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Getting There

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Destination". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things have fallen into place for Puck. He's a Watcher in Training, he has an awesome boyfriend back in Lima...and a brother? Puck/Artie, sequel to Journey. Follows events of season 4.

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Chapter Nine

Getting There
Word count: 1237


This was the second time they'd all gotten together for a wedding that wasn' least this time no one wrecked their car. Though he could have done without seeing Sue Sylvester in a wedding dress. Puck shuddered, causing Artie to give him look, as Puck was currently in Artie's lap, legs draped over the side of his chair. He pointed to Sue sipping punch and murmured in Artie's ear. “Scarred for life.” Artie grinned and merely squeezed his hand.

The most interesting part of the not-wedding and the reception that Mr. Shue insisted on was the new closeness of Jake, Marley...and Ryder. The three teens stayed glued to one another. Whatever meddling Spike had done; had bulldozed any awkwardness they'd had between there was a curious sort of wonder. Not just when either boy held Marley's hand or pulled her close...but when they held each other's hands...and Jake stole a kiss from Ryder who merely grinned.

“You three look cozy.”

Jake just smirked at Puck, not bothering to move away from his girlfriend...or boyfriend. “Right back at you bro.”

Puck gave the three of them a huge grin. “I was gonna apologize for those phone calls you got...but they seem to have helped you out.”

They stared at him for a moment and Marley blushed a bit, and smiled. “Would you thank him for us?”

“Yeah, I'll tell Spike his meddling worked.”

Ryder nodded, but asked a question the three of them had been pondering. “Dude, how did he even get our numbers?”

Artie blushed a bit. “That's my fault. I sort of left my phone downstairs while we were otherwise occupied.”

The teens blushed and Jake made a face. “I did not need that image in my head.”

“I don't know.” Santana smirked, joining them, Quinn on her arm. “Brittany always said Artie was really good at sex, but I bet it’s awkward always taking it from Puck, he's not a small guy.”

Artie just smirked up at Santana. “You're assuming that Puck prefers to top...that's not really the case.”

There was a palpable silence then in their little corner of the room, and Puck ducked his head a bit, blushing of all things. All though Santana and Quinn looked thoroughly shocked it was not enough to stop Santana's mouth.

“How does that even work? Can you even move anything down there?”

“Its my legs that don't work Santana, everything else is in working order. I have the full use of my penis.” He smirked. “Didn't Brittany tell you?”

“And his hips.” Puck couldn't help but add.

Quinn giggled. “I can see how those would be important to someone who's...receiving.”

Puck glared at her. “And when I'm giving.”

“Um.” Marley started. “Just who is Spike?” At Santana's glare she shrugged. “Sorry, I wanted a change in topic. It was making Jake uncomfortable.”

Puck reached for his phone and brought up a picture of Spike and Xander asleep on the living room couch. He passed the phone to Marley. “The Billy Idol look-a-like is Spike.”

Marley's eyes widened a bit, and the boys looked over her shoulder curiously. “Who's the pirate?” Ryder asked.

A new voice joined answered. “His lover, Xander.” Connor grinned down at them, even as he offered a chair to Unique.

“They look good together.” Marley's smile was soft as she handed the phone to Unique who whistled appreciatively before handing it to Puck. Or rather as she tried to hand it back to Puck, Santana snatched it first and she and Quinn gave the couple on the screen a once over before they just started going through all of the pictures. Puck rolled his eyes; that was so very like Santana, good thing there was nothing incriminating on there.

Artie chuckled. “And yet when Puck and I cuddle all the girls’ go ‘oo’ and ‘aww’ over our every move. They don't do that for Spike and Xander.”

Connor snorted as he pulled a chair next to Unique. “That's because you two are new. Spike and Xan have been together almost seven years. And they've known each other since Xander was sixteen, he's thirty-one now, they're old news.”

“How did they meet?” Marley's question should have been innocent, but Connor smirked.

“Spike was in a gang back then. He crashed Parent Teacher night at Xander's high school. And to try and make him leave my dad offered Xander to him as a gift...which is why Xander hates my dad and would prefer to shoot him on sight.”

Puck snorted and hid his face in Artie's neck, trying his best not to laugh at the shocked expressions of everyone around them. Artie however whispered; “I want the real story later.”

Marley swallowed. “But they looked so happy in the picture.”

Connor nodded. “They used to snark at each constantly from what I've heard; with lots of name calling, snide remarks, and sarcasm. Possibly a concussion or two. Actually back in high school I think Cordelia and Xander acted the same way, before, while, and after they dated.”

“What changed?” Quinn asked.

“For Cordy and Xander? Or Spike and Xander?”

“Both.” Santana made a get on with it gesture, and tossed Puck his phone.

“For Cordy and Xander, they got locked in a basement together...which led to groping and making out in whatever closet they dragged each other into. For Spike and Xander, I'm not really sure.” Connor paused, very serious all of a sudden. “I do know that if it wasn't for Spike, Xander would have no eyes...or he'd be dead.”

More stares, Puck however nodded. “I heard that story. The guy that gouged out Xander's eye was gonna take the other one...or snap his neck. Spike knocked the guy out and got Xander to the hospital.”

Connor nodded. “I think they actually started having sex before that though. Then when Sunnydale fell everyone thought Spike was dead and Xander spent like two years in Africa. Buried in his work, rescuing kids from bad situations, I heard he rescued like twenty orphans from several war zones, bombs going off all around them. And when he finally made it back to HQ in London...Spike was there.”

“What happened?” The question came from Ryder.

“A brawl...and then everyone had to leave the room while angry make up sex ensued.” Connor's grin was back. “And they've been inseparable ever since.”

Jake held up a hand. “Wait...Sunnydale? Why does that name sound familiar?”

Puck sighed, he really hadn't meant to disclose this much information. “ used to be Xander's home town. Until it collapsed in 2003; nothing there but a big crater now.”

When they just stared Puck shoved the explanation off on Connor. “You tell them, I'm gonna take Artie home.”

“I wanna hear this.”

Puck nipped at his ear. “I'll tell you about it later. You're parents are at some couples get away right?”

“Yeah? So?”

“They had a hot tub installed a few months ago, right?”

Artie's eyes kind of glazed over before he shook his head and started wheeling them out of the building. “Later guys!”

Puck didn't even blush at Santana's cat calls or Quinn's whistles.

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