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Getting There

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Destination". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things have fallen into place for Puck. He's a Watcher in Training, he has an awesome boyfriend back in Lima...and a brother? Puck/Artie, sequel to Journey. Follows events of season 4.

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Chapter One

Getting There
word count: 2344


“You wanna say that again Mr. Shue?”

He could hear Mr. Shue sigh over the line. “You have a brother.”

“No. I have a sister, if I had a brother I think I would remember mom having...” He smacked his forehead. “Oh wait, dead beat dad that slept around, right. So, what's his name?”

“Jake Puckerman and the kid's got a chip on his shoulder the size of Alaska. He's not as bad as you were, he's nice...but he's quick to anger.”

“Can't blame him dude.”

“Can you just come talk to him?”

Puck looked toward Spike who nodded, this was one of those times vampire hearing was useful. “Boss says I can take some time...”

“Thanks Puck.”

“Sure.” Puck hung up and looked at Spike. “I'm just taking my bike this time; I'll make it a quick trip back to Lima.”

“Oh no, take your time. You and your boy only ever shag in that RV of yours. Treat him to a night in a hotel where you can get your freak on. Take the van.”

Puck made a face. “You do realize that its creepy when you talk like that, I mean you're the oldest guy I know.”

Spike smirked as he sipped his mug of blood. “Hit the road Puck. Have a talk with your little brother and give your boy a good shag. I'll let Xander know.”

“Thanks dude.”


Puck answered his phone on the first ring. “Hey babe.”

Artie's voice was a little breathless and it piqued his interest. “Hey, I got your text, what's up?”

“Not much. Mr. Shue called me in for a family emergency.”

“What happened?”

“Turns out I have a half brother I didn't know about and he's spiraling.”

“He here at this school.”

“Yep, and so am I.”

“You're at McKinley? Like right now?”

“Turn around.”

He watched in amusement as Artie swiveled his chair around and gaped at him. “Hey.”

Puck hung up and approached his lover. “So, what are you doing tonight?”

Artie's smile was big and hopeful. “You maybe?”

He grinned. “Spike let me borrow the van, meet me in the lot after school and we'll check into a hotel.”

“Really? Why a hotel?”

“More room. More positions we haven't been able to try in the RV.”

“I'll be there at three o'clock sharp. Go meet your brother...think he'll be joining Glee?”

“That's Mr. Shue's plan.”


His breath caught in his throat when Mr. Shue led the kid into the choir room. No wonder the kid was so pissed at the world. Half black, half white, half Jew. Kid didn't fit in anywhere. He had his work cut out for him if he was gonna get through to the kid.

“I can't believe this! Those guys are jerks and I'm the one you're taking to see Figgins?”

“I'm not taking you to see Figgins.”

Puck stood with his hands in his pockets, putting on his best badass expression. “He's taking you to see me.”

The kid froze and Mr. Shue looked like he was having a blast. “Jake Puckerman, I'd like to introduce you to your brother, Noah. I'll leave you two alone.” He winked at Puck and retreated to his office.

Jake sort of shrugged, still in shock. “You look more like him than I do.”

They started circling one another and Puck returned the shrug. “He never told me about you...but I do remember mom and dad fighting about a baby in some slut in a bar?”

His little brother's eyes narrowed in anger. “That would be my mom.” They kept circling. “So Shuester called you to come straighten me out? Sorry to waste your time, but I'm fine...and you are not my brother.”

Puck smirked, he couldn't help it. The kid reminded him of a cute angry puppy. “Oh, you think you're a badass? Nailing every chick you see, scrapping it out with some punks in the cafeteria? Dude, I'm the original badass, I had my first threesome in elementary school, and I even beat up a police horse.” Heh, he could bullshit with the best of them.

“So? You gonna threaten me? Beat me up and make me fly straight?”

“Look, I'll level with you. I've been there. I know what it feels like, when you think you're not important, or smart, or worth anything. We have the same dad bro. I know what it’s like to want the approval of someone who doesn't give two craps about you, no matter what you do.” He paused, Jake's eyes were a bit softer, Puck was getting through to him. “So I played the badass, banged every chick I saw, and none of it mattered because none of it made me a man. What made a difference, and what made me a man was sitting in this room singing songs I hated with the biggest losers in school. Those guys and Mr. Shue made me a man, and if you come in here it'll make you one two. Think about it, that's all I'm saying...we cool?”

Jake shrugged. “I guess.”

“Cool. I've got an appointment to keep before I head back to Cleveland...and...even if you don't join Glee Club, you're my brother.” He smirked at Jake, and then walked out.

Mr. Shue stopped him and dragged him into an empty class room before he got very far. “That was a good job. You wanna stay and say hi to the guys now?”

“Nope, figure I'd grab some food, and then pick up my date after school is out.”

Shue frowned. “You're dating a student here? While living in Cleveland?”

“Relax Mr. Shue. Artie's a senior.”

“Wait...Artie is your date? How long has that been going on?”

“Since June...but our first kiss was just a couple of weeks before I graduated.”

“Huh...I never would have pictured you two together.”

Puck shrugged. “It works for us...we just haven't told a lot of people. I mean his parents know and now you. My mom doesn't give a crap. My boss told me to take my time and he'd cover for me with my other boss who happens to be his boyfriend.”

“Don't worry Puck. I'll keep it under wraps, you and Artie can decide when you're comfortable about coming out.”

“Dude, I'm not gay. Just Artie-sexual.”

Mr. Shue laughed.


He held the door to their room open for Artie as he wheeled in. “Definitely roomy, you won't bang your head at least.” Artie grinned at him; causing a brief flash back of their first time together. The ceiling in that part of the RV really was too low for wild monkey sex.

