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Man of Steel, World of Marvels

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Summary: YAHF/Marvel Cross...Xander with Superman's powers in A marvel universe, which one? Well you'll have to read to find out.

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Chapter 3: It begins...

Man of Steel, World of Marvels.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not own any of the characters that appear in this fan fiction, BTVS, Superman and Marvel are still own by their respective owners.

So here we are again, I will be honest and say that I was thinking of taking down this story given the not so pleasant reaction I got from my decision of using green Kr…not that it matters now that I have removed it (the Blue Kr ring is still present and WILL NOT be removed unless it fulfills story purposes) to stop the flow of the constant “are you an idiot?” comments I still occasionally get through PM’s and certain reviews.

I will address the issue and two others that were the main topics of the backlash of negativity I received at the end of this chapter. Why? Because of all the reviews I got only 5 people actually thought out why I did what I did while a few wished me well and others just tried to bash the crap out off me and I feel an explanation is in order.

I am hoping this new chapter will increase the positive over the negative since I have chosen the Marvel U that is to be used. We see Xander in action against some bad guys and him making a big decision regarding his future, actions and their ramifications.





Chapter 3: It begins…

Manhattan, New York City…

The city that never sleeps, one of several names the citizenry called one of the liveliest places in the world where many came to make a name for themselves or to contribute in its rich and diverse culture.

Many tourists came in hopes of spotting their favorite heroes as they defended the city and the world from its many threats. Though it had recently experienced a terrible crisis that led to the deaths of their greatest champions the citizens stood tall and steadfast through it all, and soon they would be having another member to its community.

Xander landed quietly in an obscure alleyway he spotted at a distance, making sure no one saw him as he deactivated the suit and switched clothes. He wore blue jeans and white sneakers, a black t-shirt that conformed to his body and a black leather jacket.

He stepped out bag in tow into the crowded streets, first he needed to eat something and then secure a place to sleep in.

*Well let’s see what’s on the menu today.* He thought as he hailed a cab.

“Where to buddy?”

“Know any good pizza joints?”

“Do I? My cousin Vinny makes the best damn pie from here to Jersey.”

“I’ll take your word on it, let’s go.”

“You got it mack.”

With that done they were on their way.


“Now that WAS damn good pizza, I should give that cabbie a big tip if I see him again.” Xander says as he steps out of the small pizzeria with his beverage in hand.

*Well now that I have fed, time to go job and apartment hunting.* He thinks to himself as he spots a newspaper box near him. As he makes his way towards it he hears yelling from behind, turning around he sees some street punk running towards him with a woman behind him crying out for someone to stop him.

*Well this is a no-brainer, hmm better not use my powers for this…* He thinks as he deactivates his ring to shut off his powers *…it will be a good test to see how much stronger I am to a regular human.*

He waited for the right moment as he seemingly acts like he is not aware of what’s going on, which to his sadness seems to be the thought of the people around.

*Can’t they see she needs help? Are people so apathetic about this stuff?*

Once the crook was near him he sprang into action and swung left arm across the man’s chest.

“Oof!” the combination of the blow plus the fall to the pavement left the thief winded and gave Xander enough time to grab him by the neck and smash his fist into the side of the would be purse snatcher jaw both cracking it and knocking him out.

By the time the woman had arrived he had already gotten up with the purse in hand.

“I believe this is yours miss?” He says though he quickly turns on his ring and checks her bag for an I.D to confirm, he didn’t to make a mistake here.

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

“Just doing the right thing miss, now if you will excuse me I have a job to look for and a home to find.” He says with a smile as he grabs his paper and his bag and leaves the woman and would be thief.

Taking a moment to see the scenery he decides to do some of the things he always wanted to during his failed road trip. That being said he made his way to Central Park so he can read his paper in peace, so carefully making his way to an alley without being seeing he dashed off in a burst of speed with no one the wiser.

Seconds later he at the park in an empty section where no one would have noticed a man appears seemingly out of thin air. Finding an empty bench he sat and calmly unfolded his paper… and just as suddenly he stiffens at what he finds.


