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Beautiful Love

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Summary: Set after Changed Destiny. Buffy wakes up after she has recovered from the wound Dreya gave her, She and Marko are reunited. Ficlet, sappy R'n'R

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Movies > Lost Boys > Buffy-CenteredLostGirlFR714250291026 Jan 0426 Jan 04Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Lost Boys. If I did then I would've combined the two into a movie, and not bother about writing fanfics. You have to read 'Changed Destiny' to understand this, but you dont have to.

Beautiful Love

He gazed upon her, his angel. Beautiful blond hair haloing a slender face. She was his, now and for eternity. Unwrapping the bandage from about her neck, he gently touched the now-healed, smooth skin. She moved in her sleep, sighing at the cool touch.

The wound was healed now. After many nights of feeding her his blood. After many nights resting, she was now healed. His Buffy. His Lover.

Her eyelids fluttered slightly, she was going to wake soon. He held his undead breath, waiting for his beloved to awake. Her eyelids fluttered once more, slowly opening, and he gazed into blue depths flecked with green.

She smiled, reaching up to caress his face, that was now wet with tears. He returned her smile, bending down to catch her lips with his own.

The kiss deepened and they sighed from the contact, hands caressing skin.

Marko ran a hand through her hair, marvelling at how soft it was, and Buffy returned the gesture by gently kissing his cheek. The two lovers smiled, the reunion was a sweet one, and they treasured it deeply.

Their fingers intertwining, they kissed once more, embracing as if they had been deprived of each other for years. Fingers laced, eyes misty, they gazed at each other.

Buffy closed her blue eyes, moaning as he trailed kisses down her collarbone. She ran her fingers through his blond, curly hair, breathing slow.

Together they stood under the stars, embracing each other, never letting go. Their fingers laced together, gazing at the waves crashing upon the shore.

Soon the time would come when they would rest, leave the waking world of day to sleep in the confines of the cave, and the night.

But until then, they will stand here, remembering the fight that took place, a mere few days ago. The fight that nearly killed Buffy.

The witch, Dreya, had been a formidable adversary. But they had won, and it was because of that, that Buffy now stood in Marko's arms. If it wasn't for the witch, then Buffy becoming a full vampire would have been a horrible experience.

She had taken blood from him, and she had become a full vampire, before, she was only half.

Now she was his mate, and he was hers. They were together, for all of eternity. And beyond.

Their love was truly a beautiful one.

Authors Note: I came up with this a few hours ago.As I didn't do Buffy and Marko's reunion in 'Changed Destiny' Hope you all like!! Please R'n'R!

The End

You have reached the end of "Beautiful Love". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking