him half as much as she did the first time he saw her fall.

14 – Fire

“I may or may not have a thing about fire.”

“Is this a good ‘thing’ or a bad ‘thing’?”

15 – Flexible

For a man of his size, Steve is surprisingly flexible.

16 – Flying

“It feels like flying!”

17 – Food

Steve is one of the only people who will try Dawn’s odd food combinations without cringing.

18 – Foot

“Don’t stop on my account, I enjoy watching you stick your foot in your mouth.”

19 – Grave

Both of them expected an early grave years ago.

20 – Green

“So…you glow?”

“Green, yes. But only to crazy people!”

21 – Head

“Goddess you can be so thick-headed sometimes!”

22 – Hollow

They were both built from scratch, made hollow and filled by the expectations of others.

23 – Honor

“You have something that they don’t.”

“What’s that?”


24 – Hope

Dawn introduces the little girl as Hope, and she manages to crawl up under his ribcage the same way that she did.

25 – Light

“There is a light, okay? But you should never be afraid to follow it.”

26 – Lost

He was lost in the twenty-first century until he ran into the petite bookstore owner on the crowded London streets.

27 – Metal

Dawn can’t help but think that Steve is much like the cool metal of the shield he carries: unbreakable, sturdy, reliable, and immovable.

28 – New

“Everything must seem new to you I suppose.”

29 – Old

Sometimes, when he’s listening to Dawn and Darcy speaking a mile a minute about ‘tropes’ and ‘memes’ and internet ‘rules’, Steve can’t help but feel old.

30 – Peace

They’ve had the war versus peace argument too many times to count, and it always ends the same: with the two of them agreeing to disagree.

31 – Poison

“Poison fruit and an evil witch, now the wedding’s perfect!”

32 – Pretty

If you ask Steve, pretty doesn’t even begin to describe her.

33 – Rain

Rainy days make Dawn oddly reflective, causing her to sit for hours on end until Steve finally tracks her down.

34 – Regret

“We all have regrets.”

“Even Captain America?”

“Especially Captain America.”

35 – Roses

When an overzealous fan sends Steve a bouquet of roses on valentine’s day, he has to have JARVIS dispose of them because Dawn’s eyes are watering from the strength of her sneezing.

36 – Secret

When they first meet, neither of them expects the secret that the other hides.

37 – Snakes

“My sister nearly got eaten by a giant snake on multiple occasions, so stop thinking about how irrational my fear is and get it out of here!”

38 – Snow

Dawn and Steve could spend hours in the snow acting like the children they never were.

39 – Solid

Dawn doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to sleep alone again after spending one night with his solid weight next to her.

40 – Spring

“A spring in your step can only mean one of two things sweetheart: either you’ve got very good news, or someone’s about to get the talking to of their lives.”

41 – Stable

“Neither of us ever claimed to be very stable.”

42 – Strange

Dawn is one of the strangest people he has ever met – and he works on a team of superheroes.

43 – Summer

Summer for them means a quaint bookstore in London and picnics in the countryside.

44 – Taboo

They both have their taboos; things they will not do and lines they refuse to cross, but they work through whatever problems they may cause.

45 – Ugly

“I’ve seen the pre-serum pictures Steve and you were never ugly; in fact, you were kind of cute.”

46 – War

Dawn expects the PTSD – Steve fought in a war for Goddess’ sake! – so she makes sure she’s always there to soothe the nightmares.

47 – Water

Steve will always have a slight issue with large bodies of water, but Dawn does her best to help him work through it.

48 – Welcome

Joyce James Rogers does not receive the most conventional welcome into the world, but her parents expected nothing less.

49 – Winter

“Hey, have you guys ever heard of the ‘Winter Soldier’?”

50 – Wood

“Bad things happen in the wood; seriously, read a fairytale sometime.”
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