Below was a picture of the man and behind him was something he immediately recognized from comics he collected from his childhood and teen years…a Sentinel, a mutant hunting Sentinel one that only existed in one brand of comics.

“HOLY SHIT! I’M IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE?!” He can’t help but cry out as he tears the paper in two. He can’t help but be stunned by this revelation of just where the Creator has decided to leave him as his new home reality.

*Oh crap, crap, crap, this is big…this VERY big!*

“Shit! Ok, ok calm down Xander, so you are in DC’s counterpart this is a surprise but you were told it would be a place you would fit in so it makes sense.” He says to himself as he gets up to pace.

“Ok, so now the question to ask here is in which Marvel world and timeline am I at? So where to go? I mean I just can’t hit up the Watcher for a spell, hmm well I guess I hit up the library and if that doesn’t pan out can go to Fortress and hack SHIELD or something.”

With that plan he dashes off once more in hopes of getting answers of his new home.

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse…

“Where the hell is everybody? We’re told to get here on time and then they pull this shit on me.” A man grumbles as he paces around a dilapidated room.

Taking closer look at him you see a man garbed in a yellow and red suit with a quilt like pattern on the yellow sections. He also wore two metallic gauntlets on his forearms, a trademark sign that this was the criminal known as the Shocker.

Taking a moment to calm himself he thought back to why he was here…

Flashback, late last night at the Bar with No Name…

The man known as Herman Schultz was currently nursing his drink of bourbon while taking stock of his companions.

To his left was Mac Gargan aka Scorpion, to his right Aleksei Sytsevich aka Rhino sat imposingly given his large size and girth, next to him was Flint Marko aka Sandman, sitting next to him was Adrian Toomes aka Vulture and finally the man who brought them Quentin Beck aka Mysterio.

“All right, we’re all here Beck so what do you want?” Marko started of the meeting with the question on all their minds.

“I got a job that could benefit us, as in make a lot of cash quick.” The former special effects artist says with a smirk.

“Oh? Do tell.” The elderly member of the group leans in to listen to this business proposition.

“As you all know, we had a turn of good fortune with recent events. The Avengers and Fantastic Four are dead, those X-men freaks are laying low after the shit went down with Onslaught and all the mutant haters out for blood and better yet…Spider-man is running himself ragged all over the city to keep some semblance of order.”

That brought a smile to their faces as they imagined their shared foe being too weak to do anything to stop them.

“So I say we capitalize on this stroke of luck by doing a good ol’ fashion bank heist where a lot of money is being kept from many banks after so many got leveled in the fighting, so whose with me?” From the looks he received they were all very interested to take part.

End flashback…

So here he was waiting for the others to show up.

It wasn’t long that a non-descript van came and from it came in and from it came the rest of his partners in crime. Ignoring the fact that he was not given a ride he decided to focus on what was to come.

“Ready Shocker?” Beck asks as he stands garbed in his signature suit and helmet.

“Born ready, let’s go make some money.” He replies in very determined tone as he makes his way to the vehicle and soon all six head out.

With Xander…

Xander found a library soon enough and made his way to the computer section to look for information that may tell where he is. Sitting down and logging in he placed the search engine and sat thinking what would be the most logical way to determine where and when he was.

*Ok think, I know enough about the major events that happened here to pick one out so let’s start with what I do know.*

He typed in Sentinel and was treated to several links, he chose to go with the one related to news.

In it he found that it related to a relatively recent attack done by the normally mutant hunting machines while the city was under siege by an entity whose name he recognized immediately.

*Onslaught…shit, then that means that the Avengers and Fantastic Four are seemingly KIA so to speak while X-men are getting the short end of the stick with every single mutant hater out there.*

Taking a moment to collect himself he wracked his mind for anything else he felt would help him confirm his theory that he sent to what was the very core of the Marvel Universe.

Snapping his fingers in realization he typed in “Ben Reilly”.

*Don’t be dead, please don’t be dead…ah shit!*

There on the screen was the obituary of one Ben Reilly, or as Xander knew of the second Spider-man and clone of the original.