Puck grinned as he kicked off his shoes and stripped out of his shirt. “Anything interesting happen today?”

“Other than meeting your brother? Nope, not much.” Artie eyed his chest. “Two nipple rings?”

“Well you like playing with one so much I decided to get the other one pierced. Now come on, you're wearing too many clothes.”

Artie slid his sweater vest off and started on his button up shirt. “Just one thing. We can't stay here the entire time you're in town.”

“Why not?”

“My parents invited you to dinner when I told them I'd be home later...and I can spend the night here with you...but I'll need a ride to school in the morning.”

Puck scooped Artie out of his chair and deposited him on the nearest bed. “Sounds good. Guess we're overdue for that.”

“And when do I get to meet your new friends?” Artie finished with the last of his shirt buttons and pulled the shirt off, revealing a white undershirt.

Puck knelt so he could remove Artie's shoes and socks before working on his pants. “You wear too many layers. Maybe I can come get you for a weekend?”


Artie's smile was hopeful and cute and everything Puck loved about him, so he kissed him, while simultaneously getting the younger guy's pants and boxers off in a smooth maneuver he hadn't been sure he'd be able to pull off. “Really.”

Artie continued to smile, but it was no longer cute, more of a grin really and his eyes had darkened in lust to match his erection. “So why do you still have pants on?”

Puck smirked and slipped his jeans off, his own erection springing out, he never bothered to wear underwear when he was going to see Artie. He moved closer and Artie used his arms to wiggle up the bed, Puck crawled after him until he was completely on top of Artie's slighter form.

“You gonna ride me?”

“Crossed my mind...why?”

“When you're done I'm already slicked up for round two.”

Puck grinned and ground down on him for a second. “Dude, we haven't even had round one yet...and when did you slick up?”

“Last period, went to the bathroom, I keep lube in my bag now.”

Puck's eyes nearly crossed at the thought of Artie preparing himself in the school bathroom...and it made him want to break into the school that night just so he could fulfill a couple of fantasies. “Damn.”

Artie held up the bottle of lube; that evidently he'd slipped from his pocket before Puck took his pants. “Turn around.”

Puck shuddered, he couldn't help it. He actually almost like getting fucked by Artie more than he liked fucking Artie. If that ever got out his rep as a badass wouldn't survive...though he cared less and less about his rep these days. He turned himself around so he was straddling Artie, his back to the younger teen. There was the sound of Velcro as Artie took off his gloves and then soft hands massaged his ass before a slick finger penetrated him. He breathed in and thrust back against that finger. “Damn.”

Artie hmm'd and he could almost hear the smile in his voice. “Lean forward.”

Puck did and felt Artie's cock brush against his own as Artie continued to loosen him, adding a second finger and a third. “I don't need much Artie, you know that.”

“I know.” He slipped his fingers out. “Face me?”

Puck grinned as he carefully swiveled to face Artie again. They both wiggled so that Artie's back was against the head board and Puck grabbed the lube, putting some on Artie before he positioned himself just so...and lowered himself down.

Artie's hips lifted up and then Puck was full, and he loved it. “Jeeze Artie.”

Artie grinned at him and they both started moving. The best part about letting Artie fuck him was that it gave Artie a sense of power; one he didn't usually feel. And Puck loved that look in Artie's eyes when he was ball deep in Puck's body. He gasped as Artie gave one of his nipple rings a tug. “Love you.”

Puck grinned and slammed his body against Artie's. “Say that again when your cock isn't in my ass dude.”

“You know I will, Noah.”

Puck couldn't help it, girly feelings overtook his heart and it skipped a beat. “I know. Now give it to me already.”

Artie smirked, hands grabbing Puck's waist and forcing him down harder as his hips moved faster. A stab of white hot pleasure shot through him. People thought, the moment they saw Artie in that chair, that he was paralyzed from the waist down, and that he couldn't feel anything below the waist. What they failed to realize is that he could feel, only Artie's legs didn't work, everything else worked, really, really well. His hips and cock especially.

Hell, Artie's hips could do things his couldn't. Being stuck in that chair meant that Artie's body had to do things differently to compensate for the lack of leg use. Artie's hips were almost Puck's favorite part of the other guy's body. Puck worshiped those hips. Those hips were even more agile now than when they'd first started fucking, which made sense with the workout they got whenever Puck came to Lima.

Another stab of pleasure shot through him. “Crap. Too close.”

Artie panted as he reached behind him to squeeze Puck's ass. “You get yourself too worked up on the drive to Lima.” He grinned again, moving one hand to cup Puck's balls and gave them a gentle roll.

Puck shuddered and held onto Artie's shoulders as his orgasm hit and he rode those magic hips with a shout before he collapsed forward. “Damn Artie.”

Artie managed to kiss him despite the awkward angle as he thrust as deep as he could a few more times before he tensed and Puck felt a splash of warmth deep inside him. Artie gasped and went limp, though he ran his hands up and down Puck's back. “You're heavy.”

He snorted and moved, Artie slipped out of him and Puck sucked on his throat as he snuggled up to him. “Get over it.”

“I love you.”

Puck smirked. “I know. Love you too.” He reached down and slipped a finger inside of Artie. He was indeed slicked up. “Oh I definitely love you.”

Artie smacked the back of his head before smoothing his hand over his Mohawk. “Give me a minute yo. A brother's gotta breathe.”

“You get a minute dude and then I'm gonna fuck you. Then we'll fuck in the shower before going to meet your parents for dinner.”

“That'll be a neat trick.”

“I got a room with a seat in the shower, and it’s not like I haven't fucked you against a wall before.”

Artie's hand tightened on his Mohawk and they kissed again. “Bring it Puckerman.”

Puck grinned.

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