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Getting There

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Destination". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things have fallen into place for Puck. He's a Watcher in Training, he has an awesome boyfriend back in Lima...and a brother? Puck/Artie, sequel to Journey. Follows events of season 4.

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Getting There
Word count: 2479


Regionals and Nationals came and went. New Directions came in second at Nationals, Artie had been pleased with the result, and the younger kids had been happy to make it that far their first go at it.

It was Artie's graduation that made him nervous. It was the last hurdle they had to cross before Artie moved in with him at the Cleveland house. Sure Artie could never be a field Watcher but with the skills he had he'd be an awesome researcher. And he'd still be able to pursue his dream of directing.

And then Mr. Shue fucked it all up.

Puck had been sitting in the audience, watching the seniors go up to get their diplomas. Artie had already gotten his and Puck had a picture on his phone to commemorate the memory.


He looked up at Mr. Shue. “What?”

“Can I talk to you?”

“Sure.” He followed his former teacher out of the gym and into the privacy of the empty hallway. “What's up?”

Mr. Shue sighed and looked like he was about to give some really bad news. “Artie has given up a lot for you.”

A cold sinking feeling settled in his stomach. “What?”

“Did you know he got accepted into the film school in New York that he's been dreaming of going to?”

New York? But...Artie was going to Cleveland...wasn't he? “New York?”

“This is his dream Puck. I know you love him, and I know you'll do right by him.” And then Mr. Shue slipped back into the gym.

Puck gulped and felt his world come crashing down. He didn't even remember the drive back to Cleveland, but he must have made the trip because the next time he was aware of his surroundings he was stepping out of the elevator at the house and collapsing on his bed.


Artie was panicking. He couldn't find Puck. Puck had been there when Artie had gotten his diploma, he was sure of it because he'd seen Puck in the crowd, phone in hand, taking pictures. But now...Puck was nowhere to be found.

“What's wrong Artie?” Mr. Shue asked; looking down at him in concern.

“I can't find Puck.”

Mr. Shue nodded. “We had a talk. You can go to New York now. He's doing what's best for you Artie because he loves you.”

Icy fingers of despair, the kind he hadn't felt since that stay in the hospital when he was eight clutched at him. “What?”

“I told him about the school in New York. He let you go to follow your dream.”

Artie stared at the man, who five minutes ago had been his absolute favorite teacher. He looked up at Mr. Shue and knew he was looking at him with as much anger as he could gather. “Why would you do that?”

The question seemed to catch him off guard. “What?”

“You had no right.”


“NO!” People were starting to stare. “Puck and I have plans!”

“He's doing this because he loves you.”

“No, he left because you had no idea what you were talking about. I applied to New York before I'd decided to move in with him.”

“Artie your dream is-”

“To be with Puck.” He took a breath. “We made a plan Shue. Did you know there is a really good, top film school in Cleveland? No, you didn't. I was going to go there for a couple of years and then we were going to go to New York together.”

“Artie, I know Puck is a very capable person but-”

“You don't get it. He's found his calling, and the people he works for have schools and homes for disadvantaged kids all over the world in almost every major city. He'll have his pick of posts in two years. That's why we were waiting. After his training is done we can go anywhere in the world. Including New York.”

Mr. Shue was staring at him in shock. “I didn't know.”

“No, you didn't. We're not Finn and Rachel, Mr. Shue. We have a plan. I just hope you haven't messed this up so bad I can't fix it. Do me a favor and talk to your students before you take it upon yourself to fuck their lives up.”

And with that he wheeled away to find his mom. He had to finish packing...and to call up a certain witch. He needed a favor and a small miracle, even if it was only a temporary one.


“Okay, so I'm only agreeing to this because according to Xander Puck's been on autopilot for the last week. He's just going through the motions and that's not living, heck it’s not even surviving. Kind of makes me want to turn that Mr. Shue guy into a frog, and I hate frogs, what with the sliminess and the ribbityness and-”


Willow blinked and took a breath. “Right,’s just this is a pretty big spell Artie, and the effects are only temporary. And I can only cast this on you once. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Artie nodded. “How long will I have?”

She bit her lip, thoughtful expression in place as she made a number of calculations in her head. “About twelve hours I think.”

“That's more than enough.”

Willow nodded and donned what Xander called her resolve face. “Shannon, would you please put Artie in the middle of the circle.”

The senior slayer of the Cleveland house nodded. “Don't see why we have to do this in the garage.”

Artie held onto her as she lifted him up. “With only twelve hours I want to be closer to him than I would be in Lima. Does he know I'm here?”

Shannon placed him in the circle. “You kidding? As out of it as he is, Puck doesn't even know Puck is here. He's probably still in bed.”

“Then let’s hurry.”


Puck knew he should get out of bed. Knew he had duties, people that counted on him, needed him to be able to do his job. But he just couldn't, the past week had been his limit, and even that had been a shitty effort.

He'd known that losing Artie would affect him, known it the second he heard Artie's voice that day of the shooting. Puck had vowed to himself, holding Artie in his arms in the darkened choir room, that he'd do whatever it took to keep Artie in his life, and make Artie's dream of directing come true at the same time.

But he didn't know Artie had applied to the school in New York.

God, he was such a girl! Only a chick would lie in bed like this, like her life was over. Ugh, even worse, he was acting like Finn. And with that thought a shudder went through him, no more pity party for Noah Puckerman.

He sat up just as the door to his room opened...and standing there in the doorway...was... “Artie?”

Artie's eyes were hard as he stepped into the room and locked the door behind him. “You just left.”

“ are you...did I die?”

Artie walked to him slowly, the movement a bit stiff, which made sense as his legs hadn't moved in years. “Mr. Shue had no idea what he was talking about.”