Xander was really hoping he could have prevented that tragedy, despite his origins Ben Reilly was a good man and worthy of the name Spider-man.

What do I do? I know some things are coming that I could change but some of them have to occur and others…” He quietly whispers to himself, he may not have a great knowledge of all that is to come to this world but he knows enough to want to help; the question is how and more importantly should he?

*I could really use a sign right now.* He thinks as he rubs his eye before his hearing picked up something that made him wonder if he should have not taunted fate.

--This is Officer Mendez to Dispatch we need S.W.A.T ASAP over at the First National bank! We got a bunch of super powered freaks here and our men are getting massacred, Hell we got Spider-man here and he can barely keep them off us.—

--Roger that! Sending every available unit in!—

--Tell them to haul ass!—

Gasping at the sudden news he received he immediately knew this was it, it was time to take up the mantle he was given and save lives. He got up and as quietly yet quickly as he could he began to move to the exit saying a quick thank you to the Librarian before getting out.

*Need an alley or Hell a phone booth would do....there!* He rushed towards the alley he found making triple sure it was devoid of people as he activates his suit and leaves his things in a safe spot before taking off. The people passing by gave a cry as a burst of wind suddenly came and went though some could swear there was some strange red & blue blur when it happened.

*Okay Xander, time to be a hero, and in the immortal words of Alan Shepard…Dear God. Don’t let me fuck up.*

At the scene…

“Ugh!” Peter Parker, or as he was currently known given his state of dress, Spider-man grunted as he was slammed into a police car with the two officers who drove said vehicle moved away as the Rhino rushed towards the arachnid powered hero.

With the great agility and dexterity he was gifted with he leaps out of the way as the powerhouse drove his arms into the car, the horrible screech of metal and glass resounding as it was crushed as if it was mere paper to the behemoth.

“Rhino, what have we said about breaking other peoples toys?” He chides the large man as if he was speaking to a child.

“Shut up!”

Evading a swing back fist he fires off his webbing an temporarily blinds the man.

“Son of a…!”


“That’s enough potty mouth out of you mister.”

His spider-sense flared as he dodge right to avoid a blast from Shocker and then back flipped as Scorpion tried to douse him in acid.

“Boys, boys, boys I know I’m popular but really enough is enough.”

*All I wanted was to go home and be with my wife, is that too much to ask for?* He thinks with equal parts weariness and sadness as he did not want to be here. After the tragedy of losing the baby his wife was terribly depressed and she needed him.

But coupled with the deaths of the heroes due to the attack by Onslaught, losing Ben and the return of Osborn he was mentally exhausted and coupled with his hero work going on overtime he was running on fumes.

Again his spider-sense flares as he dodges a laser blast from a cloaked Mysterio and a sand blast by Marko. Though he got sideswiped by Vulture as he did so and had to regroup as Rhino got back into the fray.

I could really use some back up right now.” He can’t help but mutter, taking a look he sees his foes getting ready for another assault while Police are trying to keep the civilians and media at bay and try to rally themselves against the villains. Sirens approach and he spares a look to see an S.W.A.T van approach…Shocker sees them to.

“Hey Rhino, go long.” The quilted garbed man yells as he fires a blast to the vans underside.

“No!” Peter was stopped dead as he saw the van take to the air while Rhino grabbed it once it was in reach; the panic he saw on the driver and passenger tore into him as he tried to think of a way to save them.

“Catch freak!” Rhino grins maliciously as he hurls his makeshift weapon, Peter knows he can’t stop it and must evade despite hating every fiber of his being for having to allow this travesty…only events don’t play out that way as his view is suddenly blocked by something.

Everyone watching is shocked when the van that was hurled stops in midair and is then lowered gently. Then they are all caught off guard as a well-built man in a blue suit, red cape and an “S” on his chest steps out.

Xander for his part keeps up a calm exterior despite his nerves flaring, he needs to establish a strong front from the get go or he won’t be taken seriously. He checks the passengers in the van and his X-ray vision shows nothing too badly damaged on the men then he looks at what is essentially one of his childhood heroes in the flesh.

*Andrew and Jono would have loved this!*

“Are you alright sir?” He asks the wall crawler politely despite the situation.

“Uh…y-yeah, just a bit tired, but who are you?” Peter finally asks as he gets ahold of himself.

“A friend and concerned citizen, now please if you could help the officers inside the van I will deal with this bunch and give you a breather.” He replied before walking towards the super powered criminals.

“Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Scorpion spats as he was hoping to finally see the end of his second hated foe.

“That isn’t important right now but what is important gentlemen, and believe me I use that term very, VERY loosely, is the choice I am about to give you. One, you get down on the ground, hands on your heads and let the good officers arrest you. Or two you resist, then I make you stop with no small amount of force and then you are arrested…choose now.” He ends sternly while preparing himself for the inevitable.

*Here we go.*

“How about option three, fuck you up!” Shocker defiantly cries out as he levels his gauntlets and fires, he is soon joined by Scorpion who fires a steady stream of acid, Sandman who throws a veritable sandstorm and Mysterio who fires his lasers.

For someone like Xander the coming onslaught moved as if submerged in tar, he could easily evade but what of the people near him and more importantly he felt a message needed to be sent so with that in mind he stood firm and took the attacks head on like a wave crashing upon the rocks.


Everyone cried out and took cover as the unknown man was struck, Peter felt the need to rush into the fray and see if he was alive but soon that worry turn to shock.

For there, amidst the broken and melted street, was the man looking none the worse for wear calmly wiping his face from sand and acid with only annoyance to be shown. The villains were honestly flabbergast at this turn of events and could only gape.

“No way, there is no fucking way; he shouldn’t have lived after that hit.” Marko speaks out to the others.

Xander after being done relatively cleaning himself, and making a note to thank Giles for the suit, he stared at the criminals with a very terse look.

“That was quite unpleasant, and now it’s my turn.” That was all they heard before literally he blurred into action. One moment Rhino was standing next to them the next he was slammed into the banks vault door leaving a sizeable depression.

The others were shocked as the unknown was in the Russian powerhouse place but self-preservation kicked in and they immediately regrouped.

“Waste him!” Sandman shouted as his arms morphed into a pair of sledgehammers charging in alongside Scorpion while Shocker and Mysterio moved back to fight from a distance and Vulture took to the skies.

Xander was ready, he knew he had to shut them down or people would get hurt, this wasn’t a comic book but real life and it was time to get serious.

He had many advantages in this fight but no experience so he needs to take every factor in.

Scorpion came in quick as he was more inclined to get in close to his enemy and threw a right hook followed then a left that were both dodged easily before he was struck with a palm thrust to the stomach that sent him flying into a destroyed police cruiser.


Sandman came next and this was a challenge as physical strikes were useless against a man whose body was not entirely solid unless he willed it so.

*Okay how to beat him? I could freeze him or burn him solid but that may only be temporary until he is fully contained.* The Kryptonian thinks as sidesteps left to avoid a literal hammer strike then ducks under a blast of air pressure before moving back to avoid a laser strike.

“Gloves are off boys.”

*Okay, got to get rid of their other heavy gun before taking out the long range fighters and then old man in the skyes.* With that though in mind he tries to think of a way of taking out Sandman until it occurs to him.

“Pardon the cliché but let’s go for a spin.” With that said Xander begins to spin almost immediately creating a miniature tornado that begins to pull in the sand wielding criminal.

“SHIIIIiiiiitttt.” Marco cries out as his body is pulled in bit by bit much to the astonishment of everyone present. The small tornado pulls up suddenly before stopping; Xander then takes a deep breath and blows all the particles away.

*Won’t kill him but it will take him a while to reform his body.*

His next target is Shocker, dashing in front of him the criminal is caught off guard by his sudden appearance but then lift his gauntlets and fires.

“Die you bastard! Die!”

Xander grunts but doesn’t move.