“The school in New York...”

“I applied there before we made our plans.”


Artie was right in front of him now, cupping his face and looking down at him. It was then Puck realized the hardness in Artie's gaze had been pain, not anger. “We made a deal, we're doing this together. Neither one of us is the fool that Finn is.” He leaned down and stared hard into Puck's eyes. “I'm not letting you go. You're mine Noah.”


“We've got about twelve hours.”


“This little miracle? It’s only temporary, and Willow could only work the spell on me once. It’s a onetime thing Puck. But you and me? We're permanent...and don't you ever walk out on me again yo.”

Puck nodded as much as Artie's grasp would allow. “I promise.”

Artie nodded and kissed him, forcing his tongue into Puck's mouth and taking everything he had to give. Chills, very good chills, shot through him and he tried to wiggle into place further up the bed. Artie broke the kiss and gave him a look. “Are you trying to get away?”

“Uh no. But this would work better if we're both naked on the bed.”

“Says you.” Artie smirked. “Maybe I want to bend you over the desk instead? Or take you on the floor on your knees?” Puck groaned and flopped back on the bed. Artie's laugh did nothing to cool him down. “If just talking about it takes it out of you Puck-”

Puck lifted his head up and glared. “Are you questioning my awesomeness?”

“Only if you can't handle me.” Artie continued to smirk, even as he kicked off his shoes and took off his shirts. “Better hurry Puck, we have less than twelve hours now.”

That had Puck shedding his boxers and t-shirt and diving into the bed-side drawer for lube. When he was on his back again Artie was naked and crawling towards him...and for a second Puck was reminded of a nature documentary he'd seen once, of a cat stalking its prey. He swallowed in anticipation and wordlessly handed the lube to Artie.

Artie's soft hands deftly uncapped the tube and quickly found his entrance, his mouth lowered to Puck's cock and mouthed at the tip. “Missed this.”


Artie licked at him, gave him the royal Popsicle treatment as he was scissored and prepared, those long graceful fingers brushing against his prostate making him jerk and gasp. “Missed you.” Artie whispered, removing his fingers to coat his own cock with the lube, hissing as its coolness hit him. “What were you thinking when you left?”

Puck looked him directly in the eye. “I wasn't. Dude I don't even remember driving back.”

“That was dangerous Puck.”


Artie pulled Puck's legs up and over his shoulders as he lined his cock up with Puck's entrance. There was the usual resistance, but Puck was already relaxed, and with just a push Artie was sliding home. Just one push and he was all the way in and he kissed Puck. “Mine.”

Puck blushed when a whine escaped his throat and he twitched; his body very eager and interested at this unfamiliar angle. This was a new position for they hadn't been able to do...and it occurred to him that they'd never be able to do this again after their twelve hours were up. Brown met eyes stared up into blue-green in true understanding. This time would be different; these next few hours were ones that they would have to treasure as they really never would get them back. “Yours.”

And then Artie was pulling out and slamming back in, hitting his prostate directly and Puck was glad that even after the spell wore off Artie would still have those magic hips. Damn.

There was no rhythm, they didn't even take the time to find one, they didn't need it. Just knowing they had to make the most of every second was enough to make Puck scream in passion and frustration as Artie pounded into him. It was the second time they'd ever blacked out having sex with each other.

When his eyes finally opened he groaned, Artie was still on top of him, still inside of him...still hard inside of him. That hadn't happened before. He clenched his muscles around Artie's cock and the younger boy groaned and lifted his head up. “Dude!”

“I think you have some explaining to do.” Puck squeezed again and Artie's eyes crossed.

“I might have asked Willow for a little extra.” His blush was entirely too cute for a guy with his cock in Noah Puckerman's ass.

Puck smirked. “You really want to bend me over that desk Artie?”

The blush faded and the next thing Puck knew he was empty and being dragged to the desk, before he was indeed bent over it and was filled again. And this time Artie took things much slower, opting for a slow build. His hands moved all over him, from his Mohawk, to his shoulders, ghosting over his ribs to his hips. Then finally to his cock that was just starting to fill and rise again, eager to keep up with the one inside of him.

“That answer your question Puck?”

“Damn Artie.” It was all Puck could do, to clutch at the edge of the desk and thrust back into the measured and controlled thrusts that were slowly breaking him apart in the most delicious way possible.

“You really do like being fucked.” Artie shifted just a bit and thrust a bit harder, hitting that spot again.

Puck groaned. “Only by you. Anyone else ever ties to and I'll kill them. Anyone else ever tries to fuck you and I'll kill them. Anyone else ever, ever touches you the way I touch you and I'll cut off their hands and set them on fire.”

Artie laughed and the vibrations that it caused made Puck spasm and scream as he came. The other sped up, thrusting faster into the tight clutching heat that was Puck's body and came with a groan, all but collapsing on Puck's back. “Most people don't talk about murder and mutilation when their making love Noah.”

Puck laughed, which turned the tables a bit as it made Artie's cock, which was still hard, twitch, obviously eager for round three. Dear god. “We're not most people Art. Any other way you want me?”

“Oh yeah, like balls deep in me.”

Puck groaned. “Then give me a minute.”

Artie smiled against his back and started moving his hips again. “While we're waiting for you to catch up I'll just get your cock interested again.”


Puck would need to thank Willow for this. This was the kind of thanks that required cookies, chocolate...possibly a gift wrapped lesbian. As Artie continued to thrust into him and reached around to stroke his already hardening cock, Puck wondered how he was going to catch Santana and send her to Willow gagged and wrapped with a pink bow and a thank you note.


The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting There". This story is complete.

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