“How about no you quilt loving jackass.” He casually comments as he calmly reaches out and grabs the top of his weapons and squeezes “gently”.



“And for my next trick, I will now make you fall into a deep sleep.” The former Sunnydale resident quips as once more he smacks his opponents forehead which to others looks like a light tap with his palm but in reality was the equivalent of a heavy weight boxer’s punch.

*Thank the maker for strength control exercises.* Xander can’t help but praise as he spots the dome wearing Mysterio trying to make an escape, again he blurs into action and stands in front of him.

“And where do you think you are going to Mr. Fishbowl?”

The former special effects and stuntman releases a green gas and from it 5 more of him appears next to the original.

“Now how do you plan to GUH!” He never got to finish as a fist embeds itself into his stomach.

“You talk too much and…oh man, did you just throw up in your helmet? Ew!” As much as he hated to do it he removed the dome so that the man doesn’t choke as he did indeed lose the contents of his stomach and now had some on his face.

Scorpion saw this but having developed an intense dislike towards defeat once more aims to fire another dose of acid on Xander, but just as he aims he has his opponent in front of him and sees his tail in the man’s hands and has the displeasure of watching him squeeze it to the point no acid can escape.

From there he is wrapped up in his own tail and watches as the man’s eyes glow red and two beams of intense heat weld the tail to imprison him, before he is pushed onto the street where he struggles and curses his predicament.

“Okay all that is left…” he says as he turns to face the only flyer in the group who quickly had gone pale “…is you, now we can still do this the easy way or the hard way, please do not choose the latter as I do not want to hurt a senior citizen.”

Toomes was a logical man at heart and having seen the others get beaten so easily he knew there was only one choice here. He landed gently in front of Spider-man; lay flat on the street with his hands on his head.

“Smart Toomes, real smart.” The arachnid powered hero comments as he ties his arms with his webs. The hero for his part looks towards the man who saved the day who was smiling that it was over…or so he though as he suddenly turned towards the bank and his spider-sense flared.

With good reason to as the vault door was hurled at the man who once more showed great strength as he caught the improvised projectile and prevent it from crushing anyone, he set it aside and both looked to see an irate Rhino given the man in the red cape a glare that promised pain and death.

“You think you can do that to me?! You think you can pull that shit on me?! I’m the Rhino! No one does that to me and gets away with it! NO ONE RARGH!” With that final bellow the powerhouse ran at full tilt to gore his enemy.

“I don’t know about you but I had my fill of him.” Xander says to the other hero who feels some worry for the man has given his laidback attitude. The man of steel however calmly looks back at the charging Rhino, takes another deep breath and lets out a deep chilling cold.

Aleksi for his part tried to power through the veritable artic cold wind that was striking him, at one quarter of the distance he started to slow, at two ice began to form, at three he threw his arms up to try to grab that man and finally he simply stood there incased in ice.

“Okay…I’ll admit it that was awesome.” Peter can’t help but say in awe, he had only seen the X-man Iceman pull off such feats but this was a first at seeing someone else do the same and in such a unique way.

Hearing the muscle bound man’s heart slow Xander calmly steps towards him breaks the ice surrounding his head so he can breathe more easily.

*Well that’s the last of them.*

“Not bad for my first day of super hero work.” Xander quips with a smile, though he then remembers he is not alone given the looks both the hero behind him and all the police, citizens and media give him.

He took it in stride and tried to keep and air of confidence before focusing on helping.

“We should restrain the others to make sure they don’t pull something before they get carted off to wherever they take the super powered criminals.”

“I got that covered.” Spider-man replies as he heads towards Shocker and webs him up before moving onto Mysterio. Xander in the meantime looks towards one of the S.W.A.T members looking at him.

“Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?” He asks while doing a small scan with his X-ray vision to make sure he doesn’t have breaks, fractures.

*Note to self, ask Giles to give crash course in first aid and triage techniques.*

“N-no man, I’m good just a bit bruised.”

“Good to know, let me check up on the others.” He turned to leave before the man called out to him.

“Hey, um thanks man for saving us, I don’t know who you are but either way thank you because lord knows that we need heroes now more than ever with what happened.” The officer replied as he held out his hand.

“You’re wrong sir, it already has heroes who come out every day you and others like you go out knowing full well it could be your last day on Earth but still do it to protect and save lives. You don’t need powers or training to be a hero, just the courage to stand up and do what’s right for others.”

Xander smiled as he says this and reciprocates the gesture as he shakes the officer’s hand, though he didn’t notice the crowd that had gathered before he heard them applauding.

Looking around he sees them clapping and smiling at him, even Spider-man gives him a nod that tells him that he has done right. Xander smiles and thanks the people before floating upwards, he looks to the other officer who were in the van and sees they are just roughep up but nothing life threatening.

“What’s your name?!” He hears a reporter ask.

“I haven’t one, but maybe I will choose one later on.”

“Then what does the S stand for?” He hears a woman this time.

“It is a symbol of my people, it stands for hope, now if you will excuse me I hear others in need of help so have a good day folks and get home safely.” With that said he soon soars higher and higher before he takes off with a thunderous boom in his wake. He needs to head back to base for the moment and obtain guidance on how to proceed from here in.

Little did he know a camera belonging to certain wall-crawler had captured his actions and soon those pictures and videos would spread all over the city and then… the world.

At the Fortress of Solitude…

The sentient machine Xander had dubbed Giles was currently cataloguing all the information it could obtain of the world they dwelled in. Calculating a strong possibility of his charge’s return once he realized where he was the machine chose to start compiling all the necessary data it felt would serve him better.

“Hmm, this SHIELD database has some impressive cyber defenses though they should update it more often; I mean it took me only less than 10 seconds to hack as opposed to SWORD which took me an even 20. Though to be fair they have never encountered Kryptonian technology before so it is impressive they lasted as long as they did.” He calmly states to his only companion, which In this case was Krypto, who leisure lounge next to the machine...though that changed as his hears picked a sound then took a whiff of the air and began to bark as his took off.

Giles took that as a sign and moved to meet with his charge, he soon found him fending off his pet’s attempt to greet him.

“Easy boy, easy I was just gone a little while.”

“Welcome back, we had not expected you so early.”

“Well having discovered where and when I am I felt I could use some advice. Also you will probably see me on the 6 o clock news in New York since I made my debut fighting some super powered creeps.”

“Oh my, it seems things have proceeded much faster than anticipated Xander.” The robot replied as they trio began to walk towards the room Giles was using, conversing along the way of what the former Sunnydalian worries.

“Hmm, I can see how you would feel torn by this Xander. In your world these people were fiction, the emotional connection to them was variable depending on how much the writer and artist wanted you to feel for them.”

“But now they aren’t fake Giles they’re real, they live breathe, feel and die like any person and worse I know some of the things that has and will happen to them thanks to my now perfect memory recall and what I read in some issues.”

“So you find yourself in a quandary, should you intervene or lay sleeping dogs lie? What consequences could be brought about for taking part in events that should happen as they were?”

“Yeah, that is the gist of it.” Xander tiredly replies, Krypto sensed his master’s mood and rested his head on his lap to offer some measure of comfort.

Both alien and machine were quiet as they both reflected on what was spoken.

“Xander…” Giles finally decided to act first “…what does rational and logic mind tell you to do?”

The man looked confused before going over the question.

“That I shouldn’t interfere, that these events will still happen regardless of what I do and I may inadvertently make them worse.”

“And what does your heart and feelings say?” Giles now asks quietly.

“That if I have a chance to help them, these people who give so much of themselves for others than I should because it is the right thing to do.”

If possible Giles would have smiled proudly at that, because that is what he expected of the man before him.

“Then it is clear that your path is set.” The machine politely replies to which Xander mere chuckles warmly.

“Yeah, I just needed wise council.”

“I am glad to be of service Xander, now what course of action should we take?”

“First we need to think of a way to hide my identity, this isn’t a comic book and people are not obtuse so as to not see a resemblance if I go out as a civilian.”

“Agreed, and then what?”

“…then we plan for a family reunion that has been long overdue.” He says with a smirk while Giles tilts his head in confusion and Krypto merely accepts his master petting happy in the knowledge he was no longer troubled.

To be continued…

So there we go, it is 616 Marvel U post-Onslaught/Clone Saga but pre Zero Tolerance. Xander has now set his sight on altering the course of what he recalls of his Marvel U history which given his unique brain make up he should know quite a bit…just not what is to come so no folks he doesn’t know about Jean/Cyclops/Emma disaster (I am heavily debating this one on what course I should take when the time comes), nothing about poor Wanda’s breakdown (again debating because I personally do not hate her, Marvel wants to drag her through the mud for us to hate her? Well not me folks, I reserve my loading for other characters who deserve it.) And he doesn’t know about the Illuminati’s series of fuck ups both past, present and future, CW and etc.

I know some of you wanted me to go Ultimate and I honestly thought about it but then I realized I may go overboard over how much I hate Ultimate Nick Fury as I would not have Xander bow down before him…seriously guys we need more fics where the characters don’t just give into his whims. Maybe I will create a variant of this story where he goes to the Ultimate verse instead but that will be in the possible future.

So now we go to the issues that came from this story.

Issue 1, the Green Kr, boy now this got a major level of flak, I have never received to date that much animosity for a decision than this…and I asked myself why? And the only answer I could come to is that nobody really read between the lines except for those 5 people I mentioned before who got why I put it there.

So why did I put Green Kr you may ask? The answers were because in no way, shape or form did I have Xander realize that he was in the Marvel Universe where there were beings who could match or surpass him and I had also written a Xander who had been persecuted and sought after by evil who in this state of mind wanted an insurance policy in case he was corrupted or turned against his will because HE DID NOT KNOW HE WAS IN THE MARVEL U!!! That and I had plans that will now have to be altered, so thank you my dearest flamers and bashers for contributing to this delightful decision.

Issue 2, the Divine intervention, this really confused me as I got question from why did go there? Why didn’t I use Dogma as a reference and what version was I using? Well to the first I say I had only used this route in one other story and felt I needed to try it again.

For the second question of the Dogma reference I say that it has been overused to death it doesn’t matter that DC has its own version, that there is the Bruce All Mighty version…shit it doesn’t matter there is the George Burn’s or the one from the movie with Elizabeth Hurley every story I have come upon it is freaking Dogma that is used and I for one do not hold to that as I am first and foremost vying for something fresh and new or take something that has been done before with a new twist hence why I went with the Marvel version of the Lord.

Issue 3, the training, why shouldn’t he be trained? Memory alone isn’t going to cut it folks and with that level of power much less. If I do a story where the characters get a power up I will make damn fucking sure those characters get help in controlling the power and if you don’t like that don’t read ok? Because there is no rule, written or unwritten, that says I can’t do that.

So there that is my response to all the bashers, flamers and all others who wasted their and my time with their useless and baseless comments. If I do something folks it is for a reason, you may not figure it out at first but there is a method to my madness.

So to end, to all of you who gave me their support, their constructive criticism, their offers of help or just their kind words and understanding I say to you the following two words with the same token of respect and kindness you gave me…thank you.

To all of you who came at me with disrespect, with nothing to help or aid me, to say that I was nothing but some fucking amateur allow me to say following…

I never forced you to read my work; I never forced you to waste your time writing a review to tell me I wasted your time, I never forced you to do anything you did not want to in the first place as I am but a messenger of my muse so to speak not the enforcer. So if you do not like what you read then quietly leave and let others who do enjoy it do so and if you do not like the way I am addressing you then in the immortal words of D-Generation X I have two words for all of you whiners, and self professed experts who haven’t writing a damn thing in their lives but feel they have right to take on those who have done, I say to you all…SUCK IT!!!

Friends, colleagues and fellow fanfic writers of the world, this is Harbinger of Kaos signing off for now saying keep your eyes peeled because I am not done by a long shot…PEACE!
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